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Tracey, H. / [1647] His Majesties most gracious message to the speaker of the House of Peeres:: to be communicated to both Houses of Parliament, and to the Scots Commissioners. Also Collonel Hammonds declaration concerning the Kings Majesties comming into the Isle of Wight, and for those which shall come thither from forraign parts. Together, with His Majesties speech and propositions, at his comming into the said island, severall conferences between His Majesty, Collonel Hammond, and others. Certified in a Letter, sent from an officer out of the said island. Imprimatur, Gilbert Mabbot.
Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. / [1544] A supplycacion to our moste soueraigne lorde Kynge henry the eyght: Kynge of England of Fraunce and of Irelande, [and] moste ernest defender of Christes gospell, supreme heade vnder God here in erthe, next [and] immedyatly of his churches of Englande and Irelande.
Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. / [1543?] The profe and declaration of thys proposition: fayth only iustifieth: gathered [and] set forth by Richarde Tracy.
Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. / [M.D.xlviii. the .v. of August 1548. ] A most godly and very necessarie lesson to be learned of all christen men and womẽ, before they come to y[e] Communion of the the bodie & bloud of our sauiour Christe Jesus. Compiled by Richard Tracie. Anno .M.D.xlviii..
Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. / [Anno. 1548. the. 10. of Nouembre] A bryef [and] short declaracyon made, wherbye euerye chrysten man maye knowe, what is a sacrament. Of what partes a sacramente consysteth and is made, for what intent sacramentes were instituted, and what is the pryncypall effect of sacramentes, [and] finally of the abuse of the sacrament of chrystes body and bloud.
Tradescant, John, 1608-1662. / [M.DC.LVI. 1656] Musæum Tradescantianum: or, A collection of rarities.: Preserved at South-Lambeth neer London by John Tradescant.
Traheron, Bartholomew, 1510?-1558? / [Imprinted Anno. D. 1558] A vvarning to England to repente and to tvrne to god from idolatrie and poperie by the terrible exemple of Calece, giuen the 7. of March. Anno. D. 1558. By Benthalmai Outis.
Traheron, Bartholomew, 1510?-1558? / [1557] An exposition of a parte of S. Iohannes Gospel made in sondrie readinges in the English congregation by Bartho. Traheron ; and now published against the wicked entreprises of new sterte vp Arrians in Englande.
Traheron, Bartholomew, 1510?-1558? / [Imprinted Anno .1557. i.e. 1558] An expositio[n] of the .4. chap. of S. Joans Reuelation made by Bar. Traheron, in sondrie readinges before his countre men in Germanie. Where in the prouide[n]ce of God is treated with an annswer made to the obiection of a gentle aduersarie.
Traheron, Bartholomew, 1510?-1558? / [1558] An aunsuuere made by Bar. Traheron to a priuie papiste vvhich crepte in to the English congregation of Christian exiles vndre the visor of a fauorer of the Gospel, but at lenghth bewraied himselfe to be one of the popes asses, thorough his slouche eares and than became a laughing stocke to al the companie, whom he had amased before with his maske : hereunto is added the subscription of the cheifest of the companie first, and afterward the subscriptio[n] of M. Ro. Watson ...
Traill, Robert, 1642-1716. / [1692] A vindication of the Protestant doctrine concerning justification, and of its preachers and professors, from the unjust charge of Antinomianism in a letter from a minister in the city, to a minister in the countrey.
Traill, Robert, 1642-1716. / [1696] The throne of grace discoursed of from Heb. IV, 16 / by Robert Trail ...
Transformed church-warden. / [1643] The reformado, precisely charactered by a transformed church-warden, at a vestry, London.: The motion of the world this day is mov'd the quite contrary way.
Transylvania (Principality). Sovereign (1630-1648 : Rákóczi György I) / [May 28, 1644] The declaration or manifesto of George Racokzkie, Prince of Transylvania, to the states and peeres of Hvngarie together with the reasons added thereunto of his modern taking up to armes the 17 of February, Anno 1644 / George Racokzkie ...
Transylvania (Principality). Sovereign (1661-1690 : Apafi Mihály I) / [1682] The declaration of the Hungarian War: newly published by the most illustrious Michael Apafi, Prince of Transilvania, against His Imperial Majesty, 1682.
Trapham, Thomas, d. 1692? / [1694] Some observations made upon the Bermudas berries, imported from the Indies shewing their admirable virtues in curing the green-sickness / written by a doctor of physick in the countrey to the Honourable Esquire, Boyle.
Trapnel, Anna. / [MDCLIV. 1654] Strange and wonderful nevves from VVhite-Hall: or, The mighty visions proceeding from Mistris Anna Trapnel,: to divers collonels, ladies, and gentlewomen, concerning the government of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland; and her revelations touching his Highness, the Lord Protector, and the army. With her declaration touching the state-affairs of Great-Brittain; even from the death of the late King Charles, to the dissolution of the last Parliament. And the manner how she lay eleven dayes, and twelve nights in a trance, without taking any sustenance, except a cup of small beer once in 24 hours: during which time, she uttered many things herein mentioned, relating to the governors, churches, ministry, universities, and all the three nations; full of wonder and admiration, for all that shall read and peruse the same.
Trapnel, Anna. / [1654] A legacy for saints;: being several experiences of the dealings of God with Anna Trapnel, in, and after her conversion, (written some years since with her own hand) and new coming to the sight of some friends, they have judged them worthy of publike view; together with some letters of a latter date, sent to the congregation with whom she walks in the fellowship of the Gospel, and to some other friends.
Trapnel, Anna. / [1654] The cry of a stone. Or A relation of something spoken in Whitehall, by Anna Trapnel, being in the visions of God.: Relating to the governors, Army, churches, ministry, universities: and the whole nation. Uttered in prayers and spiritual songs, by an inspiration extraordinary, and full of wonder. In the eleventh moneth, called January. 1653.
Trapnel, Anna. / [1654] Anna Trapnel's report and plea, or, A narrative of her journey into Cornwal the occasion of it, the Lord's encouragements to it, and signal presence with her in it, proclaiming the rage and strivings of the people against the comings forth of the Lord Jesus to reign ... whereto is annexed a defiance against all the reproachful, vile, horrid ... reports raised out of the bottomless pit against her ... / commended for the justification of the truth, and satisfaction of all men, from her own hand.
Trapnel, Anna. / [1657] [[A] voice for the king of saints and nations.].
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1637] Gods love-tokens, and the afflicted mans lessons brought to light, and layd before him in two fruitfull and seasonable discourses upon Revel. 3. 19. Comforting under, and directing unto a right use of our personall, and publike crosses and calamities. By John Trapp, M.A. and preacher of Gods Word at Luddington in Warwick-shire.
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1660] A commentary or exposition upon these following books of holy Scripture Proverbs of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Songs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel & Daniel : being a third volume of annotations upon the whole Bible / by John Trapp ...
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1654] A commentary or exposition upon the XII minor prophets wherein the text is explained, some controversies are discussed, sundry cases of conscience are cleared, and many remarkable matters hinted that had by former interpreters been pretermitted : hereunto is added a treatise called, The righteous mans recompence, or, A true Christian characterized and encouraged, out of Malache chap. 3. vers. 16,17, 18 : in which diverse other texts of scripture, which occasionally, are fully opened and the whole so intermixed with pertinent histories as will yeeld both pleasure and profit, to the judicious reader / by John Trapp ...
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1657] A commentary or exposition upon the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job and Psalms wherein the text is explained, some controversies are discussed ... : in all which divers other texts of scripture, which occasionally occurre, are fully opened ... / by John Trapp ...
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1647] A commentary or exposition upon all the Epistles, and the Revelation of John the Divine wherein the text is explained, some controversies are discussed, divers common-places are handled, and many remarkable matters hinted, that had by former interpreters been pretermitted : besides, divers other texts of Scripture, which occasionally occur, are fully opened, and the whole so intermixed with pertinent histories, as will yeeld both pleasure and profit to the judicious reader : with a decad of common-places upon these ten heads : abstinence, admonition, alms, ambition, angels, anger, apostasie, arrogancie, arts, atheisme / by John Trapp ...
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1650. i.e. 1649] A clavis to the Bible. Or A new comment upon the Pentateuch: or five books of Moses.: Wherein are 1. Difficult texts explained. 2. Controversies discussed. ... 7. And the whole so intermixed with pertinent histories, as will yeeld both pleasure and profit to the judicious, pious reader. / By John Trapp, pastor of Weston upon Avon in Glocestershire.
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1646] A brief commentary or exposition vpon the Gospel according to St John:: wherein the text is explained, divers doubts are resolved, and many other profitable things hinted, that had been by former interpreters pretermitted. / By John Trappe, M. A. pastour of Weston upon Avon in Glocester-shire.
Traquair, John Stewart, Earl of, d. 1659. / [1641] The coppy of a letter sent from the Earle of Traquere in Ireland the third of October 1641: To old Father Philips, heere in England, and now prisoner in the Tower. VVhich letter was intercepted, at a certaine time by Sir Robert Richardson, kept private but now disclosed. Vpon which old Father Philips was committed to the Tower. With a true relation how the number of rebels dayly increase in the woods at Ireland.
Traske, John, d. ca. 1638. / [1623] The povver of preaching. Or, the powerfull effects of the word truely preached, and rightly applyed as it was deliuered in one or moe sermons. By Iohn Traske, preacher of Gods word sometimes at Axmister in Deuon: afterwards at the Fleete in London: and now at Tillingham in Dengie hundred in Essex.
Traske, John, d. ca. 1638. / [1615] A pearle for a prince, or a princely pearle. As it was deliuered in two sermons, by Iohn Traske.
Traske, John, d. ca. 1638 / [1616.] Christs kingdome discovered: or, That the true church of God is in England, cleerly made manifest against all sectaries whatsoeuer. by Iohn Traske..
Travers, Jacob. / [1644] An exact and true relation of the taking of Arundel Castle the sixt of this present Ianuary, betweene nine and ten of the clock in the forenoone, by the valour of that ever honoured Knight Sir William Waller.: Wherein were taken prisoners, Sir Edward Lloyd colonel, Sir Edward Bishop colonel, Josias Bamfield colonel, Lieutenant Colonel Rawlins, Major Mullins, Major Massey, Major Miles, and of majors, captaines, lieutenants, and reformadoes, about fifty more: as also 1000. prisoners, 1000. armes, 4000. l'.in mony, with other great booties. Sent in a letter from the army. This is licensed and entered in the Hall book according to order.
Travers, John, A.M. / [1695] A sermon preached in St. Andrew's Church, Dublin, before the Honourable the House of Commons, the 8th day of October, 1695 the day appointed by the Lord Deputy and Council for a solemn thanksgiving, for the preservation of our gracious King William, and the good success of His, and His allies forces this last campagn [sic] / by John Travers, A.M. ...
Travers, Robert, fl. 1561-1572. / [1579] A learned and a very profitable exposition made vpon the CXI. psalme.
Travers, Robert, Sir. / [1642] A true relation of certaine nevvs from the west of Ireland.: Conteining, 1 The treasonable intents of the Irish rebels, to crown Sir Philome Oneale King of Ireland. And how his crown is taken and carried to the Parliament, the 9 of Iune. 2 The taking and demolishing of the Lord Barramoore's house, called Castle Lyon, by the three arch rebels the Lord Roach, the Lord Musgrave, and Mac. Donah. 3 An allarme given at the wals at Bandonbridge, by Macharta Rhe, and 10000 rebels, how they were repulsed, what numbers were slaine and what pillage was taken. With other remarkable things. Sent in a letter by Sir Robert Trevers, from Bandonbridge, the third of Iune 1642, to Lieutenant Iames Finch, in London.
Travers, Robert, Sir. / [1642] A new and true relation from Ireland, sent in a letter from Sir Robert Traverse, to Lievtenant James Finch in London ; of a great defeat given by the Protestants army under the command of Sir Charles Vavasour, to twenty foure thousand of the rebels, under the command of O Sulivan Beare, and Macharta Reb, besieging Brandon-bridge ; where five hundred of ours with two thousand of the towne routed them, kild two thousand of them, and took O Sulivan Beare prisoner, and a great booty.
Travers, Robert, Sir. / [1642] A certaine relation of the earle of Ormonds proseedings in Ireland,: shewing what prisoners he hath taken, and what townes he hath burnt and what store of pillage he hath sent, and brought home with him. Also the manner of the enemies besieging Bandonbridge, with 12000. men, and how that there were slaine 2000. of them, the rest put to flight by the earle of Corke sonnes and Sir Charles Vauersour. Being a letter sent from Sir Robert Trevers to Sir. william Dike, living in theamestreet in London. Iune 3. Ordered to bee forthwith printed.
Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. / [1630] Vindiciæ Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ: or A iustification of the religion now professed in England. VVherein it is prooued to be the same which was taught by our Sauiour Iesus Christ, and by his holy Apostles; written for their vse that haue desired such proofe. By W.T.
Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. / [1612] A supplication made to the Priuy Counsel by Mr Walter Trauers.
Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. / [M.D.LXXIIII. 1574] A full and plaine declaration of ecclesiasticall discipline owt off the word off God and off the declininge off the churche off England from the same.
Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. / [1583] An ansvvere to a supplicatorie epistle, of G.T. for the pretended Catholiques written to the right Honorable Lords of her Maiesties priuy Councell. By VVater [sic] Trauers, minister of the worde of God.
Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. / [1588] A defence of the ecclesiastical discipline ordayned of God to be vsed in his Church. Against a replie of Maister Bridges, to a briefe and plain declaration of it, which was printed An[no]. 1584. Which replie he termeth, A defence of the gouernement established in the Church of Englande, for ecclesiasticall matters.
Travestin, Mr. / [1685] An account of the imperial proceedings against the Turks with an exact diary of the siege of Newheusel and its taking : as also a relation of all the noted performances of the imperialists in all parts, from the beginning of this summers campagne, till the 27th of August / as it was taken by Mr. Travestin ... ; with an exact map of the town, and the works of the besiegers.
Treby, George, Sir, 1644?-1700. / [1681] Truth vindicated, or, A detection of the aspersions and scandals cast upon Sir Robert Clayton and Sir George Treby, Justices, and Slingsby Bethell and Henry Cornish, Esquires, sheriffs of the city of London, in a paper published in the name of Dr. Francis Hawkins, minister of the Tower, intituled, The confession of Edward Fitz-Harris, Esq., &c. the coppy of which paper is herewith printed for the readers clearer judgment in the case.
Trelawny, Jonathan, Sir, 1623-1681. / [1642] True intelligence from Cornwall:: being a true relation of the rising of 600. fishermen and their wives, and falling upon Sir Ralph Hopton and the Cavaliers, wounding Sir Ralph himselfe, by striking him from off his horse, killing diverse of his men, and putting the rest to flight: and how the said fishermen pillaged the town of Bodnam in Cornwall, which caused the whole county to be up in armes, and the beacons to be fired throughout the whole county. Also how the day following Sir Ralph Hopton with 500. men took some few fishermen, and tied them to trees, whipping them naked with broome and furse, and how he pillaged M. Tresuses house. Likewise the taking of two barks which came from the Governour of Flanders with armes for 3000. men; and the names of the malignants in the foresaid county. Sent in a letter from Sir Jonathan Trelawney to M. Trelawney merchant in London.
Trelcatius, Lucas. / [1610] A briefe institution of the common places of sacred divinitie. Wherein, the truth of every place is proved, and the sophismes of Bellarmine are reprooved. Written in Latine, by Lucas Trelcatius, and Englished by Iohn Gawen, minister of Gods word.
Trench, Edmund, 1643-1689. / [1693] Some remarkable passages in the holy life and death of the late Reverend Mr. Edmund Trench most of them drawn out of his own diary.
Trenchard, John, 1662-1723. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] A short history of standing armies in England
Trenchard, John, 1662-1723. / [1697] A letter from the author of the Argument against a standing army to the author of the Balancing letter
Trenchard, John, 1662-1723. / [1694] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor, and Court of Aldermen, of the city of London, at St. Mary le Bow, on the 29th of May, 1694 by John Trenchard ...
Trenchard, John, 1662-1723. / [1698] Free thoughts concerning officers in the House of Commons
Trenchfield, Caleb, 1624 or 5-1671. / [1662] Christian chymistrie extracting the honey of instruction from variety of objects. Being an handfull of observations historicall, occasionall, and out of scripture. With applications theologicall and morall. By Caleb Trenchfield, sometime minister of the church at Chipsted in Surrey.
Trenchfield, Caleb, 1624 or 5-1671. / [1671] A cap of grey hairs for a green head, or, The fathers counsel to his son, an apprentice in London to which is added a discourse on the worth of a good name / by Caleb Trenchfield.
Trepidantium Malleus. / [1700] A vindication of the apostolick and primative manner of baptizing by immersion in a letter to Mr. George Keith : with remarks upon a second friendly epistle written to him / from one who stiles himself Trepidantium Malleus.
Trepidantium Malleus. / [1700] A second friendly epistle to Mr. George Keith and the reformed Quakers who are now convinced that water baptism is an ordinance of Christ ... / by the reformed Quakers old friend Trepidantium Malleus.
Trepidantium Malleus. / [1699] A friendly conference between the suffering saints for conscience-sake, the Jacobites, met together at the --- Tavern particularly R.L., R.F. and A.S., my Lord Bp. of Salisbury (promised to be so by K. James when he returns) and other precious ones there assembled at least to consult about and read prayers for the dethroning of the best of kings and restoration of the worst : with a postscript concerning a late declaration of Mr. Lobb and others against Crispionism.
Trepidantium Malleus. / [1697] The Foxonian Quakers, dunces lyars and slanderers proved out of George Fox's journal, and other scriblers; particularly B. C. his Quakers no apostates, or the Hammerer defeated: amanuensis, as is said, to G. C. (as he sometime wrote himself) Gulielmus Calamus, alias, William Penn. Also a reply to W. C. (a churchman, the Quakers advocate) his Trepidantium malleus intrepidanter mallearum, &c. By Trepidantium Malleus.
Trepidantium Malleus. / [1697] The foxonian Quakers dunces lyars and slanderers, proved out of George Fox's journal, and other scriblers; particularly B. C. his Quakers no apostates, or the hammerer defeated: amanuensis, as is said, to G.C. (as he sometime wrote himself) Gulielmus Calamus, alias, William Penn. Also a reply to W.C. (a church-man, the Quakers advocate) his Trepidantium malleus intrepidanter malleatus, &c. By Trepidantium Malleus.
Trepidantium Malleus. / [1698] An apology for Congregational divines against the charge of ... : under which head are published amicable letters between the author and a conformist / by a Presbyterian : also a speech delivered at Turners-Hall, April 29 : where Mr. Keith, a reformed Quaker ... required Mr. Penn, Mr. Elwood ... to appear ... by Trepidantium Malleus ...
Trescot, Thomas, 1611 or 12-1684. / [1642 i.e. 1643] The zealous magistrate.: Set forth in a sermon, preached in Exeter, before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Foster, his Majesties justice of assize for the western circuit. / By Thomas Trescot, master of arts, and rector of the church of Invvardleigh in Detton. It is this 10th day of October 1642. (by the committee of the House of Commons concerning printing) ordered, that this book, intituled, The zealous magistrate, &c. be printed. Iohn White.
Tresilian, Thomas. / [1697] The tinners greivances, or, A true narrative shewing the reasons of the continual fall of the price of tin and likewise the many hardships the tinners have a long time laboured under : together with their present deplorable condition / by an adventuring tinner.
Trev., J. / [1659 i.e. 1660] The fair dealer: or, A modest ansvver to the sober letter of His Excellency, the Lord General Monck;: being a brief discovery of the meetest expedient, and most sovereign remedy for our present distempers. By the private hand of a gent. of Devon.
Trevers, Joseph. / [1677] An essay to the restoring of our decayed trade wherein is described the smugglers, lawyers, and officers frauds, &c. / by Joseph Trevers.
Trevethick, William, 1612 or 13-1693. / [1661] A sermon preached at the funeral of the honourable Colonel Robert Rolle of Heanton Sachville in the county of Devon esq; by William Trevethick M.A. and pastor of Petrockslow in the same county.
Trevor, Edward. / [16--?] A breif [sic] account of the severe usage of Sir John Trevor to his eldest son.:
Trevor, John, Sir, d. 1673. / [anno Dom. 1658] By the Comittee for the Affairs of the poor Protestants in the valleys of Piedmont:
Trewman, Gregory. / [1659] A warning to the court, Parliament, and army. From a true lover of his country, and of all that love the truth in righteousness. Heartily desiring the peace and welfare of these poore nations, with freedome and an impartial administration of justice, that righteousness might run down our streets like a flood, and truth be exalted. Then will our God crown the labourers in, and doers of His work, with glory and honour, and at last immortality.
Trigg, Stephen. / [1684] Most strange and terrible astrological predictions and dreadful presages for the ensuing year, 1684. Foretelling what shall happen to several sorts of people in and about the city of London. Together with such mighty wonders that shall happen in this year, the like have not been since Noah's flood. With advice to young men how they may escape the danger. Newly written, and published for the good of all, by S. Trigg.
Trigg, William, practicioner of physick. / [1665] Dr. Trigg's secrets, arcana's & panacea's approved by his long admired experience and practice, whereby he wrought such wonderfull cures. With his most experienced secrets particularly appropriated to womens distempers. Now after his death to fulfill his request published as a legacy to his patients. By Eugenius Philanthropos.
Trigge, Francis, 1547?-1606. / [1602] The true Catholique formed according to the truth of the Scriptures, and the shape of the ancient fathers, and best sort of the latter Catholiques, which seeme to fauour the Church of Rome : the contents vvhereof are to be seene in the page following.
Trigge, Francis, 1547?-1606. / [1589] An apologie, or defence of our dayes, against the vaine murmurings & complaints of manie wherein is plainly proued, that our dayes are more happie & blessed than the dayes of our forefathers.
Trigge, Thomas. / [1695] Calendarium astrologicum, or, An almanack for the year of our Lord 1695 it being the third after leap-year : exhibiting the general state of the year ... together with a description of the most eminent roads in England from town to town, and the certain time of any mart or fair in them also rules for physick and husbandry, with a chronology of memorable things ... / by Thomas Trigge ...
Trimmer, Timothy. / [1684] A letter to the true Protestant doctor, the Reverend Titus Oates, Dean of Salamanca, and Bishop of Weavers-Hall, at his apartment in Southwark, from Timothy Trimmer his friend in London
Trimnell, Charles, 1663-1723. / [1697] A sermon, preached in the cathedral church of Norwich before the Mayor and aldermen, upon the second of December 1697, being the publick thanksgiving, &c. / by Charles Trimnell ...
Trimnell, Charles, 1663-1723. / [1697] The duty of a Christian towards his neighbour considered in a sermon peached upon occasion of the Huntingdonshire feast at St. Swithin's Church, London, the 24th of June, being the Feast of St. J. Baptist / by Charles Trimnell.
Trinder, Charles. / [1687/8 i.e. 1688] The speech of Charles Trinder, recorder of Gloucester at his entrance upon that office, January the 8th, 1687/8.
Trivery, Jeremiah. / [Decemb. 10. 1642] A true relation of the prcsent [sic] estate of Cornwall.: With the true proceedings of Captaine Pym; VVho is with his forces at Plimouth, hindering the passage of the Lord Mohone, which with seventeen thousand cavaliers, endeavoureth to joyne his forces with his Majesty. Whereunto is annexed severall remarkeable passages concerning the cavaliers behaviour, since their abode in Oxfordshire.
Tromp, Maarten Harpertsz., 1598-1653. / [1653] A letter from Admiral Vantrump to the lords and burgamasters of Amsterdam,: touching his late engagement with the English, and the account he renders to them thereof: with the states orders for the building of 60 new frigots; and the levying of the two hundreth penny throughout all Holland, for the maintaining of the war with England. Also, their new orders and instructions to Admiral De Witte, and the Admiralties, requiring them to put out to sea all the ships that are in their harbours. Likewise, the proceedings of the King of Denmark with the English resident; and a list of the ships of war set out to sea by him: with his orders for unlading the English ships detained there, and his design therein. Together with a narrative of the proceedings of the English at Legorn; a fight betwixt them and the Dutch near that place, and the event and successe thereof. Published according to order.
Tromp, Maarten Harpertsz., 1598-1653. / [1652] A declaration of his Excellency the Lord Admiral Vantrump,: touching the royal fort of monarchy, the King of Scots, and the D. of York: sent to the King of Denmark, and the Q. of Sweden: with his desires thereupon; his resolution touching England; and the answer of their Royal Highnesses thereunto. The advance of Vantrump towards the Downs; a great victory obtained; the particulars of the fight; and the bloudy proceedings of the Dutch against the English; with their stripping and whipping them; and afterwards washing them with vinegar and salt.
Tromp, Maarten Harpertsz., 1598-1653. / [1653] The declaration and speech of the Lord Admiral Vantrump,: and his setting up the great standard of broom for the states of Holland, for the cleering of the narrow seas of all English-men; with the states remonstrance to all Christian princes; and their proceedings concerning the King of Scots.
Trosse, George, 1631-1713. / [1693] The sauciness of a seducer rebuked, or, The pride and folly of an ignorant scribbler made manifest in some remarks upon a scurrilous libel written by Joseph Nott ... against a book of the Reverend Mr. George Tross in vindication of the Lord's Day : together with a confutation of some errors of the Quakers, in a book call'd ... Gospel-truths scripturally asserted, written by John Gannacliff and Joseph Nott.
Trosse, George, 1631-1713. / [1693] The pastor's care and dignity, and the people's duty a sermon preach'd at the assembly of ministers at Taunton, 7th September, 1692 / by G.T.
Trosse, George, 1631-1713. / [1692] The Lords day vindicated, or, The first day of the week the Christian Sabbath in answer to Mr. Bampfields plea for the seventh day, in his Enquiry whether Jesus be Jehovah, and gave the moral law? And whether the fourth command be repealed or altered? / by G.T., a well-wisher to truth and concord.
Troughton, John, 1637?-1681. / [1680] Popery, the grand apostasie being the substance of certain sermons preached on 2 Thes. 2, v.1 to 12 on occasion of the discovery of that desparate plot of the papists against the King, kingdom and the Protestant religion / by John Troughton ...
Troughton, John, 1637?-1681. / [1678] Lutherus redivivus, or, The Protestant doctrine of justification by Christ's righteousness imputed to believers, explained and vindicated. Part II: by John Troughton, Minister of the Gospel, sometimes Fellow of S. John's Coll. in Oxon ... [quotation, Augustine. Epist. 105].
Troughton, John, 1637?-1681. / [1681] An apology for the non-conformists shewing their reasons, both for their not conforming, and for their preaching publickly, though forbidden by law : with an answer to Dr. Stillingfleet's sermon, and his defence of it, so much as concerneth the non-conformists preaching / by John Troughton ...
Troughton, William, 1614?-1677? / [1652] Scripture redemption, restrayned and limited, or, An antidote against universal redemption in ten reasons or arguments deduced from plain Scripture ... : Whereunto is added The saints declining state under gospel administrations ... / by William Troughton ...
Troughton, William, 1614?-1677? / [1648] Saints in England under a cloud; and their glory eclipsed in this life.: Or, The case of desertion briefly stated in a few considerations with severall symptomes of the saints decreasing and declining in spirituals. Very usefull in these times, wherein there is much of notion, and little of the power of godliness manifested. Published for the edification of the faithfull, / by W.T. M.G.
Troughton, William, 1614?-1677? / [1652] The saints declining state under gospel administrations, or, The case of desertion briefly stated in a few considerations by William Troughton ...
Troughton, William, 1614?-1677? / [1677] Of the causes and cure of sad disconsolate thoughts in Christians. By one of their sympathizing fellow-members, W. Traughton.
Troughton, William, 1614?-1677? / [1656] The mystery of the marriage song and mutuall spirituall embraces between Christ & his spouse opened, in an exposition with practicall notes & observations on the whole forty-fifth Psalme / by W. Troughton ...
True Berean. / [Printed in the year 1694] An antidote against bigotry in religion, or, A discourse proving from the testimony of kings, nobles, judges, bishops, deans, doctors, &c.: that wise and good men may differ one from another both in doctrine and discipline, and maintain Christian charity amongst themselves / by a True Berean.
True Commonwealths-man. / [1656] A copy of a letter written to an officer of the Army by a true Commonwealths-man, and no courtier,: concerning the right and settlement of our present government and governors.
True English man. / [1659] A reply to the Danish papers presented to the members of Parliament the 23 of February last, concerning the question: whether England should not assist the Swede, as well as the Dutch do the Dane.: Answered by a true English man.
True Englishman. / [1659] Murther revealed, or, A voyce from the grave faithfully relating the deplorable death of Dr. John Hewit, late of St. Gregories London, with severall queries propounded to the consciences of his bloody tryers / by a true Englishman.
True Englishman. / [1679?] Fiat justitia & ruat cœlum, or, Somewhat offer'd in defence of the imperial crown of England and its successor in answer to a speech pretended to be spoken in the honourable House of Commons, upon the reading the bill against the D. / by a true Englishman.
True friend to the gentle craft. / [1661] Hewson reduc'd, or, The shoomaker return'd to his trade being a show, wherein is represented the honesty, inoffensiveness, and ingenuity of that profession, when 'tis kept within its own bounds, and goes not beyond the last / written by a true friend to the gentle craft.
True friend to the publike interest. / [1653] A further continuance of the Grand politick informer,: discovering the wickednesse and mysteries of the present state iniquities on foot about the 14 of September 1653.
True friend to the publique interest, and to all peaceable men. / [1654] The copy of a letter sent out of Wiltshire, to a gentleman in London;: wherein is laid open the dangerous designes of the clergy, in reference to the approaching Parliament. By a true friend to the publique interest, and to all peaceable men.
True lover both of God, his King, and countrey. / [Printed. 1642] Great Brjttajnes distractions: or An alarum to awaken all good subjects;: shewing them the cause and cure of their present evils. And briefly answering some false frivolous objections, made by one of the chiefe rabbies of these times. With an exhortation in the conclusion to all good subjects, for to put in practice their just duty. Written by a true lover both of God, his king, and countrey.
True lover of God and King Charles. / [Printed 1642] Truth and peace honestly pleaded, and rightly sought for: or, A loyall subjects advice.: Usefull to [brace] confirm convince calme condemne honest ignorant passionate malicious [brace] men. By A true lover of God and King Charles.
True lover of his countrey and the present government. / [1696] A reply to the defence of the bank setting forth the unreasonableness of their slow payments. To which is added, 1. The mischiefs that attend the buying and selling bank-notes. 2. The advantages England will reap by having the unclipt hammer'd mony pass currant into the Exchequer by weight. In a letter to his friend in the countrey. By a true lover of his countrey and the present government.
True lover of his country. / [Anno 1673] Englands appeal from the private cabal at White-hall to the great council of the nation, the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled. By a true lover of his country.
True lover of his king and countrey. / [1680?] An Humble address to the truly loyal citizens of London: by a true lover of his king and countrey ; with a candid reprehension to the Intelligencer at the Stationers Arms in the Piazza under the Royal Exchange in Cornhil.
True lover of his king and country. / [1680] An humble address to all the truely [sic] loyal commons of England by a true lover of his king and country.
True lover of His truly Sacred Majesty. / [Printed in the year, 1663] Vox charitatis:: containing a louder cry for bowels of compassion, to the Lord's poor afflicted people. : With a word of counsel and comfort to them, and a concluding word to their oppressors. / By A true lover of His truly Sacred Majesty, and all his faithful subjects.
True lover of his vertues. / [1680] An elegy to the memory of the Right Houorable [sic] Thomas Earl of Ossory, who depated [sic] this life, July the 30th. 1680.
True lover of the church, the King, and His country. / [1695] A sermon preach'd at the chappel royal in the Tower upon the death of Her Sacred Majesty, our Late Gracious Queen Mary / by a true lover of the church, the King, and his country.
True lover of the orthodox clergie. / [Printed in the year MDCXCIX. 1699] The church defended, against Mr. Skingle's assize-sermon at Hertford: In a letter to a friend. By a true lover of the orthodox clergie.
True lover of the Protestant religion and English loyalty. / [1681] The great case put home in some modest queries humbly proposed and tendered to consideration by a true lover of the Protestant religion and English loyalty.
True Lover of Truth and Justice. / [printed in the year, 1665] Mr. Sadler, sadled in the vindication of Mr. R. Cranmer of London merchant: and confutation, of the abominable untruths, and falshoods of Anthony Sadler of Mitcham, Clark; contained in a letter and petition directed to the Right Reverend Father in God George, Lord Bishop of Winchester; and afterwards published to the world in print. By a true lover of truth and justice.
True loyalist. / [MDCLXXXIII 1683] The True loyalist wherein is discovered, First, the falsehood and deceipt of the solemn league and covenant, Secondly, that there is no salvation out of Christ, Thirdly, that the pope is the Anti-Christ, the man of sin, or the son of perdition, cum multis alias, &c. / by a true loyalist.
True loyall subject and lover of the Parliament. / [1643] The anti-covenant, or a sad complaint concerning the new Oath or Covenant:: presented in a letter to a dear and intimate friend, with earnest request for his advice and prayers. By a true loyall subject, and lover of the Parliament.
True member of the Church of England. / [1691] Counsel to the true English, or, A word of advice to the Jacobites by a true member of the Church of England, as by law establish'd, in a letter to a friend.
True member of the Church of England. / [1688] An address to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Right Reverend the Bishops, upon account of their late petition by a true member of the Church of England.
True patriot. / [1679] Great and weighty considerations relating to the D[uke of York] or successor of the crown humbly offer'd to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty and both Houses of Parliament / by a true patriot.
True Protestant English gentleman. / [1680?] A speech made by a true Protestant English gentleman to incourage the city of London to petition for the sitting of the Parliament
True Protestant of the Church of England. / [1689] A speech to His Highness the Prince of Orange: by a true Protestant of the Church of England, as established by law.
True Protestant, a loyall subject, a loving fellow member of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland and Ireland. / [1642] The dangers of new discipline to the state and church discovered fit to be considered by them who seeke, as they tearme it, the reformation of the Church of England composed by a Trve Protestant, a loyall subject, a loving fellow member of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland ...
True son of the Catholick apostolick church. / [1677] A Catholick pill to purge popery with a preparatory preface, obviating the growing malignity of popery against Catholick Christianity / by a true son of the Catholick apostolick church.
True son of the church. / [1690 i.e. 1698] The danger of the Church of England: from a general assembly of Covenanters in Scotland. Represented from their principles in oaths, and late acts of assemblies; compar'd with their practices in these last two years. Written in the year 1690. By a true son of the Church.
True son of the church. / [1662] A Christian hnd [sic] sober wish for moderation by a true son of the church.
True son of the Church of England. / [1689] The letter which was sent to the author of the doctrine of passive obedience and jure divino disproved, &c. answered and refuted wherein is proved, that monarchy was not originally from God. That kings are not by divine appointment, but that all government proceeds from the people. That the obedience required in Scripture, is to the laws of the land, and no otherwise. That resisting of arbitary power is lawful. That the oath of allegiance to to the late King James was dissolved before the Prince of Orange (our present King) landed. That upon the non-performance of an oath on one side, the other becomes void, is plainly prov'd from several examples in scripture. That protection is the only cause of allegiance, and that obedience or allegiance is due to the present government is proved from Scripture, law and reason; and those texts of scriptures which relate to government, or monarchy, are explained.
True son of the Church of England. / [1678] Festa Anglo-Romana, or, The feasts of the English and Roman church, with their fasts and vigils being an exact and concise accompt of their various etymologies and appellations, with the reasons and grounds of their celebration : together with a succinct discourse of several other grand days in the universities, Inns of courts, and the collar and offering days at White-Hall, tending, to the instruction of all persons in all capacities, and the dilucidation of several seeming difficulties in the ancient, as well as modern English and Roman calendar / by a true son of the Church of England.
True-hearted well-wisher to Great Brittanes happinesse. / [1641] The plot discovered and counterplotted: commended in a letter to a private friend, / from a true-hearted well-wisher to great Britains happinesse.
True-hearted well-wisher to Great Brittanes happinesse. / [M.D.C.XLI 1641 i.e. 1642] Great Brittans ruine plotted by seven sorts of men;: discoved [sic] and counter plotted: in which is contained a probable way for the happy and peaceable composing of all the distempers of the time, with articles for the finding out of scandalous ministers. commended in a letter to a friend, and now recommended to the Honourable Parliaments consideration. By a true-hearted well-wisher to great Brittanes happinesse.
Truhearted Englishman. / [Printed 1641. i.e. 1642] A warning peece shot off from Ireland to England,: charged home with good counsell, by a truhearted Englishman, a mourner in Sion. Wherein these evill dayes, and dangerous times (without reflecting upon any particular persons) are plainly set forth.
Truly loyal subject. / [1681] Fitz-Harys's last sham detected, or, A vindication of His Sacred Majesty from those foul aspersions cast upon him by that impudent libel called Fitz-Harys's last confession left under his own hand and published by Dr. Hawkins by a truly loyal subject.
Truman, Joseph, 1631-1671. / [1671] An endeavour to rectifie some prevailing opinions, contrary to the doctrine of the Church of England by the author of The great propitiation, and, A discourse of natural and moral-impotency.
Truman, Joseph, 1631-1671. / [1672] The great propitiation, or, Christs satisfaction and man's justification by it upon his faith that is belief and obedience to the gospel endeavored to be made easily intelligible ... in some sermons preached, &c. / by Joseph Truman
Truman, Joseph, 1631-1671. / [1675] A discourse of natural and moral impotency by Joseph Truman, B.D., late minister near Nottingham.
Truman, Richard. / [1629] A Christian memorandum, or advertisement wherein is handled the doctrine of reproofe. What it is, how we must reproue, how necessary it is: with exhortations and arguments moving vs to the right performance of that duty, and reproofe for neglecting reproofe. By Richard Truman Mr of Arts and minister of Gods word at Dallington neere Northampton.
Truswell, Mr. / [1678] The fortune of France from the prophetical predictions of Mr. Truswell, the recorder of Lincoln, and Michael Nostradamus.
Trye, John. / [1684] Jus filizarii, or, The filacer's office in the Court of King's-Bench setting forth the practice by original writ, with several precedents and other matters relating thereunto : and also a presentment of the fees of all the officers in the said court : very usefull for the filacers and all other practicers in that court / by John Trye ...
Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. / [1695?] The way to save wealth: shewing how a man may live plentifully for two-pence a day. Likewise how to make a hundred noble dishes of meat, without either flesh, fish, or fowl. To make bread of roots, herbs, and leafs of trees. To brew good cheap liquor, without malt or hops. To make shoes last long. To make coals last long. To save soap in washing. To save cloth in cutting out a shirt. To make coffee of horse-beans To feed cattel well, without hay, grass, or corn. To save candles. To know any one's mind by signs; if there be twenty in company, they cannot apprehend it. To order bees aright. To settle your estate with Christian prudence. To know Scripture-weights and measures. Of dreams. To cure wounds by sympathy. The way to live long. To make spring-potage. To cure all sorts of cattle for 12 d. charge. To improve land, order and cure all deseases in singing birds. To kill vermin. To brew pale ales. To make wines, and all sorts of liquor, and an easy way to fine, and order them. With divers other curious matter
Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. / [1696] A discourse of waters. Shewing the particular natures, various uses, and wonderful operations both in food and physick, the all-wise creator hath endued this cleansing element with. I. Of rain-water. II. River or running-water. III. Spring or fountain-water. IV. Well or pump water. V. Pond or standing-water, with something concerning purging-waters. Published for the benefit of mankind. / By Thomas Tryon. Author of the Good house wife made a doctor, Country-mans companion, Monthly observations for health, &c.