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Raban, Edward, d. 1658. / [1622] Rabans resolution against drunkennes and whoredome vvhich are the chiefe occasions of the breach of Gods Sabbath, and consequently of our damnation.
Raban, Edward, d. 1658. / [June 6, 1638] The glorie of man consisting in the excellencie and perfection of woman. Gathered out of Holie Scriptures, and most renowned wryters; as well ancient, as moderne; ecclesiaticall, as morall. Wherevnto is annexed The duetie of husbands.
Rabisha, William. / [1661] The whole body of cookery dissected, taught, and fully manifested, methodically, artificially, and according to the best tradition of the English, French, Italian, Dutch, &c., or, A sympathie of all varieties in naturall compounds in that mysterie wherein is contained certain bills of fare for the seasons of the year, for feasts and common diets : whereunto is annexed a second part of rare receipts of cookery, with certain useful traditions : with a book of preserving, conserving and candying, after the most exquisite and newest manner ...
Rabisha, William. / [1649] Adam unvailed, and seen with open face: or, Israel's right way from Egypt to Canaan, lately discovered. Wherein his estate is laid down, opened and compared with ours, under severall dispensations; in opposition to what ever hath been formerly declared by most men: in which many excellent truths appear, to the great comfort and consolation of all those that are made capable of it. By William Rabisha.
Racan, Honorat de Bueil, marquis de, 1589-1670. / [1626] L'artenice
Racster, John. / [1605] The true art of liuing well The right vse of things indifferent. The plaine foot-path to the paradise of God. Three sermons preached at Cambridge, Westminster, and Worcester, by Iohn Racster minister of the word, and preacher.
Radcliffe, Alexander, fl. 1669-1696. / [1680?] Bacchinalia coelestia: a poem, in praise of punch: compos'd by the gods and goddesses in Cabal.
Radford, John, 1561-1630. / [1605] A directorie teaching the way to the truth in a briefe and plaine discourse against the heresies of this time. Whereunto is added, a short treatise against adiaphorists, neuters, and such as say they may be saued in any sect or religion, and would make of many diuers sects one Church.
Radmore, William, fl. 1651. / [1651] Wonderful news, from the North: being a true and perfect relation, of severall strange and wonderful apparitions seen in the ayr, between Madely and Whitmore, in the county palatine of Chester. Shewing, how there appeared a dark colud over the sun, and immediatly after two great armies of men were seen in battle array, with drums, trumpets, and canons ready mounted, who seemed to have a terrible and bloudy fight. Also, the coming in of certain birds with wings like angels, after the battle was ended, with a description of their several colours, and what hapned. This relation was taken by the minister of Madely, and the truth thereof verified by Mrs. Holt of Oakers Hill, who with her maid, were eye-witnesses hereof.
Radnor, John Robartes, Earl of, 1606-1685. / [1673] A discourse of the vanity of the creature by a person of honour.
Radnor, John Robartes, Earl of, 1606-1685. / [1642] A declaration of the noble resolution of the Earle of Essex his Excellence.: Concerning his intention in going forth with this great army, consisting of 60000. now advancing forward under his honourable command; in the defence of the King and Parliament, and the Protestant religion. With an excellent speech delivered vnto his honour, immediately before his departure, by the Lord Roberts, before divers colonells and captaines at Essex House, to encourage the Earle in his proceedings, and the justice of his cause, being undertaken for the generall good of the kingdome. Being thought fit to be published for the satisfaction of well affected persons, and true Protestants.
Raffaeli, Francesco. / [1697] Theriaca Andromachi senioris diuinum inuentum The abouesaid antidote is composed in Venice vvith all diligence and careby Anthony Raffaeli apothecary at the signe of the Paradice at Riu'alta vpon the vvine banck in the presence and beforethe most illustrious magistrates of the old iustice, and the most excellent colledge of doctors and of the apothecaryes, and other deputys for the same, the faculties, and rare virtues of vvhich are as follo vveth for the good of all people.
Raie, C. / [1656] Gemitus plebis: or A mournful complaint and supplication in behalf of the more weak and ignorant of the people of this nation.: Drawn up for them by a friend, whose deep sense of his own ignorance and weakness, hath taught him to be compassionate towards all that labour under the same infirmities. / By C. Raie.
Raikes, Robert, of Headon. / [1659] The great and grievous oppression of the subject; exhibited in a remonstrance to the Parliament:: wherein-is more particularly set forth, the unjust dealings of the two corporations of Hull and Headon in the county of York. By Robert Raikes Gent.
Rainbowe, Edward, 1608-1684. / [1649] A sermon preached at Walden in Essex, May 29th.: At the interring of the corps of the right Honorable Susanna, Countesse of Suffolke. Being a modest and short narration of some remarable passages in the holy life and death of that memorable lady. Who dyed May 19th. 1649. / By Edw: Rainbowe. D.D.
Rainbowe, Edward, 1608-1684. / [1677] A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honorable Anne, Countess of Pembroke, Dorset, and Montgomery: who died March 22, 1675/6, and was interred April the 14th following at Appleby in Westmorland : with some remarks on the life of that eminent lady / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward, Lord Bishop of Carlile.
Rainbowe, Edward, 1608-1684. / [1635] Labour forbidden, and commanded. A sermon preached at St. Pauls Church, September 28. 1634. By Edvvard Rainbovve, fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Cambridge.
Rainolds, John, 1549-1607. / [1641] The iudgement of Doctor Reignolds concerning episcopacy, whether it be Gods ordinance.: Expressed in a letter to Sir Francis Knovvls, concerning Doctor Bancrofts sermon at Pauls-Crosse, the ninth of February, 1588. In the Parliament time.
Rainolds, John, 1549-1607. / [1641] Dr. Reignolds his letter to that worthy councellor, Sir Francis Knolles concerning some passages in Dr. Bancrofts sermon at Pavles Crosse, Feb. 9. 1588. in the Parliament time. As also A qvestion resolved by a learned doctor, whether the angels of the seaven churches, Revel. 2, & 3. make for Episcopall præ-eminence Jure Divino.
Rainstorp, John. / [1684] Loyalty recommended in a sermon preached before the worshipful society of merchants adventures at St. Stephen's Church in Bristol, November 10th, 1683 / by John Rainstorp ...
Rait, William, 1617-1670. / [1671] A vindication of the reformed religion, from the reflections of a romanist written for information of all, who will receive the truth in love / by William Rait ...
Raleigh, George, b. 1600? / [1641] Albania: or, Certaine concernments of Great Britanny. With an explication of the present state thereof; truely represented under the faigned person of Albania. / By George Raleigh.
Ram, Robert, d. 1657. / [1644] The souldiers catechisme: composed for the Parliaments Army:: consisting of two parts: wherein are chiefly taught: 1 the iustification 2 the qualification of our souldiers. Written for the incouragement and instruction of all that have taken up armes in this cause of God and his people; especially the common souldiers. Imprimatur. Ja. Cranford.
Ram, Robert, d. 1657. / [1646] A sermon preached at Balderton March 27. 1646.: Being a day of humiliation thorow-out the whole army before Newark. / By Robert Ram minister of Spalding in Lincolnshire, and chaplaine to Colonell Rossiter.
Ram, Robert, d. 1657. / [1645] Pædo-baptisme: or, the baptizing of infants justified:: by the judgement and practice of ancient and moderne Protestant divines, both foraine, and of this nation: clearly proving the absolute necessity of baptizing infants, from the authority of sacred scripture and the force of undeniable reason. Together with an excellent letter of Mr. John Philpots to the same purpose. / Collected by Robert Ram, minister of Spalding in Lincolnshire. Published by authority.
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1650] A reply to a scandalous pamphlet entituled A declaration against judicial astrology written by the quondam (most ignorant and weak) practitioner Mr. John Raunce. Wherein he is both stript of all his weak arguments, and confuted as altogether ignorant of the art. By William Ramsey gent qui est artium candidissimus amator.
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1651] Lux veritatis: or, Christian judicial astrology vindicated, and demonology confuted: in answer to Nath. Homes, D.D. Wherein his allegations of the learned, reasons, divine proofs, and arguments, are particularly examined and convinced. With the legality of the art maintained and warranted by Scripture. Whereunto is annexed, a short discourse of that great eclipse of the sun, March 29. 1652. By William Ramesey Gent. student in astrologie and physick.
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1668] Helminthologia, or, Some physical considerations of the matter, origination, and several species of wormes macerating and direfully cruciating every part of the bodies of mankind ... together with their various causes, signs, diagnosticks, prognosticks, the horrid symptomes by them introduced : as also the indications and method of cure, all which is medicinally, philosophically, astrologically, and historically handled / by William Ramesey.
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1672] The gentlemans companion, or, A character of true nobility and gentility microform : in the way of essay / by a person of quality ...
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1663] De venenis, or, A discourse of poysons their names, natures, & vertues : with their several symptomes, prognosticks, and antidotes / by W.R., M.D.
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1653] Astrologia restaurata, or, Astrologie restored being an introduction to the general and chief part of the language of the stars : in four books ... / by VVilliam Ramesey, Gent. ...
Ramsay, John, 1496?-1551. / [M.D.XLVIII. 1548] A plaister for a galled horse. Loke what here in shalbe redde wynse at nothyng, excepte ye be gylty for of vsurped power we be not a dradde, but God to be knowen, before preceptes fylthy we speake not agaynst Godes holy mystery but agaynst such, as loue neyther God nor theyr kynge beware therfore ye knowe not your desteny loke better to the Scripture, the word euerlastinge Yf this playster be to colde ye shall haue an other be bolde thintent is to cure and edyfy so it is sayd, by Ihon Ramsy.
Ramsay, John, 1496?-1551. / [1548?] A corosyfe to be layed hard vnto the hartes of all faythfull professours of Christes Gospel. Gathered out of the scriptures by Iohn Ra[m]sey.
Ramsay, Laurence. / [1577?] The practise of the diuell. The auncient poisoned practises of the diuell, in his papistes, against the true professors of Gods holy worde, in these our latter daye. Newlie set forth by L. Ramsey.
Ramsay, Thomas, b. ca. 1631. / [printed in the year, 1698] Israel's reformation.
Ramsay, William, B.D. / [1672] The Tridentine-gospel, or, papal creed made at Trent, and promulgated at Rome, by Pope Pius IV : exhibited and demonstrated to be new, heterodox, and antichristian : in a sermon / by William Ramsay ... ; hereto is added, Pope Pius his Bull in Latine and English, necessary to be seen by all that would know the present faith of Rome, especially in these our nations where they conceal it.
Ramsay, William, B.D. / [1680] Maromah, the Lord of Rome the Antichrist, finally and fully discover'd his name and the number of his name, hitherto wonderfully hid in the words of Solomon and Isaiah, but now reveal'd beyond all scruple and doubt : to the most seasonable comfort of all the faithful, to the everlasting confusion of Pope and popish ministers, to the vindication, praise and encouragement of all Protestant witnesses, peculiarly [sic] the happy discoverers of the late most horrid Popish Plot : being a second sermon on Prov. XIV. 25, preacht in Istleworth Church on Novemb. 16, 1679 / by William Ramsay, B.D. ...
Ramsay, William, B.D. / [1679] Mirmah, or, The deceitful witness a prophecy of Solomon, now first and seasonably discovered, wherein the deceitful witnesses of Rome are made manifest to all, and our Protestant witnesses are justified, praised, and defended, chiefly the late happy discoverers of the Romish plots & deceits : being a sermon preached Novemb. 5 on Prov. 14.25 : a true witness delivereth souls, but a deceitful witness speaketh lies, or, as the original signifies, the lord of Rome speaketh lies / by William Ramsay ...
Ramsay, William, B.D. / [1681] The Julian ship, or, Paul's transportation to Rome a discourse on Acts 27, 15, made on March 20, 1680/81, the Sunday before the last Parliament's meeting at Oxford / by Wil. Ramsay, Esq., B.D. ...
Ramsden, Henry, d. 1638. / [1639] A gleaning in Gods harvest. Foure choyce handfuls; the gate to happinesse. Wounded saviour. Epicures caution. Generation of seekers. By the late judicious divine, Henry Ramsden, sometime preacher in London.
Ramsey, James, merchant. / [1651] Bloudy newes from the East-Indies:: being a true relation, and perfect abstract of the cruel, barbarous, and inhumane proceedings of the Dutch-men against the English at Amboyna: ... the unjust tryall of the English marchants and factors: their examinations and confessions: the bloudy sentence pronounced against them: and the manner how Capt. Towerson, Mr. Tompson, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Beomont, Mr. Clerk, and divers others, were hang'd up by the hands on a large door, where they were made fast upon two iron staples, and their hands and legs stretched asunder; as also burning them with lighted torches under their armpits, & with lighted candles in the bottom of their feet, under the elbows, and in the palm of their hands. Then they bound a cloth about their necks and faces very close, and powring water upon their heads, till the cloth was full up to the nostrils, stifled them, forcing their eyes to start of their heads; their cheekes to seem like great bladders; and each mans body to swell as big as three. With their speeches at the place of execution; at which instant a great darkness arose. / These particulars are averred by Mr Ramsey, a merchant; an eye-witness of their martyrdoms; who desires the publishing thereof throughout all England. Signed, James Ramsey.
Ramsey, John, Minister of East Rudham. / [1661] Zimri's peace: or, The traytor's doom & downfall.: Being the substance of two sermons preached at Apethorp in the county of Northampton. By John Ramsey Master of Arts, and minister of East-Rudham in the connty [sic] of Norfolk.
Ramsey, John, Minister of East Rudham. / [1659] Præterita, or, A summary of several sermons the greater part preached many years past, in several places, and upon sundry occasion / by John Ramsey ...
Ramsey, John, Minister of East Rudham. / [M. DC. LVI. 1656] Morbus epidemicus: or The disease of the latter dayes:: discovered and laid open in a sermon out of the II Ep. of Timothy, ch. 4, v. 3, 4. / By John Ramsey, minister of East Rudham in the county of Norfolk.
Ramus, Petrus, 1515-1572. / [1636] Peter Ramus, his logick in two bookes. Not onely truely translated into English, but also digested into question and answere, for the more easie understanding of all men. By R.F. Gent:
Ramus, Petrus, 1515-1572. / [Anno M. D. Lxxiiii 1574 Cum Privilegio] The logike of the moste excellent philosopher P. Ramus martyr, newly translated, and in diuers places corrected, after the mynde of the author. Per M. Roll. Makylmenæum Scotum, rogatu viri honestissimi, M. Ægidii Hamlini.
Randal, John, b. 1594 or 5. / [1624] A sermon preacht at St Maries in Oxford, the 5. of August: 1624. Concerning the kingdomes peace. By Iohn Randol B: in D: of Brasen-nose Colledge.
Randal, John, b. 1594 or 5. / [1633] Noble Blastus the honor of a lord chamberlaine: and of a good bed-chamber--man: or The courtier justified in conditions of peace. Being a sermon preacht the 27. of March, 1631. before Sir Lucius Cary, and the congregation at Burford Church in Oxfordshire; with speciall relation to the Coronation-day, and the plague and dearth then among the people. By Iohn Randol Bachelor in Divinitie, of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford.
Randall, John, 1570-1622. / [1630] Three and tvventie sermons, or, Catechisticall lectures upon the sacrament of the Lords Supper preached monthly before the Communion. By that late able, and painfull preacher, Master Iohn Randall Bachelour of Divinitie, pastor of Saint Andrewes Hubbart in little Eastcheape London, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford. Published by his executor Iosh. Randall, as he found it corrected by the authors one hand, in his study, since his death.
Randall, John, 1570-1622. / [1623] Saint Pauls triumph, or cygnea illa & dulcissima cantio that swan-like and most sweet song, of that learned and faithfull seruant of God, Mr. Iohn Randall, bachelor of diuinitie: vttered by him (in an eleauen sermons, vpon the eight chapter of St. Pavl his epistle to the Romans, vers. 38.39.) lately before his death, in the time of his great and heauy affliction, and vpon the Communion-dayes, either altogether, or for the most part. And now published for the glory of God, the edification of his church and people, and the hononrable [sic] memoriall of the author, by William Holbrooke, preacher of the word of God.
Randall, John, 1570-1622. / [1622] The necessitie of righteousnes. Or A profitable and fruitfull sermon vpon the fift chapter of the Gospell of S. Mathew. vers. 20. Preached and penned by that famous, learned, iudicious, orthodoxall, holy, wise, and skilfull preacher and servant of God, now deceased, and with his God triumphing in Heaven, Iohn Randall, Batchelour of Divinitie, pastour of St Andrewes Hubbart in little East-cheape London, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford. And now published, to the glory of God, the edification of his Church, and the honourable memoriall of the author, by William Holbrooke, preacher of the Word of God in the church aforesaid.
Randall, John, 1570-1622. / [1622] The description of fleshly lusts. Or a profitable and fruitfull sermon vpon the first Epistle of Saint Peter, Chap. 2. vers. 11. 12. Preached and penned by that famous, learned, iudicious, orthodoxall, holy, wise, and skilfull preacher and servant of God, now deceased, and with his God triumphing in Heaven, Iohn Randall, Batchelour of Divinitie, pastour of St. Andrewes Hubbart in little East cheape London, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Coledge in Oxford. And now published, to the glory of God, the edification of his church, and the honourable memoriall of the author, by William Holbrooke, preacher of the word of God in the church aforesaid.
Randolph, Bernard, b. 1643. / [1686] The present state of the Morea, called anciently, Peloponnesus which hath been near two hundred years under the dominion of the Turks, and is now very much depopulated : together with a description of the city of Athens, islands of Zant, Strafades, and Serigo / faithfully described by Bernard Randolph, who resided in those parts from 1671 to 1679.
Randolph, Bernard, b. 1643. / [1687] The present state of the islands in the archipelago, or Arches, seas of Constantinople and gulph [sic] of Smyrna with the islands of Candia and Rhodes / faithfully describ'd by Ber. Randolph : to which is annexed an index shewing the longitude and latitude of all the places in the new map of Greece lately published by the same author.
Randolph, John, Captain. / [1643] Honour advanced: or, A briefe account of the long keeping, and late leaving of the close at Liechfield,: being a full relation of all the passages worthy observation during the whole time of the siege; as also of the honourable tearmes upon which it was resigned. Together with the names of those valiant commanders who have done this service both for church and state; some of them unexperienced in warre, yet all couragious for the truth. By Captaine John Randolph, a commander, and eye-witnesser in the said close.
Ranew, Nathanael, 1602?-1678. / [MDCLXX] Solitude improved by divine meditation, or, A treatise proving the duty and demonstrating the necessity, excellency, usefulness, natures, kinds and requisites of divine meditation first intended for a person of honour, and now published for general use by Nathanael Ranew.
Ranew, Nathanael, 1602?-1678. / [1694] Practical discourses concerning death and Heaven discovering the great necessity of a speedy preparation for death : with the danger of neglecting or delaying such preparations : also the excellency, glory, and happiness of Heaven opened and explained as the portion of all true believers after death / by Nathanael Ranew.
Ranew, Nathanael, 1602?-1678. / [1694] The glory and happiness of the saints in heaven:, or, A discourse concerning the blessed state of the righteous after death by Nathanael Ranew.
Rannew, Thomas. / [Printed in the Year 1688] In this book is the figure of the dividing the land of Israel among the tribes of Israel ...: wherein is the figure of the bigness of the priest's portion, and temple therein, and of the Levite's portion, and of the city Jehovah Shammah ... and of the ground for food for them that minister in the city ... and of Prince Jesus his portion ... and of the bigness of the city New Jerusalem ... and all or most of the signs of Christ's coming explained [in] verse, with other mysteries, by the aforesaid [sic] author.
Rapin, René, 1621-1687. / [1672] Reflections upon the eloquence of these times, particularly of the barr and pulpit
Rathband, William, d. 1695. / [1644] A most grave, and modest confutation of the errors of the sect, commonly called Brownists, or: Seperatists.: Agreed upon long since by the joynt consent of sundry, godly, and learned ministers of this kingdome, then standing out and suffering in the cause of inconformity; and now published in a time of need, for the good of Gods Church, and the better setling of mens unstable mindes in the truth against, the subtile insinuations, and plausible pretences of that pernicious evill. Published by W. Rathband, minister of the Gospell.
Rathband, William, d. 1695. / [1644] A briefe narration of some church courses held in opinion and practise in the churches lately erected in New England.: Collected out of sundry of their own printed papers and manuscripts with other good intelligences. Together with some short hints (given by the way) of their correspondence with the like tenents and practises of the separatists churches. And some short animadversions upon some principall passages for the benefit of the vulgar reader. Presented to publike view for the good of the church of God by W. R.
Rathborne, Aaron. / [1616] The surueyor in foure bookes by Aaron Rathborne.
Rationalis, Theophilus. / [1682] New news from Bedlam, or, More work for Towzer and his brother Ravanscroft alias hocus pocus whipt and script, or, A ra-ree new fashion cupping glass most humbly represented to the observator : wherein the various shapes ... / by Theophilus Rationalis ...
Rationalis, Theophilus. / [1681] Mvltvm in parvo, aut vox veritatis by Theophilus Rationalis ...
Ratramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868. / [1623] A booke of Bertram the priest, concerning the body and blood of Christ written in Latin to Charles the Great, being Emperour, aboue eight hundred yeeres agoe. Translated and imprinted in the English tongue. Anno Dnj. 1549.
Ratramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868. / [1548] The boke of Barthram priest intreatinge of the bodye and bloude of Christ wryten to greate Charles the Emperoure, and set forth. vii.C. yeares a goo. and imprinted. an. d[omi]ni M.D.XLviii. Cum preuilegio, ad imprimendum solum.
Ratramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868. / [1689] Bertram or Ratram concerning the body and blood of the Lord in Latin : with a new English translation, to which is prefix'd an historical dissertation touching the author and this work.
Raue, Christian, 1613-1677. / [1649] A discovrse of the orientall tongves viz. [brace ] Ebrew, Samaritan, Calde, Syriac, Arabic, and Ethiopic : together with A genrall grammer for the said tongues / by Christian Ravis.
Raunce, John, 17th cent. / [1692] For G.P. or the author of a little book entituled, Just measures, in an epistle, &c. and to all approvers thereof;: with a postscript and a few words to the yearly meeting in London.
Raunce, John, 17th cent. / [1650] Astrologia accusata pariter & condemnata. Or The diabolical art of judicial astrologie,: receiving the definitive sentence of final condemnation: being delivered in this following discourse, where the said art is briefly and manifestly opened, justly arraigned, diligently examined, and experimentally condemned by him, who was a student in the same. / By John Raunce, sometime a practitioner of astrologie, and student in the magick art.
Rauquil-Lieutaud. / [1671] A New almanack, or prognostication, for the year of Christ 1671.: Being the third after bissextile, or leap year. Wherein are contained the moveable feasts, the eclipses, a description of the four quarters of the year, the changes of the moon, her full and quarters, with the dayly disposition of the weather. : Together with notes of husbandry & gardening, and physical observations: the dismal dayes, with the whole fairs of Scotland. : Calculated for the meridian of the honorable city of Glasgow, where the pole is elevated 55 deg. 55 min. / Set forth in Aberdene by M.D.L. professor of mathematicks.
Ravenhill, W. L. D. / [MDCLXXX1X 1689] A short account of the Company of Grocers from their original : together with their case and condition (in their present circumstances) truly stated : as also how their revenue is settled for payment of their charities, and provision made for the well-governing their members and mystery, to preserve a succession in their society : designed for information of all, and benefit of the members, and for satisfaction and encouragement of their friends and benefactors.
Ravenhill, William. / [1682] The case of the Company of Grocers stated and their condition in their present circumstances truly represented : together with a short accompt of their original, how eminent they have been in the city, and also of some of their antient priviledges and usages designed for information and satisfaction of the members and vindication of the company.
Rawbone, Joseph. / [1677] A brief narrative of the proceedings of Doctor Parr, and some of the parishioners of Mary Magda'en [sic] - Bermonsey in the county of Surrey against certain people called Quakers, inhabitants of the said parish, for not paying and complying with an illegal tax, laid under pretence of repairing their church ...
Rawlet, John, 1642-1686. / [1699. ] Y rhybuddiwr Christnogawl yn cynnwys annogaeth ddifrifol i fuchedd sanctaidd. : Gyda rhai hyfforddiadau tuag-at yr unrhyw. : Wedi el sgrifennu mewn ffordd eglur ahawdd, i bôb mâth ar bobl. : A'i gyfieithu allan o'r ddeuddegfed At-graphiad yn y Saisonaeg.
Rawley, WIlliam, 1588?-1667. / [1623] A sermon of meekenesse preached at the Spittle vpon Easter Tuesday, M.D.C.XXIII. By William Rawley, Doctor of Diuinity.
Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630. / [1619] Vivat Rex. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on the day of his Maiesties happie inauguration, March 240. 1614. And now newly published, by occasion of his late (no lesse happy) recovery. By John Rawlinson Dr of Divinity, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary.
Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630. / [1611] The romish Iudas. A sermon preached at Saint Maries in Oxford the fifth of Nouember, 1610. By Iohn Ravvlinson Doctour of Diuinitie.
Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630. / [1625] Quadriga salutis Foure quadragesimal, or Lent-sermons, preached at White-hall: by Io. Rawlinson Doctor of Diuinity, principal of Edmund-Hall in Oxford, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary.
Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630. / [1612] Mercy to a beast. A sermon preached at Saint Maries Spittle in London on Tuseday in Easter-weeke. 1612. By Iohn Rawlinson Doctor of Divinitie.
Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630. / [1606] The foure summons of the Shulamite. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse vpon Rogation Sunday, the 5. of May. 1605. By John Rawlinson, Bachelor of Diuinitie, and fellow of Saint Iohns Colledge in Oxford.
Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630. / [1609] Fishermen fishers of men. A sermon preached at Mercers Chapell on Mid-Lent Sunday the 26. of March 1609. By Iohn Ravvlinson Doctour of Diuinitie.
Rawlinson, Thomas. / [1657] Light sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. This is to go abroad among all people who are honest-hearted, especially amongst the inhabitants in Fourns Fells, in Lancashire, and among all who have known me after the flesh, that all honest people may see what I was in profession, and also what I now am by the grace of God. From him which hath come through great tribulations, who hath even left all for Christ, and hath not whereon to lay his head, but is forsaken of father and of mother, and of kinred also, even for the testimony of Jesus, and for the Word of God, whom the world calls, Thomas Rawlinson.
Rawlinson, William. / [1700] Robert Bridgman's Reasons for leaving the Quakers, (upon examination) proved unreasonable being only a demonstration of his envy. By W. Rawlinson.
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Raworth, Francis, d. 1665. / [1655] Jacobs ladder, or The protectorship of Sion, laid on the shoulders of the Almighty;: in a description of the sufficiency of providence, suitable in these times of tentation. With Jacobs wrestling. / By Francis Raworth of Shoreditch.
Raworth, Francis, d. 1665. / [1656] Blessedness, or, God and the world weighted in the balances of the sanctuary and the world found too light preached in a sermon at Paule, before the Right Honourable the Lord Major, Aldermen, and commonalty of the city of London, on a thanksgiving-day, for the prosperity of our navy in a conflict with the Spaniard, October 17, 1656 / by Francis Raworth ...
Rawson, Edward, 1615-1693. / [1691] The revolution in New England justified and the people there vindicated from the aspersions cast upon them by Mr. John Palmer in his pretended answer to the declaration published by the inhabitants of Boston and the country adjacent, on the day when they secured their late oppressors, who acted by an illegal and arbitrary commission from the late King James.
Rawson, James. / [1658] Gerizim and Ebal (Election and reprobation), or, The absolute good pleasure of Gods most holy will to all the sons of Adam, specificated viz. to vessels of mercy in their eternal election, and to vessels of wrath in their eternal reprobation : being an answer to a spurious pamphlet lately crept into the world, which was fathered by Thomas Tazwell : wherein the texts of Scripture by him are perverted and vindicated, his corrupt glosses brought to light and purged, his shuffling and ambiguous dealing discovered, and the truth in all fully cleared / by James Rawson ...
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Raymond, George, A.M. / [1692] A sermon preached at the primary visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Norwich June, 20th. 1692 / by George Raymond ...
Raymond, George, A.M. / [1689] The pattern of pure and undefiled religion exhibited in the preaching and life of the holy Jesus, shewing the true genius and spirit of Christianity, with an introduction concerning the restoring of true religion by Jesus Christ and his kingdom / by George Raymond.
Raymond, of Capua, 1330-1399. / [Anno 1609] The life of the blessed virgin, Sainct Catharine of Siena Drawne out of all them that had written it from the beginning. And written in Italian by the reuerend Father, Doctor Caterinus Senensis. And now translated into Englishe out of the same Doctor, by Iohn Fen priest & confessar to the Englishe nunnes at Louaine.
Raymond, of Capua, 1330-1399. / [The yere of oure lorde. M.CCCCC. and xix, and the. xxviii. daye of September. 1519] Here begynneth the orcharde of Syon in the whiche is conteyned the reuelacyons of seynt [sic] Katheryne of Sene, with ghostly fruytes [and] precyous plantes for the helthe of mannes soule.
Raymonde, Henry. / [1607] The maiden queene entituled the Britaine shepheardes teares for the death of Astrabomica. Augmented the worldes vanitie. Both in sententiall verse, necessary and profitable to bee read of all men. 1607.
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Raynsford, John. / [1642] The yong [sic] souldier