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Societies for the Reformation of Manners. / [1694] Proposals for a national reformation of manners humbly offered to the consideration of our magistrates & clergy : to which is added, I. the instrument for reformation : II. an account of several murders, &c. and particularly a bloody slaughter-house discover'd in Rosemary-lane ... : as also the black roll, containing the names and crimes of several hundreds persons, who have been prosecuted by the society, for whoring, drunkenness, Sabbath-breaking, &c. / published by the Society for Reformation.
Societies for the Reformation of Manners. / [1699] An essay to suppress prophaness [sic] and immortality pay the nations debts, support the government, and maintain the poor. Humbly submitted to the Lords spiritual, temporal, and Commons assembled in Parliament. With a short postscript relating to His Majesty's speech. By a Society for reformation of manners.
Society of Apothecaries, London. / [1670?] The oath to be ministred by the Master and Warden of the Apotheca[ri]es unto every apprentice of the said Company.
Society of Apothecaries, London. / [1695?] Reasons, humbly offered to the honourable House of Commons; by the master, wardens, and Society of the art and mystery of Apothecaries, London: for the exempting them from certain offices and duties.
Society of Apothecaries, London. / [1694] Considerations humbly offered to the Lords spiritual and temporal, in relation to the Apothecaries Bill, now depending before their Lordships.
Society of Friends. / [1693?] The epistle to the monthly and quarterly meetings of Friends in England, Wales, and elsewhere from our yearly meeting, held in London the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth days of the fourth month, 1693.
Society of Friends. / [1669] Canons and institutions drawn up and agreed upon by the General Assembly or Meeting of the heads of the Quakers from all parts of the kingdom at their New-Theatre in Grace-church-street in or about January 1668/9 ; George Fox being their president.
Society of Friends. Reigate Monthly Meeting. / [1692] An epistle from our monethly meeting, at our publick meeting house in Reigate, in Surry, the 7th day of the 9th month, 1692
Society of Friends. Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting of Women Friends. / [1692] From our Womens meeting held at York, the 15, and 16th. days of the fourth month, 1692. To every particular womans monthly meeting; within this county.
Society of Saltmakers (London, England) / [1640?] A true remonstrance of the state of the salt businesse, undertaken (for the furnishment thereof between Barwick and Pool; they with the Ile [sic] of Wight, and members inclusive) / by the Societie of Saltmakers of South, and North-Shields, and of Scotland.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [Printed in the year 1691] The spirit of the church-faction detected, in its nature and operations more particularly in the mystery of the convocation-book lately published and exposed to the view and censure of the world by the late Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, and the progress of the faction, and the mischiefs thereof, the late civil war, and our present disappointments.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1689] The true English government, and mis-government of the four last kings, with the ill consequences thereof, briefly noted in two little tracts
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1687] Relief of apprentices wronged by their masters how by our law it may effectually be given and obtain'd, without any special new act of Parliament for that purpose.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1689] A specimen of a declaration against debauchery tendered to the consideration of His Highness the Prince of Orange, and the present convention of the nation.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1690?] A Preparation for death recommended in a letter to a malefactor, but useful for all sorts of people.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1674] Popish policies and practices represented in the histories of the Parisian massacre, gun-powder treason, conspiracies against Queen Elizabeth, and persecutions of the Protestants in France / translated and collected out of the famous Thuanus and other writers of the Roman communion ; with a discourse concerning the original of the powder-plot.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1690] A plain relation of the late action at sea between the English & Dutch, and the French fleets, from June 22 to July 5 last with reflections thereupon, and upon the present state of the nation : together with A preparation for death and a perswasive to criminals to do right to their countrey, and a specimen of a bill for reformation of manners, drawn for the bishops, and mentioned in the folowing reflections.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1695] Old English loyalty & policy agreeable to primitive Christianity. The first part by the author of The beginning and progress of a needfull and hopefull reformation.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [Printed in the year 1699] Of prayers for the dead whether the practice and tradition thereof in the Church be truly Catholick, and a competent evidence of apostolick original and authority? : humbly tendred to the consideration of ... the judges and of the gentlemen ... of the law : with a preface concerning the reasons thereof, and the concern of the nation, that the differences about religion be better considered in order to a more firm foundation of an honourable and lasting peace.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1689] Important questions of state, law, justice and prudence both civil and religious, upon the late revolutions and present state of these nations / by Socrates Christianus.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1689?] Of humiliation, and the effects of it in relation to the present occasion
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1696] The liturgy of the ancients represented as near as well may be, in English forms calling with a preface concerning the restitution of the most solemn part of Christian worship in the Holy Eucharist, to its integrity, and just frequency of celebration.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1674] A discourse concerning the original of the povvder-plot together with a relation of the conspiracies against Queen Elizabeth and the persecutions of the Protestants in France to the death of Henry the fourth : collected out of Thuanus, Davila, Perefix, and several other authors of the Roman communion, as also reflections upon Bellarmine's notes of the church, &c.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1690] Considerations for competitors and electors of representatives in Parliament
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] A caveat against flattery, and profanation of sacred things to secular ends upon sight of the order of the convention for the thanksgiving, and consideration of the misgovernment and misfortunes of the last race of kings of this nation.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1700] The case of the Church of England by law established necessary to be considered in order to a more firm and full settlement of peace both at home and abroad : in a letter to a bishop of the present constitution / by an English Catholick.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1691] The beginning and progress of a needful and hopeful reformation in England with the first encounter of the enemy against it, his wiles detected, and his design ('t may be hop'd) defeated.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1690] Authority abused by the vindication of the last years transactions, and the abuses detected with inlargements upon some particulars more briefly touched in the Reflectons upon the occurrences of the last year : together with some notes upon another vindication, entituled, The third and last part of the magistry and government of England vindicated / by the author of the Reflections.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1696] Asceticks, or, The heroick piety & virtue of the ancient Christian anchorets and coenobites. Part I exemplary asceticks.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1691] An appeal to heaven and earth, against the Christian Epicureans, who have betrayed their king and countrey, and exposed them to the judgments of God drawn up in questions theological, and theologico-political / by Socrates Christianus.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1697] An apology for, and an invitation to the people call'd Quakers to rectifie some errors which through the scandals givers they have fallen into : wherein the true original causes both humane and divine of all the divisions of the church and mischiefs in the state and among the people are plainly and briefly opened and detected.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1700] An abstract of common principles of a just vindication of the rights of the kingdom of God upon earth against the politick machinations of Erastian hereticks out of the Vindication of the deprived bishops, &c. / by a very learned man of the Church of England.
Solier, François. / [M. DC. XLIV. 1644] Titus; or The palme of Christian courage: to be exhibited by the schollars of the Society of Iesus, at Kilkenny, anno Domini 1644.
Solleysel, Jacques de, 1617-1680. / [M.DC.XCVI. i.e. 1696] The parfait mareschal, or Compleat farrier. Which teacheth, I. To know the shapes and goodness, as well as faults and imperfections of horses. II. The signs and causes of their diseases, the means to prevent them, their cure, and the good or bad use of purging and bleeding. III. The way to order and preserve them, when upon travel, to feed, and to dress them. IV. The art of shoeing, according to a new design of shoes, which will recover bad feet, and preserve the good. Together with a treatise, how to raise and bring up a true and beautiful race of horses: as also instructions, whereby to fit all kinds of horses with proper bits, whereof the chief draughts are represented in copper-plates. / Written originally in French by the Sieur de Solleysel Escuyer, sometime one of the overseers of the French Kings Royal Academy of Riding, near to the Hostel de Conde in Paris. And translated from the last Paris impression, by Sir William Hope of Kirkliston Kt. Lieutenat Governour of the Castle of Edinburgh. By whom is also added as a supplement to the first part, a most compendious and excellent collection of horsemanship, taken from the best and most modern writers upon that subject, such as Mr. De la Brow, Pluvinel, and the Great Duke of Newcastle. Part I.
Some body. / [1679] Some bodyes answer to a letter sent from no body in the city, to no body in the country written at the request of some body.
Some electors of members of Parliament. / [1694] A letter to the members of Parliament for the county of [blank] concerning the Triennial bill. Wherein is considered, what may be the easiest way to secure Triennial Parliaments, without intruding upon the prerogative. With some objections to the methods of that kind, that formerly have been enacted into law. / By some electors of members of Parliament.
Some, Robert, 1542-1609. / [1588] A godly treatise containing and deciding certaine questions, mooued of late in London and other places, touching the ministerie, sacraments, and Church. Whereunto one proposition more is added. After the ende of this booke you shall finde a defence of such points as M. Penry hath dealt against: and a confutation of many grosse errours broched in M. Penries last treatise. Written by Robert Some Doctor of Diuinitie.
Some, Robert, 1542-1609. / [1580] A godly sermon preached in Latin at great S. Maries in Cambridge, in Marche 1580. by Robert Some: and translated by himselfe into English
Some, Robert, 1542-1609. / [1582] A godly and shorte treatise of the sacraments vvritten by Robert Some.
Some, Robert, 1542-1609. / [1582.] A godlie treatise of the Church. Written by Robert Some..
Some, Thomas, b. ca. 1510. / [1540?] Here begynnyth a traetys callyde the Lordis flayle handlyde by the bushops powre thresshere Thomas Solme.
Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. / [1690] A vindication of the proceedings of the late Parliament of England An. Dom. 1689, being the first in the reign of their present Majesties King William and Queen Mary.
Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. / [1681] The security of English-mens lives, or, The trust, power, and duty of the grand jurys of England explaining according to the fundamentals of the English government, and the declarations of the same made in Parliament by many statutes / published for the prevention of popish designs against the lives of many Protestant lords and commoners who stand firm to the religion and ancient government of England.
Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. / [1697] A letter ballancing the necessity of keeping a land-force in times of peace, with the dangers that may follow on it
Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. / [1693] A discourse concerning generosity
Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. / [1681?] A brief history of the succession collected out of the records, and the most authentick historians, written for the satisfaction of the Earl of H.
Somerset, Edward Seymour, Duke of, 1506?-1552. / [Anno salutis humanæ M.D.XLVIII. 1548] An epistle or exhortacion, to vnitie [and] peace, sent fro[m] the Lorde Protector, [and] others the kynges moste honorable counsaill of England: to the nobilitie, gentlemen, and commons, and al others the inhabitauntes of the realme of Scotlande
Somerset, William Seymour, Duke of, 1588-1660. / [Ian. 20. Anno Dom. 1642] A speech delivered by the right honourable VVilliam Lord Marquesse Hartford, in the councell-chamber at Oxford,: to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, and the Lords of his Privie Councell, on Saturday Ianuary 14. 1642. Wherein he fully sets downe his opinion concerning the present warres, and an accomodation of peace between His Majesty and his high Court of Parliament.
Somerset, William Seymour, Duke of, 1588-1660. / [August 8 1642] The Lord Marquesse of Hertford, his letter, sent to the Queen in Holland.: Also a letter from the committee in Sommersetshire, to the Houses of Parliament, with a copy of their message to Marquesse Hertford, and his men assembled in arms at Shepton-Mallet, his answer thereunto, and their resolution upon the same. Likewise the information that both Houses received from a marchant in Roterdam, relating how divers captains, and other officers upon a letter from the Queen to the Prince of Orange, are by him discharged, and sent over into England for His Majesties service in the north; and how the papists there have given to the King two hundred thousand pound in mony; with sundry other matters of great concernment. Whereunto is added, certain votes of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, for the apprehending, and bringing up, Sir Ralph Hopton, Master Thomas Smith, Captain John Digby; members of the House of Commons, with Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Sir Francis Dodington, and some others as delinquents. Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that these particulars be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown, Cler. Parliament.
Somerset, William Seymour, Duke of, 1588-1660. / [1643] A declaration of the Right Honourable, the Lord Marquis of Hartford, read in the House of Commons upon Saturday last:: wherin he doth declare his resolution to oppose the Earl of Worster and his army of papists, and to adventure his life for the Protestant religion. Likewise his Majesties command to the Lord Herbert, to apprehend the Marquis of Hartford, and to commit him to safe custody. Together with the desires of the House of Commons to Sir Paul Pinder, with Sir Paul Pinders answer to the same. Also, a great victory obtained by the Manchester forces against the Earl of Derby, where the Earl himselfe and his whole troop were put to flight, and 72. prisoners taken, many of them being commanders.
Sommerland, Richard, d. 1730. / [1678] A general testimony to and for the everlasting truth of God partly intended for my relations and neighbours, that have known me from my childhood in Wishaw & Sutton : wherein there is a short relation of my manner of convincement : and also, some few of the sufferings which were inflicted upon me by some of the said inhabitants, for my faithful testimony, which I have born for God and his blessed truth.
Somner, John. / [Printed. 1666] A True relation or accompt of the whole procedure between the Corporation at Canterbury, and Mr. John Somner, concerning the New-Market- House there:
Somner, William, 1598-1669. / [Printed in the year, 1648 i.e. 1649] The in-securitie of princes,: considered in an occasionall meditation upon the Kings late sufferings and death.
Son of the Church. / [1680] Rome's overthrow in a fatal blow at her greatest idol, which leaves all inexusable who resolve still to be blind after such plain conviction a discourse very seasonable for these times wherein popery doth daily threaten in the nation / by a son of the Church.
Son of the Church of England. / [1688] A poem to His Highness, the Prince of Orange, to welcome him into the city of London. / Written by a son of the Church of England.
Son of the Church of England. / [1689] The anatomy of an arbitrary prince, or, King James the II set forth in his proper colours, and what England may expect from such a one : written for the information and satisfaction of all the grumbletonians in Their Majesties dominions / by a son of the Church of England.
Son of the true church. / [MDCLXXX 1680] A chronology of the rise and growth of popery from vanity to superstition, thence to worse than heathen idolatry : and also the time when, and who brought it in, contrary to the Apostolical Canon ... / faithfully collected by a son of the true church from their own authors ...
Songhurst, John, d. 1688. / [1683] Tystiolaeth o gariad [sic] ac ewyllys da.: I bawb a ddymunant ddyfod i fwyhnau Tragywyddol Fod gidag Argylwydd y bywyd, Pan fo dyddiau yny byd hwn a diwedd iddint. / ... John Songhurst.
Songhurst, John, d. 1688. / [Printed in the year 1680] A testimony of love and good vvill unto all them who desire to come to enjoy an everlasting being with the Lord of life when dayes in this world will have an end. Given forth by one that desireth the good of all, and that none may perish in sin, John SOnghurst.
Sonibancke, Charles, 1564-1638. / [1617] The eunuche's conuersion. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the second of February. 1617. By Charles Sonnibank, Doctor of Diuinitie, & Canon of Windsor.
Sophie Amalie, Queen, consort of Frederik III, King of Denmark, 1628-1685. / [1651] The Queen of Denmark's letter to the King of Scots, now resident in the city of Paris.: Dated from Her Majesties royall court at Hamborough, Novemb. 16. 1651. Together with the removall of Major General Massey, and the sending of him prisoner to the Tower.
Sophocles. / [MDCXLIX. 1649] Electra of Sophocles: presented to Her Highnesse the Lady Elizabeth; with an epilogue, shewing the parallell in two poems, the return, and the restauration. By C.W.
Sorel, Charles, 1602?-1674. / [1655] The comical history of Francion wherein the variety of vices that abuse the ages are satyrically limn'd in their native colours, interwoven with many pleasant events, and moral lessons, as well fitted for the entertainment of the gravest head, as the lightest heart / by Monsieur de Moulines, sieur de Parc ...; done into English by a person of honor.
Souches, Ludwig Raduit de, 1608-1683. / [1664] A true and perfect relation of the battail and victory lately obtained near Lewentz against twenty five thousand Turks, Tartars, and Moldavians, by General Souches: as it was sent to His Imperial Majesty, dated July 20. 1664.
Souligné, de. / [1697] The desolation of France demonstrated, or, Evident proofs that one half of the people of that kin[g]dom are destroyed two thirds of its captial stock consumed, and the nation reduc'd to such a condition that it cannot be restored to the flourishing state it was in thirty years ago, in less than two hundred years, and not then neither, except the whole frame of their government be new modell'd / by a person of duality, a native of France.
Souterius, Daniel. / [1629.] Dakrua basilika. That is, the princly teares of Elisabetha, Queen of Bohemia: ouer the death, of her eldest sonne, Fridericus Henricus: Count Palatijn: Duke of Bavaria. / Written by Daniel Souterius: minister of the word of God, at Haerlem.
South Holland (Netherlands.). Provinciale Staten. / [1602] A proclamation or proscription, set foorth & published by the archduke Albertus, against his mutinous soldiers in the castle of Hoochstrate. Printed at Bruxels. Faithfully translated into English out of the Dutch coppy printed at Middleborough, by the first originall. Wherein is also truely set foorth the order of the two campes, before the stronge towne of Graue: with the yeelding thereof into the hands of his Excellency Graue maurice: and the conditions agreed vpon both sides, the 19. of September. Stilo nouo. 1602. With other accidents since hapned.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1679] Sermons preached upon several occasions by Robert South ...
Southaick, Cyprian. / [in the year, 1688] Londons welcome to His Most Illustrious Highness, VVilliam Henry, prince of Orange.
Southcomb, Lewis. / [1692] A sermon preached at the funeral of the Reverend Mr. John Culem, vicar of Knowstone and Molland, in Devon December 2. 1691 / by Lewis Southcomb.
Southcomb, Lewis. / [1682] The penitent Christian,: fitted with meditations and prayers, for a the devout receiving of the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper, / by Lewis Southcomb, rector of Rose-Ash in the county of Devon. ; For the benefit of the people under his charge, and others.
Southern, John, fl. 1584. / [1584] Pandora, the musyque of the beautie, of his mistresse Diana. Composed by Iohn Soowthern Gentleman, and dedicated to the right Honorable, Edward Deuer, Earle of Oxenford, &c. 1584. Iune. 20.
Southerne, Lawrence. / [1642] Fearefull newes from Coventry, or, A true relation and lamentable story of one Thomas Holt of Coventry a musitian:: who through covetousnesse and immoderate love of money, sold himselfe to the devill, with whom he had made a contract for certaine yeares. And also of his most lamentable end and death, on the 16, day of February. 1641. To the terror and amazement of the inhabitants thereabouts. writen [sic] by Lawrence Southerne of Coventrey.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] Sir Antony Love, or, The rambling lady a comedy as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal by Their Majesties servants / written by Tho. Southerne.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1700] The fate of Capua a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants / written by Thomas Southerne.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1684] The disappointment, or, The mother in fashion a play as it was acted at the Theatre Royal / written by Thomas Southerne.
Southland, Thomas. / [1664] The ungrateful favourite a tragedy / written by a person of honour.
Southland, Thomas. / [1663] Love a la mode a comedy / written by a Person of honour.
Southwark (London, England. / [. Anno.M.D.LXI. 1561] The charge of the court baron.
Southwark (London, England) / [. Anno. M.D.LXI. 1561] The articles of lete and courte for the lyberties of Southwarke.
Southwark (London, England.). Grand Jury. / [1681] At the general sessions of the peace holden for the town and borough of Southwark on Monday the 16th. day of May, 1681. before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of the City of London, the Recorder of the same city, and other his Maiesties Justices of the Peace for the said town and borough. We the Grand-Jury summoned and sworn for this present sessions of the peace, holden for this town and borough of Southwark, do humbly beseech the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London, and the rest of His Majesties Justices of the Peace for the said town and borough, that his Lordship, or some other of his Majesties said Justices of the Peace will be pleased in the behalf of us and of the rest of the inhabitants of the said town and borough, to present to his most sacred Majesty the humble address hereunto annexed.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1620] St Peters complainte Mary Magdal· teares. Wth other workes of the author R:S
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1597?] An epistle of a religious priest vnto his father: exhorting him to the perfect forsaking of the world.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1650] The dutiful advice of a loving sonne, to his aged father
Southworth, John, 1592-1654. / [1679] The last speech and confession of Mr. John Sovthworth a popish priest, at his execution at Tyburn, June 28, 1654 fully discovering the papists design to obtain toleration and liberty of conscience ; and to that end the late rebellion was begun and carried on : printed from the true copy found among other papers at the search of a Papists house.
Southworth, John, 1592-1654. / [1680] Evangelium sydereum: or, Revelation demonstrated In three parts. The first being a philosophical discourse leading to the second. The second is Holy Scripture, astronomically handled from the radix of a nativity, and a direction of the luminaries, &c. The third is an appendix touching the scheme of Sol's ingress into Aries for the year 1677. The whole being a divine treatise recommended to the serious perusal of the unprejudic'd mathematician and astrologer, as also of all other persons, to the intent they may behold God's glorious wonders revealed in the heavens. By John Southworth, an experiencer of the love of Jesus, and a well-wisher to the people in scorn called Quakers.
Souverain, Matthieu, d. ca. 1699. / [1700] Platonism unveil'd, or, An essay concerning the notions and opinions of Plato and some antient and modern divines his followers, in relation to the Logos, or word in particular, and the doctrine of the trinity in general : in two parts.
Sowerby, Leonard. / [1652 i.e. 1651] The ladies dispensatory,: containing the natures, vertues, and qualities of all herbs, and simples usefull in physick. Reduced into a methodicall order, for their more ready use in any sicknesse, or other accident of the body. The like never published in English. With an alphabeticall table of all the vertues of each herb, and simple.
Sowernam, Ester. / [1617] Ester hath hang'd Haman: or An ansvvere to a lewd pamphlet, entituled, The arraignment of women. With the arraignment of lewd, idle, froward, and vnconstant men, and husbands. Diuided into two parts. The first proueth the dignity and worthinesse of women, out of diuine testimonies. The second shewing the estimation of the fœminine sexe, in ancient and pagan times; all which is acknowledged by men themselues in their daily actions. VVritten by Ester Sowernam, neither maide, wife nor widdowe, yet really all, and therefore experienced to defend all.