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Sibbald, Robert, Sir, 1641-1722. / [1684] Proposals for the Scotia Illustrata: or, Prodromus historiae naturalis Scotiae in two volumes in Latin. Folio.
Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. / [1638] A fountain sealed: or, The duty of the sealed to the Spirit, and the worke of the Spirit in sealing. Wherein many things are handled about the Holy Spirit, and grieving of it: as also of assurance and sealing what it is, the priviledges and degrees of it, with the signes to discerne, and means to preserve it. : Being the substance of divers sermons preached at Grayes Inne. / By that Reverend Divine, Richard Sibbes D.D. and sometimes preacher to that honourable society.
Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. / [MDCXXXIX. 1639] The returning backslider, or, A commentarie upon the whole XIIII. chapter of the prophecy of the prophet Hosea. Wherein is shewed the large extent of Gods free mercy, even unto the most miserable forlorne and wretched sinners that may be, upon their humiliation and repentance. Preached by that learned and judicious divine, Dr. Sibbs, late preacher to the honourable society of Grayes Inne, and master of Katherine Hall in Cambridge. Published by his owne permission before his death.
Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. / [1656] A learned commentary or, exposition, upon the fourth chapter of the second Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corrinthians. To which is added [brace] I. A conference between Christ and Mary after his resurrection. II. The spirituall mans aim. III. Emanuell, or miracle of miracles. / Published for the advantage of those that have them not, others may have the commentary alone. By that reverend and godly divine, Rich: Sibbs D.D. sometimes Master of Catherine Hall in Cambridge, and preacher to that Honourable Society of Grayes-Inne.
Sibthorp, Christopher, Sir, d. 1632. / [Anno Domini M.DC.XXVII 1627] A surreplication to the reioynder of a popish adversarie. VVherein, the spirituall supremacy of Christ Iesus in his church; and the civill or temporall supremacie of emperours, kings, and princes within their owne dominions, over persons ecclesiastical, & in causes also ecclesiasticall (as well as civill and temporall) be yet further declared defended and maintayned against him. By Christopher Sibthorp, knight, one of his majesties iustices of his court of Chiefe-place in Ireland.
Sibthorp, Christopher, Sir, d. 1632. / [Anno Domini. 1625] A reply to an ansvvere, made by a popish adversarie, to the two chapters in the first part of that booke, which is intituled a Friendly advertisement to the pretended Catholickes in Ireland. Wherein, those two points; concerning his Majejesties [sic] supremacie, and the religion, established by the lawes and statutes of the kingdome, be further justified and defended against the vaine cavils and exceptions of that adversarie: by Christopher Sibthorp, Knight, one of His Majesties iustices of his Court of Chiefe Place within the same realme.
Sicklemore, James. / [1657?] To all the inhabitiants of the town of Youghal who are under the teaching of James Wood ...
Sictor, Jan, 1593-1652. / [1638] Panegyricon inaugurale honoratissimi & amplissimi Domini prætoris regii, sive majoris nobilissimæ & florentissimæ urbis Londinensis, a forma reipublicæ breviter conscriptum.
Sictor, Jan, 1593-1652. / [1629] Carmina lugubria de infelici casu et præmaturo obitu, ex naufragio 17/7 Ianuarij die anni hujus 1629, sub densissimæ instar nubis nebula, vespertino crepusculo inter 4 et 5 horam, non procul ab Amstelredamo in fluvio Ya apud Batavos facto, illustrissimi ac optimæ indolis, maximæque spei Principis Friderici Henrici serenissimi Bohemorum Regis Friderici, Principis electoris Palatini primogeniti filii, electi in Regem Bohemiæ, 15 annos & 7 dies nati, communi nomine omnium piorum ac fidelium, tanti et táam heroicæ mentis Principis incomparabilem jacturam ex corde deplorans ac mærens, æviterni monumenti loco, conscripsit humillimus eorum servus, M. Iohannes Sictor Rokyczanus exul Bohemus.
Sidney, Algernon, 1622-1683. / [1689] Sidney Redivivus, or, The opinion of the late Honourable Collonel Sidney as to civil government wherin is asserted and clearly proved, that the power of kings is founded in the consent of the people, who have a right to call them to an account for male-administration and to restore themselves to their native liberty : by which the late proceedings of the nation against James the II are justified : together with some reflections on what is said by ill men against the present government, by another hand.
Sidney, Algernon, 1622-1683. / [Anno 1683] Colonel Sidney's speech delivered to the sheriff on the scaffold December 7th 1683.
Sidney, Algernon, 1622-1683, defendant. / [1683] An Exact account of the tryal of Algernoon Sidney who was tryed at the Kings-Bench-Bar at Westminster this present Wednesday, being the twenty fifth of November for conspiring the death of the King, and His Royal Highness, of which he was convicted
Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586. / [1595] The defence of poesie. By Sir Phillip Sidney, Knight.
Sidway, John. / [1681] The reasons of the conversion of Mr. John Sidway from the Romish to the Protestant religion together with what usage he hath since received in the Church of England : as also a brief account of his travails / humbly communicated to the high court of Parliament.
Silhon, sieur de (Jean), 1596?-1667. / [1658] The minister of state vvherein is shewn, the true use of modern policy / by Monsievr de Silhon ... ; Englished by H. H. ...
Silhon, sieur de (Jean), 1596?-1667. / [1663] The second part of The minister of state. Written by Monsieur de Silhon, secretary to the late Cardinal Richelieu. Englished by H. H.
Sill, William, d. 1687. / [1681] Freedom from fear of death, through the death of Christ a sermon preached at Guild-Hall-Chappel, on Good-Friday, A.D. 1681 / by William Sill ...
Sill, William, d. 1687. / [1687] A catalogue of books in divinity, humanity, history, & philology, &c. together with tracts, and pamphlets contained in the English part of the library of the Rev. Mr. W. Sill, late Prebend of Westminster, which will be sold by auction at the Black Swan in St. Paul's Church-Yard, over against the South-Door of St. Paul's Church amongst the Woollen-Drapers, at two of the clock in the afternoon, on Tuesday, the 29th of this instant, November, 1687 / by Edward Millington, bookseller.
Silver, George, fl. 1599. / [1599] Paradoxes of defence wherein is proued the true grounds of fight to be in the short auncient weapons, and that the short sword hath aduantage of the long sword or long rapier. And the weakenesse and imperfection of the rapier-fights displayed. Together with an admonition to the noble, ancient, victorious, valiant, and most braue nation of Englishmen, to beware of false teachers of defence, and how they forsake their owne naturall fights: with a briefe commendation of the noble science or exercising of armes. By George Siluer Gentleman.
Silvester, John, 17th cent. / [1690] Astrological observations and predictions for the year of our Lord 1691 wherein also is briefely shewn the signification of the earthquake that hapned in March last in the city of Bristol : and wherein also are briefely shewn the significations of the three oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter, that will happen in the [sic] 1692 and 1693, and of the eclipses of this present year : likewise monthly observations for every month throughout this present year, briefely containing the most remarkable events and accidents that are likely to happen in divers places of the world / by John Silvester.
Silvester, John, 17th cent. / [1682] Astrological observations and predictions for the year of our Lord 1682.: Wherein are briefly shewn, the significations of the late comet, (which appeared most manifestly to us in December 1680.) And of the two great eclipses of the moon ... : also monthly observations for every month this present year. Briefly containing the most remarkable events that are likely to happen in some nations, kingdoms, and cities / by John Silvester.
Silvester, John, 17th cent. / [1699] Astrological and theological observations and predictions for the year of our Lord 1700. Wherein are briefly shewn as well the judgements and opinions of several wise men concerning this present year and other years as his own judgment with the signification of the eclipses of this present year. With monthly observations for every month of this present year briefly containing the most remarkable events that are likely to happen in England and other places, and the most likely days for rain and change of vveather and other things worthy of observation. The lofy heavenes by their whirling motion ... behold the day star in their hearts to rise. Psal. 19.1 ... 2 Pet. 1.19. By John Silvester student in astrology.
Silvester, John, 17th cent. / [1681] 1681. Astrological observations and predictions for the year of our Lord 1681: Wherein is briefly shewn the significations of the late comet, which was seen in December last, 1680. And what is signified by the eclipses and positions of the planets, in the figures of the four solar ingresses, &c. And what sorrowful times are approaching to the world, and what eminent changes are like to happen in most countries (from the influences of the three conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in the fiery trigon, in 1682. and 1683.) Also monthly observations. For every month this present year. Briefly containing the most remarkable events that are likely to happen in some eminent citties in England, and in our neighbouring nations. By John Silvester.
Simmonds, Martha. / [1656-65] O England; thy time is come, God hath not taken thee until thou be ful; yea, the fulness of thy time is come; ...
Simmonds, Martha. / [1655] A lamentation for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.: With an invitation to have them turne in their minds to the true shepheard of the souls. Also something in discovery of the nakednesse of all professions who are found in the words without the life and power. / Written by one of the children of the light, who is known to the world by the name of Martha Simmons.
Simmons, Patrick. / [1683] Strange and wonderful news from Ireland: of a whale of a prodigious size, being eighty two foot long, cast ashore on the third of this instant February, near Dublin, and there exposed to publick view / in a letter to a person of quality.
Simon, Richard, 1638-1712. / [1685] The history of the original and progress of ecclesiastical revenues wherein is handled according to the laws, both ancient and modern, whatsoever concerns matters beneficial, the regale, investitures, nominations, and other rights attributed to princes / written in French by a learned priest, and now done into English.
Simon, Richard, 1638-1712. / [1689] A critical history of the text of the New Testament wherein is firmly establish'd the truth of those acts on which the foundation of Christian religion is laid / by Richard Simon, Priest.
Simon, Richard, 1638-1712. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] The critical history of the religions and customs of the eastern nations written in French by the learned Father Simon ; and now done into English, by A. Lovell ...
Simon, Richard, 1638-1712. / [1684] Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible printed in divers places and at several times together with Animadversions upon a small treatise of Dr. Isaac Vossivs, concerning the Oracles of the sibylls, and an answer to the objections of the late Critica sacra / written originally in Latin, by Father Simon of the Oratory ; translated into English, by N.S.
Simonds, Thomas, d. 1666. / [1656] The voyce of the just uttered: his passing out of Ægypt through the Red Sea, through the wildernesse to the promised land, where rest and peace is enjoyed. / By him who is known to the world by the name of Thomas Symonds.
Simons, William, fl. 1665. / [anno Dom. 1665] The true Christians path way to heaven: Wherein is shewed, the great afflictions which God imposeth upon His children in this life, and the assurance of their delivery out of the same. Being very profitable and comfortable for all those who are in any crosses or afflictions. Thereunto is added a prayer for morning and evening, and graces before and after meat. Dedicated to all those that desire to arrive at Mount Sion, the harbour of peace and joy. By William Simons.
Simotta, George. / [1631] A theater of the planetary houres for all dayes of the yeare. VVherein may be gathered from the earth, vnder the cœlestiall influences, divers sorts of hearbs, rootes, leaves, barkes, flowers, fruits, seedes, stones, animals, &c. for the vse of physick: whereby both suddenly, and happily infirmities may be cured. The evils too are set downe, that happen, and are caused by the seuen plannets: the friendship and hatred betwixt them: the sunne rising; and to finde the determinate houre of it. A worke not onely curious and delightfull, but likewise necessary for physitians, and all curious spirits. Composed by George Simotta a Grecian, of Constantinople, spagirick physitian, to Monsieur, brother to his Majestie of France. Translated out of Greeke, into French, and now into English, fitted to our calculation.
Simpson, Christopher, d. 1669. / [1659] The division-violist, or, An introduction to the playing upon a grovnd divided into two parts, the first directing the hand, with other preparative instructions, the second laying open the manner and method of playing ex-tempore, or composing division to a grovnd : to which, are added some divisions made upon grounds for the practice of learners / by Chr. Simpson.
Simpson, Christopher, d. 1669. / [1667] Chelys, minuritionum artificio exornata, sive, Minuritiones ad basin, etiam ex tempore modulandi ratio in tres partes distributa = The division-viol, or, The art of playing ex tempore upon a ground, divided into three parts ... / authore Christophoro Simpson.
Simpson, John. / [1659] The herbal of divinity, or The dead arising from the dust to confute the hereticks of these times that say, there is no resurrection : in several sermons / by John Simpson ...
Simpson, John, 17th cent. / [1648] The perfection of justification maintained against the Pharise the purity of sanctification against the stainers of it: the unquestionablenesse of a future glorification aganst the Sadduce: in severall sermons. Together with an apologeticall answer to the ministers of the new province of London in vindication of the author against their aspersions. / by John Simpson, an unworthy publisher of gospel-truths in London.
Simpson, Richard. / [Printed in the year, 1661] A brief relation of some of the unjust sufferings of Richard Simpson, by a false brother and his accomplices.: Whose letter or libel let the reader observe as followeth. / Printed for the pure innocent truths sake ... : Given forth by one who is a daily mourner in Sion ... And he which hath received this, his name is written with R.S.
Simpson, Richard, 1661 or 2-1684. / [1685] Moral considerations touching the duty of contentedness under afflictions. In a letter to the most affectionate and best of fathers Mr. James Simpson. By R.S.
Simpson, Sidrach, 1600?-1655. / [1658] Two books of Mr Sydrach Simpson, late master of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridg; and preacher of the Gospel in London. Viz. I. Of unbelief; or the want of readiness to lay hold on the comfort given by Christ. II. Not going to Christ for life and salvation is an exceeding great sin, yet it is pardonable.: In the first book is shewed (besides many other things) 1 What unbelief it is that is here spoken of ... 7 Helps to attain readiness in beleeving. In the second book is shewed, 1 That unbelief is a great sin, and exceeding provoking unto God ... 7 God hath pardoned unbelief, and wil pardon it.
Simpson, Sidrach, 1600?-1655. / [1643] Reformations preservation opened in a sermon preached at Westminster before the honourable House of Commons, at the late solemne fast, July 26, 1643 / by Sidr. Simpson.
Simpson, Sidrach, 1600?-1655. / [1647] Diatribē.: VVherein the judgement of the reformed churches and Protestant divines, is shewed, concerning [brace] ordination. Laying on of hands in ordination of ministers: and, preaching by those who are not ordained ministers.
Simpson, Sidrach, 1600?-1655. / [1647] Diatribē: VVherein the iudgement of the reformed churches and Protestant divines, is shewed, concerning preaching by those who are not ordained ministers.
Simpson, Sidrach, 1600?-1655. / [1644] The anatomist anatomis'd. Or, a short answer to some things in the book, intituled, An anatomy of independencie: wherein it's shewed; I. That many things reported are mis-reported. II. That if all were true, yet divulging of them in this manner, is not according to the word of God. III. Nor argumentative against the cause that's falsly called independency. By Sidr. Simpson.
Simpson, W. (William), fl. 1665-1677. / [1677] Philosophical dialogues concerning the principles of natural bodies wherein the principles of the old and new philosophy are stated, and the new demonstrated more agreeable to reason, from mechanical experiments and its usefulness to the benefit of man-kind / by W. Simpson.
Simpson, William, 1627?-1671. / [1660] A discovery of the priests and professors and of their nakedness and shame which is coming upon them, from their high profession, to fall as mire in the streets.
Simpson, William, 1627?-1671. / [1659] From one who was moved of the Lord God to go a sign among the priests & professors of the prophets, apostles, and Christs words but dead from their life, and naked from salvation and immortality ... : and so this is to you spiritual Aegyptians and black Aethiopians ... / William Sympson.
Simpson, William, 1627?-1671. / [1655] A declaration unto all, both priests and people first to the priests that they may read themselves and see their shame, secondly that people may know their bondage and to whom they are in bondage to / by William Stymson.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1675] Zymologia physica, or, A brief philosophical discourse of fermentation, from a new hypothesis of acidum and sulphur whereby the phœnomena of all natural hot-baths, the generation of minerals, the production of many acidulæ or spaw-waters, the grand apparances [sic] of heat, fire, and light ... are solv'd from the intestine duellings and inward collisions of the foresaid principles : whereby also various other subterraneal phœnomena ... are from the same doctrine of fermentation genuinely solv'd : with an additional discourse of the sulfur-bath at Knarsbrough / by W. Simpson ...
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1665] Zenexton ante-pestilentiale. Or, A short discourse of the plague its antidotes and cure, according to the placets of the best of physicians, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and Helmont. By W. Simpson, Philo-Medico-Chymic.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1678] A short essay towards the history and cure of fevers particularly of this new autumnal-fever. Humbly proposed to the consideration of the Royal Society, and the Colledge of Physicians, in order to the improvement of physick, and thereby th[e] benefit of our countrey-men. By W. Simpson Doctor in Physick.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1670] Hydrological essayes, or, A vindication of hydrologia chymica being a further discovery of the Scarbrough spaw, and of the right use thereof, and of the sweet spaw and sulpherwell at Knarsbrough : with a brief account of the allom works at Whitby : together with a return to some queries, propounded by the ingenious Dr. Dan Foot, concerning mineral waters : to which is annexed, an answer to Dr. Tunstal's book, concerning the Scarbrough spaw : with an appendix of the anatomy of the German spaw, and lastly, observations on the dissection of a woman who died of the jaundice, all grounded upon reason and experiment / William Simpson ...
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1669] Hydrologia chymica, or, The chymical anatomy of the Scarbrough, and other spaws in York-Shire wherein are interspersed some animadversions upon Dr. Wittie's lately published treatise of the Scarbrough-spaw : also a short description of the spaws at Malton and Knarsbrough : and a discourse concerning the original of hot springs and other fountains : with the causes and cures of most of the stubbornest diseases ... : also a vindication of chymical physick ... : lastly is subjoyned an appendix of the original of springs ... / by W. Simpson.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1675] A discourse of the sulphur-bath at Knarsbrough in York-shire. By Will. Simpson, M.D.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1679] The history of Scarbrough-Spaw, or, A further discovery of the excellent vertues thereof in the cure of the scurvy, hypochond. melancholy, stone, gonorrhea, agues, jaundies, dropsie, womens diseases, &c. By many remarkable instances, being a demonstration from the most convincing arguments, viz. matter of fact. Also a discourse of an artificial sulphur-bath, and each of sea-water, with the uses thereof in the cure of many diseases. Together with a short account of other rarities of nature observable at Scarbrough. By W. Sympson doct. in physick.
Simson, Alexander, 1570?-1639. / [1658] Two treatises. The first is, A plain platform for preaching: whereby the word of truth may be rightly divided; and he that speaketh, speak as the oracles of God. Digested into 20. propositions. The second is, The destruction of in-bred corruption. Or, An antidote against fleshly lust. By A. Symson minister of Gods word.
Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628. / [1623] A sacred septenarie, or, A godly and fruitful exposition on the seven Psalmes of repentance. viz. the VI. XXV. XXXII. XXXVIII. LI. CXXX. CXLIII. the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. of the penitentials. Seruing especially for the direction and comfort of all such, who are either troubled in minde, diseased in body, or persecuted by the wicked. The second impression. By Mr. A. Symson, pastor of the church at Dalkeeth in Scotland.
Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628. / [1621] Samsons seaven lockes of haire allegorically expounded, and compared to the seauen spirituall vertues, whereby we are able to ouercome our spirituall Philistims. By M. A. Symson, minister of the euangell at Dalkeith.
Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628. / [1621] Heptameron, the seven dayes: that is, meditations and prayers, vpon the vvorke of the Lords creation. Together with other certaine prayers and meditations, most comfortable for all estates, & c. By M. A. Symson, minister at Dalkeith.
Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628. / [1622] A godly and fruitful exposition on the twenty five psalme, the second of the penteniials [sic]. Seruing especially for the direction and comfort of all persons, who are either troubled in minde, diseased in bodie, or persecuted by the wicked. / by A. Symson, pastor of the church at Dalkeith in Scotland.
Sincere Lover of the Christian Community. / [1695] Scripture light about the Gospel ordinance of baptism in a letter to some scrupulous friends about it. By a sincere lover of the Christian community.
Sincere well-wisher to the old Protestant religion. / [1681] Five important queries humbly propounded to all true lovers of the peace and safety of the church and state by a sincere well-wisher to the old Protestant religion.
Sinclare, Alex. / [1699] A sermon preach'd before the Societies for Reformation of Manners in Dublin, April the 11th, 1699 by Alex. Sinclare ; published at the desire of the said societies.
Singleton, Isaac, b. 1582 or 3. / [1615] The dovvnefall of Shebna together with an application to the bloudie Gowrie of Scotland. As it was deliuered in two seuerall sermons of that occasion, in S. Maries Church in Oxford. And now published for a warning to all ill-affected Ogiluiests: vt quorum exitus perhorrescunt, eorum facta non imitentur. By I.S.
Sinibaldi, Giovanni Benedetto, 1594-1658. / [1658] Rare verities.: The cabinet of Venus unlocked, and her secrets laid open. : Being a translation of part of Sinibaldus, his Geneanthropeia, and a collection of some things out of other Latin authors, never before in English.
Sion College. / [1681?] The state of Sion College London, 1681:
Siston, Joshua, b. 1603 or 4. / [1651 i.e. 1650] A new catichisme for ever: or, The mite of a minister. Cast into a catechisme, for the preparation of his people, before they receive the supper of the Lord. By Joshuah Siston, minister at Grauby, in the vale of Bever.
Sitrauk, W. / [anno Dom. 1647] A letter from Newcastle of the Commissioners their message delivered to the King;: and their debates with the Scots Commissioners. And how the Scots have quit the city and garrison of Durham; and the garrisons of Hartlepoole and Stockton, and Major General Skippon possessed thereof, on Tuesday last, Jan. 26. 1646. Also, a letter delivered from the Parliament of Scotland to the King; in answer to His Majesties two quæres. Appointed to be printed and published, according to order of Parliament, Feb. 1. 1646.
Sixmith, Bryan, d. 1679. / [1676] The unskillful skirmisher rebuked for blasphemy: being a brief answer to to a pamphlet entituled, A skirmish made upon Quakerism.
Sixmith, William, 1655 or 6-1677. / [1678?] A testimony concerning the life and death of William Sixmith, being sent with the following matter to London, in order to be made publick.