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Nugent, Richard, fl. 1604. / [1604] Rich: Nugents Cynthia. Containing direfull sonnets, madrigalls, and passionate intercourses, describing his repudiate affections expressed in loues owne language.
Nuisement, Clovis Hesteau, sieur de. / [1657] Sal, lumen, & spiritus mundi philosophici, or, The dawning of the day discovered by the beams of light shewing the true salt and secret of the philosophers, the first and universal spirit of the world / written originally in French, afterwards turned into Latin by the illustrious doctor, Lodovicus Combachius ... and now transplanted into Albyons Garden by R.T. ...
Nullius Nominus. / [1655] An apologie for the six book-sellers, subscribers of the second Beacon fired. Or, A vindication of them from the foul and unjust aspersions cast upon them by M. John Goodwin in a late pamphlet intituled A fresh discovery of the high Presbyterian spirit.: Together with brief observations upon some remarkable passages in the said book. / By one that subscribes not his name, because he confesseth himself to be nullius nominis.
Nun, Thomas, 1556 or 7-1599. / [1596] A comfort against the Spaniard.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1643] To the right honourable, the knights, citizens and burgesses, of the House of Commons assembled in Parliament: the humble petition of many godly true-hearted Protestants, whose names are hereafter mentioned, ...
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1645?] The second humble cry of this kingdome to their desired nursing father the king with Parliament for their preventing helpe against the power of sword and famine with the meanes thereof propounded in this city and all places yet unplundered, and if the noyse of the multitude of businesse doe kepe them from hearing us, we entreat our elder brethren in London and Westminster dayly to present this our supplycation to their eyes and eares.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [Printed, in the yeare, M DC XLIV. 1644] The nutcracker crackt by the Nutt,: and the backers cake starke dow: being the vindication of honest men, from the scandalous aspersions of Thomas Bakewell the baker in hanging-sword court neere Fleetestreete Conduite. ... in his learned book called the confutation of the Anabaptists, with a nut-cracker. The which is crackt by the nut against whom it was made, who admonisheth Bakewell to turne to his old trade of bakinge again; and mend his manners therein: ... Thus in this following discourse you shall see the slanderous lyer found out: the fool answered according to his foolishnesse, and the bakers cake starke dow: / by Thomas Nutt.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1643] The nineteene propositions cleered, and the practice thereof desired,: for the certaine speedy deliverance of city and countrey from feare of sword and famine. By Thomas Nutt.