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St. Albans, Henry Jermyn, Earl of, ca. 1604-1684. / [Iuly 21. 1642] A new discoverie of Mr. Jermyns conspiracy.: Being the coppie of a letter sent from France from the said Mr. Iermyn, to a nobleman in the North. With divers other passages from Yorke. Published by a true copie.
St. Albans, Henry Jermyn, Earl of, ca. 1604-1684. / [Ian. 26. 1643] A letter sent by Mr. Henry Iarmin, now resident in Paris, to Mr. VVilliam Murrey, of His Majesties Bed-Chamber:: as it was intercepted at sea by Captaine James Morgan, captaine of the good ship, called the Mary-Rose of Bristoll. Wherein is expressed the full and reall intentions of the said Mr. Iarmin, and the other English fugitives in France, against the proceedings of the honourable, the high Court of Parliament here in England.
St. Giles Cripplegate. Parish. / [1674] A table of the church-duties for the parish of St. Gyles without Cripplegate, as it was concluded and agreed upon, by the vicar and the gentlemen of the vestry, in a full meeting February the third, 1664:
St. John, Oliver, 1598?-1673. / [Printed in the yeare. 1641. i.e. 1642] Mr. St. Johns speech, or argument in Parliament;: shewing, whether a man may be a judge, and a witnesse in the same cause. By way of preface, I shall return a distinction between a doubtfull and a scrupulous conscience.
St. John, Oliver, 1598?-1673. / [1641] Master St. John his speech in Parliament on Munday the 17th of January concerning the charge of treason then exhibited to the bishops, formerly accused by the House of Commons, Anno Domini, 1641.
St. John, Oliver, 1598?-1673. / [1660] The case of Oliver St. Iohn, Esq. concerning his actions during the late troubles.
St. John, Oliver, 1598?-1673. / [Anno Domini 1641] An argument of lavv concerning the bill of attainder of high-treason of Thomas Earle of Strafford: at a conference in a committee of both Houses of Parliament. By Mr. St. John his Majesties Solicitor Generall. Published by order of the Commons House.
St. Lo, George, d. 1718. / [1694?] To the right honorable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled. Reasons humbly offer'd by Captain George St. Lo, for bringing down the exorbitant rates of seamens wages from 50 s. and 3 l. a month, to 30 s. and 35 s. a month.
St. Lo, George, d. 1718. / [1693] England's safety, or, A bridle to the French King proposing a sure method for encouraging navigation, and raising qualified seamen for the well manning Their Majesties fleet on any occasion, in a months time, without impressing, and a competent provision for all such as shall be wounded in service against the enemy, either in Their in Their Majesties ships of war, privatiers, or merchant men, to encourage the better defending them : also an in-fight into the advantages may be made by the herring and other fisheries, in respect to the breeding of seamen, and otherwise : together with a proposal for the maintenance and education of the male children ... : also encouragement for commanders of men of war, privatiers and seamen, in taking any ship, or effects of the enemies, and all to be done, without any sensible charge or burthern to the kingdom / by Captain George St. Lo...
St. Lo, George, d. 1718. / [1694] England's interest, or, A discipline for seamen wherein is proposed a sure method for raising qualified seamen for the well manning Their Majesties fleet on all occasions : also, a method wherby seamen will be obliged mutually to relieve each other on board the men of war yearly or thereabout ... : likewise is shewed the advantages which by these methods will accrue to the nation in general and in particular to the merchants and seamen ... / by George St. Lo.
St. Lo, George, d. 1718. / [1694] Britannia triumphans; or An effectual method wholly to destroy the power of France by encouraging navigation in all its branches. Whereby their Majesties fleet may be sufficiently mann'd in a months time, on any occasion, without impressing; and by making a competent provision for such as shall be wounded in the service of Their Majesties, against the common enemy, in whatsoever stations they are placed. All which may be effected without any very considerable charge to the kingdom. Together with a brief enumeration of the several advantages to be made by erecting a publick fishery, by which a constant nursery of able seamen, and a security and enlargement of our trade abroad will be surely advanced. To which are subjoined, some proposals for the support and maintenance of the children of sll such as fall in the said service; and the certain and best expedient of encreasing the numbers of our privateers. Humbly represented to Their Majesties, and Members of Parliament. By Capt. St. Loe, one of the commissioners of the prize office.
St. Nichlas, Thomas. / [1652] The Case in law and equity of Tristram Wodward, Esq. for the mannors of Tuddington, Harlington, and Tyngrith, and other lands in the county of Bedford / reported to the Commissioners of Obstructions by Mr. St. Nichlas the councell for the Common-wealth.
St. Serfe, Thomas, Sir, fl. 1668. / [Anno Dom. 1665] The remarkable prophesies in order to the present times the one of Gilpine Girnigo, one of the heritable poets of the old Thanes of Gilliquhimnee: the other of Sir Tristram, Clerk of the Kitchin to the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table. The first, faithfully translated out of the original Ersh, by Alister Mackfaddock, Principal of the Colledge of Laganachadrum: the other, out of the old Saxon, by Gustavus Gans, dreelmaster of Buxstihow. The third of Quean Guinivere, that was principall gigot, and dry nurse, to Sir Lancelot du Lake; he that was the great avenger of the injuries done to crackt chamber-maids.
St. Serfe, Thomas, Sir, fl. 1668. / [Printed, Anno Dom. 1661] The work goes bonnely on
St. Serfe, Thomas, Sir, fl. 1668. / [1661] Bourlasque news from the Antipodes
St. Serfe, Thomas, Sir, fl. 1668 / [1661] The prince of Tartaria his voyage to Cowper in Fife. He that will to Cowper, will to Cowper.
St. Thomas's Hospital (London, England) / [1517?] Here after foloweth the newe pryuyleges and indulge[n]ces graunted by our holy Father the Pope Leo.x. to the house of seynt Thomas of Acres in London.
Stackhouse, John, dissenting minister. / [1698] The mutual duties of elders and people. Delivered in a discourse at Beckles in Suffolk, Octob. 13. 1697. At the setting apart of Mr. John Killinghal, to the office of an elder, over a Church of Christ there. By John Stackhouse, elder of a Church of Christ in Norwich.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1692] A word to both houses of Parliament.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1696?] To the representatives of the people and nation of England assembled at Westminster at their session begun Octob. 20, 1696 : grace, wisdom, and understanding be communicated forth unto and multiplied amongst ye.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1692] To the present Queen Mary, Richard Stafford, a scribe of Jesus Christ, desireth temporal preservation and eternal salvation:
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1691] Things plain and weighty referred unto the consideration of both Houses of Parliament assembled at Westminster, March 25, 1690 that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety, may be established amongst us throughout all generations.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed in the year 1700. And are to be sold unto such who will receive the love of truth that they might be saved.] Surely every man walketh in a vain shew: surely they are disquieted in vain he heapeth up riches and knoweth not who shall gather them, Psal.39.6.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1693?] A supplemental word, necessary to be made known, and understood aright, and to be done accordingly, in order to the healing of these nations.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1690] A supplemental tract of government to be annexed into the Book of happiness, &c. Chap. 3, circa pag. 147 which may be applied to all nations, but this is now particularly referred to the consideration of the Lords and Commons assembled in this present Parliament at Westminster, January 4, 1690/89.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1695] A supplement and addition unto a printed paper, bearing date July 25. 1692. And thus superscribed, To Our Sovereign Lord, King James the II. Rightful King of Great Brittain, and Ireland, wheresoever he now inhabits in the parts beyond the seas. / Richard Stafford, a scribe instructed in the law of God, desireth a speedy, safe, and peaceable coming into England.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1691?] Some more sayings of Richard Stafford, a prisoner in Bethleham Hospital in Moor-fields. Part II
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1696] Six several sermons preached on Isaiah, 38. I. Wherein that great duty of setting our body and soul in order, for we shall die, is at large opened and explained: Wherein also many divine truths are made known relating to the same matter; and now published, because of the exceeding importance and concernment of this subject unto all people whatsoever.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] A sermon on Phil. IV., 11, 12. For I have learned in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content: I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound; every where, and in all things, I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] A sermon preached unto the inhabitants of the town of Thornbury, in Glocestershire [sic] on March 20, 1697/8:
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1697] The nature of God's kingdom and dominion over men: clearly laid open and explained, as the same relates to these following particulars ... in a discourse on Deut. 8.2. wherein is likewise shewed, what influence these things ought to have upon our life and conversation / by Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1697] A sermon on I Chron. 29, 18: and now published, because of the exceeding usefulness of this subject, unto all Christians of every perswasion or denomination whatsoever ... : wherein also is shewed what it is to teach for hire, and divine for money, and that objection is answered, which some do frame ... against that maintenance ... which true gospel ministers ought to have in these dayes under that dispensation / by Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1689] Of happiness wherein it is fully and particularly manifested that the great happiness of this life consisteth in the fear of God and keeping his commandments in opposition to the pleasures of sin or the pretended conveniency of disobdience / by Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1695] Practical discourses on sundry texts of Scripture wherein is shewed and made known the absolute necessity for all people to turn immediately unto the Lord their God / by Richard Stafford ...
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] A sermon on 2 Cor. 2. XI.:
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] Sermon I. on Phil. IV. 11.:
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] The necessity of keeping still unto the ordinances of religion, prayer, hearing the word, baptism, and the Lord's Supper: set forth in a sermon preached in the countrey, on Acts VI.4. : wherein is also laid open, and manifested the errour of those people (commonly call'd Quakers) who do neglect the two latter.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] The observation of the three great festivals asserted in the Christian church: and that objection answered, from Gal 4. 10, 11., and also the right manner of the observance of them made known, in a sermon, preach'd on Easter-Day / by Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed on January 7. 1692] The mystery of iniquity somewhat laid open: in a letter to the present Governour: wherein is also contained an history and recital and proposal of sundry things to be made known and remembred, and to be done accordingly. In that letter which I carried to thing house at Kensington on November 3. 1691. which was there burnt (as near as I can remember) the words contained therein was to this following effect, viz.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1695] The lamentation of Richard Stafford, a scribe instructed in the law of God, for the death of Mary Princess of Orange: etogether [sic] with a word of instruction and warning to her husband.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1700?] Jeremiah VI.4. Wo unto us for the day goeth away, for the shadows of the evening are stretched out:
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] Hear this word, O ye princes, ye priests and people of England: especially such of ye as assemble at Westminster, at this your session begun, December 8, 1698.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1700] The great, useful and blessed duty of a contentment, willingness and desire to die: set forth upon true and assured grounds, in several discourses on these following scriptures. By Richard Stafford, A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Recommended as more proper and beneficial to be given at funerals than gloves or rings.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [MDCXCIX 1699] The exceeding great comfort and benefit of having walked before God in truth, and with a perfect heart, and of having done that which is good in his sight: set forth in several discourses on Isaiah 38. 2, 3 / by Richard Stafford ...
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed in the Year, 1697] The doctrine of the cross, or, The duty of Christian suffering: as it is necessary and subservient in order to the obtaining eternal salvation, delivered in a sermon on Matth. 13. 20, 21 / by Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1697] Divine arithmetick illustrated in the right and exact numbering of our days, or, A discourse of the near and continued approaches of death unto every one whatsoever: with the same inference and application which the apostle in I Cor. 15 makes from and alike subject, that the knowledge and consideration of these things should exhort people to be stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord / by Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1699] A discourse on the extensiveness and comprehensiveness of future judgment of God: In another method than what hath been hitherto extant in any other books or sermons upon this subject. By Richard Stafford.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1697] A discourse of the misery of Hell and happiness of Heaven grounded from the following words, Matth. 25, 46, And these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1690] A copy of two letters which Richard Stafford had intended to have delivered unto the King and Queen: but not being admitted by the yeomen of the guard, he left them on the rails of the back- stairs at White-Hall, on January 26, 1689/90 : in each of which was inclosed a printed paper, entituled, A supplemental tract of government, referred to the consideration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, January 4, in the year aforementioned.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1691] A copy of a letter sent to the Hague, about the latter end of May, 1691.: with a book inclosed, (hereafter mentioned) and sealed up, and superscribed after the following manner. These for him that is commonly stiled, William King of Great Britain ... / Richard Stafford, a scribe of Jesus Christ, desireth temporal preservation and eternal salvation.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed in the year 1690] A clear apology and just defence of Richard Stafford for himself with a rehearsal, and further explanation of what he hath done concerning national affairs.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed in the year, 1699] The cause and cure of divisions: or, The way and means for all Chr[istians] (however they are distinguished [or] named) to come to unity: Demonstrated and pointed out from the scriptures of truth; by Richard Stafford, a scribe instructed therein.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed in the year, 1700] Because that in the following discourse the reason is recited and answered, why my ministry is rejected and not received by this ignorant, but more especially corrupt world;: therefore I thought it expedient and necessary to publish the same.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1693?] Because that to many people, I have seemed to falsify my word and promise,
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [MDCXCIX 1699] The absolute truth, and utmost certainty of the word of God: and that all things which are contained in the scriptures, yea to every tittle and iota thereof, will be fulfiled : demonstrated in a discourse on Rom IX. 6 / by Richard Stafford ...
Stafford, Robert, 1588-1618. / [1607] A geographicall and anthologicall description of all the empires and kingdomes, both of continent and ilands in this terrestriall globe Relating their scituations, manners, customes, prouinces, and gouernements.
Stafford, William Howard, Viscount, 1614-1680. / [Printed in the year 1681] The two last prayers of VVilliam late Viscount Stafford, at his execution on Tower-hill: Wednesday the 29th. of Dec. 1680 the one in Latin, the other in English.
Stafford, William Howard, Viscount, 1614-1680. / [1680] The speech of William Howard, late Lord Viscount Stafford, upon the scaffold on Tower-Hill immediately before his execution, Wednesday Decemb. 29, 1680.
Stafford, William, 1593-1684. / [1646] The reason of the war, with the progress and accidents thereof. / Written by an English subject. VVherein also the most material passages of the two books printed at Oxford (in which His Majesties party do undertake to justifie their proceedings) are briefly examined; viz. The [brace] declaration, entituled, Tending to peace; relation of the passages at the meeting at Uxbridge. July 1. 1646. Imprimatur Na: Brent.
Stainforth, William, d. 1713. / [1676] A sermon preached March 6, 1675, in the Cathedral Church of S. Peter in York, before the Right Honourable Sir Timothy Littleton, Kt., and Vere Bertie, Esquire, His Majesties judges of assize for the Northern Circuit by William Stainforth ...
Stainforth, William, d. 1713. / [1689] A sermon preached in the Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St. Peter in York, January 30th, 1688/9, and published at the request of the auditors by William Stainforth ...
Stainforth, William, d. 1713. / [1686] A sermon preach'd in the cathedral church of St. Peter in York, on the 6th of February 1685/6 being the day on which His Majesty began his happy reign / by William Stainforth.
Stainforth, William, d. 1713. / [1685] An assize sermon preached August 3, 1685, in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in York before the Right Honourable Sir Edward Atkins and Sir Thomas Walcot, His Majesty's judges of assize for the northern circuit / by William Stainforth ...
Stalham, John, d. 1681. / [1647] Vindiciæ redemptionis. In the fanning and sifting of Samuel Oates his exposition upon Mat. 13. 44. With a faithfull search after our Lords meaning in his two parables of the treasure and the pearl. Endeavoured in several sermons upon Mat. 13. 44, 45. Where in the former part, universal redemption is discovered to be a particular errour. (Something here is inserted in answer to Paulus Testardus, touching that tenet.) And in the later part, Christ the peculiar treasure and pearl of Gods elect is laid as the sole foundation; and the Christians faith and joy in him, and self-deniall for him, is raised as a sweet and sure superstructure. / By John Stalham, Pastour of the Church at Terling in Essex.
Stalham, John, d. 1681. / [1657] The reviler rebuked: or, A re-inforcement of the charge against the Quakers, (so called) for their contradictions to the Scriptures of God, and to their own scriblings,: which Richard Farnworth attempted to answer in his pretended Vindication of the Scriptures; but is farther discovered, with his fellow-contradictors and revilers, and their doctrine, to be anti-Scriptural, anti-Christian, and anti-spiritual. By John Stalham, a servant of the great bishop and shepherd of souls, appointed to watch his little flock at Terling in Essex.
Stalham, John, d. 1681. / [1657] Marginall antidotes, to be affixed over against the lines of R.H. and E.B. their pamphlet, entituled, The rebukes of a reviler.: Written and prescribed by John Stalham of Terling.
Stalker, John. / [1688] A treatise of japaning and varnishing being a compleat discovery of those arts : with the best way of making all sorts of varnish ... : together with above an hundred distinct patterns of japan-work ... : curiously engraven on 24 large copper plates / by John Stalker.
Stampe, Anthony. / [in the year MDCLXXXVIII. 1688] A Protestant souldier's congratulation to the Prince of Orange, in a new letany, or, Prayers against Popery·: Being thought necessary to be added to the daily devotions of private families at all times, but more especially in this present juncture of affairs in England. By Captain Anthony Stampe, sometimes chief engineer and adjutant general to an active Protestant Army against the rebels in Ireland.
Stampe, Anthony. / [1690] To the knights, citizens, and burgesses, of the honourable House of Commons now assembled in Parliament.: The humble proposals of Captain Anthony Stampe, for regulating the abuses of the curra[] coyns, and for raising the price of money, and plate, within the kingdom of England.
Stampe, Anthony. / [1697] A letter to the loyal apprentices in and about London and Westminster,: for their making of a noble, extraordinary, rejoycing prossession, on Monday the eleventh of April, 1698 : being His Majesties coronation day, in congratulation of His Majestys safe return home; : and for the honourable, firm, and lasting peace. / written by Captain Anthony Stampe.
Stampe, William, 1611-1653? / [1662] Spiritual infatuation, the principal cause of our past and present distempers. Or a serious caveate to the many seducers and seduced: who under the specious pretences of reformation and conscience endeavour the subversion of Church and State. In several sermons on Isa. 9,10,11,12. By W. Stamp D.D. late minister of the Word at Stepn[e]y near London.
Stampe, William, 1611-1653? / [Printed in the yeare 1643] A sermon preached before His Majestie at Christ-Church in Oxford, on the 18. of April 1643.: By William Stampe vicar of Stepney in the county of Middlesex.
Stamper, Francis, d. 1766. / [1693] James Grahme, Esq; appellant, Francis Stamper, respondent: The appeal is to reverse an order of the High Court of Chancery, made the 18th of December, 1693. on re-hearing of the cause and the respondents plea put in, to the appellants bill. The respondent's case.
Stampoy, Pappity, pseud. / [in the year 1663] A collection of Scotch proverbs.: Collected by Pappity Stampoy.
Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510. / [ca. 1505] [How many partes of reson ben there]
Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510. / [1500] Peruula
Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510. / [1504?] Here begynneth the accedence diligently correcte and poyntyd
Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510. / [1535?] [Accidentia].
Stanbridge, John, 1463-1538. / [In the yere of our lord god M. CCCCC. and .xxxix] [Accidentia ex Stanbrigiana editione nuper recognita et castigata]
Standen, Joseph. / [1699] A poem on the death of the Reverend Mr. John Weekes late pastor to a congregation in Bristol, who dyed Nouemb. the 23d. 1698. Ætat. 65. By Mr. Standen.
Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. A sermon preached at Christ-Church in Bristol, before the Right Honourable Sr. Francis North, lord chief justice of His Majesty's Court of Common-Pleas at the assizes held there, August 7th, anno Dom. 1675 / by Richard Standfast ...
Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. / [1665] A little handful of cordial comforts scattered thorowout several answers, to sixteen questions, and objections following : intended chiefly for the good of those that walk mournfully before God ... / by Richard Standfast ...
Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. / [1700?] A dialogue between a blind man and death.
Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. / [1644] Clero-laicum condimentum. Or, A sermon preached at a visitation in Saint Nicholas Church in Bristoll, April 16. an. D. 1644.: By Richard Standfast Master of Arts, rector of Christ-Church, and one of His Majesties chaplains.
Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. / [1680] Certain queries concerning the receiving of the sacrament preached in a sermon on Saint Luke 9. Vers. 30, 31 / by Richard Standfast.
Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. / [1660] A caveat against seducers:: as it was preached by Richard Standfast, Mr. of Arts, and rector of Christ-Church in Bristol, whereunto are annexed the blind mans meditations. By the same author.
Standish, Arthur, fl. 1611-1613. / [Anno Domini. MDCXIII. 1613] New directions of experience to the Commons complaint by the incouragement of the Kings most excellent Maiesty, as may appeare, for the planting of timber and fire-wood. With a neere estimation what millions of acres the kingdome doth containe; what acres is waste ground, whereon little profit for this purpose will arise. : What millions hath bin woods, and bushy grounds, what acres are woods, and in how many acres so much timber will be contained, as will maintaine the kingdome for all vses for euer. : And how as great store of fire-wood may be raised, as may plentifully maintaine the kingdome for all purposes, without losse of ground; so as within thirty yeares all spring-woods may be conuerted to tillage and pasture. / Inuented by Arthur Standish.
Standish, Arthur, fl. 1611-1613. / [1611] The commons complaint. VVherein is contained tvvo speciall grieuances: The first, the generall destruction and waste of woods in this kingdome, with a remedy for the same: also how to plant wood according tyo the nature of euery soyle, without losse of any ground; and how thereby many more and better cattel may be yeerely bred, with the charge and profit that yeerely may arise thereby. The second grieuance is, the extreme dearth of victuals. Fovre remedies for the same. ...
Standish, John, 1507?-1570. / [mense Decembris. Anno. 1554] A discourse wherin is debated whether it be expedient that the scripture should be in English for al men to reade that wyll. Fyrst reade this booke with an indifferent eye, and then approue or condempne, as God shall moue your heart.
Standish, John, d. 1686. / [1684] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at the Guild-Hall Chappel, Jan. 20, 1683 by John Standish ...
Standish, John, d. 1686. / [1676] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hal, Septem. the 26th, 1675 by John Standish ...
Standish, John, d. 1686. / [MDCLXXXIII 1683] A sermon preached at the temple, the Svnday after the church was opened being then newly repaird, adorned and beautified at the joynt expense of the two honorable societies / by John Standish.
Standish, John, d. 1686. / [1683] A sermon preached at the Assizes at Hertford, March the 9th, 1682/3 by John Standish ...
Standsfield, Philip, defendant. d. 1688, / [Anno Dom. 1688] The tryal of Philip Standsfield, son to Sir James Standsfield, of New-Milns;: for the murder of his father, and other crimes libel'd against him. / Published by authority.
Stanhope of Harrington, Charles Stanhope, Baron, 1595-1675. / [1646] A discourse briefly shewing the true state and title of the Comptroller, or Postmaster generall of England: the Lord Stanhopes right to it, and consequently to the forraigne and inland letter offices, as incident thereunto, and more plainly appeares by a report of Sir Robert Heath, then his Maiesties atturney generall: by a verdict or jury of 12. men in the Kings bench, and a report in the Commons House of Parliament, in the 4. of our gratious soveraigne. 12. Novembris, 37 Henrici Octavi.
Stanhope, Arthur, d. 1685? / [1671] Episcopal jurisdiction asserted according to the right constitution thereof, by His Majesties laws, both ecclesiastical and temporal, occasioned by the stating and vindicating of the Bishop of Waterford's case, with the mayor and sheriffs of Waterford / by a diligent enquirer into the reasons and grounds thereof.
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1700] Sermons preach'd upon several occasions never before published / by George Stanhope ...
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1692] A sermon preached at Grays-Inn chappel Novemb. the 26th. 1691. Being the day of thanksgiving, for the success of their Majesties forces, and reducing of Ireland. By George Stanhope, Vicar of Lewisham in Kent. Publish'd at the request of that honourable society.
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1699] The sea-man's obligations to gratitude and a good life a sermon preach'd in the parish-church of Deptford, in Kent, June 5, 1699, before the corporation of the Trinity-house at their annual meeting on Trinity-Monday / by George Stanhope ...
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1698] A sermon preach'd in St. Paul's Cathedral at the annual meeting of the Sons of the Clergy, Tuesday, December vii, 1697 by George Stanhope ... : to which is annexed a faithful account of the charities distributed by that corporation for fourteen years last past.
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1695] A sermon concerning God's deferring to answer mens prayers preached before the King and Queen at White-Hall, November the 11th, 1694 / by George Stanhope ...
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1697] The perfection of Scripture stated, and its sufficiency argued in a sermon preached at the publick commencement at Cambridge, Sunday July iv, 1697 / by George Stanhope ...
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1695] Of preparation for death and judgment a sermon preached at Whitehall January 27, 1694/5, before the Right Honourable the Lord Chamberlain, the Ladies of the Bedchamber, and others of the household to our late gracious Queen Mary of blessed memory / by George Stanhope ... ; published at the request of that honourable audience.
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1699] The happiness of good men after death a sermon at the funeral of Mr. Robert Castell, late of Deptford in Kent, preached in the parish church of Deptford, August the 19th, 1698 : published at the request of the relations and executors of the deceased / by George Stanhope ...
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728. / [1698] The Christian's inheritance a sermon at the funeral of the Reverend Gabriel Towerson ... : preach'd at Welwyn, Octob. 21, 1697 / by George Stanhope ...
Stanhope, Michael. / [1627] Nevves out of York-shire: or, an account of a iovrney, in the true discovery of a soueraigne minerall, medicinall water, in the West-Riding of Yorke-shire, neere an ancient towne called Knaresbrough, not inferiour to the spa in Germany Also a taste of other minerall waters of seuerall natures adioyning. By M.S.
Stanhope, Michael. / [1632] Cures vvithout care, or A summons to all such who finde little or no helpe by the use of ordinary physick to repaire to the northerne Spaw. Wherein by many presidents of a few late yeares, it is evidenced to the world, that infirmities in their owne nature desperate and of long continuance have received perfect recovery, by vertue of minerall waters neare Knaresborow in the West-riding of Yorkeshire. Also a description of the said water, and of other rare and usefull springs adjoyning, the nature and efficacie of the minerals contained in them, with other not impertinent notes. Faithfully collected for the publique good by M. St.
Stanhope, Thomas. / [1680] Medulla Novi Testamenti: The substance of the New Testament more especially of the historical; with a brief account of the doctrinal part, in each book, by way of dialogue between a divine and his parishioner. Designed for the benefit of private families. By Thomas Stanhope, peacher at the Fleet. Imprimatur, W. Jane.
Stanhope, Thomas. / [1670] Four sermons preached upon solemne occasions. I. The troubler of Israel. II. The righteous mans concern for the churches misery. Preached before the judges. III. Cæsars due honour, preached before the mayor and aldermen of Leicester, May 29. 1669. IV. Davids work and rest, preached before the election of the mayor. By Tho. Stanhope A.M. Vicar of St. Margarets in Leicester.
Stanley, Edward, 1597 or 8-1662. / [1662] Three sermons preached in the Cathedral Church of Winchester: The first on Sunday, August. 19. 1660. at the first return of the Dean and Chapter to that church, after the restauration of His Majesty. The second on Jan. 30. 1661. being the anniversary of King Charles the first, of glorious memory. The third at the general assize held there, Feb. 25. 1661. By Edward Stanley, D.D. Prebendary of the church.
Stanley, Fr. (Francis), d. 1696. / [1667?] Christianity indeed, or, The well-disciplin'd Christian the delight of Christ shewing how believers in Christ ought to go in and out each before other in gospel-order, governing and being governed as the children of one Father / by Fr. Stanley.
Stanley, Joshua, b. 1645 or 6. / [Printed in the year, 1699] A bosome-piece for communicants. Or, The nature and design of the sacrament of the Lord's-Supper. Laid open in a letter to Mrs, [sic] Eliz. Yearley, of Ockham in Surrey. By Joshua Stanley, late chaplain to the Lady Nicholas.
Stanley, William, 1647-1731. / [1674] The Roman horseleech, or An impartial account of the intolerable charge of popery to this nation ... to which is annexed an essay of the supremacy of the King of England.
Stanley, William, 1647-1731. / [1685] A discourse concerning the devotions of the Church of Rome, especially, as compared with those of the Church of England in which it is shewn, that whatever the Romanists pretend, there is not so true devotion among them, nor such rational provision for it, nor encouragement to it, as in the church established by law among us.
Stanney, William. / [Anno 1617.] A treatise of penance, with an explication of the rule, and maner of liuing, of the brethren and sisters, of the Third Order of S. Frauncis; commonly called, of the Order of Penance, ordayned for those which desire to liue holilie. and doe penance in their owne houses. / by F. W.S. Strict Obser. ; Whereunto is added, the epistle and annotations vpon this rule, of the Reuerend Father, Fa. Peter Gonzales ... With a catalogue made by him, of the names of the chiefe persons of this order, aswell canonized saincts, as beatified, with the other honorable and worthy persons, who for their vertuous deeds, and holinesse of life, are cronacled to their perpetuall memory here in earth, and no doubt to their euerlasting glorie in heauen..
Stanton, Zachary. / [1700] The love of God to all mankind in the glorious work of their redemption by Jesus Christ, asserted and vindicated. With a plain and sober discussion of those controversies which are the constant concomitants of it, viz. election and reprobation, God's foreknowledg, his nature, attributes, and decrees; the sufficiency of means vouchsafed to all men to believe; the use of the law to believers under the gospel. Also concerning original sin, freewill, and falling from grace. All fitted to the meanest capacity, in a way of dialogue, by Zachary Stanton.
Stanwix, Richard, 1608-1656. / [1652] A holy life here, the only way to eternal life hereafter.: Or, A discourse grounded on these words, The weapons of our warfare, &c. 2. Cor. 10. 4. Wherein among other things set down in a following index this truth is especially asserted; namely, that a holy life, or the habitual observing of the laws of Christ, is indispensably necessary to salvation. Whereunto is added an Appendix, laying open the common neglect of the said laws among Christians, and vindicating such necessity of observing them from those general exceptions that are wont to be made against it. By R.S. B.D.
Stapleton, Philip, Sir, 1603-1647. / [1641. i.e. 1642] Sir Phillip Stapleton his worthy speech in the House of Commons in Parliament, Ian. 15. 1641. Concerning the accusation of the Lord Digby and Colonell Lunsford of high treason.
Stapleton, Philip, Sir, 1603-1647. / [1642. June 2] A renowned speech spoken to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, May, 28. at the last assembly of the gentry and commonalty of Yorkshire, by that most judicious gentleman Sir Phillip Stapleton,: one of the committees appointed by the honourable House of Commons to attend his Majesties pleasure, and to give information to the members of the said House of all passages that concerne the good of the King and kingdome. Wherein is declared the great uncertainty of his Majesties undertakings, the said undertakings not being seconded with the unite applause and joynt assistance of the whole kingdome. Likewise discribing the manifold and innumerable dangers that attends civill discord, and home-bred contention, shewing by presidents of Yorke and Lancaster, what cruell effects such designes produce both to the King and subject.
Starbuck, William. / [1647 i.e., 1648] A spirituall song of a mayds name called Mabell Anna Tatton: made by a tenant of the Lord of Canturburies, in the counter in Wood-Streete, very usefull and comfortable both for a believer in particular, and the Church of Christ in generall, James 5. 13. Colos. 3. 16.
Starbuck, William. / [1645] A briefe exposition, paraphrase, or interpretation, upon the Lord of Canterburies sermon or speech, upon the last pulpit that ever he preached, which was the scaffold on Tower-hill.: Also, upon the prayer which he used at the same time and place before his execution. Written by William Starbucke Gentleman, to give the people a glimmering of the Bishops hypocrisie.
Starhemberg, Ernst Rüdiger, Graf von, 1638-1701. / [Re-printed in the year, 1683] A true copy of a letter from Count Starembergh, to the Duke of Lorraine, concerning the present condition of Vienna.
Starkey, A. / [1660] Good news for England: or, The peoples triumph. Then let's be joyful, and in heart content, to see our King united with the Parliament. Long live Charles the Second. To the tune of, Bodkins galliard.
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1661] Via ad vitam, being a short and sure vvay to a long life, or, Helmont justified, and the excellency of chymicall medicaments vindicated by George Starkey ...
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1660] Royal and other innocent bloud crying aloud to heaven for due vengeance.: Humbly represented to the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. And with all humble dutifull submission dedicated to the two high and mighty princes, James Duke of York and Henry Duke of Gloucester, his sacred Majestyes Royal brethren. By George Starkey, a true honourer and faithfull friend of his country.
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1658] Pyrotechny asserted and illustrated to be the surest and safest means for arts triumph over natures infirmities being a full and free discovery of the medicinal mysteries studiously concealed by all artists, and onely discoverable by fire : with an appendix concerning the nature, preparation, and virtue of several specifick medicaments ... / by George Starkey ...
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1675] Liquor alchahest, or, A discourse of that immortal dissolvent of Paracelsus & Helmont it being one of those two wonders of art and nature, which radically dissolves all animals, vegitables, and minerals into their principles, without being in the least alter'd, either in weight or activity, after a thousand dissolutions, &c. / Published by J.A. pyrophilus.
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1660?] George Starkey's pill vindicated from the unlearned alchymist and all other pretenders with a brief account of other excellent, specifick remedies of extraordinary virtue for the honour and vindication of pyrotechny.
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1664] A brief examination and censure of several medicines of late years extol'd for universal remedies, and arcana's of the highest preparation ... namely, Lockyers pill, Hughes pouder, Constantines spirit of salt, with several other of that kind, by which the art of pyrotechny is in danger of being brought into reproach and contempt ... / by George Starkey ...
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [MDCLXXVII. 1677 ] An exposition upon Sir George Ripley's preface. Written by Æyrenæus Philalethes, anglus, cosmopolita.
Starkey, William, 1620?-1684. / [1668] The divine obligation of humane ordinances. Delivered in a sermon upon the 26th of February, before the iudge, at St. Maries in Bury St. Edmonds, By William Starkey, D.D. Rector of Pulham in Norfolk.
Starkey, William, 1620?-1684. / [1675] An apology for the laws ecclesiastical established that command our publick exercise in religion and a serious enquiry whether penalties be reasonably determined against recusancy / by William Starkey ...
Stationers' Company (London, England) / [1621] To the right honourable the house of Commons assembled in Parliament. The humble petition of Thomas Man ...:
Stationers' Company (London, England) / [1643] To the High Court of Parliament: the humble remonstrance of the Company of Stationers, London.:
Stationers' Company (London, England) / [1683] An ordinance ordained, devised, and made by the Master, and Keepers or Wardens, and commonalty of the mystery or art of Stationers of the City of London for the well governing of that society.
Stationers' Company (London, England) / [1678] The orders, rules, and ordinances ordained, devised, and made by the master and keepers or wardens and comminalty of the mystery or art of Stationers of the city of London, for the well governing of that society
Staunford, William, Sir, 1509-1558. / [an. 1567] An exposicion of the kinges prerogatiue collected out of the great abridgement of Iustice Fitzherbert and other olde writers of the lawes of Englande by the right woorshipfull sir William Staunford Knight, lately one of the iustices of the Queenes maiesties court of comon pleas: whereunto is annexed the proces to the same prerogatiue appertaining. 1567.
Staunton, Edmund, 1600-1671. / [1644] Rupes Israelis: = The rock of Israel.: A little part of its glory laid forth in a sermon preached at Margarets in Westminster before the honorable House of Commons, at their monthly fast, Apr. 24. 1644. By Edmund Staunton, D.D. minister at Kingston upon Thames, in the county of Surrey, a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Staunton, Edmund, 1600-1671. / [1645] Phinehas's zeal in execution of judgement. Or, A divine remedy for Englands misery.: A sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords in the Abby of Westminster, at their late solemne monethly fast, October 30. 1644. By Edmund Staunton D.D. pastour of Kingston upon Thames in the countie of Surrey. A member of the Assembly of Divines.
Staveley, Ambrose. / [1655] Judex expurgatorius: or, a short examination of the doctrine of purgatory,: in a sermon upon 1 Pet.3.19. Together with an orthodoxall interpretation of the text. / By Am: Staveley, A.M.
Stawell, John, Sir, 1599-1662. / [Anno Dom. 1653] To the supreme authority the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, his excellency the Lord General Cromwell, and his Councell of Officers: the humble remonstrance of Sir John Stawell, setting forth the reason of his first engaging on the late Kings part, and his deportment therein. His desisting from further action upon the Articles of Exeter. The benefit which he claimes by vertue of the said articles. The meanes by which that benefit hath been retarded. His several tryals, both by indictment at Common Law and in the High Court of Justice, for high treason, murder, and other felonies in relation to actions committed in the late unhappy warre; and his almost seven yeares imprisonment. The sequestration of his estate, and sale of the greatest part thereof. The proceedings and judgement of the Honourable Court of Articles thereupon: and his present state and condition.
Stawell, John, Sir, 1599-1662. / [1653] To the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland the humble petition of Sir John Stawell ...
Staynoe, Thomas, d. 1708. / [MDCXCIX 1699] A sermon preach'd upon St. Matthew's Day, 1699 before the right honourable the Lord Mayor and the right worshipful and worshipful the governors of all the city-hospitals at Christ-Church, London / by Thomas Staynoe.
Staynoe, Thomas, d. 1708. / [1700] Salvation by Jesus Christ alone ... agreeable to the rules of reason and the laws of justice ... : to which is added a short inquiry into the state of those men in a future life who never heard of Jesus Christ ... / by Tho. Staynoe.
Staynred, Philip. / [1669] A compendium of fortification, both geometrically and instrumentally, by a scale the making whereof is shewed by the tables, and their use, both of the tables and the scale, for speedy protracting of any fort consisting of 8 bulwarks, whose bastion-angles shall not exceed 90 degrees, and so the like for bastion-angles of 12 bulwarks / written by Philip Staynred ...
Ste. B. / [1608] Counsel to the husband: to the wife instruction. A short and pithy treatise of seuerall and ioynt duties, belonging vnto man and wife, as counsels to the one, and instructions to the other; for their more perfect happinesse in this present life, and their eternall glorie in the life to come.
Stearne, John, 1660-1745. / [1699] A sermon to bring to remembrance God's wonderful mercies at the Boyn preach'd on the second day of July, 1699 at St. Nicholas within, Dublin: by John Stearne, D.D.
Stearne, John, 1660-1745. / [1691] Seasonable thoughts in Passion-week. By J.S.
Stearne, John, 1660-1745. / [1691] King David's case apply'd to King James and King William: in a sermon preach'd at Christ-Church, Dublin, on the fifth of November, 1691 / by John Stearne ...
Stedman, Fabian, 1631?-1713. / [1677] Campanalogia, or, The art of ringing improved
Stedman, Rowland, 1630?-1673. / [1660] Sober singularity, or, An antidote against infection by the example of a multitude being practical meditations on Exod. 23, vers. 2 : wherein is opened the influence of the practise of a multitude, to draw men to sin, the special cases, wherein it concerns us to be most cautious, reasons why we must not follow them, together with the application of the whole : and therein, besides the general improvement of the point, an instance given of nineteen practises of the multitude to be avoided, seven of their grand principles to be rejècted [sic] : sundry particulars concerning peace and unity, and the sanctification of the Lords Day, useful for these times / by R. Stedman ...
Stedman, Rowland, 1630?-1673. / [1668] The mystical union of believers with Christ, or, A treatise wherein that great mystery and priviledge of the saints union with the Son of God is opened in the nature, properties, and necessity of it, the way how it is wrought, and the principal Scripture-similitudes whereby it is illustrated, together with a practical application of the whole / by Rowland Stedman ...
Steed, Robert, of Dartmouth. / [1658] A plain discovery of the unrighteous judge and false accuser: wherein is soberly ... brought to light ... the spirit of that pamphlet, intituled, The leper cleansed ... by Richard Ballamy ... as also, a clear vindication of ... Anabaptists ... / by Robert Steed and Abraham Cheare ...
Steel, Laurence, d. 1684. / [1677] Jacob, the plain man, wrestling with God until the break of the day and prevailing in the light thereof for perfect victory and dominign [sic] over Esau, the rough and cunning man ... / [by] Laurence Steel.
Steele, Richard, 1629-1692. / [1684] The trades-man's calling being a discourse concerning the nature, necessity, choice, &c. of a calling in general : and directions for the right managing of the tradesman's calling in particular / by Richard Steele ...
Steele, Richard, Sir, 1672-1729. / [1695] The procession a poem on Her Majesties funeral / by a gentleman of the army.
Steele, William, d. 1680. / [1653. i.e. 1654] Mr. Recorders speech to the Lord Protector upon VVednesday the eighth of Febru. 1653.: Being the day of His Highnesse entertainment in London.
Steele, William, d. 1680. / [1649] Duke Hamilton Earl of Cambridge his case,: spoken to, and argued on the behalf of the Commonwealth, before the High Court of Justice. By Mr. Steel of Grays-Inn.
Steere, Richard, 1643-1721. / [anno 1684] A monumental memorial of marine mercy being an acknowledgement of an high hand of Divine deliverance on the deep in the time of distress, in a late voyage from Boston in New-England to London, anno 1683. : In a poem. / By Richard Steere. ; To which is added another occasioned by several remarkable passages happening at the birth of a male child on board the same ship in her voyage returning 1684. By the same author then a passenger.
Steere, Richard, 1643-1721. / [1682] The history of the Babylonish cabal, or, The intrigues, progression, opposition, defeat, and destruction of the Daniel-Catchers in a poem / by Richard Steere.
Steevens, Thomas. / [1689] A miscellany of poems upon several occassions, both moral and amorous with many odes, songs, acrosticks, epigrams, and elegies, as also divine hymns / composed by T.S.
Steinhöwel, Heinrich, 1412-1482? / [In the yere of our lorde. M.v. and.x. 1510] Kynge Appolyn of Thyre.
Stella, Johannes. / [1637] A bevvayling of the peace of Germany. Or, A discourse touching the Peace of Prague, no lesse unhappily than unjustly concluded at Prague in Bohemia, the 30. of May, 1635. Wherein the subtilties and practises of the Austrians, the weakenesse of the Saxons, the dangers of the protestants, and the justnesse of the warre, deservedly set on foot by the French and Swedes, are most evidently declared. Written in Latine by Iustus Asterius, otherwise Stella, a Germane, now one of the advocates in the Court of Parliament of Paris, and historiographer to the French King. Faithfully translated out of the Latine copie. Whereunto is prefixed a briefe summarie of the treaty of peace concluded at Prague, as aforesaid, &c. Published by authority.
Stennett, Edward, d. 1690? / [Printed in the year 1658] The royal law contended for, or, Some brief grounds serving to prove that the Ten Commandments are yet in full force, and shall so remain till heaven and earth pass away.: Also the seventh day Sabbath, proved from the beginning, from the law, from the prophets, from Christ, from his apostles, to be a duty yet incumbent upon saints and sinners. / By a lover of peace with truth Edward Stennet.
Stephens, D. / [MDCLXXXXVIII 1698] A New-Year-gift, or, The youth's instructor through the wilderness of this world, to the mansions of eternal glory. With a most pious and religious catechism, fitting for the capacities of young children; with several morning and evening prayers : and prayers before and after the receiving the Holy Communion. : With graces before and after meat. : To which is added the life of Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson. : Recommended as useful and very necessary for the use of children, / by D. Stephens. ; Printed according to order.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700] To the knights, gentlemen and free-holders and commons of England, Edward Stephens wisheth prudence, piety, peace and happiness.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1697] Tracts theological. I. Asceticks, or, the heroick piety and vertue of the ancient Christian anchorets and coenobites. II. The life of St. Antony out of the Greek of Sr. Athanasius. III. The antiquity and tradition of mystical divinity among the Gentiles. IV. Of the guidance of the spirit of God, upon a discourse of Sir Matthew Hale's concerning it. V. An invitation to the Quakers, to rectifie some errors, which through the scandals given they have fallen into.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700?] Thoughts about promoting the interest of Christ's universal church.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1699?] To Sir Richard Cocks.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1697?] The shame and humiliation of the Quakers in a remarkable judgment of [...]tuation, already begun upon some of [...]stinate ministers of their second days meeting. With a fair warning and kind admonition to the rest, who are sincere, and desire to escape the snare of deceit, to beware of them. 1. A brief account of the beginning and progress of the difference between George Keith and the other Quakers, and of their meeting at Turners-Hall, April 29, 1697.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1697] Theologica mystica: two discourses concerning divine communications to souls duly disposed ...
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700?] The second service, or Office of the faithful enlarged, according to ancient forms. For a private use.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700?] The second part of the apology of Socrates Christianus, or, A plain declaration of the authority by which he acts: freely offered to the consideration of all serious, considerate, and unprejudiced Christians.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700?] A seasonable and necessary admonition to the gentlemen of the First Society, for Reformation of Manners. Concerning reformation of themselves, of the Bishops, and of the House of Commons.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [Printed in the year, 1689] Reflections upon the occurrences of the last year from 5 Nov. 1688 to 5 Nov. 1689.: Wherein, the happy progress of the late Revolution, and the unhappy progress of affairs since, are considered; the original of the latter discovered, and the proper means for remedy proposed and recommended.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1695] Positions concerning the differences between the true English liturgy and the deformed disordered Cranmerian changeling, by which it was supplanted.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1695] Phinehas, or, The common duty of all men, and the special duty of magistrates, to be zealous and active in the execution of laws against scandalous sins and debauchery: and of that in particular, against prophane cursing and swearing.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1692?] A letter to the author of the Vindication of the deprived bishops, in reply to his reasons for the validity of the lay-deprivation of the bishops by the statute of 1 Eliz. c. 1.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700 1704] Letters and papers concerning some matters in the last Parliament relating to the commou [sic] rights of all the Commnns [sic] of England, fit to be considered in the next, and by all the said Commons in the mean time.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [after 1695] A letter to a lady concerning the due improvement of her advantages of celibacie, portion, and maturity of age and judgment : which may serve indifferently for men under the same circumstances.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1697] A kind invitation to the people called Quakers, to the due consideration of some important truths in a letter and twenty questions, sent long since to their second-days meeting, and now to them all. To both which, an answer from their present yearly meeting, 1697. is desired.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700?] An expedient to extricate one's self out of the guilt of schism, and enter effectually into a virtual catholick communion, without participation in any corruptions, notwithstanding any unreasonable terms of communion, which might otherwise keep him out. In a letter to a friend.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1702?] The justice of our cause in the present war, in respect of what is peculiar to the English, in matter of civil right.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [Printed in the year, 1690] Considerations for competitors and electors of representatives in Parliament With special considerations for electors of representatives for the next Parliament. By the author of the Reflections.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1696?] The Cranmerian liturgy, or, The subtilty of the serpent in corrupting the true English liturgy, by Cranmer and a faction of Calvinists.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700?] [A compleat and unexceptionable form of liturgy]
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1700] The apology of Socrates Christianus, or, A brief and plain narrative of his honest endeavours for the service of his country and of the dishonest practices, which have been used to suppress them, and oppress him, with false reports and calumnies : in a letter to a very worthy and generous friend.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1689] An admonition to the magistrates of England upon our new settlement
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706 / [1696] The more excellent way; or, A proposal of a compleat work of charity.
Stephens, Edward, fl. 1640-1660. / [Printed in the yeere 1649] A letter of advice, from a secluded Member of the House of Commons, to his Excellency, Thomas Lord Fairfax,: to admonish him of the Kings danger, his own duty, and the sad consequence of oppression and tyranny. All whose extremes are onely to be avoided by His Majesties safety, and the defence of his royall person and honor. / Delivered on Saturday Decemb. 30.
Stephens, Nathaniel, 1606?-1678. / [1658] Vindiciæ fundamenti: or A threefold defence of the doctrine of original sin:: together with some other fundamentals of salvation the first against the exceptions of Mr. Robert Everard in his book entituled, The creation and the fall of man. The second against the examiners of the late assemblies confession of faith. The third against the allegations of Dr. Jeremy Taylor, in his Unum necessarium, and two letter treatises of his. By Nathaniel Stephens minister of Fenny-Drayton in Leicestershire.
Stephens, Nathaniel, 1606?-1678. / [1651] A precept for the baptisme of infants out of the New Testament.: Where the matter is first proved from three severall scriptures, that there is such a word of command. Secondly it is vindicated, as from the exceptions of the separation, so in special from the cavils of Mr. Robert Everard in a late treatise of his intituled Baby-Baptisme routed. / By Nathaniel Stephens minister of the Gospel and Fennie-Drayton in Leicester-Shire.
Stephens, Philemon. / [1661] A true relation of the ceremonies at the creating of the Knights of the Honourable Order of the Bath, the 18. & 19., April, 1661 with a perfect list of their names in the same order as they were knighted by His Majesty.
Stephens, Thomas, fl. 1648-1677. / [1660] Logoi Ōraioi. Three seasonable sermons the first preach't at St. Mary's in Cambridge, May 31. 1642.: The others designed for publick auditories, but prevented. / By Tho. Stephens, M.A.
Stephens, William, d. 1718. / [1696] A thanksgiving sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen, sheriffs, and companies of the city of London at St. Mary-le-bow, April 16, 1696, upon occassion of His Majesty's deliverence from a villanous assassination in order to a French invasion by William Stephens ...
Stephens, William, d. 1718. / [1700] A sermon preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons, January 30, 1699/1700: being an anniversary sermon for the day / by William Stephens, B.D. Rector of Sutton in Surry. ; Corrected by the author.
Stephens, William, d. 1718. / [1694] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and Aldermen of the City of London at St. Mary-Le-Bow, Jan. 30th, 1693/4 by William Stephens ...
Stephens, William, d. 1718. / [1699] A letter to His Most Excellent Majesty King William III shewing, I, the original foundation of the English monarchy, II, the means by which it was remov'd from that foundation, III, the expedients by which it has been supported since that removal, IV, its present constitution, as to all its integral parts, V, the best means by which its grandeur may be for ever maintain'd.
Stephens, William, d. 1718. / [1696] An account of the growth of deism in England
Stepney, George, 1663-1707. / [1695] A poem dedicated to the blessed memory of Her late gracious Majesty Queen Mary: By Mr. Stepney.
Sterne, Richard, 1596?-1683. / [1649] A brief commentary upon the CIII Psalme with the severall axiomes or doctrines therein conteined [sic], and uses thereupon inferred.
Sternhold, Thomas, d. 1549. / [1614] The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter by T. Sternhold, I. Hopk. and others, conferred with the Hebrew, with apt notes to sing them withall ; set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of al the people togither before and after morning and euening prayer, as also before & after sermons, and moreouer in priuate houses, for their godly solace & comfort, laying apart al vngodly songs and ballads, which tend only to the norishing of vice, and corrupting of youth.
Sternhold, Thomas, d. 1549. / [1668] The Whole book of Psalms: collected into English metre, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others. ; Set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of all the people together, before and after morning and evening prayer; and also before and after sermons; and moreover in private houses for godly solace and comfort: laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads; which tend only to the nourishing of vice, and corrupting of youth.
Sternhold, Thomas, d. 1549. / [1666] The whole book of Psalms collected into English metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others ; conferred with the Hebrew ; set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches ...
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672. / [1660] The true way of uniting the people of God in these nations·: Opened in a sermon preached in the chappel at White-Hall, Jan. 1. 1659. By Peter Sterry.
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672. / [1645] The spirits conviction of sinne.: Opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament upon the solemne day of their monethly fast, Novemb. 26, 1645. / By Peter Sterry, sometimes fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge. And now preacher of the Gospel in London. Published by order of the House of Commons.
Sterry, Thomas. / [1646] Pantalogia.: The saints abundance opened. / By Thomas Sterry preacher of the gospel. Published at the earnest intreaty of some friends. Imprimatur John Downame.
Steuart, Adam. / [1645] Zerubbabel to Sanballat and Tobiah: or, The first part of the duply to M.S. alias Two brethren.: By Adam Steuart. Whereunto is added, the judgement of the reformed churches of France, Switzerland, Geneva, &c. concerning independants, who condemne them with an unanimous consent. Published by David Steuart. March 17. 1644. Imprimatur Ja: Cranford.
Steuart, Adam. / [1644] The second part of the duply to M.S. alias Two brethren.: Wherein are maintained the Kings, Parliaments, and all civil magistrates authority about the Church. Subordination of ecclesiasticall judicatories. Refuted the independency of particular congregations. Licentiousnesse of wicked conscience, and toleration of all sorts of most detestable schismes, heresies and religions; as, idolatry, paganisme, turcisme, Judaisme, Arrianisme, Brownisme, anabaptisme, &c. which M.S. maintain in their book. With a brief epitome and refutation of all the whole independent-government. Most humbly submitted to the Kings most excellent Majestie. To the most Honorable Houses of Parliament. The most Reverend and learned Divines of the Assembly. And all the Protestant churches in this island and abroad. By Adam Steuart. Octob. 3. 1644. Imprimatur Ja: Cranford.
Steuart, Adam. / [1643] Some observations and annotations upon the Apologeticall narration, humbly submitted to the Honourable Houses of Parliament;: the most reverend and learned Divines of the Assembly, and all the Protestant Churches here in this island, and abroad.
Steuart, Adam. / [1644] An Ansvver to a libell intituled, A coole conference betweene the cleered Reformation and the apologeticall narration;: brought together by a wel-willer to both; wherein are cleerely refuted what ever he bringeth against the Reformation cleared, most humbly submitted to the judgement of the honourable Houses of Parliament, the most learned and reverend divines of the assembly, and all the reformed churches. By Adam Steuart.
Stevens, Joseph. / [1696] A narrative of the extraordinary penitence of Rob. Maynard who was condemned for the murder of John Stockton ... and executed at Tyburn, May the 4th : together with the several conferences held with him in Newgate : as also a copy of the papers which he left to be published after his death / by Joseph Stevens.
Stevens, Joseph. / [1697] The whole parable of Dives and Lazarus explain'd and apply'd being several sermons preached in Cripplegate and Lothbury churches / by Joseph Stevens ...
Stevens, Joseph. / [1699] The last sermon of Mr. Joseph Stephens late lecturer of St. Giles's Cripplegate, St. Margaret's Loth-bury, and St. Michael's Woodstreet. Together with I. A sermon compos'd by him a little before his death, (but never preach'd, being prevented by his last sickness.) II. A sermon concerning the hopes of the righteous at death. III. A sermon of Jam. IV. verse 17th; Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doth it not, to him it is sin. Lately preachd at the said lectures. All publish'd from his own manuscript copies, fairly written out for the press by himself.
Stevens, Joseph, fl. 1700. / [1700] A golden chain of four links to draw poor souls to their desired habitation or, The four last things briefly discoursed of, viz. Death, which is most certain, judgment, which is most strict, hell, which is most dismal; heaven, which is most delightfull. To which is added wholsome instructions both to young and old, in order to prepare themselves for their latter end, and avoid all sinful allurements, which usually obstructs that great and necessary work of salvation. With some necessary directions to die well, in order to avoid hell, and obtain heaven. / By Mr. J. Stevens.
Stevin, Simon, 1548-1620. / [1608] Disme: the art of tenths, or decimall arithmetike teaching how to perform all computations whatsoeuer, by whole numbers without fractions, by the foure principles of common arithmeticke: namely addition, subtraction, multiplication, and diuision. Inuented by the excellent mathematician, Simon Steuin. Published in English with wholesome additions by Robert Norton, Gent.
Steward, Jacques. / [M.DC.LXXXVIII. 1688] Extrait de lettres ecrites en divers temps par le Sieur Steward a un correspondant, dont il parle dans la lettre, dattee d'Edimbourg le 8. de Maie 1688. Traduits de l'anglois et du flamand.
Steward, James, Sir, 1635-1715. / [1695] Reasons humbly offered to his Grace, his Majesty's High Commissioner, and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament. By his Majesties advocat, for his Highness interest: and by Sir George Campbell of Cesnock, Sheriff of Airshire, why the act and petition presented by the Earl of Cassils, as to the Bailiry of Carrick, ought not to pass.
Steward, Simeon, Sir. / [Printed in the year, MDCXCI. 1691] Mormonostolismos, sive Lamiarum vestitus A poem on the King and Queen of Fairy. Translated into Latine, by Mr. Walter Dennestone.
Stewart, A. / [1681] Men and brethren, it's like the most part of you come here to gaze and wonder ...
Stewart, William, Captain. / [July 11, 1644] A full relation of the late victory obtained (through Gods providence) by the forces under the command of Generall Lesley, the Lord Fairfax, and the Earl of Manchester;: being about twenty seven thousand horse and foot. Against His Majesties forces under the command of Prince Rupert and the Earl of Newcastle, being much about the same number. Fought on Marstam-Moor, within 5. miles of York, on the second of July, 1644. With a relation of Prince Ruperts march towards Lancashire, and of the forces sent in pursuit after him; as also of the E of Newcastle and Gen: Kings taking ship for Holland. With the weak condition that York is now in, having quit their great Fort, there not being 500. Souldiers in the town besides citizens. Together with a list of the cornets and ensignes, with their severall Motto's. Sent by the three Generals to the Parliament, by Captain Stewart. Published by authority.
Stewart, William, Sir, d. 1647? / [Jan. 27. 1643] Speciall good news from Ireland,: being a true relation of a late and great victory obtained against the rebels in the north of Ireland: by that pious, prudent, and couragious commander, Sir VVill: Stewart, col. The truth whereof being confirmed by three severall letters directed to Mr. Abraham Pont, soliciter for the said Sir William in London.
Stiff, Mary. / [1650] The good vvomens cryes against the excise of all their commodities. Shewing, as the businesse now stands, they are in no case able to bear such heavy pressures, and insupportable burthens, occasioned by the iuncto's new impost on their wares, whereby they are like to fall into great want of trading, and putting off their commodities at the prizes formerly, to the utter undoing of their deare husbands and families for ever. Therefore having a fellow-feeling of one anothers lamentable and languishing cases, (notwithstanding any act to the contrary) have put forwards themselves to seeke redresse of their aggrievances, and inabilities of their over-burthened husbands insufficiencies, and unsatisfying performances in their severall occupations; have convened together in a feminine convention in Doe-little-lane, and tendred their aggrievances and complaints to the consideration of the Common-wealth; desiring speedy redresse therein. / Written by Mary Stiff, Chair-woman, in vineger verse.
Stile, Christopher. / [1588] Psalmes of inuocation vpon God to preserue her Maiestie and the people of this lande, from the power of our enemies. Collected and gathered togither, by Christopher Stile.
Stileman, John, d. 1685. / [1662] A peace-offering an earnest and passionate intreaty, for peace, unity, & obedience ...
Stileman, John, d. 1685. / [1663] Kalåos proeståotes, or, A view of church-government wherein the proper church-governors are demonstrated, their office, duty, work and employment ... is declared ... : in a sermon preached at West-Malling ... Septemb. 16, 1662 / by John Stileman ...
Stileman, John, d. 1685. / [1662] A discourse of the nature and obligation of oaths wherein, satisfaction is tendered touching the non-obligation and unlawfulness of the oath called, the Solemn League and Covenant : the acknowledgement whereof, is required of us by a late act of Parliament, intituled, An act for uniformity : published as an appendix to the Peace-offering / by the same author.
Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. / [1700?] Reformation of manners, the true way of honouring God with the necessity of putting the laws in execution against vice and profaneness : in a sermon preach'd at White-hall / by ... Edward Stillingfleet ...
Stillingfleet, John, 1630 or 1-1687. / [1663] Shecinah, or, A demonstration of the divine presence in the places of religious worship being an essay, tending to promote piety, prevent apostacy, and to reduce grosly deluded souls, first to their right wits, then to the right waies, of Gods publick instituted worship / by John Stillingfleete ...
Stinnet, William. / [1616] An hundred heauenly thoughts. And resolutions, tending to draw the minde from euill to good. Written by W. S. preacher of Gods worde in S. Iohns of Mathermarket in Norwich.
Stint, Thomas. / [1621] An exposition vpon the CXII. Psalme. The high way to euerlasting blessednesse. Written for the benefit of Gods church, by T.S.
Stint, Thomas. / [1621] An exposition on the CXXIIII. CXXV. CXXVI. Psalmes, called the Psalmes of degrees: or, the churches deliuerance. Plainely set forth for the benefit of Gods church, by T.S. Seene, and allowed.
Stinton, George, b. 1599 or 1600. / [Anno Domini 1637] A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of Worcester vpon Sunday morning, Nouemb. 27. 1636. In the time of pestilence in other places of this land, and now published in the time of the visitation of that citie, with that grevious sicknesse, and by reason of it. By Geo. Stinton.
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1624] An encouragement to colonies· by Sir VVilliam Alexander, Knight
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1637] Recreations vvith the Muses. By William Earle of Sterline.
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1607] The monarchicke tragedies Crœsus, Darius, The Alexandræan, Iulius Cæsar. Newly enlarged by William Alexander, Gentleman of the Princes priuie chamber.
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1604] A paraenesis to the Prince by VVilliam Alexander of Menstrie.
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1613] An elegie on the death of Prince Henrie. By Sr William Alexander of Menstrie, gentleman of his Priuie Chamber:
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1625.] An encouragement to colonies. By Sir William Alexander, knight..
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [Annodom sic 1614] Doomes-Day, or, the great day of the Lords iudgement. By Sr. William Alexander Knight.
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1604] Aurora Containing the first fancies of the authors youth, VVilliam Alexander of Menstrie.
Stirredge, Elizabeth, 1634-1706. / [1683] A salutation of my endeared love in God's holy fear and dread, and for the clearing of my conscience, once more unto you of that city of Bristol ...
Stirrup, Thomas. / [1659 i.e.1658] Horometria: or The compleat diallist. Wherein the whole mystery of the art of dialling is plainly taught three several wayes; two of which are performed geometrically by rule and compass onely: and the third instrumentally, by a quadrant fitted for that purpose. With the working of such propositions of the sphere, as are most usefull in astronomy and navigation ... By Thomas Stirrup, philomath. Whereunto is added an appendix, shewing how the parallels of declination; the Jewish, Babylonish, & Italian houres; the azimuths, almicanters, &c. may be easily inscribed on any dial whatsoever, by rule and compasse onely. And to draw a diall on the seeling of a room, by W. Leybourn. Also, Dialling Vniversal, performed by an easie and most speedy way, ... by certain scales set on a small portable ruler, by G.S. practitioner in the mathematicks.
Stirrup, Thomas. / [1652] Horometria: or the compleat diallist:: wherein the whole mystery of the art of dialling is plainly taught three several wayes; two of which are performed geometrically by rule and compasse onely: and the third instrumentally, by a quadrant fitted for that purpose. With the working of such propositions of the sphere, as are most usefull in astronomie and navigation, both geometrically and instrumentally. / By Thomas Stirrup, philomath. Whereunto is added an appendix, shewing now the parallels of declination; the Jewish, Babylonish, and Italian houres; the azimuths, almicanters, &c. may be easily inscribed on any diall whatsoever, by rule and compasse onely. Also how to draw a diall on the seeling of a room, by W.L.
Stirrup, Thomas. / [1655] The description and use of the universall quadrat.: By which is performed, with great expedition, the whole doctrine of triangles, both plain and sphericall, two severall wayes with ease and exactness. Also the resolution of such propositions as are most usefull in astronomie, navigation, and dialling. By which is also performed the proportioning of lines and superficies: the measuring of all manner of land, board, glasse; timber, stone. &c. / By Thomas Stirrup, Philomathemat.
Stirrup, Thomas. / [1651] The artificers plain scale, or, The carpenters new rule: in two parts ... : also, how to take heights and distances severall wayes, and to draw the plot of a town or city / by Thomas Stirrup, Philomat.
Stirry, Thomas. / [MDCXLI. 1641] A rot amongst the bishops,: or, A terrible tempest in the Sea of Canterbury, set forth in lively emblems to please the judicious reader: / by Tho: Stirry.
Stoakes, John. / [1652] A great victory obtained by the English against the Dutch, and the pursuing of the Dutch fleets, by General Blake and Sir George Ayscue, with one hundred and eight Men of War, towards the Downs, and their resolution to engage them between Dover and Calice. The manner how Sir George Ascue (with great policy) obtained the wind: the number sunk and taken; and two gallant ships surprized by Captain Stoaks, laden with gold, and elephants teeth. Also, the number of ships coming up the river of Thames for London; richly laden from the East-Indies, the Straights, Virginia, and the Barbadoes. Die Septembr. 27. 1652. / Extracted out of the original papers, sent from Capt. Stoakes, to the honorable Councel of State, on Sunday last, Sep. 26.
Stocall, James. / [1652] Freedome. Or, The description of the excellent civill government of the island of Jersey published by James Stocall Esq; Collonel of a regiment of the trained bands of the said island, consisting of 1500 men. Under the government of the honorable Colonel Heane governour thereof, for the service of the Commonwealth of England.
Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626. / [1641] A stock of divine knowledge, being a lively description of the divine nature, or, The divine essence, attributes, and Trinity particularly explaned [sic] and profitably applied the first, shewing us what God is : the second, what we ought to be / by the late learned and laborious preacher, and worthy instrument of Gods glory, Richard Stock ...
Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626. / [1609] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the second of Nouember. 1606. By Richard Stocke, preacher of Al-hallowes, Bread-streete, London.
Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626. / [1641] A learned and very usefull commentary upon the whole prophesie of Malachy,: by that late Reverend, Godly and Learned Divine, Mr. Richard Stock, sometime Rector of Alhallowes Breadstreet, London, and now according to the originall copy left by him, published for the common good. Whereunto is added, An exercitation vpon the same prophesie of Malachy / by Samuel Torshell.
Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626. / [1641] A learned and very usefull commentary upon the whole prophesie of Malachy by ... Mr. Richard Stock ... ; whereunto is added, An exercitation upon the same prophesie of Malachy, by Samuel Torshell.
Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626. / [1610] The doctrine and vse of repentance necessarie to be practised and vsed of all who looke to sing the song of Moses, and the song of the lambe beyond the glassie sea: Reuel.15.23. Preached in sundrie sermons in the parish church of Alhallowes Bredstreete in London: by Rich. Stock.
Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626. / [1614] The churches lamentation for the losse of the godly deliuered in a sermon, at the funerals of that truly noble, and most hopefull young gentleman, Iohn Lord Harington, Baron of Exton, Knight of the noble order of the Bath, and his Maiesties lieutenaunt of the county of Rutland, at Exton in Rutland, the last day of March 1614. Together with a patterne of piety, and the power of godlinesse expressed in his life and death, who yeelded to nature the 27. of February, 1613. when he wanted two moneths of 22 yeeres of his age. By Richard Stock, pastor of Alhallowes-Breadstreet in London.
Stockdale, William, d. 1693. / [1659] The doctrines and principles: the persecution, imprisonment, banishment, excommunicating of the saints of God, by the priests and magistrates of Scotland, contrary to the doctrine of Christ and the Apostles ...
Stockden, John. / [1642] The seven women confessors, or A discovery of the seuen white divels which liued at Queen-Street in Coven-Garden. Viz. Katherine Wels, Susan Baker, Anne Parker, Katherine Smith, Elinor Hall, Mary Iones, Dorathy Marsh. Whose articles are herein declared, and their mad pranks presented to the view of the world. Discovered by Iohn Stockden a yeoman. Jan. 22. 1641.
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [1682] A warning to drunkards delivered in several sermons to a congregation in Colchester, upon the occasion of a sad providence towards a young man dying in the act of drunkenness / by ... Owen Stockton ...
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [MDCLXXII 1672] A treatise of family instruction wherein it is proved to be the duty of parents and masters of families to train up their children and servants in knowledge of the Scriptures : with directions how this work may be done ... / by Owen Stockton ...
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [MDCLXXII 1672] A scriptural catechism useful for all sorts of persons, both sure as desired to teach their families and such as desire to learn the principles of the Christian religion out of the Holy Scriptures / by Owen Stockton ...
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [1667] Counsel to the afflicted, or, Instruction and consolation for such as have suffered loss by fire with advice to such as have escaped that sore judgement contained in the resolution of three questions occasioned by the dreadful fire in the city of London in the year 1666 ... : in the discussing of which questions are handled several profitable cases of conscience concerning self-murder, preparing for afflictions, taking up our rest in God &c. which are inserted in the contents / by O.S.
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [1675] A rebuke to the informers with a plea for the ministers of the Gospel, called nonconformists, and their meetings and advice to those to whom these informers address themselves for assistance in their undertakings.
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [1681] Consolation in life and death wherein is shewed that interest in Christ is a ground of comfort ... begun in a funeral sermon occasioned by the death of Mrs. Ellen Asty, and since much enlarged : together with the life of the said Mrs. Ellen Asty / by Owen Stockton ...
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. / [1682] The best interest, or, A treatise of a saving interest in Christ wherein is shewn how a man may know that he hath a saving interst in Christ, how they that have not yet an interest in Christ may get a saving interest in him ... with several other practical cases / by Owen Stockton ...
Stockwood, John, d. 1610. / [1578] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse on Barthelmew day, being the 24. of August. 1578. Wherin, besides many other profitable matters meete for all Christians to follovv, is at large prooued, that it is the part of all those that are fathers, householders, and scholemaisters, to instruct all those vnder their gouernement, in the vvord and knovvledge of the Lorde. By Iohn Stockvvood scholemaister of Tunbridge.
Stockwood, John, d. 1610. / [1590] A plaine and easie laying open of the meaning and vnderstanding of the rules of construction in the English accidence appointed by authoritie to be taught in all schooles of hir Maiesties dominions, for the great vse and benefite of yoong beginners: by Iohn Stockwood sometime schoolmaster of Tunbridge.
Stockwood, John, d. 1610. / [1589] A Bartholmew fairing for parentes to bestow vpon their sonnes and daughters, and for one friend to giue vnto another: shevving that children are not to marie, without the consent of their parentes, in whose povver and choise it lieth to prouide wiues and husbandes for their sonnes and daughters. Wherin is sufficiently prooued, what in this point is the office of the fathers and in like maner declared the part and duty of all obedient children. By Iohn Stockvvood, minister and preacher of Tunbridge.
Stoddard, Solomon, 1643-1729. / [1698] The tryal of assurance set forth in a sermon preached at Boston upon a lecture day July 7th. 1698 / by Solomon Stoddard ...
Stoddard, Solomon, 1643-1729. / [1687] The safety of appearing at the day of judgement, in the righteousness of Christ: opened and applied. By Solomon Stoddard ...
Stoddard, Solomon, 1643-1729. / [1700] The doctrine of instituted churches explained and proved from the word of God by Solomon Stoddard ...
Stoddon, Samuel. / [1694] Poimnåe phylakion, The pastors charge and the peoples duty a sermon (for the most part) preached at the Assembly of ministers at Exon, June 7, 1693 / by Samuel Stoddon.
Stoddon, Samuel. / [1668] The voice of the rod, or, God's controversie pleaded with man being a plain and brief discourse on Mich. 6, 9 / by Samuel Stodden.
Stoddon, Samuel. / [1682] An essay on a question relating to divine worship viz. whether it be contrary to the apostolical laws of decency and reverence for a man to have his head covered in the time and place of Gods solemn publick worship? : aff. / by Samuel Stoddon ...
Stoddon, Samuel. / [1700] A letter to Mr. Robert Burscough, in answer to his Discourse of schism, in which ...
Stokes, Apjohn. / [1698] To the honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses, in Parliament, assembled. The humble petition of Abjohn Stokes, Esq.
Stokes, David, 1591?-1669. / [1667] Two ancient patternes of true goodnesse and charity one of Job in the midst of his honovr & wealth, the other of the widow of Sarepta in the extremity of her povertie : both now published together, as fit to be followed in these necessitous times, and both dedicated to the living patterne of true goodnesse and charitie, Gilbert Ld Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate and Metropolitan of all England, &c. / by David Stokes ...
Stokes, David, 1591?-1669. / [Anno Dom. 1667] A sermon upon Job 29, 15 preached before the judges at a general assise in Hertford when that good and charitable person Rowland Hales, Esquire, was high-sheriff of that shire / by David Stokes.
Stokes, David, 1591?-1669. / [1667] A sermon upon I Kings 17, 15, of the widow of Sarepta preached at Eaton Coll. Octob. 10, 1666 : being a solemne fast in consideration of the dreadfull fire in the citie of London / by David Stokes ...
Stokes, David, 1591?-1669. / [1646] A paraphrasticall explication of the prophecie of Habakkuk,: which is a prophecie that may supply us with fit matter of meditation for these times.
Stokes, William, fl. 1641. / [1641] The vaulting master: or the art of vaulting: Reduced to a method, comprized under certaine rules, illustrated by examples, and now primarily set forth, by Will. Stokes.
Stone, John, d. 1640. / [MDCXCV 1695] The reading upon the statute of the thirteenth of Elizabeth, chapter VII. touching bankrupts, learnedly and amply expained,: by John Stone of Gray's Inn, esquire.
Stone, Samuel, 1602-1663. / [M.DC.LXII. 1662] A sermon against rebellion shewing deceivers to be deceived in their wicked mistakes. Preached at St. Paul's, October 20th 1661. By Sam. Stone, M.A.
Stone, William, preacher of Gods word. / [1623] A curse become a blessing: or, A sermon preached in the parish church of S. John the Baptist, in the Ile of Thannet, in the country of Kent, at the funerall of that vertuous and worthy gentleman Mr. Paul Cleybrooke Esquire. By William Stone preacher of Gods word: on Tuesday, September 17. 1622.
Stoneham, Mathew. / [1608] Two sermons of direction for iudges and magistrates. By Mathew Stoneham, minister and preacher in the citie of Norwich.
Stoneham, Mathew. / [1610] A treatise on the First Psalme. By Mathew Stonham. Minister and preacher in the cittie of Norwich.
Stonham, Benjamin. / [1676] Saul and David compared together, or, David's picture fully drawn, or, The description of a man after God's own heart, such a one as David was being the summe and substance of what is in the Scriptures witnessed concerning David ... / by Benjamin Stonham ...
Stonham, Benjamin. / [M.DC.LXXVI 1676] The parable of the ten virgin's opened, or, Christ's coming as a bridegroom cleared up and improved from Matthew XXV, ver. 1,2,3 &c. / by Benjamin Stonham.
Stooke, Francis. / [1698] Concerning the remissness of the magistrate: a sermon preached in the parish-church of Bovey-Tracy, last Easter day in the afternoon / by Francis Stooke, M.A., and vicar thereof.
Stooks, Richard, fl. 1651-1652. / [1650] A second champion, or, Companion to truth: Wherein is shewed these particulars, or tenets. 1 Of miracles. 2 The reasons wherefore so few imbrace the gospell. 3 Of the first covenant, and the second covenant. 4 Of the father and the son. 5 Of Heaven. 6 Of Hell. 7 Of Glory. 8 Of faith. 9 Of the resurrection, and the eternall judgement. 10 Of visible worship. 11 A postscript. By Richard Stookes preacher of the Gospell:
Stopford, Joshua, 1636-1675. / [1672] The wayes and methods of Romes advancement, or, Whereby the Pope and his agents have endeavoured to propagate their doctrines discovered in two sermons preached on 5 Novem. 1671 / by Joshua Stopford ...
Stopford, Joshua, 1636-1675. / [1675] Pagano-papismvs, or, An exact parallel between Rome-pagan, and Rome-Christian, in their doctrines and ceremonies by Joshua Stopford ...
Stopford, Joshua, 1636-1675. / [Printed in the year 1675] A letter sent to a friend containing some reflections upon a late book intituled, The Roman church vindicated, and M.S. convicted of a false witnesse against her. Wherein is declar'd, that the Pope may excommunicate and depose Kings according to the judgement of their greatest doctors, decrees and practices of several Popes, and Canons of their most approved councils; and the author convicted of most notorious falsities, &c. By J.S. B.D.
Stoppa, Giovanni Battista. / [1655] A collection, or narative, sent to His Highness, the Lord Protector of the Common-Wealth of England, Scotland, & Ireland, &c. concerning the bloody and barbarous massacres, murthers, and other cruelties, committed on many thousands of Reformed, or Protestants dwelling in the vallies of Piedmont, by the Duke of Savoy's forces, joyned therein with the French Army, and severall Irish regiments.
Story, George Warter, d. 1721. / [MDCXCI 1691] A true and impartial history of the most material occurrences in the kingdom of Ireland during the two last years with the present state of both armies : published to prevent mistakes, and to give the world a prospect of the future success of Their Majesties arms in that nation / written by an eye-witness to the most remarkable passages.
Story, George Warter, d. 1721. / [MDCXCIII 1693] A continuation of the impartial history of the wars of Ireland from the time that Duke Schonberg landed with an army in that Kingdom, to the 23d of March, 1691/2, when Their Majesties proclamation was published, declaring the war to be ended : illustrated with copper sculptures describing the most important places of action : together with some remarks upon the present state of that kingdom / by George Story ...
Story, John, d. 1681. / [1664] A short discovery of certain truths of God according as they are revealed through the manifestation of the eternal light of the Son of righteousnesse, which are, a reply against two things in an epistle, and, an answer to certain queries contained in a book, intituled Christian queries, to quaking Christians, subscribed by one J.B. : also queries propounded, to be answered by the authour of the same book, or any other / by John Story.
Story, John, d. 1681. / [1660] Babilons defence broken down and one of Antichrists warriours defeated in an answer to a scandalous pamphlet intituled, The Quaker-Jesuit, or, Popery in Quakerisme : put forth by one William Brownsword ... in which the doctrines of the Quakers ... are more truly stated than he hath stated them ... with a few queries to him concerning those doctrines and practices in which he hath compared us with the papists / by John Stoery.
Stoughton, John, d. 1639. / [1640] Seaven sermons preached vpon severall occasions. Viz. 1 The Christians prayer for the Churches peace. One sermon on Psal. 122.6. 2 One sermon on 1 Sam. 2.30 ... [sermons 1 and 2 only] ... By John Stoughton, Doctor in Divinitie, late of Aldermanburie, London.
Stoughton, John, d. 1639. / [1640] The righteous mans plea to true happinesse. In ten sermons, on Psal. 4 ver. 6. Preached by Iohn Stoughton Doctor in Divinity, sometimes fellow of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge, late preacher of Aldermanbury, London.
Stoughton, John, d. 1639. / [1640] A learned treatise in three parts, 1 The definition 2 The distribution of Divinity. 3 The happinesse of man; as it was scholastically handled by John Stoughton D.D. in Immanuell Colledge Chappell in Cambridge, while he was fellow there: and now published according to the copy left under his own hand.
Stoughton, John, d. 1639. / [1640] The arraignement of covetousnesse in three sermons. By John Stoughton, Doctor in Divinitie, sometimes fellow of Immanuel Colledge in Cambridge, late of Aldermanbury, London.
Stoughton, Thomas. / [1598] A generall treatise against poperie and in defence of the religion by publike authoritie professed in England and other churches reformed. VVherein they that either want leisure to read, or that haue not iudgement to conceiue, or that are not able to buie the learned treatises of other concerning particular points of religion, may yet euidently see poperie not to be of God, and our religion to be acceptable in his sight. Very necessarie for these times, for the confirmation and strengthening of men in our religion, that neither by Iesuits, nor by any other, they may be drawne to poperie, or any other heresie or sect: and likewise for the winning of Papists and atheists to an vnfained liking and true profession of our religion. By Thomas Stoughton minister of the word.
Stoughton, Thomas. / [1610] The dignitie of Gods children. Or An exposition of 1. Iohn 3. 1.2.3: Plentifully shewing the comfortable, happie, and most blessed state of all Gods children, and also on the contrarie, the base, fearefull, and most wofull condition of all other that are not the children of God.
Stoughton, Thomas. / [1622] The Christians sacrifice much better then all the legall sacrifices of the Iewes; and without the which, all the said legall sacrifices of the Iewes, euen when they were in force, were not acceptable to God. Or, a logicall and theologicall exposition of the two first verses of the twelfth to the Romanes, with all the doctrine in the said two verses, plainly laid forth, and fitly applied according as these times do require the same. Wherein also besides the orthodoxall exposition of the said words, diuers other places of Scripture by the way occurring, before somewhat obscure, are so naturally interpreted, as that the iudicious reader shall thinke his paines well bestowed in vouchsafing to reade this treatise following. With the authors postscript to his children, as it were his last will and testament vnto them.
Stoughton, William, 1632-1701. / [1670] New-Englands true interest not to lie, or, A treatise declaring from the word of truth the terms on which we stand, and the tenure by which we hold our hitherto-continued precious and pleasant things shewing what the blessing God expecteth from his people, and what they may rationally look for from him / delivered in a sermon preached in Boston in New-England, April 29, 1668, being the day of election there, by Mr. W. Stoughton ...
Stoughton, William, 1632-1701. / [1642] An assertion for true and Christian church-policie wherein certain politike objections made against the planting of pastours and elders in every congregation are sufficiently answered : and wherein also sundry projects are set down ...
Stoughton, William, fl. 1584. / [1604] An assertion for true and Christian church-policie. VVherein certaine politike obiections made against the planting of pastours and elders in every congregation, are sufficientlie aunswered. And wherein also sundrie projectes are set downe, how the discipline by pastors & elders may be planted, without any derogation to the Kings royal prerogatiue, any indignitie to the three estates in Parleament, or any greater alteration of the laudable lawes, statutes, or customes of the realme, then may well be made without damage to the people.
Stoughton, William, fl. 1584. / [1583] An abstract, of certain acts of parliament: of certaine her Maiesties iniunctions: of certaine canons, constitutions, and synodalles prouinciall: established and in force, for the peaceable gouernment of the Church, within her Maiesties dominions and countries, for the most part heretofore vnknowen and vnpractized
Strachan, Alexander, fl. 1695. / [1695] To his Grace, his Majesties High Commissioner, and honourable Estates of Parliament, the petition of Alexander Strachan of Glenkindie ...
Strachan, Patrick, fl. 1693. / [1693] The map of the little world, illuminated with religion being a practical treatise, directing man to a religious scope, and right measure, in all the periods of his life; with devotion suitable. To which is added an appendix, containing a gospel ministers legacie, in some sermons, upon 2 Pet. 1. 12, &c. / By Patrick Strachan minister of the gospel at St. Vigeans.
Strada, Famiano, 1572-1649. / [1671] Strada's musical duel in Latine / much enlarg'd in English by the addition of several traverses between the harper and the nightengale ; together with a more particular account of the issue of the contest.
Strada, Famiano, 1572-1649. / [1656] The siege of Antwerp.: Written in Latin by Famianus Strada, Englished by Tho: Lancaster, Gent.
Strada, Famiano, 1572-1649. / [1672] An account of the famous siege of Antvverp by Alexander prince of Parma, in the year 1584. Being the most memorable siege that was ever laid to any city. / Written in Latine by Famianus Strada: and Englished by T.L. ...
Stradling, George, 1621-1688. / [1675] A sermon preach'd before the King at White-Hall, Jan. 30, 1674/5 at the anniversary commemoration of the martyrdom of King Charles I / by George Stradling ...
Stradling, John, Sir, 1563-1637. / [1625] Diuine poemes. In seuen seuerall classes. Written to his most excellent Maiestie Charles, by the grace of God King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. By Sr. Iohn Stradling Knight and Baronet.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Anno Dom. 1641] Two speeches made by Sr. Thomas Wentworth: now Earle of Strafford, in the Parliament holden at VVestminster. 1628.: The one concerning the liberty of the subject. The other the priviledge of the Houses of Parliament.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1641] Two letters sent from the Earle of Strafford, one to his Lady in Ireland a little before his death, and another to a certaine great ladie
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1641] The two last speeches of Thomas Wentworth, late Earle of Strafford, and deputy of Ireland: The one in the Tower, the other on the scaffold on Tower-Hill, May the 12th 1641.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1641] The two last speeches of Thomas Wentworth, late Earle of Strafford, and deputy of Ireland the one in the Tower, the other on the scaffold on Tower-Hill, May the 12th, 1641.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed in the yeare, 1641] The truest relation of the Earle of Straffords speech on the scaffold on Tower-hill, before he was beheaded, May 12. 1641. Together with his deportment before and at the end of his execution:
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] The true copies of two letters vvritten by the late Earle of Strafford. The one to his Sacred Majesty. The other to a Lady of great note. With the Psalme that he chose to read at the time of his death.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [printed, 1641] The last speeches of Thomas Wentworth, late Earle of Strafford, and deputy of Ireland: The one in the Tovver, the other on the scaffold on Tower-Hill, May the twelfth. 1641. Together with his deportment before and at the end of his execution.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Anno Domini, 1641] A letter sent from the Earle of Strafford to his lady in Ireland, a little before his death: May 11. 1641.: Together vvith a speech of Mr. Plydell Esquire concerning the church; Feb. 8. 1641.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed in the yeare, 1652] Strafforiados. The lieutenant's legend as it was first compared, and now published, according to the originall copie. Writ by his owne hand in the Tower.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1641] Great Straffords farewell to the world, or, His ultimum vale to all earthly glory written by his owne hand in the Tower, and left behinde him for his friends or foes to peruse and consider.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1641] The Earle of Straffords letter to His Most Excellent Majestie, dated from the Tower, 4 May, 1641
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1641] The Earle of Straffords letter to his lady sent by a trvsty messenger, with his prayer on the scaffold at Tower Hill, 12. of May 1641.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed 1641] The Earle of Strafford, his speech in the Tower to the Lords, before hee went to execution. May the 12. day. 1641.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed in the year, 1641] The conclusion of the Earle of Straffords defence, the twelfth of April, 1641.
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed, 1647] A briefe and perfect relation,: of the answeres and replies of Thomas Earle of Strafford; to the articles exhibited against him, by the House of Commons on the thirteenth of Aprill, An. Dom. 1641..
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [1680] The Earl of Strafford's letter to the King, to pass the bill occasioned by the tumult of the apprentices taken from the original copy.
Straight, John, 1605?-1680. / [1670] A sermon preached at the assizes held at Dorchestor in the county of Dorset, upon the fourth day of March in the year of our Lord 1669 by John Straight ...
Straight, John, 1605?-1680. / [1671] The rule of rejoycing, or, A direction for mirth in a sermon preached upon Trinity-Sunday, being the 18th of June in the year of our Lord 1671 / by John Straight ...
Straight, John, 1605?-1680. / [1643] A sermon preached at Abington in the county of Berks. Febr. 19, 1642 by Iohn Straight ...
Strange, Richard, 1611-1682. / [1674] The life and gests of S. Thomas Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford, and some time before L. Chancellor of England extracted out of the authentique records of his canonization as to the maine part, anonymus, Matt. Paris, Capgrave, Harpsfeld, and others / collected by R.S., S.I.
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1683] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall on Christmas-Day, 1682 by N. Stratford ...
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1687] The peoples right to read the Holy Scripture asserted in answer to the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th chapters, of the second part of the Popish representer.
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1681] A sermon preached at the assizes held at Chester, September XX. 1681 by N. Stratford ...
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1694] Of the reverence due to God in his publick worship a sermon preach'd before the King & Queen, at White-Hall, March 25, 1694, being the 5th Sunday in Lent / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Nicholas Lord Bishop of Chester.
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1686] The necessity of reformation, with respect to the errors and corruptions of the Church of Rome the second part : wherein is shewed, the vanity of the pretended reformation of the Council of Trent, and of R.H.'s vindication of it : in his fifth discourse concerning the guide in controversies.
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1687] The lay-Christian's obligation to read the Holy Scriptures
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [MDCLXXXIV. 1684] A dissuasive from revenge in a discourse upon these words, Recompense to no man evil for evil, Rom. 12.17. By Nicolas Stratford, D.D. Dean of S. Asaph.
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [MDCLXXXVIII 1688] A discourse of the Pope's supremacy. Part I in answer to a treatise intitled, St. Peter's supremacy faithfully discuss'd ... : and to A sermon of S. Peter, preached ... by Thomas Godden ...
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1692] The Bishop of Chester's charge in his primary visitation at Chester, May 5, 1691
Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. / [1685] A discourse concerning the necessity of reformation with respect to the errors and corruptions of the Church of Rome : the first part.
Strauch, Aegidius, 1632-1682. / [1699] Breviarium chronologicum being a treatise describing the terms and most celebrated characters, periods and epocha's us'd in chronology, by which that useful science may easily be attained to / writ in Latin by Gyles Strauchius ... ; and now done into English from the third edition, with additions.
Streater, Aaron, b. 1609 or 10. / [Printed in the yeare, MDCXLII 1642] A letter sent to my lord maior. And his venerable bretheren:: by no athist, no papist, no Arminian, no Anabaptist, no Familist, no separatist, or Brownist; but an honest beleeving Protestant, and that because that separatist otherwise called Brownist, was in many mens account said and held to be worse then papist. Written by A. S.
Streater, Aaron, b. 1609 or 10. / [Printed 1641] An ague, vvhich hitherto amongst all sorts hath beene accounted the physitians shame both for definition and cure, (thus farre hath ignorance prevailed) but that the contrary is manifest, appeareth sufficiently by this following definition: and shall be cured whether tertian, quartern, or quotidian, by me Aaron Streater, physitian of arts in Oxford approved by authority: the Kings Majesties servant in ordinary, and dwelling against the Temple, three houses up in Chancerie-Lane, next house to the golden Anchor.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [Printed in the year, 1659] A shield against the Parthian dart, or, A word to the purpose, shot into Wallingford-House.: Answered in defence of the present actions of state here in England, that produced the late change of government. By J.S.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [printed MDCLIX. 1659] Secret reasons of state in reference to the affairs of these nations, at the interruption of this present Parliament: anno 1653. discovered.: Also, the power of parliaments, touching imprisonment, debated. With other matters worthy of observation, in Jo: Streater's case: this being a narrative of his two years troubles at the beginning of the late monarchie, erected by General Cromwel.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [printed MDCLIX. 1659] Government described:: viz. what monarchie, aristocracie, oligarchie, and democracie, is. Together with a brief model of the government of the common-wealth, or, free-state of Ragouse. Fit for view at this present juncture of settlement. By J.S.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [printed, MDCLIX. 1659] The continuation of this session of Parliament, justified; and the action of the Army touching that affair defended: and objections to both answered; according to the best rules of law, reason, and just-preserving policie. By J.S.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [1653] A glympse of that jevvel, judicial, just, preserving libertie. By Jo. Streater, a member of the Army of the Commonwealth of England serving in Ireland.
Strengfellow, William. / [1693] A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen and livery-men of the city of London, in the parish-church of St. Lawrence-Jewry, on the feast of St. Michael 1693 at the election of the Lord Mayor for the year ensuing / by William Strengfellow ...
Strickland, John, 1600 or 1601-1670. / [1645] Mercy rejoycing against judgement: or, God waiting to be gracious to a sinfull nation. A sermon preached before the honorable House of Commons in Margarets Westminster, upon the solemne day of their publique humiliation and monethly fast, Octob. 29. 1645. / By John Strickland, B.D. pastor of the church at Edmonds in the citie of New Sarum, now preacher at Peters Poor, London, and a member of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the House of Commons.
Strickland, John, 1600 or 1601-1670. / [1644] Immanuel, or The church triumphing in God with us.: A sermon preached before the right honorable House of Lords, in the Abbey of Westminster; at their publique thanksgiving, November 5th 1644. By John Strickland, B.D. Pastor of the church at St Edmunds in Nevv Sarum. A member of the Assembly of Divines.
Strickland, John, 1600 or 1601-1670. / [1644] Gods vvork of mercy, in Sions misery laid out in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at Margarets Westminster, Decemb. 27. 1643 / by John Strickland ... ; whereunto is added, A catalogue of the names of all the divines that preached before the Parliament till this present in order as they preached.
Strickland, John, 1600 or 1601-1670. / [1644] A discovery of peace: or, The thoughts of the Almighty for the ending of his peoples calamities.: Intimated in a sermon at Christ-church London, before the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, the right worshipfull the Aldermen; together with the worshipfull companies of the said city, upon the 24th of April, 1644. Being the solemn day of their publike Humiliation and monethly fast. By John Strickland, B.D. pastor of the church at St. Edmunds, in the city of New Sarum; a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Strickland, Robert, Sir, ca. 1600-1670. / [1642] The Queenes resolution discovered by some letters read in the House of Commons.: From Master Strickland, a member of of [sic] the House. Relating her providing of foure ships with ammunition for her comming over into England, which were stayed by a statesman of ware, upon report of fourteene other ships she had provided in the Brill in Holland. Also an examination, and articles of Sir Edward Rodney, Sir Edward Barkley, and one Master Dugdale a divine, and brought to the House of Commons, with a troope of horse, being taken in Sommersetshire.
Stripling, Thomas, 1652?-1679. / [1681] A sermon preached before the University of Oxford on St. Andrews-day by Tho. Stripling.
Strode, Edward. / [1686] The case of Edward Strode Gent. in an action of the case, for scandalous words, and pretended false imprisonment, brought against him, Thomas Pemberton Gent. and Henry Manning defendants, by George Rodny plaintiff.
Strode, George, utter-barister of the middle Temple. / [1618] The anatomie of mortalitie deuided into these eight heads: viz. 1 The certaitie of death. 2 The meditation on death. 3 The preparation for death. 4 The right behauiour in death. 5 The comfort at our owne death. 6 The comfort against the death of friends. 7 The cases wherein it is vnlawful, and wherin lawfull to desire death. 8 The glorious estate of the saints after this life. Written by George Strode vtter-barister of the middle Temple, for his owne priuate comfort: and now published at the request of his friends for the vse of others.
Strode, S. / [1695] A poem on the death of Her Most Sacred Majesty Queen Mary by S. Strode.
Strong, James, 1618 or 19-1694. / [1675] Lydia's heart opened: or, divine mercy magnified in the conversion of a sinner by the Gospel: Being the sum of several sermons preaced lately by James Strong, M.A. and Minister of the Gospel.
Strong, Leonard, Agent for the people of Providence in Maryland. / [1655] Babylon's fall in Maryland, a fair warning to Lord Baltamore, or, A relation of an assault made by divers papists, and popish officers of the Lord Baltamore's, against the Protestants in Maryland to whom God gave a great victory against a greater force of souldiers and armed men, who came to destroy them / published by Leonard Strong, agent for the people of Providence in Maryland.
Strong, Martin, b. 1663 or 4. / [1692] The indecency and unlawfulness of baptizing children in private, without necessity, and with the publick form seriously recommended to the consideration of both the clergy and laity of the Church of England : to which is added, a brief exhortation to the constant receiving of the Lords Supper.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1656] XXXI. select sermons,: preached on special occasions; the titles and several texts, on which they were preached, follow. [part 2.] / By William Strong, that godly, able and faithful minister of Christ, lately of the Abby at Westminster. None of them being before made publique.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1656] XXXI. select sermons, preached on special occasions; the titles and several texts, on which they were preached, follow. / By William Strong, that godly, able and faithful minister of Christ, lately of the Abby at Westminster. None of them being before made publique.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1672] The worm that dyeth not, or Hell torments in the certainty and eternity of them plainly discovered in several sermons preached on Mark, chap. the 9th and the 48. v. / by that painful and laborious minister of the gospel, William Strong ; and now published by his own notes, as a means to deter from sin and to stir up to mortification.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1647] The vvay to the highest honour.: Presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Peeres, in the Abbey Church at Westminster, at their late solemne monthly fast. Feb. 24. 1646. / By William Strong, one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the House of Peeres.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1648] The vengeance of the temple:: discovered in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Major and court of aldermen of the City of London, in Pauls Church, May 17. 1648. Being the day of publique thanksgiving for a victory obtayned by the forces under the command of Colonell Horton, at St. Faggons, neere Cardiffe in Wales. / By William Strong pastor of Dunstans in the west, and a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1654] A voice from heaven, calling the people of God to a perfect separation from mystical Babylon as it was delivered in a sermon at Pauls before the Right Honorable the Lord Major and Aldermen of the city of London, on Novem. 5, 1653 / by William Strong ...
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1647] The trust and the account of a stevvard,: laid open in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at Margarets Westminster; upon Wednesday the the [sic] 28. of April 1647. being the day of their publique humiliation. / By William Strong.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1657] A treatise shewing the subordination of the will of man unto the will of God by that eminently godly, able, and faithfull minister of Christ, William Strong, lately of the Abbey at Westminster ; the greatest part printed with his own marginal quotations in his life time, and now published by Mr. Rowe, Master Manton, and Master Griffith.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1656. i.e. 1655] The saints communion with God, and Gods communion with them in ordinances.: As it was delivered in severall sermons / by that faithfull servant of Christ, Mr. William Strong, late minister at Westminster.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1646] Higay'on selah The commemoration and exaltation of mercy.: Delivered in a sermon preached to the Honourable, the House of Commons, at Margarets Westminster, Novemb. 5. 1646. Being the day of their publike thanksgiving, for that eminent and ancient mercy, the deliverance of them, and the whole kingdome in them, from the popish and hellish conspiracy of the powder treason. / By William Strong, a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1645 i.e. 1646] Hēmera apokalypseōs. The day of revelation of the righteous judgement of God.: Delivered in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, at Margarets Westminster, at their late solemn fast, December 31. 1645. / By William Strong, sometime fellow of Katherine Hall in Cambridge; now minister of More-Crichel in Dorcetshire.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1678] A discourse of the two covenants wherein the nature, differences, and effects of the covenant of works and of grace are distinctly, rationally, spiritually and practically discussed : together with a considerable quantity of practical cases dependent thereon / by William Strong.
Strong, William, d. 1654. / [1656] Heavenly treasure, or, Mans chiefest good wherein the several workings of the heart about, and in pursuance of its chiefest good are solidly and judiciously discovered / by William Strong.
Strutton, Richard. / [1690] A true relation of the cruelties and barbarities of the French upon the English prisoners of war being a journal of their travels from Dinan in Britany, to Thoulon in Provence, and back again ... / faithfully and impartially performed by Richard Strutton, being an eye-witness, and a fellow sufferer.
Stuart, George. / [1648] A plot discovered,: in which, divers cavaliers of Scotland should have surprised Barwick. Also how the Marquesse of Arguile, the Earle of Crawford Linsey, Earl of Lanerick, and Major Innis, met in the field upon a challenge to fight, and the proceedings of the Parliament therein. With five propositions concerning the King, the amity of the kingdomes, reformation in religion, and the keeping of the Covenant. Agreed on by the Generall Assembly of the Kirk, and presented to the Parliament of Scotland, March I. 1647. And published for the members of that church and kingdome, and brethren of the ministery.
Stuart, George. / [1686] A joco-serious discourse in two dialogues between a Northumberland-gentleman and his tenant, a Scotchman, both old cavaliers : with an anagram prefixt to them : being some miscellaneous essays written upon several occasions / by George Stuart.
Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. / [Printed in the year MDCLIX. 1659] Malice rebuked, or A character of Mr. Richard Baxters abilities.: And a vindication oe [sic] the Honourable Sr. Henry Vane from his aspersions in his Key for Catholicks, as it was sent in a letter formerly to Mr. D.R. and is now printed for the publike satisfaction. / By Henry Stubbe of Ch. Ch. in Oxon.
Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. / [Printed in the year 1659] An essay in defence of the good old cause, or A discourse concerning the rise and extent of the power of the civil magistrate in reference to spiritual affairs.: With a præface concerning [brace] the name of the good old cause. An equal common-wealth. A co-ordinate synod. The holy common-wealth published lately by Mr. Richard Baxter. And a vindication of the honourable Sir Henry Vane from the false aspersions of Mr. Baxter. / By Henry Stubbe of Ch. Ch. in Oxon.
Stubbs, John, 1618?-1674. / [1655] A true declaration of the bloody proceedings of the men in Maidstone in the county of Kent: who write themselves, John Allen, mayor, Lambert Godfrey, recorder, John Chantler, constable, against John Stubs, William Caton, who by the scornful generation of men are called Quakers.:
Stubbs, John, 1618?-1674. / [1670] A true declaration of our innocency who in scorn are called Quakers and how we are clear (if we have justice) from the penalties of the late act made against seditious meetings and conventicles as exprest in the preamble and reason of the said Act, &c. : also several reasons and proof by the Common prayers book and the Holy Scriptures directed to in it ... / by J.S.
Stubbs, John, 1618?-1674. / [1670] For the king and both houses of Parliament who are desired to read over this following treatise and in the fear and wisdom of the pure holy God to consider, and lay to heart what is contained therein and in tender bowels of compassion to repair the great breaches that are made all over the nation : and to grant a speedy redress, now, while it is in your power / given forth in the spirit of love and meekness and written by John Stubbs.
Stubbs, Richard. / [1673] A warning unto apostates & backsliders that formerly have made a profession of the truth, but walk not answerably thereunto but are crucifying to themselves afresh the Son of God, and putting him unto open shame, and thereby are treasuring up wrath against the day of wrath, and revelation of the reighteous judgements of the Lord : also a visitation and warning to all workers of iniquity, that they may repent and turn to the Lord with speed, before his dreadful judgments be poured forth upon them / by Richard Stubbs.
Stubbs, Thomas, d. 1673. / [1659] Certain papers given forth from the spirit of truth which witnesses against the wisdom of the world and unrighteousness of men, both priests and people, and against their false wayes and false worship and which witnesses of the light of Jesus Christ in the conscience wherein true wisdom is, that people may see with the true light into the things that be invisible and be converted and healed of God in Christ Thomas Stubbs.
Stubbs, Thomas, d. 1673. / [1655] A call into the way to the kingdom.: This is written to go abroad into the world, for the good of poor soules, that they may know the way to their soules rest. / Written by Thomas Stubbs, one whom the people of the world scornfully calls Quakers; which word quaking I willingly own, else I should deny the Scriptures: for Moses and the holy men of God quaked and trembled at the presence of the Lord. Heb. 12, &c.
Stubs, Philip, 1665-1738. / [1690?] Proposals for compiling and publishing a book to be intituled Pietas anglicana: or, An historical account of all the works of piety, charity, and other acts of beneficence, done in England since the Reformation, with respect to religion, learning, and provision for all sorts of poor; collected from histories, records, wills, monuments, and other authentic evidence.
Stubs, Philip, 1665-1738. / [1693] Of publick baptism a sermon / preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen at Guild-Hall Chapel, Sunday, Nov. 20, 1692 by Philip Stubs.
Stubs, Philip, 1665-1738. / [1693] Of confirmation a sermon preach'd at St. Benedict Grace-Church, March 14th, 1693, the day on which the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of London, confirmed there / by Philip Stubs ...
Stuckley, Lewis, 1621 or 2-1687. / [1658] Manifest truth: or An inversion of truth's manifest: Containing, a vindication of a Church of Christ in their proceedings on March the 8. 1657, against Mrs Mary Allein, from the false and injurious aspersions of her husband Mr. Toby Allein. By Lewis Stucley, pastor of a congregation in Exeter.
Stuckley, Lewis, 1621 or 2-1687. / [1667] A gospel-glasse, representing the miscarriages of English professors, both in their personal and relative capacities ..., or, A call from heaven to sinners and saints by repentance and reformation to prepare to meet God.
Studley, Peter, 1587 or 8-1648. / [1634] The looking-glasse of schisme wherein by a briefe and true narration of the execrable murders, done by Enoch ap Evan, a downe-right separatist, on the bodies of his mother and brother, with the cause mooving him thereunto, the disobedience of that sect, against royall majesty, and the lawes of our Church is plainly set forth. By Peter Studley, Master of Arts, and minister of Gods Word, in Shrevvsbury.
Sturm, Johann Christophorus, 1635-1703. / [1700] Mathesis enucleata, or, The elements of the mathematicks by J. Christ. Sturmius ; made English by J.R. and R.S.S.
Sturm, Johannes, 1507-1589. / [Anno Domini. 1570] A ritch storehouse or treasurie for nobilitye and gentlemen, which in Latine is called Nobilitas literata, written by a famous and excellent man, Iohn Sturmius, and translated into English by T.B. Gent. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.
Sturmy, Samuel, 1633-1669. / [1669] The mariners magazine, or, Sturmy's mathematical and practical arts containing the description and use of the scale of scales, it being a mathematical ruler, that resolves most mathematical conclusions, and likewise the making and use of the crostaff, quadrant, and the quadrat, nocturnals, and other most useful instruments for all artists and navigators : the art of navigation, resolved geometrically, instrumentally, and by calculation, and by that late excellent invention of logarithms, in the three principal kinds of sailing : with new tables of the longitude and latitude of the most eminent places ... : together with a discourse of the practick part of navigation ..., a new way of surveying land ..., the art of gauging all sorts of vessels ..., the art of dialling by a gnomical scale ... : whereunto is annexed, an abridgment of the penalties and forfeitures, by acts of parliaments appointed, relating to the customs and navigation : also a compendium of fortification, both geometrically and instrumentally / by Capt. Samuel Sturmy.
Sturtevant, Simon. / [Anno. 1612. May. 22] Metallica. Or The treatise of metallica. Briefly comprehending the doctrine of diuerse new metallicall inuentions, but especially, how to neale, melt, and worke all kinde of mettle-oares, irons and steeles with sea-coale, pit-coale, earth-coale and brush-fewell. Also a transcript of his Maiesties letters pattents of priuiledge, granted vnto Simon Sturteuant for the said metallicall businesses, for one and thirty yeares. Published in print before the last day of this present Easter terme, as the said Simon Sturteuant was by his Highnesse inioyned.
Stuteville, Elizabeth. / [1697?] The case of Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Stuteville Esq; and of their five children:
Stuteville, Thomas. / [1642] A true relation of every remarkable circumstance in relieving of Tredagh, by Captaine Thomas Steutevile.: Also the copy of Sir Phelome Oneal's commission, for the establishing of Colonell Richard Plunket Lievetenant [sic] Generall of Lempster, and Vlster. Together, with the distresse of the whole kingdome, and other passages of note.
Style, William, 1603-1679. / [1657] Regestum practicale, or, The practical register consisting of rules, orders, and observations concerning the common-laws, and the practice thereof : but more particularly applicable to the proceedings in the upper-bench, as well in matters criminal as civil ... / by William Style.
Styles, Christopher. / [1620] A receite for grace in a sermon preached in the parish church of Westminster / by Christopher Styles.
Styles, Christopher. / [1620] The gaines of seeking God. In two sermons, preached in the parish church of VVestminster: by Christopher Styles.