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Ocane, Donell. / [1643] A true copy of a letter sent from Doe Castle in Ireland, from an Irish rebell, to Dunkerke.: And from thence sent to London, by a well-wisher to the advancement of the Protestant religion. As also a copy of the league which the captaines of London-Derry have entred into, for the keeping thereof, and the county adjoyning.
Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564. / [Anno. 1548] Sermons of the ryght famous a[n]d excellent clerke Master Bernardine Ochine, borne within the famous vniversyte of Siena in Italy, nowe also an exyle in this life, for the faythfull testimony of Jesus Christ.
Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564. / [Anno Do. M.D.XLVIII 1548] Sermons of Barnardine Ochine of Sena godlie, frutefull, and uery necessarye for all true Christians translated out of Italien into Englishe.
Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564. / [1551?] Fouretene sermons of Barnardine Ochyne, concernyng the predestinacion and eleccion of god: very expediente to the settynge forth of hys glorye among hys creatures. Translated out of Italian in to oure natyve younge by A.C.
Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564. / [1580] Certaine godly and very profitable sermons of faith, hope and charitie. First set foorth by Master Barnardine Occhine, of Siena in Italy, and now lately collected, and translated out of the Italian tongue, into the English by William Phiston of London student. Published for the profit of such as desire to vnderstand the truth of the gospell.
Ockanikon, d. 1682? / [1682] A true account of the dying uuords of Ockanickon, an Indian king,: spoken to Jahkursoe, his brother's son, whom he appointed king after him.
Ockford, James. / [1656] The tryal of the truth or rather, the law is the truth : Psalm CXIX, CXLII, wherein are presented to the upright in heart, certain theoretical queries ... which queries particularly and especially tend to make way for the finding out whether it be our duty to keep holy the seventh day Sabbath ... / propounded by a lover of the truth, I.O., of age 57 years, who desireth that truth be preferred in all things above error, and virtue above vice ...
Ockford, James. / [1650] The doctrine of the Fourth Commandement, deformed by popery, reformed & restored to its primitive purity objections answered, and the truth cleared, by Gods unworthy servant, J.O.