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Mead, E. / [1692] A copy of a letter, containing an account of the murder of Capt. Robert Mead, on the 19th of August last by Burrus Gradon, who was tryed for the same at the Kings-Bench-Bar in Dublin, the 15th of November, after, and found guilty of manslaughter only together with a copy of a letter sent the jury, and some reflections on the verdict.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [printed in the year MDCC. 1700] The young man's remembrancer, and Youth's best choice: being an exhortation to conversion, in two anniversary discourses from Eccl. xii. I.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1689] The vision of the vvheels seen by the prophet Ezekiel opened and applied partly at the merchants lecture in Broad-street, and partly at Stepney, on January 31, 1688/9, being the day of solemn thanksgiving to God for the great deliverance of this kingdom from popery and slavery, by his then highness the most illustrious Prince of Orange : whom God raised up to be the glorious instrument thereof / by Matthew Mead.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1691] Two sticks made one, or, The excellency of unity being a sermon preached by the appointment of the Congregational and Presbyterian perswasion at their happy union on the sixth day of April, 1691, which was a day set apart by them, partly to bewail former divisions and partly as a thanksgiving to God for Their present agreement and now at their unamimous request made publick / by Matthew Mead ...
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1660] Spiritual vvisdom improved against temptation.: In a sermon preached at Stepney Septemb. 16. 1660. And now made publick to obviate misrepresentation. By Matthew Meade.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1662] The pastors valediction, or, A farewell sermon preached at Sepulchres, London / by Mr. Matthew Meade.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1683] The good of early obedience, or, The advantage of bearing the yoke of Christ betimes discovered in part, in two anniversary sermons, one whereof was preached on May-day, 1681, and the other on the same day in the year 1682, and afterwards inlarged, and now published for common benefit / by Matthew Mead.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1692] A funeral sermon preached upon the sad occasion of the death of that emiment and faithful servant of Christ, Mr. Thomas Rosewell who departed this life February the 4th : and whose remains were interred February th 19th. 1691/2 / by Mathew Mead.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1662] En oligo christianos, the almost Christian discovered, or, The false-professor tried and cast being the substance of seven sermons, first preached at Sepulchres, London, 1661, and now at the inportunity of friends made publick / by Matthew Meade.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1698] Comfort in death a funeral sermon preach'd upon the death of Mr. Timothy Cruso, late pastor of a church in London, who died Novemb. 26. 1697 / by Matthew Mead.
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1667] An appendix to Solomon's prescription for the removal of the pestilence enforcing the same from a consideration of the late dreadful judgement by fire : together with some perswasions to all, especially suffering Christians, to exercise and maintain faith and patience, courage and comfort, in this dark and cloudy day / by M.M.
Mead, William, 1628-1713. / [1674] A brief narrative of the second meeting between the people called Quakers and Baptists at the Meeting-place, near Wheeler-street, London, the 16th of the 8th moneth, 167[4] / published for information by W.M. ... [et al.]
Meadows, Philip, Sir, 1626-1718. / [1689] Observations concerning the dominion and sovereignty of the seas being an abstract of the marine affairs of England / by Sir Philip Medows, Knight.
Meager, Leonard, 1624?-1704? / [1683] The new art of gardening with the gardener's almanack containing the true art of gardening in all its particulars ... / by Leonard Meager.
Meager, Leonard, 1624?-1704? / [1697] The mystery of husbandry, or, Arable, pasture and wood-land improved Containing the whole art and mystery of agriculture or husbandry, in bettering and improving all degrees of land ... : directions for marling, dunging, mudding, sanding ... : proper times for sowing, chusing good seed, and ploughing ... : how to keep corn and other pulse from being destroyed by birds, vermin, lightening, mildew ... : To which is added The countryman's alamack. / by Lenard Meager.
Mearne, Charles. / [1687] A catalogue of the French books of Mr. Charles Mearne, late bookseller to His Majesty to be sold by auction at the Kings Arms at Charing-Cross on Wednesday the 26th of this instant January 1686/7 / by William Cooper.
Mearne, Charles. / [1687] A catalogue of English books in divinity, humanity, philology, history &c. of Mr. Charles Mearne's, late bookseller to His Majesty which will be exposed to sale by auction at Richard's Coffee-House in Fleetstreet, near the Middle-Temple Gate on Thursday the 17th day of this instant Februay 1686/7 / by Edward Millington.
Medbourne, M. (Matthew), d. 1679. / [1666] St. Cecily, or, The converted twins a Christian tragedy / written by E.M.
Medcalf, Augustine. / [printed in the year, 1679] A sermon preached some years since, by Augustin Medcalf, deceased. Master of Art, prebend of Chichester, and minister of Berwick in Sussex:
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1643] The key of the Revelation, searched and demonstrated out of the naturall and proper charecters of the visions.: With a coment thereupon, according to the rule of the same key, / published in Latine by the profoundly learned Master Joseph Mede B.D. late fellow of Christs College in Cambridge, for their use to whom God hath given a love and desire of knowing and searching into that admirable prophecie. Translated into English by Richard More of Linley in the Countie of Salop. Esquire, one of the Bargesses in this present convention of Parliament. With a præface written by Dr Twisse now prolocutor in the present Assembly of Divines.
Medeley, Thomas. / [1619] Misericors, mikrokosmos, or, Medeleys offices containing an iniunction to all duties of mercy belonging to the whole man.
Medina Sidonia, Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, duque de, 1550-1619. / [1588] Orders, set dovvne by the Duke of Medina, Lord general of the Kings fleet, to be obserued in the voyage toward England. Translated out of Spanish into English by T.P.
Medley, William, scribe. / [Printed in the year 1657] A standard set up:: whereunto the true seed and saints of the most High may be gathered together into one, out of their several forms: for the Lambe against the Beast, and false prophet in this good and honourable cause. Or The principles & declaration of the remnant, who have waited for the blessed appearance and hope. Shewing, how saints as saints, men as men, and the creation shall have their blessings herein, as in the deliverance of the true Church out of Babylon, and all confusion; as in the most righteous and free-common-wealth-state; as in the restitution of all things. Subscribed W. Medley, scribe.
Medwall, Henry, fl. 1486. / [between 1512 and 1516] Here is co[n]teyned a godely interlude of Fulgens Cenatoure of Rome. Lucres his doughter. Gayus flaminius. [and] Publi[us]. Corneli[us]. of the disputacyon of noblenes. [And] is deuyded in two p[er]tyes, to be played at ii. tymes. Co[m]pyled by mayster Henry medwall. late chapelayne to ye ryght reuerent fader in god Iohan Morton cardynall [and] Archebysshop of Cau[n]terbury.
Meeke, William. / [1647] The faithfull scout giving an alarme to Yorkeshire, (especially to the East-Ryding) and all other places at this time freed from the misery of warre, or, A treatise tending to stirre up men from security which possesses them, because (as they thinke) all danger is past, now that the seat of warre is removed from them / written by Will. Meeke.
Meene, Joshua. / [1638] A liberall maintenance is manifestly due to the ministers of the Gospell. By Ioshua Meene vicar of Wymondham in Norfolke
Meene, Joshua. / [1640] The vickers challenge claiming a maintainance as due by proofes out of the gospell : wherein is manifested, that there is a competencie due unto them / by Ios. Meene, vicker.
Meeting of Sufferings in London. / [1693] Renewed advice to the respective monthly and quarterly meetings in England and Wales for preserving and spreading Friends books for truths service: from the Meeting of Sufferings in London.
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1691] A sermon preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, July 5. 1691 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1676] A sermon preached to the Artillery company, at St. Mary le Bow, September 13. 1676 by Richard Meggot ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1674] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Major and aldermen, &c. at Guild-Hall Chappel, January the 30th 1673/4 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1692] A sermon preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, March 11th, 1691/2 by R. Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [MDCXCI. 1691] A sermon preached before the queen at White-Hall, on the fast, July 15. 1691. By R. Meggott, D.D. Dean of Winchester, and chaplain to Their Majesties. Published by her Majesties special command.
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1689] A sermon preached before the King and Queen at Hampton-Covrt, July 14th, 1689 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1675] A sermon preached before the King at Windsor-Castle August 15, 1675 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1683] A sermon preached at White-Hall in Lent, March the 16, 1682/3 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1690] A sermon preached before the King & Queen, at Windsor-Castle, Sept. 21, 1690 by R. Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1682] A sermon preached at the assises for the county of Surrey, held in the burrough of Southwark, March 23, 1681/2 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1670] A sermon preached at St. Martins in the Fields, at the funeral of the Reverend Doctor Hardy, Dean of Rochester, June 9th, 1670 by Richard Meggott ...
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1656] The rib restored, or, The honour of marriage a sermon preached in Dionis-Back Church, occasioned by a wedding the 5 day of June, 1655 / by Richard Meggott.
Meggott, Richard, d. 1692. / [1662] The new-cured criple's caveat, or, England's duty for the miraculous mercy of the King's and kingdomes restauration in a sermon preached before the honourable society of Grays Inn, upon the 29. of May, our anniversary thanksgiving / by Rich. Meggott ...
Mehmed IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1642-1693. / [1687] A letter sent by the Grand Visier to the Duke of Lorrain, in his camp at Zaluock, on the eighteenth of September, 1687 in which he earnestly entreats for peace.
Mehmed IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1642-1693. / [1683] The Great Turks declaration of war against the Emperour of Germany, at his pallace at Adrinople, February 20. 1683. Mahomet son of emperours, son to the famous and glorious God, Emperour of the Turks, King of Græcia, Macedonia, Samaria, and the Holy-land, King of Great and Lesser Egypt, King of all the inhabitants of the earth, & of the Earthly Paradise, Obedient prince and son of Mahomet, Preserver of the towns of Hungaria, Possessour of the Sepulcher of your God, Lord of all the Emperours of the world, from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof, King of all Kings, Lord of the tree of life, conquerour of Melonjen, Itegly, and the city Prolenix, Great Pursuer of the Christians, joy of the flourishing world, commander and guardian of the crucified God, Lord of the multitude of heathens.
Mehmed IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1642-1693. / [MDCLXXXIII 1683] A defiance and indiction of war sent by Sultan Mahomet IV to Leopald, Emperour of Germany, whereby he does determine the confusion and ruin of the empire, and of the princes of Christendom, and the destruction of Vienna the imperial city.
Mehmed IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1642-1693. / [1683] A declaration or denouncing of war vvhich Sultan-Mahomet, the present emperor of the Turks, sent to the emperor of Germany, dated March 25th 1683, from Adrianople ... / faithfully translated out of High Dutch, brought over by the last forraign mayle.
Mehmed, II, Sultan of the Turks, 1432-1481. / [1607] The Turkes secretorie conteining his sundrie letters sent to diuers emperours, kings, princes and states, full of proud bragges, and bloody threatnings: with seuerall answers to the same, both pithie and peremptorie. Translated truly out of the Latine copie.
Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560. / [in the yere of oure Lorde God .M.CCCCC.XLVIII. the .XI. daye of October 1548] The iustification of man by faith only: made and vvritten by Phylyp Melanchton. and translated out of the Latyn in to this oure mother tonge by Nicholas Lesse of London An apologie or defence of the worde of God, declaringe what a necessary thynge it is, to be in all mennes handes, the want wher of is the only cause of al vngodlienes committed thorowe the whole earth, made by the sayde Nicholas Lesse.
Melbancke, Brian. / [1583] Philotimus. The warre betwixt nature and fortune. Compiled by Brian Melbancke student in Graies Inne.
Meldrum, George, 1635?-1709. / [anno Dom. 1690] A sermon preached in the high-church of Edinburgh, upon Sunday, April 27. 1690 Before many of the nobility, barons, and burrows, members of the High Court of Parliament, and the magistrats of the said city. As it was taken from the author's mouth when preached.
Meldrum, George, 1635?-1709. / [1690] A sermon concerning zeal for religion consistent with moderation preached at Edenburgh on Sunday the 27th of April, 1690, before the Lord High Commissioner and the Estates of Parliament of Scotland / by Mr. George Meldrum ...
Meldrum, John, Sir, d. 1645. / [Octob. 18. 1642] The copy of a letter sent to the King by Sir Jo. Meldrum.:
Melfort, John Drummond, Earl of, 1649-1714. / [1700 i.e. 1701] A letter directed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Perth, governour to the Prince
Melfort, John Drummond, Earl of, 1649-1715. / [1687] The Earle of Melfort's letter to the Presbyterian-ministers in Scotland writ in His Majesty's name upon their address together with some remarks upon it.
Melish, Stephen. / [1664] Englands warning, that is three remarkable visions of Stephen Melish, an inhabitant of Breslaw, the chief city of Silesia Englished in the year 1664.
Mellidge, Anthony. / [1656] A true relation of the former faithful and long service with the present most unjust imprisonment of Anthony Mellidge, sometime called a captain; now in scorn called a Quaker.
Mello, Francisco Manuel de, 1608-1666. / [1697] The government of a wife, or, Wholsom and pleasant advice for married men in a letter to a friend / written in Portuguese, by Don Francisco Manuel ; with some additions of the translator, distinguished from the translation ; there is also added, a letter upon the same subject, written in Spanish by Don Antonio de Guevara, Bishop of Mondoñedo ... ; translated into English by Capt. John Stevens.
Melton, John, Sir, d. 1640. / [1609] A sixe-folde politician. Together with a sixe-folde precept of policy.
Melton, John, Sir, d. 1640. / [1620] Astrologaster, or, The figure-caster. Rather the arraignment of artlesse astrologers, and fortune-tellers, that cheat many ignorant people vnder the pretence of foretelling things to come, of telling things that are past, finding out things that are lost, expounding dreames, calculating deaths and natiuities, once againe brought to the barre. By Iohn Melton.
Melville, George Melville, Earl of, 1634?-1707. / [1690] The speech of His Grace George Earl of Melvill, Their Majesties High Commissioner, at the opening of the second session of the first Parliament of Their Majesties ancient kingdom of Scotland, the 15th of April
Melville, James, 1556-1614. / [1634] The black bastel, or, A lamentation in name of the kirk of Sscotland [sic], composed by M. Iames Melvil, when he was confined at Berwick anno 1611. ; Abridged by N..
Melvin, John, M.A. / [1659] Good company: being a collection of various, serious, pious meditations; Christian experiences, sayings, sentences; useful for instruction, consolation and confirmation. / By John Melvin, M.A. preacher of the word at Udimer in Sussex.
Member of a Church of Christ. / [Printed in the year, 1699] A very short and brief account of the free justification of God's elect,: from the condemning power of the law, by that law change of persons, (flowing from an eternal act of grace, by way of covenant transaction between the Father and the Son;) which brought Christ as mediator under the curse and condemnation of that broken law, in the very room and place of elect sinners. : Whereunto are added, some questions concerning this point; : proposed to be answered by those that do so confidently affirm, that the elect of God are equally with others, under the same condemning power of the law, before faith. / By A member of a Church of Christ, in the County of Essex.
Member of Parliament lawfully chosen but secluded illegally by my L. Protector. / [Printed, MDCLVI. 1656] An appeale from the court to the country.: Made by a Member of Parliament lawfully chosen, but secluded illegally by my L. Protector.
Member of the Association. / [1685?] A consolatory epistle to D.T.O. in his present circumstances from a member of the association.
Member of the Athenian Society. / [1694] The souldiers manual, or, Directions, prayers, and ejaculations for such as lead a military life.: By A member of the Athenian Society.
Member of the Church of England. / [1689] The grievances of the Church of England which are not in the power of the governours of it to remedy by a member of the Church of England.
Member of the Church of England. / [1698] An answer to the champion of the wooden-sword, or, A dialogue betwixt Jack and Will containing that part of his argument wherein he asserts, viz, that the dissenters are members of the Church of England : with some occasional remarks on head-corporation-magistrates as dissenters / by a member of the Church of England.
Member of the Church of England. / [1698] An answer to a rash dialogue betwixt Jack and Will containing that part of his argument wherein he asserts, viz, that the dissenters are members of the Church of England : with some occasional remarks on head-corporation-magistrates, as dissenters / by a member of the Church of England.
Member of the Church of England. / [1687] An answer from the country to a late letter to a dissenter upon occassion of His Majesties late gracious declaration of indulgence by a member of the Church of England.
Member of the Convention of the States in Scotland. / [1689] A speech made by a member of the Convention of the States in Scotland
Member of the General Assembly. / [1652] The protestation given in by the dissenting brethren, to the General Assembly July 21, 1652 reviewed and refuted ... / done by a member of the General Assembly.
Member of the House of Commons. / [1689] A letter from a member of this House of Commons to his friend in the country.
Member of the House of Commons. / [An. Dom. 1644] A letter from a Member of the House of Commons, to a gentleman now at London, touching the new Solemne League and Covenant.:
Member of the House of Commons. / [An. Dom. 1644] A briefe answer to a booke called The declaration of the kingdomes of England and Scotland.: Sent in a letter from a Member of the House of Commons.
Member of the House then present. / [1653. i.e. 1654] An answer to a paper entituled A true narrative of the cause and manner of the dissolution of the late Parliament, upon the 12. of December, 1653.: Wherein the grounds and manner thereof are truly stated and vindicated, by a Member of the house then present.
Member of the parish of Barnham. / [printed in the year, 1661] Sacramentorum encomium: or The praise of the sacraments in a letter written in the year 1654 to the preacher then at Barham in the county of Kent, with-holding the holy sacraments from a great number of godly souls, unless they would subject themselves against laws and good conscience to a rigid Presbyterian government. Wherein the said government is plainly and undeniably proved to be (of all other) the most injurious to the magistrate, most oppressive to the subject, &c. Published by a member of the parish of Barham, for the satisfaction of all wel-affected subjects, and good Christians.
Member of the Popish Club. / [Printed in the year 1679] The Jesuits character. Written by a member of the Popish Club. ; To the Black-Smiths tune, which no body can deny.
Member of the said factory. / [1682] A true account of the burning and sad condition of Bantam in the East-Indies in the war begun by the young king against his father, and of the great and imminent danger of the English factory there : in a letter from a member of the said factory, to a friend in London, by the last ship, which arrived on Saturday the 23th of this instant September 1682.
Member of the same church. / [1687] How the members of the Church of England ought to behave themselves under a Roman Catholic king with reference to the test and penal laws in a letter to a friend / by a member of the same church.
Menantel, François de. / [1612] A congratulation to France vpon the happy alliance with Spaine. Dedicated to the Queene. With the order and challenge of the knights of fame, to their opposites.
Mence, Francis, 1639?-1696? / [1694] Vindiciæ fœderis, or, A vindication of the interest that the children of believers as such have in the covenant of grace with their parents under the Gospel-dispensation being the substance of two sermons, with additions preached to a congregation in Wapping : also some seasonable reflections upon various unsound and cruel passages taken forth of two furious books of Mr. H. Collins printed against infant-baptism / by Fran. Mence.
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684. / [1681] A sermon preached at the funeral of Alexander Fraiser of Doores, Knight and baronet, principal physician to the King of Great Britain &c. who died at Whitehall, April 28, 1681, in the seventieth and fifth year of his age, and was solemnly interr'd amongst his ancestors at Doores the 28 of July following / by John Menzies.
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684. / [1668] Papimus Lucifugus, or, A faithfull copie of the papers exchanged betwixt Mr. Iohn Menzeis, Professor of Divinity in the Marischal-Colledge of Aberdene, and Mr. Francis Demster Iesuit, otherwise sirnamed Rin or Logan wherein the Iesuit declines to have the truth of religion examined, either by Scripture or antiquity, though frequently appealed thereunto : as also, sundry of the chief points of the popish religion are demonstrated to be repugnant both to Scripture and antiquity, yea, to the ancient Romish-Church : to all which is premised in the dedication, a true narration of a verbal conference with the same Iesuit.
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684. / [1675] Roma mendax, or, The falshood of Romes high pretences to infallibility and antiquity evicted in confutation of an anonymous popish pamphlet undertaking the defence of Mr. Dempster, Jesuit / by John Menzeis [i.e. Menzies] ...
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684. / [1680] The Church of England vindicated against her chief adversaries of the Church of Rome: wherein the most material points are fairly debated, and briefly and fully answered / by a learned divine.
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684. / [Ann. 1660] Britannia rediviva, or, a gratulatory sermon for his Majesties safe arrivall and happy restitution to the exercise of his royall government. Preached, at the desire of the magistrats and councell of Aberdene, on the XIX of June, which they had designed to be a day of solemne rejoycing within the city, for the mercy above mentioned, by John Menzeis, professor of divinity: and preacher of the gospell in Aberdene:
Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585. / [Anno. 1574] The lyues of holy sainctes, prophetes, patriarches, and others, contayned in holye Scripture so farre forth as expresse mention of them is delyuered vnto vs in Gods worde, with the interpretacion of their names: collected and gathered into an alphabeticall order, to the great commoditie of the Chrystian reader. By Iohn Marbecke. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.
Merbury, Charles. / [1581] A briefe discourse of royall monarchie, as of the best common weale: vvherin the subiect may beholde the sacred maiestie of the princes most royall estate. VVritten by Charles Merbury Gentleman in duetifull reuerence of her Maiesties most princely Highnesse. Whereunto is added by the same gen. a collection of Italian prouerbes, in benefite of such as are studious of that language.
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. / [1637] Historia mundi, or Mercators atlas containing his cosmographicall descriptions of the fabricke and figure of the world / lately rectified in diuers places, as also beutified and enlarged with new mappes and tables by the studious industrie of Iodocus Hondy ; Englished by W.S. ...
Mercer, Richard, fl. 1649-1651. / [1651] A further discovery of the mystery of the last times;: as an addition to a little book, called Some discoveries of the mystery of the last times, bordering upon the coming of the Lord Jesus. Set forth for the good of all men; but especially of those who in these dissenting times (wherein Ephraim envieth Juda, and Juda vexeth Ephraim) know not where to settle themselves, or to what society of Christians to joyn themselves: wherein is (as simply and plainly, as the author was able to open those mysterious scriptures quoted in this following treatise) shewed the cause of all our divisions and contentions about matters pertaining to form and order in the church of Jesus Christ; and wherein is moderately proved from those scriptures these particulars. 1. The flourishing and building condition of the church of Jesus Christ in the time of the gospel. ... 7. Lastly, that the Lord Jesus will by himself destroy all those enemies, and deliver his people, when the restoration of all things shall be.
Mercer, Thomas, d. 1645. / [1645] A speech of Thomas Mercer, merchant,: spoken a little before his death, being executed in the parish of S. Mildred, neere the Poultrey, the 27. of May. 1645. wherein is set forth, [brace] 1. His sins against God, 2. The cause of Gods iudgement still among us, & 3. His advise to his wife.
Mercer, William, 1605?-1675? / [1682] News from Parnassus, in the abstracts and contents of three crown'd chronicles, relating to the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. In a poem, divided into two parts : first, to the king, secondly, to the subjects of the said three kingdoms. Dedicated to His Majesty. / By a servant to Mars, and a lover of the muses, William Mercer.
Mercer, William, 1605?-1676? / [1669] A welcom in a poem to His Excellency John Lord Roberts, Baron of Truro Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, my most noble patron, &c. at his royal entry into the Castle of Dublin / by Lieut. Coll. VV.M.
Mercer, William, 1605?-1676? / [1675] The moderate cavalier, or, The soldiers description of Ireland and of the country disease, with receipts for the same
Mercer, William, 1605?-1676? / [Printed Anno Dom. 1633.] Bon-acords decorement. Or, Newes from the North. Wherein is truely expressed the forme (or situation) of the famous citie of new Aberdeene, the vertues of the honourable and renowned governours thereof, together with these Grampians anagrames. : Wherewith is adjoyned the proofe, and praise of chast beautie, and the scorne of idols. / By William Mercer..
Mercer, William, 1605?-1676? / [MDCXLVI. 1646] Angliæ speculum: or Englands looking-glasse.: Devided into two pats [sic], / by C.VV. Mercer.
Mercers' Company (London, England) / [1699] Whereas the worshipful Company of the Mercers, London, upon a proposal made to them by the Reverend Dr. Assheton, did, by a paper dated the 8th of Febr. 1698. publish and declare in the words following: that is to say:
Merchant. / [Printed in the Year, 1695] A discourse of the duties on merchandize, more particularly that on sugars occasionally offer'd in answer to a pamphlet intituled The groans of the plantations, &c., exposing the weakness of the said pamphlet ... also shewing how the last imposition on sugars did truly affect that trade ... / by a merchant.
Merchant Taylors' School (London, England) / [1661] The schools-probation: or, Rules and orders for certain set-exercises to bee performed by the scholars on probation-daies: Made and approved by learned men, for the use of Merchant-Tailor's-School in London.
Merchant-adventurer in the city of Hamburgh. / [Decemb. 30. 1644. i.e. 1643] A relation of the entrance of the Swedish armie into the territories of the King of Denmark;: and the taking of some notable towns therein; the said Swedes having denounciated open war against the King of Denmarke, for his unjust taxations and dealings with them. Extracted out of a letter from a merchant-adventurer in the city of Hamburgh. Wherein we may take notice of Gods providence in frustrating the King of Denmarks designe to assist our King against the Parliament. Published by order.
Merchants' Hospital (Glasgow, Scotland) / [1695] To his Grace, his Majesties High Commissioner, and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament. The petition of the hospital of the merchants, and trades of Glasgow as assigney, made by John Craig merchant there.
Mercurio-Mastix Hibernicus. / [1648] A muzzle for Cerberus, and his three vvhelps Mercurius Elencticus, Bellicus, and Melancholicus:: barking against patriots & martialists, in the present reign of their unwormed rage. With criticall reflections, on the revolt of Inchequin in Ireland. / By Mercurio-Mastix Hibernicus. ...
Mercurius Britanicus. / [1645] Mercurius Britanicus, his apologie to all well-affected people.: Together with an humble addresse to the High Court of Parliament. Published according to order.
Mercurius Elenticus. / [1648] The Parliament mended or ended, or, A philter and halter for the two Houses prescribed by their Doctor Mercurius Elenticus.
Mercurius Elenticus. / [1649] The first part of the last wil & testament of Philip, Earle of Pembrooke and Montgomery, Lord of Saint Quintin, &c., now Knight of Berk-shire dictated by his own mouth and took by Mr. Michael Oldsworth, sometime his Lps secretary, and faithfully engrossed : together with all his Lps penitent considerations, (delivered in most patheticall expressions) upon every particular of his goods, catttels [sic], chattels, moveable and inmoveable, that are designed in legacy to sundry particular persons of most eminent and remarkable quality : the second part to the same tune, will speedily be exhibited to publique view, as soon as it can be possibly transcribed by his Lps most devoted honour / Mercurius Elencticus.
Mercurius Elenticus. / [Printed in the year, 1649] The first part of the last wil & testament of Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Montgomery, Lord of Saint Quintin, &c. now Knight of Berk-shire,: dictated by his own mouth, and took by Mr. Michael Oldsworth sometime his Lps secretary, and faithfully engrossed; together with all his Lps. penitent considerations, (delivered in most patheticall expressions) upon every particular of his goods, catttels [sic], chattels, moveable and inmoveable, that are designed in legacy to sundry particular persons of most eminent and remarkable quality. The second part to the same tune, will speedily be exhibited to publique view, as soon as it can be possibly transcribed; / by his Lps most devoted honour. Mercurius Elencticus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [1648] The second part of Crafty Crvmwell, or, Oliver in his glory as king a trage commedie wherein is presented, the late treasonable undertakings, and proceedings, of the rebells, their murthering of Capt. Burley, with their underhand workings to betray their King / vvritten by Marcurius [sic] Pragmaticus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [1648] The Parliament arraigned, convicted, wants nothing but execution wherein you may evidently discern all the blessed fruits of their seven years session tending to the dishonour of God, the ruin of the Church of Christ in this kingdom, the vnkinging of His Majesty, the destruction of our laws, the erection of tyranny, and the perpetual bondage of a free-born people / written by Tom Tyranno-Mastix alias Mercvrivs Melancholicvs ...
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [1648] A nose-gay for the House of Commons.: Made up of the stincking flowers of their seven yeares labours, gathered out of the garden of their new reformation. ... / By Mercurius Melancholicus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the year. 1648] Mrs. Parliament her invitation of Mrs. London, to a Thankesgiving dinner.: For the great and mighty victorie, which Mr. Horton obtained over Major Powell in Wales. Their discourse, desires, designes, as you may heare from their own mouthes. Munday 29 of May, in the eight yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lady Parliament. ...
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeer of the saints fear. 1648] Mistris Parliament presented in her bed,: after the sore travaile and hard labour which she endured last weeek, in the birth of her monstrous off-spring, the childe of deformation. The hopefull fruit of her seven yeers teeming, and a most precious babe of grace. With the severall discourses between Mrs. Sedition, Mrs. Schisme, Mrs. Synod her dry-nurse, Mrs. Iealousie, and others her gossips. / By Mercurius Melancholicus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeer of the downfall of the sectaries. 1648] Mistris Parliament her gossipping.: Full of mirth, merry tales, chat, and other pleasant discourse, between, Mrs. Statute. Iustice. Truth. and Mrs. Parliament. Ordinance. Synod. Mrs. England being moderator. Mistris Parliament, that late lay in, invites you now unto her gossipping; and as the order is unto this day, for what you eate, shee'l make you roundly pay; pray Commons eat; her's chat and laughter, and committee-fruit in dishes after: fall too and welcome; I have still in store to prove her bawd, murderer, witch, and whore. Her tryall's past; shee is condem'd to die, her execution day drawes nie; come help to guard her to the gallow-tree, England is freed of all her miserie. / By Mercurius Melancholicus:.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeare. 1648] Ding dong, or Sr. Pitifull Parliament, on his death-bed.: His pulses felt by Doctor King, and his water cast by Doctor Bishop. His last will, and testament, with his death, buriall, and epitaph. / By Mercurius Melancholicus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [1648] Mistris Parliament brought to bed of a monstrous childe of reformation.: With her seven years teeming, bitter pangs, and hard travaile, that she hath undergone in bringing forth her first-borne, (being a precious babe of grace.) VVith the cruelty of Mistris London her midwife; and great affection of Mrs. Synod her nurse, Mrs. Schisme, Mrs. Priviledge, Mrs. Ordinance, Mrs. Universall Toleration, and Mrs. Leveller her gossips. / By Mercurius Melancholicus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [1648] The cuckoo's-nest a [sic] Westminster, or the Parlement between two lady-birds,: Quean Fairfax, and Lady Cromwell, concerning negotiations of estate, and their severall interests in the Kingdom; sadly bemoaning the fate of their deer and ab-hor'ed husbands. Who buyes a cuckoes-nest, hatch'd in an ayre ... to springe her for her base disloyalty. by Mercurius Melancholicus:
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeare, 1648] Craftie Cromwell: or, Oliver ordering our new state.: A tragi-comedie. Wherein is discovered the trayterous undertakings and proceedings of the said Nol, and his levelling crew. Shall Cromwell not be famous made unto the after-times, ... this shall be their memoriall, these rogues their King betrayd. / Written by Mercurius Melancholicus.
Mercurius, Hibernicus. / [1681] A pacquet of popish delusions, false miracles, and lying wonders together with many grand divisions among papists: far exceeding both in quality and quantity those among Protestants: notwithstanding their seeming unity. Exposed to the shame of popery. Whereunto is added the papists dissentions from the Protestant: with (that, the enemy so much glorys-in, viz.) the differences of the Protestants among themselves. And, a fearful caution to apostatizing Protestants. By Mercurius Hibernicus.
Meredeth, Richard, 1559-1621. / [1606] Tvvo sermons preached before his Maiestie, in his chappell at Whitehall the one, the xi. of Februarie, the other the xxv. of same moneth. By Richard Meredeth, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie.
Meredith, Edward, 1648-1689? / [1682] Some remarques upon a late popular piece of nonsence called Julian the apostate, &c. together, with a particular vindication of His Royal Highness the Duke of York, by some bold truths in answer to a great many impudent calumnies raised against him, by the foolish arguments, false reasonings and suppositions, imposed upon the publick from several scandalous and seditious pamphlets, especially from one more notorious and generally virulent than the rest, sometime since published under the title of A Tory Plot, &c. / by a lover of truth, vertue, and justice.
Meredith, Edward, 1648-1689? / [1688] Some farther remarks on the late account given by Dr. Tenison of his conference with Mr. Pulton wherein the doctor's three exceptions against Edward Meredith are examined, several of his other misrepresentations laid open, motives of the said E.M's conversion shewed, and some other points relating to controversie occasionally treated : together with an appendix in which some passages of the doctor's book entituled Mr. Pulton considered are re-considered ... : to all which is added a postscript in answer to the pamphlet put forth by the school-master of Long-Acre.
Meredith, Edward, 1648-1689? / [1687] A letter to Dr. E.S. concerning his late letter to Mr. G. and the account he gives in it of a conference between Mr. G. and himself from one who was present at the conference.
Meredith, Edward, 1648-1689? / [1687] A letter desiring information of the conference at the D. of P. mention'd in the letter to Mr. G.
Meredith, John, b. 1579 or 80. / [1622] The sinne of blasphemie against the Holy Ghost, scholastically examined the reasons of the absolute irremissibility thereof displayed; an admonition to all reuolting apostataes [sic] annexed. By Iohn Meredyth, sub-deane of Chichester.
Meredith, John, b. 1579 or 80. / [1624] The iudge of heresies one God, one faith, one church, out of which there is no saluation. Excluding all infidells, Mahumetans, Iewes, obstinate papists, and other heretikes of all sorts, and consequently all newters, who conforme themselues onely externally to any religion, from hope of participation of the kingdome of heauen. If they finally persist therein, and returne not to the knowledge and zealous profession of the true faith. By Iohn Merideth, Sub-Deane of Chichester.
Meredith, Walter. / [1642] The fidelity, obedience, and valour of the English-nation, declared, by way of pacification of His Majesty, and desire of a re-union between His Majesty and the Parliament.: As also, that the present forces now ready to bicker here in England may be turn'd to revenge the losse of the Protestants blood in Ireland, shed by those babarous Irish rebels. / Written by Walter Meredith. Gent.
Meres, Francis, 1565-1647. / [1598] Palladis tamia Wits treasury being the second part of Wits common wealth. By Francis Meres Maister of Artes of both vniuersities.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1683] A York-shire dialogue, in its pure natural dialect as it is now commonly spoken in the north parts of York-shire : being a miscellaneous discourse, or hotchpotch of several country affairs, begun by a daughter and her mother, and continued by the father, son, uncle, neese, and land-lord ...
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1668] The touchstone of wills, testaments, and administrations being a compendium of cases & resolutions touching the same : carefully collected out of the ecclesiastical, civil and canon-laws, as also out of the customs, common laws, and statutes of this kingdom / by G. Meriton ...
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1685] The praise of York-shire ale wherein is enumerated several sorts of drinks : with a description of the humors of most sorts of drunckards : to which is added, a York-shire dialogue, in its pure natural dialect, as it is now commonly spoken in the North parts of York-shire : being a miscellanious discourse or hotch-potch of several country affairs, begun by a daughter and her mother, and continued by the father, son, uncle, neece, and land-lord : after which follows a scold between Nell and Bess, two York-shire women.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1681] The parson's monitor, consisting of such cases and matters as principally concern the clergy collected from the statute and common laws, as also the constitutions and canons ecclesiastical : confirmed 1 Jac. anno Dom. 1603 : together with the Articles of religion, authority of the convocation, privilege of churches and church-yards, payment of first-fruits and tenths, in whose name and style ecclesiastical courts are to be kept, and the process issuing out of the same are to run in, and with what seal to be sealed : with several other matters (never before extant) very material and necessary to be known by the clergy in general, and all persons concerned either as patron, or incumbent / by G. Meriton, gent.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1685] Nomenclatura clericalis, or, The young clerk's vocabulary in English and Latine being a collection of several useful and necessary things digested into several sections, under proper heads, very necessary and useful, not only for young clerks, but also for young scholars, apothecaries, chirurgions, coroners, clerks of the peace, &c. and several other persons : in this vocabulary are several hundreds of English words rendred into Latine, not elsewhere to be found : and after all are several presidents of warrants, and other things useful for young clarks, not in print in any other books / by George Meriton ...
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1665] Land-lords law a treatise very fit for the perusal of all gentlemen and others : being a collection of several cases in the law concerning leases, distresses, replevins, rescous, waste, and several other matters which often happen between land-lord and tenant, as appears in the contents of the several chapters / by G. Meriton ...
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1698] Immorality, debauchery, and profaneness, exposed to the reproof of Scripture, and the censure of the law containing a compendium of the penal laws now in force against idleness, profaneness, and drunkenness, houses of unlawful games, profane swearing and cursing, speaking or acting in contempt of the Holy Sacrament, disturbing of ministers, profane jesting with the name of God, absenting from the church, profanation of the Lord's day, debauched incontinency, and bastard-getting : with several texts of Scripture prohibiting such vices : also a brief collection of several signal judgments of God against offenders in the said vices and debaucheries / published for the advancement of reformation of manners, so happily begun and carried on by several societies, by G. Meriton, Gent.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1694] A guide to surveyors of the high-ways shewing the office and duty of such surveyors, with several cases and resolutions in law relating to the same : collected and gathered out of publick acts of Parliament now in force, and out of the year-books, and other books of the municipal laws of this kingdom : with an abridgment of the statute of 22 H. 8 Chap. 5 for the repairing of bridges, with cases relating thereunto : and likewise a summary of the statutes made for paving, cleansing, &c., streets, lanes, &c., in London and other towns and places, and an abstract of statutes made for the repairs of high-ways and bridges in particular places, methodiz'd into short chapters for the ready finding out any matter contain'd in the book / by G. Meriton, Gent.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1669] A guide for constables, churchwardens, overseers of the poor, surveyors of the highways, treasurers of the county stock, masters of the house of correction, bayliffs of mannours, toll-takers in fairs &c. a treatise briefly shewing the extent and latitude of the several offices, with the power of the officers herein, both by common law and statute, according to the several additions and alterations of the law, till the 20 year of His Majesties reign / collected by Geo. Meriton, gent.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1671] A geographical description of the world with a brief account of the several empires, dominions, and parts thereof : as also the natures of the people, the customs, manners, and commodities of the several countreys : with a description of the principal cities in each dominion : together with a short direction for travellers.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1675] Anglorum gesta, or, A brief history of England being an exact account of the most remarkable revolutions and most memorable occurrences and transactions in peace and war ... : with several useful catalogues of the bishopricks, cities, shires, colledges and halls in both universities, and tables of the kings reigns and of the dimensions of England, Scotland and Ireland / by George Meriton, gent.
Meriton, George, d. 1624. / [1611] A sermon preached before the Generall Assembly at Glascoe in the kingdome of Scotland, the tenth day of Iune, 1610. By George Meriton Doctor of Diuinitie, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines.
Meriton, George, d. 1624. / [1607] A sermon of repentance. Preached by George Meriton Doctor of Diuinity, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary.
Meriton, George, d. 1624. / [1607] A sermon of nobilitie¨ Preached at VVhite-hall, before the King in February 1606. By George Meriton Doctor of Diuinity, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary; and parson of Hadleigh in Suffolke.
Meriton, George, d. 1624. / [1614] The Christian mans assuring house. And a sinners conuersion. Two sermons; the former, preached, before the Prince his Highnesse at St. Iames: the other to his Maiesties houshold at White-hall, on Sunday the 6. of February by George Meriton Doctor of Diuinitie, and Deane of Peterborough.
Meriton, Henry, d. 1707. / [1697] A sermon preacht at the Cathedral Church in Norwich, upon the 11th of April, 1696, the day of His Majesties coronation / by Henry Meriton ...
Meriton, John, 1636-1704. / [1672] Religio militis a sermon preached to the artillery-company, October 24, 1672, at St. Michaels in Cornhil / by John Meriton, D.D.
Meriton, John, 1636-1704. / [1682] Forms of prayer for every day in the week, morning and evening composed for the use of private families / by John Meriton ...
Meriton, John, 1636-1704. / [1660 i.e. 1661] Curse not the King.: A sermon preached at St. Martin's in the Fields, on the 30th of January, 1660. Being the anniversary day of humiliation for the horrid murder of our late gracious soveraign Charles the I. By John Meriton, M.A. rector of the church of St. Nicholas Acons, London, and lecturer to that congregation.
Meriton, John, 1666-1717. / [1699] An antidote against the venom of Quakerism, or, Some observations, on a little pamphlet, stiled, The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers by John Meriton ...
Meriton, John, b. ca. 1630. / [1677] A sermon preached before the King at White-hall July 30, 1676 by John Meriton ...
Meriton, John, b. ca. 1630. / [1670] The obligation of a good conscience to civil obedience being the substance of a sermon preached before the judges, at the assises held at Huntington Aug. 24. 1670 / John Meriton ...
Meriton, Thomas, 1632 or 3-1705. / [printed in the year, 1690] A sermon, preached at the funeral of Sir Christopher Lethieullier, knight and alderman of the City of London at the parish church of St. Swithins, July 22. 1690. By Thomas Meriton, Rector of the parish church of S. Nicholas Coleabby, Lond. Now publish'd at the instance of his nearest relations.
Merke, Thomas, d. 1409. / [1689] A speech spoken by the Bishop of Carlisle in the House of Lords;: with some observations upon it.
Merke, Thomas, d. 1409. / [1642?] A pious and learned speech delivered in the High Court of Parliament, 1. H. 4. by Thomas Mercks then Bishop of Carlile.: Wherein hee gravely and judiciously declares his opinion concerning the question, what should be done with the deposed King Richard the Second.
Merke, Thomas, d. 1409. / [printed in the year 1679] The Bishop of Carlile's speech in parliament, concerning deposing of princes: Thought seasonable to be published to this murmuring age.
Merlin, Pierre, ca. 1535-1603. / [1599] A most plaine and profitable exposition of the book of Ester deliuered in 26. sermons. By Peter Merlin, one of the ministers of the church of Garnezey: and now translated in English, for the helpe of those who wanting the knowledge of the tongues, are yet desirous of the vnderstanding of the scriptures and true godlinesse. With a table of the principall points of doctrine contained therein.
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1660] A collection of acts of Parliament, charters, trials at law, and judges opinion concerning those grants to the Colledge of Physicians London, taken from the originals, law-books, and annals, commanded by Sir Edward Alston Kt., president, and the elects and censors / made by Christopher Merret ...
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1670] A short view of the fravds, and abvses committed by apothecaries, as well in relation to patients, as physicians, and of the only remedy thereof by physicians making their own medicines by Christopher Merret ...
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1670] A short reply to the postscript, &c. of H.S. Shewing his many falsities in matters of fact; the impertinencies of his promised answers to some physicians that have written against the apothecaries: his conspiracy with apothecaries to defame them, the R.S. and many learned men of our nation. Made by Christopher Merrett Dr. of physic and fellow of the college of physicians.
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1670] Self-conviction, or, An enumeration of the absurdities, railings against the college, and physicians in general (but more especially, the writers against the apothecaries), non-sence, irrational conclusions, falsities in matters of fact, and in quotations, concessions, &c. of a nameless person and also, an answer to the rest of Lex talionis / collected and made by Christopher Merrett ...
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1680] The character of a compleat physician, or naturalist.
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1680?] The character of a compleat physician, or naturalist:
Merrifield, John. / [1691] Catastrophe Galliæ, or, The French king's fatal downfal: predicted to happen in or about the years 1691 or 92 : together with his nativity, calculated according to the rules of astrology : as likewise that of the present emperor of Germany and the grand signior : with probable conjectures upon the Turks new eruptions into Europe : all humbly submitted to the candid and ingenuous sons of art / by J.P. ...
Merrifield, John. / [1684] Catastasis mundi, or, The true state, vigor, and growing greatness of Christendom, under the influences of the last triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Leo, the late comet, &c. together with the true genitures of Mahomet the imposter, the Grand Seignior, the German Emperour, the French monarch : proving thence that the Turks will be defeated in all their attempts against Christendom, &c., notwithstanding Mr. Holwel's menaces to the contrary in his Catastrophe mundi, and his appendix thereunto : also the said Holwel's monstrous falshoods and errours discovered, retorted, and confuted, and himself remitted to the Turks, to comfort them now after their losses before Vienna / by John Merrifield ...
Merry Anthony, 1756-1835. / [1780?] Methods to prevent smuggling in Great Britain:
Merry, Nathaniel. / [1683] A plea for the chymists or non-colegiats: or, Considerations natural, rational, and legal, in relation to medicines.
Merry, Nathaniel. / [1682?] A friendly and seasonable advertisement concerning the dog-days, by Nath. Merry Philo-chim. In regard there are many that perish in and about this city &c. through an evil custom, arising from a false opinion, that is not safe to take physick in the extreams of heat and cold, or in the dog days ...
Merry, Nathaniel. / [1682?] Evident satisfasction to the sick and lame; by Nath. Merry, student in physick, dwelling at the Star in Bow-Lane, near Cheapside.
Merry, Nathaniel. / [1682] Cure for the dogmatical incurables, performed in matter of fact by N. Merry philo-chym. All subjects have their excrements in them, and excrements will make but bad medicines. First cure the subjects of their diseases, and thou shalt happily cure the patients of their sicknesses. All true medicine is the incorruptible and undigestible part latent in their subjects. Whence it follows that excrements and foods are no physick, or very improper medicines; hence a necessity of seperation.
Merryweather, John. / [1681] Directions for the Latine tongue by the translator of Religio medici.
Mervault, Pierre, b. 1608. / [1680] The last famous siege of the city of Rochel together with the Edict of Nantes / written in French by Peter Meruault, a citizen of Rochel who was in the city from the beginning of the siege until the rendition of it.
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1662] The speech of Sir Audley Mervyn, knight, His Majesties prime Serjeant at Law, and speaker of the House of Commons in Ireland delivered to His Grace James Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, the 13 day of February, 1662, in the Presence-chamber in the castle of Dublin : containing the sum of affairs in Ireland, but more especially, the interest of adventurers and souldiers.
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1661] A speech made by Sir Audley Mervyn His Majesties prime serjeant at law in Ireland, the 11th. day of May in the House of Lords when he was presented speaker by the Commons, before the right honourable Sir Maurice Eustace Knight, Lord Chancellour of Ireland, Roger Earl of Orrery, and Charles Earl of Mountrath, His Majesties Lord Justices of his kingdom of Ireland.
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [Anno Dom. 1641] A speech made by Captaine Audley Mervin to the Vpper House of Parliament in Ireland, March 4. 1640.: Together with certaine articles (of high treason) against Sir Richard Bolton Lord Chancellor, John Lord Bishop of Derrie, Sir Gerard Lowther, Lord chiefe Justice of the Common-Pleas, and Sir George Radcliffe Knight. Unto which is added an humble and just remonstrance of the Parliament.
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [Printed Anno Dom. 1641] Captaine Audley Marvin's speech delivered in the upper house to the Lords in Parliament May 24, 1641: concerning the iudicature of the high court of Parliament.
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1662] A speech delivered by Sir Avdley Mervyn His Majesties prime serjeant at law in Ireland, and speaker of the House of Commons to his grace James Duke of Ormond, Lord Lievtenant of Ireland, in the presence chamber in the castle of Dublin, the 29. of July 1662
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1665] A speech delivered by Sir Audley Mervin Knight, His Majesties prime serjeant at law, and speaker of the House of Commons; to his grace James Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the presence chamber in the castle of Dublin, the seventh of November, 1665:
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1642] An exact relation of all such occurrences as have happened in the severall counties of Donegall, London-Derry, Tyrone, & Fermanagh in the North of Ireland,: since the beginning of this horid, bloody, and unparaleld rebellion there, begun in October last. In all humility presented to the Honourable House of Commons in England. By Lievetenant Collonell Audeley Mervyn, the 4 of Iune, 1642.
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1642] An exact relation of all such occurrences as have hapned in the severall covnties of Donegall, London-derry, Tyrone, and Fermanagh in the north of Ireland since the beginning of this horrid, bloody, and unparaleld rebellion there, begun in October last / in all humility presented to the Honorable House of Commons in England by Avdeley Mervyn.
Messenger from the Scots Armie. / [1644] A full relation of the Scots martch from Barwicke to Newcastle with eighteene thousand foot, three thousand horse, five hundred dragoons, and a hundred and twenty peeces of ordnance : also, their message to the governour of Newcastle, and their propositions to the cavaliers, and their severall answers about the surrendring of Newcastle : together, with a relation of 11 of the Earle of Warwicks ships appointed to fall upon 7 ships which lay at Newcastle, laden with malignants goods, intended for Holland : as it was delivered to the Parliament / by a messenger from the Scots armie.
Mestrezat, Jean, 1592-1657. / [1631] The divine portrait. Or, A true and liuely representation of the blessed sacrament of the Lords Supper: with our due preparation how to receive the same worthily. / Delivered in a sermon, at the Reformed Church of Paris (on Easter day last:) by Monsieur Iohn Mestrezat ... ; Englished by John Reynolds.
Metcalfe, Mr. / [1641. i.e. 1642] March 21th, 1641. A continuation of the good newes from Ireland. Manifested by two severall letters sent from Mr. Metcalfe to Mr. Nowell Bassano of the Custome-house in London. The one dated at Dublin, March 14. The other at Tredarth, March 15. 1641. Being a true relation of the good and prosperous successe and proceedings of the English forces, under the command of Sir Symon Harcourt, Sir Charles Coote, Sir Richard Greenvill and others, against the bloody rebels in Ireland. From the last of February, to this present
Metford, James. / [1698] A discourse of licenses to preach occasioned by a question propounded, viz., why many officers of the Church of England in the episcopal visitations urge the incumbents to take licenses to preach / replied to by Ja. Metford in a letter to the proposer ; published for the consideration of the clergy to whom it is of no small importance.
Metford, James. / [1682] A general discourse of simony by Ja. Metford.
Meurier, Gabriel, b. 1587? / [1580] The nosegay of morall philosophie lately dispersed amongst many Italian authours, and now newely and succinctly drawne together into questions and answers, and translated into Englishe by T.C. Seene and allowed.
Meurisse, F. M. / [1655] A laurell of metaphysicke
Mews, Peter, 1619-1706. / [Anno Dom. 1666] Exaltatio alæ The ex-ale-tation of ale / done into verse by T.C.P.
Mews, Peter, 1619-1706. / [1646] The ex-ale-tation of ale, the anciant lickquor of this realme.: Or, A cleare definition of its effecatious operation in severall pates, arts, and professions.
Mews, Peter, 1619-1706. / [1663] The ex-ale-tation of ale being the antient liquor of this realme¨ Or, A clear definition of its efficacious operation in several pates, arts and professions. Dedicated to all that love ale, and to be presented to all the inns and ale-houses in England.
Mews, Peter, 1619-1706. / [1671] The ex-ale-tation of ale written by a learned pen.
Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?  / [1656. ] The wonders of the world: or, Choice observations and passages, concerning the beginning, continuation, and endings, of kingdomes and commonwealths. With an exact division of the several ages of the world ... the opinions of divers great emperours and kings ... together with the miserable death that befel Pontius Pilate ... a work very profitable and necessary for all. / Written originally in Spanish, translated into French, and now made English, by that pious and learned gentleman Joshua Baildon.