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Squire, John. / [1620] Tes irenes trophæa, or, The tryumphs of peace that celebrated the solemnity of the right honourable Sir Francis Iones, Knight, at his inauguration into the maioraltie of London, on Monday being the 30. of October, 1620, at the particular cost and charge of the right worshipfull and ancient Society of the Haberdashers / with explication of the seuerall shewes and deuices by I.S.
Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653. / [1637] Three sermons tvvo of them appointed for the Spittle, preached in St. Pauls Church, by John Squier, vicar of St. Leonards Shoredich in Middlesex: and John Lynch, parson of Herietsham in Kent.
Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653. / [1618] A sermon preached at Hartford assises, March 14. 1616 by John Squire ...
Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653. / [1624] A sermon on the Second Commandement preached in Saint Pauls Church, Ianuarie 6. 1623. By Iohn Squire vicar of Saint Leonard in Shorditch by London.
Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653. / [1630] A plaine exposition vpon the first part of the second chapter of Saint Paul his second epistle to the Thessalonians. Wherein it is plainly proved, that the Pope is the Antichrist. Being lectures, in Saint Pauls, by Iohn Squire priest, and vicar of Saint Leonards Shordich: sometime fellow of Iesus Colledge in Cambridge.
Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653. / [Printed in the yeare, 1641] An answer to a printed paper: entituled Articles exhibited in Parliament. Against Mr. John Squier, viccar of Saint Leonard Shoreditch. August 7. 1641.
Squire, William, d. 1677. / [1670] The unreasonableness of the Romanists, requiring our communion with present Romish church, or, A discourse drawn from the perplexity and uncertainty of the principles, and from the contradictions betwixt the prayers and doctrine of the present Romish church to prove that 'tis unreasonable to require us to joyn in commmunion with it.
Squire, William, d. 1677. / [1674] Some more considerations proving the unreasonableness of the Romanists in requiring us to return to the communion of the present Romish-church by William Squire.