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Oxenbridge, Clement. / [1653] The case of the undertakers for reducing postage of inland letters to just and moderate rates, stated. And therein, the liberty of a commonwealth, the weal of the merchant and industrious trader, and the birthright of every free-man viindicated from monopolizing restraints, and mercenary farming of puplike [sic] offices.
Oxenbridge, John, 1609-1674. / [1673] New England freemen warned and warmed to be free indeed, having an eye to God in their elections in a sermon preached before the Court of Election at Boston on the last day of May, 1671 [by] J.O., pastour of the first church in Boston.
Oxenbridge, John, 1609-1674. / [1670] A quickening word for the hastening a sluggish soul to a seasonable answer to the divine call published by a poor sinner that found it such to him. Being the last sermon preached in the First Church of Boston upon Isaiah 55.6 by the pastor there, on the 24th of the fifth moneth, 1670.
Oxenbridge, John, 1609-1674. / [1661] A double watch-word, or, The duty of watching and watching to duty, both echoed ... / by one that hath desired to be found faithful in the work of a watchman, John Oxenbridge.
Oxenstierna, Bengt Gabrielsson, greve, 1623-1702. / [1674 /5 i.e. 1675] The case of the persecuted and oppressed Protestants in some parts of Germany and Hungary laid open in a memorial which was lately presented at Vienna to his Imperial Majesty / by His Majesty the King of Sweden's Ambassadour Extraordinary, the Count of Oxenstierna.
Oxford scholler. / [1642] A letter sent by an Oxford scholler to his quondam schoolemaster wherein the Parliament is proved either not to be at all, or to be at Oxford : their pretences detected, some objections answered, and the Kings cause so asserted, that the schoolmasters answer doth acknowledge himselfe convinc't : as also the scholler's reply to that answer, wherein he hath inserted a love-elegie from one of the five members to his paramour and his repulse in her answer.
Oxford, Wendy. / [Printed the first of Aprill in the yeare of God 1653] Vincit qui patitur: or Lieutenant Colonel John Lylborne decyphered, in a short answer of Captaine Wendy Oxford to a most notoriously false pamphlet of the said Lylborns intituled Iohn Lylborne revived printed at Bruges in Flanders. With a short letter, which was sent to him in Iuly last to give his satisfaction then, why I printed not what I had then finished for the press, in answer to his scandalous pamphlet printed at Viana in May last. With some allegations against the said Mr. Lylborne which the world knowes to be truth, of his writings, actions, plottings, and contryvings, against the late murthered king, his royall queene, posteritie, nobility spiritual and temporal, ...
Oxford, Wendy. / [in the yeare 1652] A prospective for King and subjects. Or A schort discovery of some treacheries acted against Charles the I. and Charles the II. Kings of England, Scotland, and Ireland. With some few advertisements to the people in the 3. nations concerning the cruel, exorbitant, and most tyrannical slavery they are now under which they have wrought themselves into, and stil desiring to be, by up-holding of a pretended court of Parliament, altogether ruling contrary to the lawes of the lands or any branch there of and according to there owne lustful and arbitrary wills. Written by Wendy Oxford once an honourer of them and there pretences, but now as great an abhorrer of there Macheeslian practises.
Oxfordshire (England) / [1642] The two petitions of the knights, gentlemen, and free-holders of the county of Oxon: together with the two petitions of the knights, gentlemen, ministers, free-holders, and other inhabitants of the county of Kent, as they were presented to both Houses of parliament on the eighth, and ninth of February.
Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670. / [printed in the year, MDCLX. 1660] Charls triumphant, &c.
Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670. / [1660] Eikåon vasilikåe, or, An image royal, &c. March 25.
Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670. / [M.DC.LI 1651] Iobus triumphans:
Oxley, Robert. / [1622] A sermon preached at Gouldsbrough in Yorke-shire, before the right worshipfull Sir Richard Hutton knight, one of His Maiesties iustices of the Court of Common Pleas
Oxley, Thomas. / [1609] The shepheard, or A sermon, preached at a synode in Durisme Minster, vpon Tuesday, being the fifth of April. 1608. By Thomas Oxley, Master of Artes, and preacher of Gods word.
Oxwick, Robert. / [1658?] The complaint of Rob. Oxwick, and company, ovvners of the ship endeavour: and of Ri. Baker, and company, proprietors of the said ships lading, both amounts to 16587. l. against the French, of their proceedings, want of justice, and satisfaction.