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Myddelton, William, 1556?-1621. / [ca. 1595 ] Rhann o Psalmæ Dauyd, a phrophwydti [sic] eraill, gweddi i kynghanedhu [sic] mewn [--].
Myddelton, Wyllyam, d. 1547. / [not after 1547?] [Wyllyam Myddleton printer's device]
Myers, George, 1653?-1714. / [1687] The spiritual vvorship exalted. Or A treatise concerning the worship and service of God shewing how uncapable men are in their natural and unconverted state of worshipping and serving God acceptably in this Gospel day. And that it is the light, grace and spirit of Christ revealed in men, which doth renew, fit, prepare and [q]ualifie them for performing that pure spiritual and acceptable worship which was instituted by our Lord, and practiced by his disciples and followers. As also several other things here inserted, worthy of observation. By a lover of truth, and wel-wisher of the souls of all men, George Myers.
Myers, George, 1653?-1714. / [1686] A serious examination of a pretended answer to a paper of judgment past at Yorke with a reply thereto : wherein several of the mistakes and errors in the said answer are manifested and detected and the proceedings of Friends against J.C., E.N., T.D., and JW., and their abettors are vindicated and cleared / by George Myers.
Myriell, Thomas, d. 1629. / [1610] The devout soules search with the happie issue of comfort found : in a sermon, preached at Paules Crosse, Ian. 14. 1610 / by Thomas Myriell ...
Myriell, Thomas, d. 1629. / [1613] Christs suite to his church a sermon preached at Paules-crosse the third of October 1613 / by Thomas Myriell ...
Myriell, Thomas, d. 1629. / [1623] The Christians comfort. In a sermon appointed for the crosse, but preached in S. Pauls Church on Candlemas day, 1623. By Thomas Myriell, rector of S. Steuens in Walbrooke London.