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Le Boë, Frans de, 1614-1672. / [1682] Dr. Franciscus de le Boe Sylvius Of childrens diseases given in a familiar style for weaker capacities. With an apparatus or introduction explaining the authors principles: as also a treatise of the rickets. By R. G. physician.
Le Camus, Etienne, 1632-1707. / [1687] A pastoral letter of the Lord Cardinal Le Camus, bishop and Prince of Grenoble to the curats of his diocess touching the methods they ought to take, and in what manner they should behave themselves towards their new converts : faithfully translated from the original in French.
Le Challeux, Nicolas. / [1566] A true and perfect description, of the last voyage or nauigation, attempted by Capitaine Iohn Rybaut deputie and generall for the French men, into Terra Florida, this yeare past. 1565. Truely sette forth by those that returned from thence, wherein are contayned things as lame[n]table to heare as they haue bene cruelly executed.
Le Clerc, Charles Gabriel, 1644-1700? / [1696] The compleat surgeon or, the whole art of surgery explain'd in a most familiar method. Containing an exact account of its principles and several parts, viz. Of the bones, muscles, tumurs, ulcers, and wounds simple and complicated, or those by gun-shot; as also of venereal diseases, the scruvy, fractures, luxations, and all sorts of chirurgical operations; together with their proper bandages and dressings. To which is added, a chirurgical dispensatory; shewing the manner how to prepare all such medicines as are most necessary for a surgeon, and particularly the mercurial panacæa. Written in French by M. le Clerc, physician in ordinary, and privy-counsellor to the French King; and faithfully translated into English.
Le Clerc, Daniel, 1652-1728. / [1699] The history of physick, or, An account of the rise and progress of the art, and the several discoveries therein from age to age with remarks on the lives of the most eminent physicians / written originally in French by Daniel Le Clerc, M.D. ; and made English by Dr. Drake and Dr. Baden ; with additional notes and sculptures.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1699] Reflections upon what the works commonly call good-luck and ill-luck with regard to lotteries and of the good use which may be made of them / written originally in French by Monsieur Le Clerk, done into English.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1696] Twelve dissertations out of Monsieur Le Clerk's Genesis ... done out of Latin by Mr. Brown ; to which is added, a dissertation concerning the Israelites passage through the Red Sea, by another hand.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1697] A treatise of the causes of incredulity wherein are examin'd the general motives and occasions which dispose unbelievers to reject the Christian religion : with two letters, containing a direct proof of the truth of Christianity / translated from the French of Monsieur Le Clerc.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1693] Memoirs of Emeric count Teckely in four books, wherein are related all the most considerable transactions in Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, from his birth, anno 1656, till after the Battel of Salankement, in the year 1691 / translated out of French.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1696] The lives of Clemens Alexandrinus, Eusebius, Bishop of Cæsarea, Gregory Nazianzen, and Prudentius, the Christian poet containing an impartial account of their lives and writings, together with several curious observations upon both : also a short history of Pelagianism / written originally in French by Monsieur Le Clerc ; and now translated into English.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1700] Parrhasiana, or, Thoughts upon several subjects, as criticism, history, morality, and politics by Monsieur Le Clerk ... ; done into English by ****.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1695] The life of the famous Cardinal-Duke de Richlieu, principal minister of state to Lewis XIII, King of France and Navarr
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1695] The life of the famous Cardinal-Duke de Richlieu, principal minister of state to Lewis XIII, King of France and Navarr
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1690] An historical vindication of The naked Gospel recommended to the University of Oxford.
Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. / [1699] A compendium of universal history from the beginning of the world to the reign of the Emperor Charles the Great written originally in Latin by Monsieur Le Clerc ; done into English.
Le Clercq, Jacquemine. / [1646] The Wallons consistory and excommunication
Le Faucheur, Michel, 1585-1657. / [1680?] An essay upon the action of an orator, as to his pronunciation & gesture useful both for divines and lawyers, and necessary for all young gentlemen, that study how to speak well in publick / done out of French.
Le Fèvre, Nicaise, 1610-1669. / [1662] A compendious body of chymistry, which will serve as a guide and introduction both for understanding the authors which have treated of the theory of this science in general: and for making the way plain and easie to perform, according to art and method, all operations, which teach the practise of this art, upon animals, vegetables, and minerals, without losing any of the essential vertues contained in them. By N. le Fèbure apothecary in ordinary, and chymical distiller to the King of France, and at present to his Majesty of Great-Britain.
Le Franc, James. / [1663] O basanos tes aletheias, or, The touch-stone of truth wherein verity by scripture and antiquity is plainly confirmed, and errour confuted / delivered in certain sermons, preached in English by James Le Franc ...
Le Gendre, Louis, 1655-1733. / [1699] The history of the reign of Lewis the Great till the general peace concluded at Reswick in the year 1697 by Mr. Le Gendre ; made English from the third edition of the French.
Le Grand, M. (Joachim), 1653-1733. / [1690] The history of the divorce of Henry VIII and Katharine of Arragon with the defence of Sanders, the refutation of the two first books of The history of the reformation of Dr. Burnett / by Joachim le Grand ; with Dr. Burnett's answer and vindication of himself.
Le Grosse, Robert. Sionis reductio, & exultatio. Or, Sions return out of captivity with Sions reioycing for her return. A discourse, intended for the solemn festivity of the English nation, at Livorno in Italy, upon the happy news of King Charles the Second his return into England, which was there celebrated with munificent feasting, and magnificent shows, fire-works, and other signs of triumph, three days together, in the month of July anno Dom. 1660. Since occasionally preached in part, at St. Margarets in Westminster, the Sonday [sic] after the solemnization of the Kings birth-day, and entry into London; and now presented to publick view, as to correct the mis-apprehension, and mis-interpretation of some that were present; so to prevent the mis-information, and depravation of others that were absent. By Ro. le Grosse, cleric. An orthodox priest of the Church of England; and D. Oecumenical, then residing in Livorno, at his return from grand Cairo in Egypt.
Le Jay, Nicolas. / [1611] The tocsin, or watch-bell sent to the king, queene regent, princes of blood, to all the parlaments, magistrates, officers, and loyall subiects of France. Against the booke of the popes temporall power, not long since set forth by Cardinall Bellarmine Iesuite. By Memnons Statue. With the permission of the best genie of Fraunce. And done into English by I.R. ...
Le Macon, Robert, fl. 1557-1611. / [1580] A catechisme and playne instruction for children which prepare the[m]selues to communicate in the Holy Supper yeelding therein openlie a reason of their faith, according to the order of the Frenche church at London / written in French by Monsieur Fountaine, minister of the same churche there ; and lately translated into English by T.W.
Le Medde, Theod. / [1665] Elixyrlogia, or, A compendious discourse wherein the eminent and effectual virtues and properties of the universal elixyr are set forth not only for the particular use of them that would prevent the contagion of the plague ... but for the general cure, remedying, and certain prevention of most acute diseases incident to mankind ... : with the manner of taking it ... and a rational accompt how it may certainly conduce to the prolonging of life if medically administred in a little quantity every morning to an empty stomach / by Theod. Le Medde, M.D.
Le Moyne de Morgues, Jacques, d. 1588. / [1586] La clef des champs pour trouuer plusieurs animaux, tant bestes qu'Oyseaux, auec plusieurs fleurs & fruitz.
Le Muet, Pierre, 1591-1669. / [1670] The art of fair building represented in the figures of several uprights of houses, with their ground-plots, fitting for persons of several qualities : wherein is divided each room and office according to their most convenient occasion, with their heights, depths, lengths, and breadths according to proportion : with rules and directions for the placing of the doors, vvindows, chimnies, beds, stairs, and other conveniencies ... : also a description of the names and proportions of the members belonging to the framing of the timber-work, with directions and examples for the placing of them / by Pierre Le Muet ... ; published in English by Robert Pricke ...
Le Noble, Eustache, 1643-1711. / [1696] Abra-Mulè, or, A true history of the dethronement of Mahomet IV written in French by M. Le Noble ; made English by J.P.
Le Noir, Jean, 1622-1692. / [1678] The new politick lights of modern Romes church-government, or, The new Gospel according to Cardinal Palavicini revealed by him in his History of the Council of Trent : Englished out of French.
Le Noir, Jean, 1622-1692. / [M.DC.LXXXX. 1690] Le voyage de Cromvvel en l'autre monde, et son retour sur la terre. Avec ses nouveaux desseins, & ses nouvelles intrigues, pour conquãeter l'empire des esprits: réprésentez sur l'original du sieur John of VVerstaonnay chevalier, gentilhomme ordinaire de la chambre de sa Majesté Britannique, par Iean Le Noir, interprete des langues etrangeres. histoire nouvelle, politique & ecclesiastique, enrichie de plusieurs inventions, qui la rendent également curieuse, agreable & utile.
Le Vassor, Michel, 1646-1718. / [1695] Letters written by a French gentleman, giving a faithful and particular account of the transactions at the court of France, relating to the publick interest of Europe with historical and political reflexions on the ancient and present state of that kingdom / communicated by Monsieur Vassor.
Le Vassor, Michel, 1646-1718. / [1700-1702] The history of the reign of Lewis XIII, King of France and Navarre containing the most remarkable occurrences in France and Europe during the minority of that prince / by Mr. Michel LeVassor.
Le Vayer de Boutigny, M. (Roland), 1627-1685. / [1685] The famous romance of Tarsis and Zelie digested into ten books / written originally in French by a person of honour ; done into English by Charles Williams.
Le White, Thomas. / [1660] Considerations by way of sober queries,: whether the state and condition of the three nations have been, or may be bettered, or made far worse, by the sitting, and acting of the remnant of the Old Parliament, without a free and full assembly, chosen by the consent and election of the people, which are most concerned therein. / By Tho. Le White Esq;
Le White, Thomas. / [1659] An ansvver to a letter sent to a gentleman of the Middle-Temple.: Concerning the late various and strange changes of the times, together with certain queries not unworthy the consideration of the High Court of Parliament; and of all honest and religious men, that tenders the peace and wellfare of the Church and English nation. And also a clear way discovered whereby at least a million of money may be bought into the publick treasury for the use of the Common-wealth. By Tho. Le VVhite. Esq.
Lea, Francis. / [1673] Some breathings of the Father's love flowing forth unto the young convinced of the Holy way and blessed truth of the Lord. Unto whom be multiplied and daily increased divine love, grace and everlasting peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lea, Francis. / [1674] A looking-glass for the episcopal people shewing them how they walk contrary to the common-prayer they profess and teach / written in true love that might come to know the truth as it is in Jesus, by a lover and friend of truth, though by the world reproachfully called a Quaker, Francis Lea.
Lea, Francis. / [Printed in the year, 1671] Judgment brought forth unto victory, and mercy kissing j[udgm]ent being t[he] work and mercy of God (upon my soul) which conduceth to his praise : also a tender invitation of love unto the professors and to the prophane, to come unto Christ that they may have life / written in the fear of the Lord, and as moved by his Holy Spirit through his servant, Francis Lea.
Leach, Simon, Sir, d. 1708. / [1698?] The case of Sir Simon Leach, Who is plaintiff in a writ of error, brought before the right honourable the Lords in Parliament
Leach, William. / [1651] Propositions 1. For recording and registering of deeds and conveyances. 2. Judgments, statutes, and other incumbrances upon lands and tenements. For prevention of frauds and deceits in sales; and quieting of possessions of purchasers. 3. For inabling creditors to have the benefit of copy-hold, and intayled lands and tenements for their satisfaction. As far as may be conveyed by surrender, or cut off by fine or common recovery; and of all chattals real, as well as personall. / By William Leach of the Middle-Temple, gent.
Leach, William. / [1650] Proposalls for an Act for prevention of the great trouble and charge which the honest people of this nation, have been put to; by wrongfull arrests and imprisonments, and for preserving them from such arrests (being upon feigned great actions) at the sute of divers to whom they have owed nothing.: And also for an other Act for the taking away the great trouble and charge, which the people of this nation have been put to; by sheriffs, bayliffs, serjeants, &c. to procure arrests and appearances of their debtors, &c. in order to the more speedy satisfying of creditors; for the saving to the people of this nation, between 4 and 500000. pounds yearly, part of the 1500000. pounds, formerly proposed to be so saved yearly, mentioned in the proposalls for creditors and prisoners. With a short explanation in particular, how those 300000. pounds, and more, by these proposalls for creditors and prisoners, will be saved. Offered to the same consideration, as those for creditors and prisoners are. / By Will. Leach of the Middle Temple Gent.
Leach, William. / [Printed in the Year, Anno Dom. 1651] A new parliament, or representative for the perpetual peace and quiet of this nation, and of other parts (which be or shall be incorporated with the same) in the enjoyment of their just rights and liberties, as in the most peaceable times of old they have been : now proposed to be chosen and held certainly in all future times ... : with other things in order to the prevention of unlawful exacting from the people of this nation, every year hereafter, millions of money formerly so exacted / written by W.L.
Leach, William. / [in the year 1652] The bribe-takers of jury-men partiall, dishonest, and ignorant discovered and abolished; and, honest, judicious, able, and impartiall restored;: and their equall election to try causes, and find inquests. / Written, proposed, and tendred to the same intent and purpose as all the former proposalls, to and for the saving to the honest people of this nation the thirty hundred thousand pounds yearly are. By William Leach of the Middle-Temple.
Leach, William. / [1653] The funerall of symonie, impropriations, and tithes; or, A hurrycano [sic] or whirlwind among tithes, symonie, and impropriations Published by many welwillers to Christianity and learning, (and competent maintenance for the true labourers therein) and just right and equitie. Written by W. Leach of the Temple.
Leach, William, 17th cent. / [in the Year 1652] An abatement of most of the motions & orders in chancery and other chargeable courts and of the greatest part of the charges which may be in those hereafter, or motions and orders reduced from twenty to two, and most of those to the tenth part of the charge, as formerly hath been / written by W. Leach, for the same intent, and tendred to the consideration as his former are.
Lead, Jane, 1623-1704. / [1700] The wars of David, and the peaceable reign of Solomon symbolizing the times of warfare and refreshment of the saints of the most high God, to whom a priestly kingdom is shortly to be given, after the order of Melchisedeck. Set forth in two treatises written by J. Lead: and according to divine ordination publish'd in this present year of jubilee. For the service of all the children of the captivity, now watching and praying in many countries, for the great jubilee of the Lord to begin, and follow upon this very speedily. Containing I. An alarm to the holy warriours to fight the battels of the Lamb. II. The glory of Sharon, in the renovation of nature, introducing the kingdom of Christ in his sealed virgins, redeemed from the earth.
Lead, Jane, 1623-1704. / [1696] The tree of faith: or, The tree of life,: springing up in the paradise of God; : from which all the wonders of the new Creation, in the virgin church of the first-born of wisdom must proceed. / By J. Lead.
Lead, Jane, 1623-1704. / [Printed in the Year, 1699] The signs of the times forerunning the kingdom of Christ, and evidencing when it is come by J. Lead.
Lead, Jane, 1623-1704. / [1698] The messenger of an universal peace: or a third message to the Philadelphian Society. By J. Lead
Leader, Thomas. / [1665] The wounded-heart, or, The jury-man's offences declared and ingeniously acknowledged for the satisfaction of those who were thereby troubled by Thomas Leader.
Leaguer at Colchester. / [July 8. 1648] 6. Julii, 1648. From the Leaguer at Colchester, more certain news of the fight on Wednesday last; and of their present condition.: Printed by the appointment of the Honorable Committee at Derby-house. Gualther Frost Secr'
Leake, Richard. / [1599] Foure sermons preached and publikely taught by Richard Leake, preacher of the word of God at Killington, within the baronrie of Kendall, and countie of Westmerland: immediately after the great visitation of the pestilence in the fore-sayd countie.
Leanerd, John, fl. 1679. / [1677] The country innocence, or, The chamber-maid turn'd Quaker a comedy : with alterations and amendments as it is now acted at the Theatre-Royal / written by John Leanerd.
Learned and truly loyal gentleman. / [1685?] The Excellency of monarchy a panegyrick written anno 1658 / by a learned and truly loyal gentleman for information of the miserably misled Commonwealths-men (falsly so called) of that deceitful age and now reviv'd by a friend to the author and an honourer of the establish'd government of these nations.
Learned author. / [Printed in the year 1660] Several arguments against bowing at the name of Jesus.: By a learned author.
Learned divine. / [Printed in the yeare 1647] A short but full discourse of the power of parliaments: and how far their intrusted power may extend. As also the great interests of the King therein, acknowledged heretofore in all ages. Sent from the army to a worthy friend in London, and writen there by a learned divine, who upon some high imployments hath been conversant late amongst them.
Learned divine. / [1642] Queries of some tender conscienced Christians about the late Protestation commended to them by the House of Commons, now assembled in the High and Honourable Court of Parliament wherein they desire to be resolved concerning 1. the authority imposing it, 2. the necessity of it, 3. the danger of it, 4. whether it can be taken in faith ... / written by a learned divine.
Learned divine. / [1679] The Church of Rome unmask'd, or her false principles briefly detected with some reasons of so many retaining or returning to communion with her, and the great danger of everlasting destruction, that such persons, especially after separations from her, return to her communion, do run themselves on / written by a learned divine, by way of letter to a friend in the country.
Learned divine. / [1670?] The best fence against popery, or, A vindication of the power of the king in ecclesiastical affairs being an answer to the papists objections against the oath of supremacy : to which is added Queen Elizabeth's admonition declaring the sense of the said oath, and King James's vindication of the oath of allegiance / by a learned divine.
Learned pen. / [1683] Catastrophe mundi, or, Merlin reviv'd in a discourse of prophecies and predictions and their remarkable accomplishment : with Mr. Lilly's hieroglyphicks exactly cut, and notes and observations thereon as also a collection of all the antient (reputed) prophecies that are extant touching the grand revolutiuons like to happen in these latter ages / by a learned pen.
Learned phisition. / [1594] Present remedies against the plague. Shewing sundry preseruatiues for the same, by holsome fumes, drinkes, vomits, and other inward receits: as also the perfect cure (by implaisture) of any that are therewith infected. Now necessary to bee obserued of euery housholder, to auoid the infection, lately begun in some places of this cittie. Written by a learned phisition, for the health of his country: and now newly inlarged by the same author, with remedies for the newe pestilent feuer.
Learned prelate. / [1671] Christian consolations taught from five heads in religion: I. Faith. II. Hope. III. The Holy Spirit. IV. Prayer. V. The Sacraments. Written by a learned prelate.
Learned Protestant divine. / [1673] The reuniting of Christianity, or, The manner how to rejoin all Christians under one sole confession of faith written in French by a learned Protestant divine ; and now Englished by P.A., Gent.
Lechmere, Edmund, d. 1640? / [1635] A reflection of certaine authors that are pretended to disauow the churches infallibilitie in her generall decrees of faith. By F.E.
Lechmere, Edmund, d. 1640? / [1629] A disputation of the Church wherein the old religion is maintained. V.M.C.F.E.
Lechmere, Edmund, d. 1640? / [1693] A consultation about religion, or, What religion is best to be chosen with an appendix upon this question, whether every one may be saved in his own religion / translated out of Latin in which it was written by an eminent professor of divinity.
Lechmere, John. / [M. DC. XXXV. 1635] The relection of a conference touching the reall presence. Or a bachelours censure of a masters apologie for Doctour Featlie.: bachelours censure of a masters apologie for Doctour Featlie. / By L.I. B. of Art, of Oxford.
Leddoze, George. / [Septemb. 1. 1642] The examination of George Leddoze of Dorchester merchant, taken before Master Henry Maber mayor, and Mr Richard Burce, His Majesties iustices of the peace, the 27 of August. 1642.: Wherein is discovered the inveterate malice of the Lords and Cavaleers at Sherborne, against the Parliament and all good men, falsly scandalizing them under the nickname of Cropeard-Round-Heads. Sent from a member of the House of Commons in that county, and read in the House, and ordered to be printed. Hen. Elsynge Cl. Par. D. Com. Whereunto is added a letter from Coker, near Sherborne in Sommersetshire, of the war-like preparations there intended.
Lederer, John. / [1672] The discoveries of John Lederer in three several marches from Virginia to the west of Carolina and other parts of the continent begun in March, 1669 and ended in September, 1670 : together with a general map of the whole territory which he traversed / collected and translated out of Latine from his discourse and writings, by Sir William Talbot, Baronet.
Ledisma, Jacobus, 1519-1575. / [1597] The christian doctrine in manner of a dialogue betweene the master and the disciple Made by the Reuer. Fa. Iames Ledesma of the Society of Iesus. Now lately translated into English, for the vse of children, and other vnlearned Catholickes.
Ledoyen de la Pichonnaye, G. / [Anno. M.D.LXXVI. 1576] A playne treatise to learne in a short space the Frenche tongue deuided in twoo bookes.
Lee, E., fl. 1652. / [Printed in the Year 1653 i.e. 1652] Legenda lignea: with an ansvver to Mr. Birchleys moderator. (Pleading for a toleration of popery.) And a character of some hopefull saints revolted to the church of Rome.
Lee, Francis, 1661-1719. / [1697] The state of the Philadelphian Society the grounds of their proceedings consider'd, in answer to a letter from Philalethes, upon occasion of the Theosophical transactions &c., to a member of that society.
Lee, Joseph. / [1656] Eutaxia tōu agroū: or A vindication of a regulated inclosure Wherein is plainly proved, that inclosure of commons in general and the inclosure of Catthorp in the county of Leicester in particular, are both lawful and laudable. As also that those evils which do too usually accompany inclosure of commons, are not the faults of inclosure, but of some inclosers only. By Joseph Lee minister of the Gospel.
Lee, Joseph. / [1654. i.e. 1653] Considerations concerning common fields, and inclosures,: dialoguewise, digested into a deliberative discourse between two supposed friends, Philopeustus and Parrhesiastes. And tending partly to state and determine the question of lawfulnesse or unlawfulnesse between inclosures, and common fields, partly to answer some passages, which may be thought to make against inclosure in general, in another discourse lately published by Mr John Moore, under this title, The crying sinne of England, of not caring for the poor.
Lee, Leonard. / [1644 i.e. 1645] A remonstrance humbly presented to the High and Honourable Court of Parliament:: touching the insupportable miseries of the poore of the land, especially at this time, and in this great city of London, within the line of communication, and bill of mortality; and the causes thereof. Together with the cure and remedy; and the great care which the princes of other nations, states, countries and cities have taken therein. / By Leonard Lee, Gent.
Lee, Obadiah, 1636 or 7-1700. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] A sermon preached on Sunday the XXVI of July, 1685. Being the day appointed for solemn thanksgiving to almighty God, for his Majesties late victory over the rebels. / Preached at Wakefield by Obadiah Lee, M.A. and vicar there.
Lee, Richard, 1611-1684. / [1663] Cor humiliatum & contritum a sermon preached at S. Pauls Church London, Nov. 29, 1663 / by Richard Lee ... ; wherein was delivered the profession of his judgement against the Solemn league and covenant, the late King's death, &c.
Lee, Richard, d. 1650. / [1625] The spirituall spring. A sermon preached at Pauls, vvherein is declared the necessity of growing in grace, and the goodly gaine that comes thereby, &c. By Richard Lee, preacher of the word of God at Woluerhampton in Staffordshire.
Lee, Richard, fl. 1639-1678. / [Printed in the Year 1678] This most deplorable case of an antient citizen who hath been an old, honest, and faithful servant of, and very great sufferer for the interest of the city of London, is most humbly desired to be read over by all good citizens with great care, seriousness, and due consideration.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [1677] Eleothriambos, or, The triumph of mercy in the chariot of praise a treatise of preventing secret and unexpected mercies with some mixt reflexions.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [MDCLIX 1659] Orbis miraculum, or, The temple of Solomon pourtrayed by Scripture-light wherein all its famous buildings, the pompous worship of the Jewes, with its attending rites and ceremonies, the several officers employed in that work, with their ample revenues, and the spiritual mysteries of the Gospel vailed under all, are treated at large.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [1692] The great day of judgment handled in a sermon preached at the assizes at New-Bristol, Octob. 7, 1687 / by the reverend and learned Samuel Lee, M.A., sometimes fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxon ; accompany'd with preparatory meditations upon the Day of Judgment, by Mr. Cotton Mather.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [1677] Ecclesia Gemens, or, Two discourses on the mournful state of the Church, with a prospect of her dawning glory exhibited in a view of two Scriptures, representing her as a myrtle-grove in a deep bottom, and as a knot of lillies among thorns.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. Contemplations on mortality. Wherein the terrors of death are laid open, for a warning to sinners: and the joyes of communion with Christ for comfort to believers.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [1687] Chara tåes pisteåos The joy of faith, or, A treatise opening the true nature of faith : its lowest stature and distinction from assurance, with a scripture method to attain both, by the influence and aid of divine grace : with a preliminary tract evidencing the being and actings of faith, the deity of Christ, and the divinity of the sacred Sciptures / by Samuel Lee ...
Leech, Benjamin. / [1682?] The case of Mr. Benjamin Leech, brick-layer at the Old-Baily, the fourteenth day of October, 1682.
Leech, Humphrey, 1571-1629. / [M.DC.IX. 1609] A triumph of truth. Or Declaration of the doctrine concerning euangelicall counsayles; lately deliuered in Oxford by Humfrey Leech M. of Arts, & minister. With relation of sondry occurrents, and particularly of D. King, the Vicechancellour, his exorbitant proceedings against the sayd H.L. vpon his constant propugnation thereof. Also the peculiar motiues, ensuing therevpon, which perswaded him to renounce the faction of hereticall congregations, & and to embrace the vnity of the Catholique Church
Leech, James, fl. 1605. / [1605] A plaine and profitable catechisme: with certaine prayers adioyned, meete for parents and housholders to teach their children and seruants.
Leech, Jeremiah. / [1644] St Pauls challenge, or The Churches triumph: in a sermon, preacht at the Fort-Royal March 3. 1643. By Jer: Leech. And now published at the request both of the generous; and his much honored friend captaine George Dipfort.
Leech, Jeremy, d. 1644. / [1607] A sermon, preached before the Lords of the Councel, in K. Henry the seauenths Chappell. Sept. 23. 1607 At the funerall of the most excellent & hopefull princess, the Lady Marie's Grace. By I.L.
Leech, Jeremy, d. 1644. / [1619] The trayne souldier A sermon preached before the worthy societie of the captaynes and gentle men that exercise armes in the artillery garden. At Saint Andrew-vndershaft in London. Aprill 20. 1619. By I. Leech.
Leech, John, epigrammatist. / [1617] Lachrymæ in Augustissimi monarchæ, Jacobi. I. Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciae, & Hiberniae, regis recessu de patriæ suæ scotiae in Anglorum fines. Auctore Ioanne Leochaeo Scoto.
Leech, Richard, fl. 1690. / [1690?] To each gentleman soldier in the company of Captain William Hulls, captain in the Yellow regiment of trained bands of London.
Leeds, Daniel, 1652-1720. / [1697] News of a trumpet sounding in the wilderness, or, The Quakers antient testimony revived, examined and compared with itself, and also with their new doctrine whereby the ignorant may learn wisdom, and the wise advance in their understandings / collected with diligence, and carefully cited from their antient and later writings, and recommended to the serious reading and consideration of all enquiring Christians, by Daniel Leeds.
Leeds, Daniel, 1652-1720. / [1699] A trumpet sounded out of the wilderness of America which may serve as a warning to the government and people of England to beware of Quakerisme. Wherein is shewed the great contradictions of the Quakers, both in their former and later writings. Also how they deny Jesus of Nazareth to be the Christ. And how in Pensilvania and there-away, where they have the government in their own hands, they hire and encourage men to fight; and how they persecute, fine, imprison, and take away goods for conscience sake. Notwithstanding they formerly exclaimed against the government of England, &c. for the same things. Setting forth likewise there base temporizing with whatever government is uppermost, &c. By Daniel Leeds.
Leeds, Daniel, 1652-1720. / [Printed in the year 1695] The innocent vindicated from the falshoods & slanders of certain certificates sent from America on behalf of Samuell Jenings, and made publick by J.P. in Old England by Daniel Leeds.
Leeds, Peregrine Osborne, Duke of, 1658-1729. / [1694] A journal of the Brest-Expedition by the Lord Marquiss of Cærmarthen.
Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712. / [1689] The thoughts of a private person, about the justice of the gentlemens undertaking at York, Nov. 1688 wherein is shewed, that it is neither against scripture, nor moral honesty, to defend their just and legal rights, against the illegal invaders of them : occasioned then by some private debates, and now submitted to better judgments.
Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712. / [1679] An explanation of the Lord Treasurer's letter to Mr. Montagu, the Kings late embassador in France, March 25th, 1678 together vvith the said letter and the two letters of Mr. Montagu, which were read in the House of Commons.
Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712. / [1680] The Earl of Danby's answer to Sr. Robert Howards book, entituled An account of the state of His Majesties revenue as it was left by the Earl of Danby at Lady-day, 1679.
Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712. / [1680] The answer of the Right Honourable the Earl of Danby, to a late pamphlet entituled, An examination of the impartial state of the case of the Earl of Danby
Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712. / [1682] An account at large of the Right Honourable the Earl of Danby's arguments at the Court of King's-bench at Westminster, upon his Lordship's motion for bail, the 27th day of May, term. pasch, 1682 together with the judges answers and the Earl's replyes, as they were then truly taken.
Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712, defendant. / [1682] The arguments of the Right Honourable the Earl of Danby the second time, at the Court of King's Bench at Westminster, upon his lordship's motion for bail, the 29th day of June, term. Trin. 1682
Lefèvre, Raoul, fl. 1460. / [1596 i.e. 1597] The auncient historie, of the destruction of Troy. Conteining the founders and foundation of the said citie, with the causes and maner of the first and second spoiles and sackings thereof, by Hercules and his followers: and the third and last vtter desolation and ruine, effected by Menelaus and all the notable worthies of Greece. Here also are mentioned the rising and flourishing of sundrie kings with their realmes: as also of the decai and ouerthrow of diuers others. Besides many admirable, and most rare exployts of chiualrie and martiall prowesse effected by valorous knightes with incredible euents, compassed for, and through the loue of ladies. Translated out of French into English, by W. Caxton.
Leicester, Robert Sidney, Earl of, 1595-1677. / [1642] A letter from the Lord of Lecester, to the Right Honourable, the Earle of Northumberland; and by him comunicated to the House of Peeres.: Declaring the true causes of his long stay at court, and with what earnest desires hee continually pressed his Maiesty to assigne his dispatch, which he notwithstanding denyed to grant. Also how, and in what manner his Majesty tooke away the horses, bought by the Parliament, for the service of Ireland, and imployed them to his owne use. Die Lunæ, Sep. 26. 1642. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament, that this letter be forthwith printed and published. John Browne, Cler. Parl.
Leigh, Charles, 1662-1701? / [1698] A reply to John Colebatch, upon his late piece concerning the curing the biting of a viper by acids by Charles Leigh ...
Leigh, Charles, 1662-1701? / [1698] A reply to Mr. Richard Bolton of Brazen-Nose-College in Oxford, occasion'd by his presuming to dedicate his last piece to Dr. Charles Goodall, one of the censors of the College of Physicians by Charles Leigh ...
Leigh, Charles, 1662-1701? / [1698] Remarks on Mr. Richard Bolton's piece, concerning the heat of the blood
Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671. / [1671] Three diatribes or discourses first of travel, or a guide for travellers into forein [sic] parts, secondly, of money or coyns, thirdly, of measuring of the distance betwixt place and place / by Edward Leigh, Esq. ...
Leigh, John, of Camringham, Lincolnshire. / [1654] The saints rest, and revvard in heaven Set forth in a sermon preached at the funerall of the most vertuous and truly religious gentlewoman, Mrs. Anne Tirwhytt, widdow of Robert Tirwhytt of Camringham in the county of Lincolne, Esq. Decemb. 8. 1652. By John Leigh, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word at Camringham near Lincolne.
Leigh, Thomas, 1633 or 4-1686. / [1684] The keeping of holy days recommended in a sermon preached at Hadham before the Right Honourable and Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of London, &c. at his Lordships late conference with his clergy there / by Thomas Leigh ...
Leigh, Valentine, fl. 1562. / [1552?] The pleasaunt playne and pythye pathewaye leadynge to a vertues and honest lyfe no lesse profytable, then delectable. V.L.
Leigh, Valentine, fl. 1562. / [Anno Domini. 1577] The moste profitable and commendable science, of surueying of landes, tenementes, and hereditamentes: drawen and collected by the industrie of Valentyne Leigh. Whereunto is also annexed by the same authour, a right necessarie treatise, of the measuryng of all kyndes of lande, be it meadow, pasture, errable, wood, hill, or dale, and that aswell by certaine easie, and compendious rules, as also by an exact and beneficiall table, purposely drawen and deuised for that behalfe.
Leigh, Valentine, fl. 1562. / [the 8 day of January, anno M.D.LXI 8 Jan. 1561] Deathes generall proclamation also fine preceptes of vertuous and honest lyfe.
Leigh, William, 1550-1639. / [1610] [The dreadfull day dolorous to the wicked. In two sermons. By William Leigh.]
Leigh, William, 1550-1639. / [1613] The dampe of death: beaten backe with the glorious light and life of Iesus Christ /: In a sermon preached at Lancaster assises in Lent last, to the condemned prisoners there, and before the honourable iudges, and worshipfull of that countie. By William Leigh, bachelor in diuinitie, and pastor at Standish
Leigh, William, 1550-1639. / [1615?] Dauids palme and cedar shewing the reward of the righteous. In a sermon preached at Eccleston church in Lancashire; Iuly, 25. 1614. being the day of dedication of Heskine Schoole: founded by Sir Iames Pemberton knight, late alderman and citizen of London. By William Leigh Bachelor ini Diuinity, and pastor at Standish.
Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649. / [the year & moneth wherein Rochell was lost 1628, i.e. 1629?] An appeal to the Parliament; or Sions plea against the prelacie The summe wheroff is delivered in a decade of positions. In the handling vvhereoff, the Lord Bishops, and their appurtenances are manifestlie proved, both by divine and humane lawes, to be intruders vpon the priviledges of Christ, of the King, and of the common-vveal: and therefore vpon good evidence given, she hartelie desireth a iudgement and execution.
Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649. / [1646] An epitome or briefe discoverie, from the beginning to the ending, of the many and great troubles that Dr. Leighton suffered in his body, estate, and family, for the space of twelve years and upwards.: Wherein is laid down the cause of those sufferings; namely that book called Sions plea against the prelacie, together with the warrantable call that he had to the work: and also, the hard and heavie passage of the prelates proceedings against him, in the high Commission, and Star-Chamber. And lastly, their invective speeches in the said Court of Star-Chamber; from the impeachment whereof, and the accusations charged upon him, he vindicates himself by a just defence.
Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649. / [anno 1624] Speculum belli sacri: Or The looking-glasse of the holy war wherein is discovered: the evill of war. The good of warr. The guide of war. In the last of these I give a scantling of the Christian tackticks, from the levying of the souldier, to the founding of the retrait; together with a modell of the carryage, both of conquerour and conquered. I haue applyed the generall rules warranted by the Word, to the particular necessity of our present times.
Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649. / [in the yeere of our Lord 1625] A shorte treatise against stage-playes.
Leighton, Elisha, Sir, d. 1685. / [1672?] The speech of Sr. Ellis Leighton Kt. at the Tholsell of Dublin, April the 4th 1672
Leighton, Robert, 1611-1684. / [1695] Bp. Lighton's catechism for children
Leightonhouse, Walter, 1656-1701. / [1692] A sermon preached at the assizes held at Lincoln, March the 6th, 1691/2 before the right honourale [sic] Sir John Holt, Kt., lord chief justice of England / by Walter Leightonhouse ... ; printed at the earnest request of the gentlemen of the country.
Leightonhouse, Walter, 1656-1701. / [1689] The duty and benefit of frequent Communion, in a sermon preached at St. Peter's Church in Lincoln, upon Passion Sunday, 1688 by Walter Leightonhouse ; published at the request of many that heard it preached.
Leith, Patrick, d. 1647. / [printed in the yeare, 1647] The noble resolution delivered in a paper thrown over the scaffold at Edenborough, by Patt. Leithe of Hearthill; one of the commanders of His Majesties forces in the kingdom of Scotland, at his death, not being permitted to deliver himselfe in vvords. The. 26. of October, 1647. Sent in a letter from Scotland.
Leius, Matthias. / [1600] Certamen elegiacum nouem musarum, Appoline duce, contra Barbariem susceptum & serenissimæ, potentissimæq[ue] principi, ac Dominæ, D. Elizabethæ, Angliæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Reginæ, &c. Barbariæ victrici: Dominæ elementissimæ, D.D.D. Matthias Leius, Germanus.
Lémery, Nicolas, 1645-1715. / [1685] Modern curiosities of art & nature extracted out of the cabinets of the most eminent personages of the French court : together with the choicest secrets in mechanicks, communicated by the most approved artists of France / composed and experimented by the Sieur Lemery, apothecary to the French king ; made English from the original French.
Lémery, Nicolas, 1645-1715. / [1700] Pharmacopoeia Lemeriana contracta Lemery's Universal pharmacopoeia abridg'd, in a collection of recepe's and observations compar'd with the London and with Bates's dispensatories, and also with Charas's Royal pharmacy : to which are added some remedies recommended by the members of the French Royal Academy of Science, most collected out of the history of that society lately published by John Baptista du Hamel.
Lémery, Nicolas, 1645-1715. / [1680] An appendix to a course of chymistry being additional remarks to the former operations : together with the process of the volatile sale of tartar and some other useful preparations / writ in French by Monsieur Nicholas Lemery ; translated by Walter Harris ...
Lemnius, Levinus, 1505-1568. / [1658] The secret miracles of nature in four books : learnedly and moderately treating of generation, and the parts thereof, the soul, and its immortality, of plants and living creatures, of diseases, their symptoms and cures, and many other rarities ... : whereunto is added one book containing philosophical and prudential rules how man shall become excellent in all conditions, whether high or low, and lead his life with health of body and mind ... / written by that famous physitian, Levinus Lemnius.
Lemnius, Levinus, 1505-1568. / [1592] The sanctuarie of saluation, helmet of health, and mirrour of modestie and good maners wherein is contained an exhortation vnto the institution of Christian, vertuous, honest, and laudable life, very behoouefull, holsome and fruitfull both to highest and lowest degrees of men ... / written in Latin verie learnedly and elegantlie by Leuinus Lemnius of Zirizaa, physitian, and Englished by H.K. for the common commoditie and comfort of them which understand not the Latine tongue ...
Leng, John, 1665-1727. / [1699] A sermon preach'd before the King at New-market, on Sunday the 16th day of April, 1699 by John Leng ...
Lennard, Samson, d. 1633. / [1609] An exhortatory instruction to a speedy resolution of repentance and contempt of the vanities of this transitory life. By Samson Lennard.
Lens, Bernard, 1659-1725. / [1697] At the dravving-school near the Hand and Pen in St. Paul's church-yard, is taught the art of drawing: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the morning from eight to eleven; for five shillings entrance and five shillings a month. Also on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the evening from six to nine: at the said place on the same terms. Those that please may be taught at their respective habitations. By B. Lens, and J. Sturt.
Lenthall, John, Sir, 1625-1681. / [1659] A coppy of the speech made by Sir Iohn Lenthall to the Lord-Mayor & aldermen in the Guild-Hall, London, the of 1659 for the satisfying of such as, either by mis-report or mis-understanding of some passages in it, have excepted against it.
Lenthall, John, Sir, 1625-1681. / [1653] A list of the prisoners of the Upper Bench prison, who have taken the benefit of the Act of Parliament, for the relief of poor prisoners: published to the end, that if any person hath taken the benefit of the Act of Parliament for relief of poor prisoners, which ought not; either by concealing, or making over their estates, at or before their taking the oath, to defraud their creditors: it being made appear, their creditors just relief will be endeavoured therein. By the appointment of the committee, Coll. Thomas Pride. Coll. Tomlinson. Coll. Cooper. Mr. John Fountain. Mr. Richard Wollastone. Mr. Margets, judge advocate.
Lenthall, John, Sir, 1625-1681. / [1653] A list of all the prisoners in the Upper Bench prison, remaining in custody the third of May, 1653.: Delivered in by Sir John Lenthall to the committee appointed by the Councell of State, for examining of the state of the said prison, with the times of their first commitment, and the causes of their detention. And also the substance of the propositions made by the committee to the prisoners, with their answer thereunto. Published for information of all such as are concerned herein. By the appointment of the committee, Coll: Thomas Pride. Coll: Tomlinson. Coll: Cooper. Mr. John Fountaine. Mr. Richard Wollaston. Mr. Margets Judg Advocate
Lenthall, John, Sir, 1625-1681. / [1653] The case of Sir John Lenthall Knight, Marshall of the Upper-Bench prison humbly presented to those in authority and to all rational and indifferent men.
Lenthall, John, Sir, Knight. / [Printed in the Yeare, 2654 i.e. 1654] The representation of the case of Sir John Lenthall, Knight, in his late sufferings
Lenthall, William, 1591-1662. / [1641] The speech of Master Speaker before His Majestie and both Houses of Parliament after his returne from Scotland upon passing the bill for tunnage and poundage on Thursday, the 2. of December : also relating the present distempers of England and Ireland : wherennto [sic] is annexed His Majesties speech in Parliament.
Lenthall, William, 1591-1662. / [1647] A declaration of William Lenthall, Esquire; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons.: Shewing the grounds and reasons which moved him to absent himselfe from attending the service of the House on Fryday the 30th of July, 1647.
Lenthall, William, Mr. / [1699?] Mr. Lenthalls answer, to a paper, intitled, remarks on Mr. Lenthalls petition, now lying before the honourable House of Commons:
Lenton, Francis, fl. 1630-1640. / [1640.] A piece of the world, painted in proper colours. Presented to the illusterous [sic] Majesty of our most gracious Queene Mary. / By Francis Lenton gent. Her Majesties poet..
Leo, of S. Mary Magdalen. / [1693] Pious instructions, in meeter fitted to the weaker capacities.
Leon, de Vennes. / [1686] The second nativity of Jesus, the accomplishment of the first (viz) the conversion of the soul fram'd by the model of the Word-incarnate. Written in French by a learned Capucine. Translated into English, augmented & divided into 6 parts by John Weldon of Raffin, P.P.C.
Leonard, William. / [1686] The third part of the reports of severall excellent cases of law, argued and adjudged in the courts of law at Westminster in the time of the late Queen Elizabeth, from the first, to the five and thirtieth year of her reign collected by a learned professor of the law, William Leonard ... ; with alphabetical tables of the names of the cases, and of the matters contained in the book.
Leonard, William. / [1687] The second part of Reports and cases of law argued and adjudged in the courts at Westminster in the time of the late Q. Elizabeth, from the XVIIIth to the XXXIIId year of her reign collected by that learned professor of the law, William Leonard ... ; with alphabetical tables of the names of the cases and of the matters contained in the book.
Leonard, William. / [1687] Reports and cases of law, argued and adjudged in the courts at Westminster, in the times of the late Queen Elizabeth, and King James in four parts / collected by ... William Leonard, Esq. ...; with alphabetical tables of the names of the cases, and of the matter contained in each part ; published by William Hughes ...
Leonard, William. / [1687] The fourth part of the reports of several cases of law argued and adjudged in the several courts at Westminster, in the time of the late Queen Elizabeths reign collected by a learned professor of the law, William Leonard, Esq. ... published by William Hughes of Grayes-Inn, Esq. ; with tables of the names of the cases, and of the matters contained in this book.
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1640-1705. / [1689] The Emperor's letter to James II, late king of England &c., dated the ninth of April, 1689 in answer to a letter he receiv'd from him, dated the 6th of February, 1688/9.
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1640-1705. / [1689] A letter written by the emperor to the late King James, setting forth the true occasion of his fall, and the treachery and cruelty of the French
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1640-1705. / [1688] The emperors answer to the French king's manifesto translated from the Latin.
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1640-1705. / [1689] The emperor's letter to his own subjects and those of the empire in Italy dated from Vienna April 9th, 1689.
Lepidus, Mercurius. / [1652] News from the Lowe-Countreys: or Podex his encomium. Held out for publick information. By Mercurius Lepidus.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1694] Tempora mutantur, or, The great change from 73 to 93 in the travels of a professor of theology at Glasgow, from the primitive and Episcopal loyalty, through Italy, Geneva, &c. to the deposing doctrine, under papistico-phanatico-prelatico colours at Salisbury : together with his great improvement during his short stay at Cracovia.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1697] Some seasonable reflections upon the Quakers solemn protestation against George Keith's proceedings at Turner's-Hall, 29. Apr. 1697 Which was by them printed, and sent thither, as the reasons of their not appearing to defend themselves. Herein annex'd verbatim. By an impartial hand.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1696] The snake in the grass: or, Satan transform'd into an angel of light. Discovering the deep and unsuspected subtilty which is couched under the pretended simplicity of many of the principal leaders of those people call'd Quakers.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [Anno Dom: M. DC. XCVIII i.e. 1698] A short and easie method with the Deists; or, those who deny the essence of God wherein, the truth of the Christian religion is demonstrated, by such rules as stand upon the conviction of the outward senses, and which are incompatible with the fabulous histories of the heathen deities, the delusions of Mahomet, or any other imposture whatsoever. Licensed according to order. In a letter to a friend.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1697] Satan dis-rob'd from his disguise of light, or, The Quakers last shift to cover their monstrous heresies, laid fully open in a reply to Thomas Ellwood's answer (published the end of last month) to George Keith's Narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, June 11, 1696, which also may serve for a reply (as to the main points of doctrine) to Geo. Whitehead's Answer to The snake in the grass, to be published the end of next month, if this prevent it not / by the author of The snake in the grass.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1695] Remarks on some late sermons, and in particular on Dr. Sherlock's sermon at the Temple, Decemb. 30, 1694 in a letter to a friend.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1696] A religious conference between a minister and parishioner concerning the practice of our orthodox Church of England in baptizing infants, and pouring water on their faces, or sprinkling them; and in confirming them by the bishop when they come of age to give an account of their faith. Proving all three lawful by the authority of the Holy Scriptures.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1698] The history of sin and heresie attempted, from the first war that they rais'd in heaven through their various successes and progress upon earth to the final victory over them, and their eternal condemnation in hell : in some meditations upon the feast of St. Michael and all angels.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1694] Querela temporum, or, The danger of the Church of England in a letter from the Dean of ----- to ----- Prebend of.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1698] Primitive heresie revived in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers wherein is shewn in seven particulars that the principal and most characteristick errors of the Quakers were broached and condemned in the days of the Apostles and the first 150 years after Christ : to which is added a friendly expostulation with William Penn upon account of his Primitive Christianity lately published / by the author of The snake in the grass.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1696] Now or never, or, The last cast for England humbly addressed to both Houses of Lords and Commons.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1697] Mr. Leslie's answer to the remarks on his first dialogue against the Socinians.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1700] Liturgy's vindicated by the dissenters, or, The lawfulness of forms of prayer and liturgies proved from the very texts of Scripture urged against them by John Bunyan and the dissenters / by the author of the Religious conference between a minister and his parishioner about infant baptism.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1696] A letter of advice to a friend upon the modern argument of the lawfulness of simple fornication, half-adultery, and polygamy.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1695] Gallienus redivivus, or, Murther will out, &c. being a true account of the de-witting of Glencoe, Gaffney, &c.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1700] Five discourses by the author of The snake in the grass viz. On water baptism, episcopacy, primitive heresie of the Quakers, reflections on the Quakers, a brief account of the Socinian trinity ; to which is added a preface to the whole.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1698] A discourse shewing who they are that are now qualify'd to administer baptism and the Lord's-Supper wherein the cause of episcopacy is briefly treated / by the author of A discourse proving the divine institution of water-baptism.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1700] An essay concerning the divine right of tythes by the author of The snake in the grass.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1697] A discourse proving the divine institution of water-baptism wherein the Quaker-arguments against it are collected and confuted : with as much as is needful concerning the Lord's supper / by the author of The snake in the grass.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1700] A defence of a book intituled, The snake in the grass in reply to several answers put out to it by George Whithead, Joseph Wyeth, &c.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1698] Considerations of importance to Ireland in a letter to a member of Parliament there; upon occasion of Mr Molyneaux's late book: intituled, The case of Ireland's being bound by Acts of Parliament in England, stated. Printed anno 1698.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1695] The charge of Socinianism against Dr. Tillotson considered in examination of some sermons he has lately published on purpose to clear himself from that imputation, by way of a dialogue betwixt F. a friend of Dr. T's and C. a Catholick Christian : to which is added some reflections upon the second of Dr. Burnet's four discourses, concerning the divinity and death of Christ, printed 1694 : to which is likewise annexed, A supplement upon occasion of A history of religion, lately published, supposed to be wrote by Sir R-- H--d [Robert Howard] : wherein likewise Charles Blount's Great Diana is considered, and both compar'd with Dr. Tillotson's sermons / by a true son of the Church.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1695] A brief account of the Socinian Trinity in a letter to a friend, June 1694.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1692] An answer to a book, intituled, The state of the Protestants in Ireland under the late King James government in which, their carriage towards him is justified, and the absolute necessity of their endeavouring to be free'd from his government, and of submitting to their present Majesties, is demonstrated.
Leslie, Henry. / [1695] A sermon preached at the funeral of the most honourable Rose, Lady Marchioness of Antrim at Carickfergus, the 4th of July, 1695 by Henry Leslie.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [Anno 1625] A warning for Israel in a sermon preached at Christ-Church, in Dublin, the 30. of October, 1625. By Henry Leslie, one of his Majesties chaplaines in ordinary.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [1623] A treatise tending to unitie in a sermon preached at Droghedah on Whitsunday (being the ninth of Iune 1622.) before the Kings Majesties Commissioners for Ireland. By Henry Leslie.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [Anno Domini 1637] A treatise of the authority of the church. The summe wherof was delivered in a sermon preached at Belfast, at the visitation of the diocese of Downe and Conner the tenth day of August 1636. By Henrie Leslie bishop of the diocese. Intended for the satisfaction of them who in those places oppose the orders of our church, and since published upon occasion of a libell sent abroad in writing, wherin this sermon, and all his proceedings are most falsely traduced. Together with an answer to certaine objections made against the orders of our church, especially kneeling at the communion.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [1660] A discourse of praying with the spirit, and with the understanding.: Where of extemporary premeditate set forms of prayer. Preached in two sermons at Hillsborough anno 1659. By Henry Leslie (maugre all antichristian opposition) Bishop of Down and Conner. And now published for the redresse of the great abuse of prayer in that diocesse, whereof he had, and ought to have a charge. Whereunto is annexed a letter of Jer. Taylor, D.D. concerning the same subject.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [1639] A speech, delivered at the visitation of Downe and Conner, held in Lisnegarvy the 26th. of September, 1638. Wherein, for the convincing of the non-conformists, there is a full confutation of the covenant lately sworne and subscribed by many in Scotland. Published by authority.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [Anno Dom. 1625] A sermon preached before his Maiesty at Windsore, the 19. of Iuly. 1625. By Henrie Leslie, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [1643] A sermon preached at the publique fast the ninth of Feb. in St Maries Oxford,: before the great assembly of the members of the Honourable House of Commons there assembled: and published by their speciall command.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [1639] A full confutation of the covenant lately sworne and subscribed by many in Scotland; delivered in a speech, at the visitation of Downe and Conner, held in Lisnegarvy the 26th. of September, 1638. Published by authority.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [Anno M.DC.XLIX. 1649] The martyrdome of King Charles, or His conformity with Christ in his sufferings.: In a sermon on I Cor. 2.8. / preached at Bredah, before his Maiesty of Great Britaine, and the Princesse of Orange. By the Bishop of Downe. June 3. 13. 1649.
Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. / [1644] The blessing of Iudah explained, and applied to the present times, in a sermon preached at S. Maries, Oxford, March 27, 1644 : being the anniversary of His Majesties inauguration to his crowne ... : wherein amongst other things, is strongly proved, that the king is immediately dependent from God, and receiveth not his power from the people / by Henry Leslie ...
Leslie, John, 1527-1596. / [An 1584] A treatise tovvching the right, title, and interest of the most excellent Princess Marie, Queene of Scotland, and of the most noble king Iames, her Graces sonne, to the succession of the croune of England. VVherein is conteined asvvell a genealogie of the competitors pretending title to the same croune: as a resolution of their obiections. Compiled and published before in latin, and after in Englishe, by the right reuerend father in God, Iohn Lesley, Byshop of Rosse. VVith an exhortation to the English and Scottish nations, for vniting of them selues in a true league of amitie.
Leslie, John, 1527-1596. / [1571] A treatise concerning the defence of the honour of the right high, mightie and noble Princesse, Marie Queene of Scotland, and Douager of France with a declaration, as wel of her right, title, and interest, to the succession of the croune of England: as that the regiment of women is conformable to the lawe of God and nature. Made by Morgan Philippes, Bachelar of Diuinitie, An. 1570.
Lesly, George, d. 1701. / [1678] Divine dialogues, viz. Dive's doom, Sodom's flames and Abraham's faith containing the histories of Dives and Lazarus, the destruction of Sodom, and Abraham's sacrificing his son : to which is added Joseph reviv'd, or, The history of his life and death / by George Lesly ...
Lesly, George, d. 1701. / [1676] Joseph reviv'd, or, The twelve last chapters of Genesis metaphrazed containing the life & death of holy Joseph / by George Lesly ...
Lesly, George, d. 1701. / [1699] Israel's troubles and triumph, or, The history of their dangers in and deliverance out of Egypt as it is recorded by Moses in Exod. and turned into English verse by George Lesly.
Lesly, John. / [1631] An epithrene: or Voice of vveeping bewailing the want of vveeping. A meditation.
Lesly, John, d. 1657. / [1655] The parasynagogue paragorized, or, A parenetical confutation of the epidemical error which asserteth, separation from parochial church-communion : demonstrating their practice, who on the Lords day neglect the publick exercises of divine worship in their parochial congregations, and frequent (cæteris paribus) other churches, to be anti-scriptural / by John Lesly ...
Lessius, Leonardus, 1554-1623. / [Permissu superiorum, M.DC.XVIII. 1618] A consultation what faith and religion is best to be imbraced. Written in Latin by the R. Father Leonard Lessius, Professour in Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by W.I.
Letellier, Jean-Baptiste. / [1609] Instructions for the increasing of mulberie trees, and the breeding of silke-wormes, for the making of silke in this kingdome. Whereunto is annexed his Maiesties letters to the lords liefetenants of the seuerall shieres of England, tending to that purpose.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1687] The present state of Genova with the articles of the treaty of Cession to the French king, and an account of the late actions of the French fleet, before it, and ofthe damages there sustain'd by the bombs and carcasses. To which is added, a letter from the Republick of Genova to the City of Argiers upon that subject.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1681] The present state of Geneva with a brief description of that city, and several changes and alterations it hath been subject to from the first foundation thereof until this present year, 1681.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1677] The new pope: or, a true account of the ceremonies and proceedings in the conclave at Rome, upon the Pope's death, for the election of a new pope, according to the constitutions and ceremonials. As also the coronation and cavalcade. Translated out of the French by J.D.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1669] The loves of Charles, Duke of Mantua, and of Margaret, Countess of Rovera translated out of Italian.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1666] The life of Donna Olimpia Maldachini who governed the church during the time of Innocent the X, which was from the year 1644 to the year 1655 / written in Italian by Abbot Gualdi ; and faithfully rendred into English.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1670] Il putanismo di Roma, or, The history of the whores and whoredom of the popes, cardinals, and clergy of Rome discovered by a conclave of ladies convened for the election of a new pope / written in Italian by the author of Cardinalismo and Nepotismo ; and now made English by I.D., Esq.
Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701. / [1685] The amours of Charles Duke of Mantua and Margaret Countess of Rovera·: A novel. Translated out of Itallian.
Leveck, Joseph. / [1651] A true accompt of the late reducement of the isles of Scilly published;: in regard of the many false and scandalous reports, touching that service.
Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661. / [1646] The declaration of the Lord Generall, the generall officers, and the rest of the officers and souldiers of the Scots armie. New-castle, 27 June 1646.
Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661. / [14. Sep. 1645] A declaration of His Excellency the Earle of Leven:: concerning the rising of the Scotish army from the seige of the city of Hereford. Published by authority.
Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661. / [1641] The copy of a letter sent from generall Leishley to the Lord Generall, the Earle of Holland, and read in the House of Commons the seventh of July MDCXLI
Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] The coppy of a letter sent from General Leishley, to the lord generall the Earle of Holland, and read in the House of Commons, the 7th. of Iuly, 1641.:
Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661. / [1641] The coppy of a letter sent from General Leishley, to the lord generall the Earle of Holland, and read in the House of Commons, the 7th of July, 1641
Levens, Peter, fl. 1587. / [1570] Manipulus vocabulorum. A dictonarie of English and Latine wordes, set forthe in suche order, as none heretofore hath ben, the Englishe going before the Latine, necessary not onely for scholers that wa[n]t varietis of words, but also for such as vse to write in English meetre. Gathered and set forth by P. Leuins. Anno 1570.
Levens, Peter, fl. 1587. / [1596] A right profitable booke for all diseases: called, The pathway to health. Wherein are to be founde most excellent & approued medicines of great vertue: as also notable potions and drinks, and for the distilling of diuers precious waters, and making of oyles, and other comfortable receits for the health of the body, neuer before imprinted. First gathered by Peter Leuens, master of art of Oxford, and student in phisicke and surgery: and now newly corrected and augmented.
Lever, Thomas, 1521-1577. / [1551] A meditacion vpon the Lordes prayer, made by Thomas Leuer, at Sayncte Mary Wol Churche in London. Anno. M.D.LI.
Levet, John, LL.D. / [1645?] To the high and honourable House of Peers now in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of John Levet Doctor of Laws, and Mary his wife
Levet, William. / [1693] An account of the several impressions, or editions of King Charles the martyr's most excellent book, intituled, Eikon Basilike. That were printed without the prayers at the end, and some with the prayers, / with a letter translated from the original. Written by Mr. William Levet, Page of the Bedchamber in Ordinary to his majesty King Charles the I. he having observed His Majesty oftentimes writing the said book.
Levet, William. / [1695 ] An account of the several impressions, or editions of King Charles the martyr's most excellent book, intituled, Eikōn Basilikē : that were printed without the prayers at the end, and some with the prayers, / with a letter transcribed from the original. Written by Mr. William Levet, Page of the Bedchamber in Ordinary to his majesty King Charles the I. he having observed His Majesty oftentimes writing the said book.
Levett, Christopher, 1586-1630. / [August 21. 1624] A voyage into Nevv England begun in 1623. and ended in 1624 Performed by Christopher Levett, his Maiesties woodward of Somerset-shire, and one of the Councell of New-England.
Levett, John. / [1634] The ordering of bees: or, The true history of managing them from time to time, with their hony and waxe, shewing their nature and breed. As also what trees, plants, and hearbs are good for them, and namely what are hurtfull: together with the extraordinary profit arising from them. Set forth in a dialogue, resolving all doubts whatsoever. By the late unparalell'd experience of Iohn Levett, Gent.
Levingston, Anne. / [1655?] A true narrative of the case so much controverted between mistress Anna Levingston, daughter to Sir Charls Cæsar, and one of the grand-children of Sir Peter Vanlore the elder, and neece to the Lady Powel, and wife to Thomas Levingston esquire; and John Blunt and the Lady Sterlin his Wife, Sir Robert Crook and his wife, Henry Alexander alias Zinzan and his wife, and one Abraham Vandenbemde, and others; concerning the estate real and personal of the Lady Powel, late wife of Sir Edward Powel both deceased; eith the rise, growth, and proceedings of the differences touching the same.
Levingston, Anne. / [1654] The state of the case in brief: between the Countess of Sterlin, and others by petition in Parliament, plaintiffs; and Mris Levingston, defendant.
Levingston, Thomas, Sir. / [1654] Some considerations humbly proposed to the worthy members of Parliament, by Thomas Levingston Esquire, and Anne his wife, and William Powell, otherwise Hinson Esquire; concerning a petition and complaint against them by John Blount, and Mary Countess of Sterling his wife, and others, now under consideration before the honourable committee for receiving petitions.
Levingston, Thomas, Sir. / [1690] Sir Thomas Levingstons letter to the Honourable Major General MacKay, Commander in Chief of Their Majesties forces in Scotland giving a true account of the Battel at Crombdel, with the number kill'd, and prisoners taken, as likewise a list of the names of the officers that was taken May the first, 1690 : from the copy printed in Scotland.
Levison, Richard. / [1688] Untimely repentance a sermon preach'd before the right honourable Lord Petre in his chappel at Ingatestone-hall on Passion Sunday, April the 1st, 1688 / by Richard Levison P. of the Society of Jesus.
Levitt, William. / [1647] The Samaritans box newly opened:: powring his oyl into the wounds of a distressed kingdome; and communicating wholsom advice to all estates, especially to his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Honourable Councel of War, together with the Agitators of the Army. Wherein is laid down 1. The particular causes of all our calamities. 2. Divers considerations tending to moderation. 3. Rules to prevent growth of evils. 4. Assured means to procure peace, and put an end to all our troubles. / By William Levitt.
Levitt, William. / [1653. i.e. 1652] The glorious truth of redemption by Jesus Christ, rescued out of the hand or unrighteousnes. Or the doctrine of redemption rightly stated:: wherein, 1. All Arminian and Pelagian glosses and absurdities are refuted. 2. All carnal allegations and reasonings silenc'd. 3. All concern'd scriptures seemingly discording, reconcil'd. 4. The doctrine of redemption clearly held forth, according to the harmony of scripture, and analogie of faith. By W.L.
Lewes, Daniel, fl. 1657. / [1657] The literal mans learning: or, The light of saints perfection in the life of grace. Printed for the author.
Lewes, Richard. / [M.D. XCIIII. 1594] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse by R. Lewes, Baccheler of Divinitie, concerning Isaac his testament, disposed by the Lord to Iacobs comfort, though it were intednded to Esau by his father; shewing, that the counsel of God shal stand, albeit the whole worlde withstande it.
Lewgar, John, 1602-1665. / [1662] Erastus Senior scholastically demonstrating this conclusion that (admitting their Lambeth records for true) those called bishops here in England are no bishops, either in order or jurisdiction, or so much as legal : wherein is answered to all that hath been said in vindication of them by Mr. Mason in his Vindiciæ ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, Doctor Heylin in his Ecclesiæ restaurata, or Doctor Bramhall ... in his last book intituled, The consecration and succession of Protestant bishops justified : with an appendix containing extracts out of ancient rituals, Greek and Latine, for the form of ordaining bishops, and copies of the acts of Parliament quoted in the third part.
Lewgar, John, 1602-1665. / [1657] The only vvay to rest of soule in religion here, in heaven hereafter: shewed plainly and succinctly by pure scripture, in three treatises: demonstrating, I. That the church was left by Christ, as the means to teach us his gospel. 2. Which is she that was left in that office. 3. What it is, she teacheth for gospel. By I.L. Bach of Div. Licensed by the university of Oxford, to preach throughout Engalnd, and late rector of L. in the county of S. now a Catholike.
Lewgar, John, 1602-1665. / [1660] Erastus Junior. Or, A fatal blovv to the clergies pretensions to divine right.: In a solid demonstration, by principles, forms of ordination, canon-laws, acts and ordinances of Parliament, and other publique acts, instruments, records, and proceedings, owned by themselves, that no bishop, nor minister, (prelatical, or Presbyterian) nor presbytery (classical, or national) hath any right or authority to preach, ... in this nation, from Christ, but onely from the Parliament. In two parts: the one demonstrating it to an episcopal, the other to a Presbyterian minister. By Josiah Web, Gent. a serious detester of the dregs of the Antichristian hierarchy yet remaining among us.
Lewin, John, Member of the army. / [1648?] The man-child brought forth in us, or, God manifest in flesh by John Lewin ...
Lewis, David, Saint, 1617-1679. / [1679?] A narrative of the imprisonment and tryal of Mr. David Lewis, priest of the Society of Jesus at the assizes held at Monmouth, March 28, 1679, to which is annexed his last speech at the place of execution, August 27, 1679 / written by himself.
Lewis, David, Saint, 1617-1679. / [1679] The last speech of Mr. David Lewis, priest of the Society of Jesus, who was executed as a priest only, at Uske in Monmouth-shire, on the 27th day of August, anno Domini 1679
Lewis, Jeremiah, 1588?-1628. / [1631] The right use of promises, or, A treatise of sanctification whereunto is added Gods free-schoole / by Mr. Ieremiah Lewis ...
Lewis, John, writer on currency. / [between 1695 and 1701] A proposal to prevent the corruption of the coyn.
Lewis, John, writer on currency. / [1695] An abstract of proposals lately humbly offered to the honourable House of Commons, to prevent the corruption of the coyn.
Lewis, M. (Mark), fl. 1678. / [1678] Proposals to the King and Parliament, or, A large model of a bank shewing how a fund of a bank may be made without much charge or any hazard, that may give out bills of credit to a vast extent, that all Europe will accept of rather than mony : together with some general proposals in order to an act of Parliament for the establishing this bank : also many of the great advantages that will accrue to the nation, to the crown, and to the people, are mentioned, with an answer to the objections that may be made against it / by M.L.
Lewis, M. (Mark), fl. 1678. / [Printed in the Year, 1677] Proposals to the King and Parliament how this tax of one hundred sixty thousand pounds per moneth, may be raised, by a monethly tax for one year, without any charge to any particular person, and with great advantage to the whole nation : this may be done by setting up banks here, like the banks at Venice / by M. Lewis ...
Lewis, M. (Mark), fl. 1678. / [M DC LXXVII 1677] Proposals to increase trade and to advance His Majesties revenue without any hazard or charge to any body, and with apparent profit to every body by M. Lewis.
Lewis, M. (Mark), fl. 1678. / [1675?] Plain, and short rules for pointing periods, and reading sentences grammatically, with the great use of them by M. Lewis ...
Lewis, Mark, fl. 1678. / [1678] A short model of a bank shewing how a bank may be erected without much trouble, and without any charge or hazard to any body, and with apparent profit to every body, except theeves, brokers and griping usurers, which bank will be able to give out bills of credit to a vast extent that all persons will accept of rather than mony. By M. Lewis D.D.
Lewis, William, Gent. / [1680] The information of William Lewis, Gent, delivered at the bar of the House of Commons, the eighteenth of November, 1680 together with his further narrative relating thereto : in all which is contained a confirmation of the popish plot and the justice of the executions done upon Grove, Pickering, and the
Lewkenor, John, 1657 or 8-1706. / [1693] Metellus his dialogues the first part, containing a relation of a journey to Tunbridge-Wells : also a description of the Wells and place : with the fourth book of Virgil's Æneids in English / written under that name, by a gentleman of this nation, sometime gentleman commoner of Christ-Church in Oxford.
Lewkenor, Lewis, Sir, d. 1626. / [1595] The estate of English fugitiues vnder the king of Spaine and his ministers. Containing, besides, a discourse of the sayd Kings manner of gouernment, and the iniustice of many late dishonorable practises by him contriued.
Lewthwat, Richard. / [1655] Vindiciæ Christi, et obex errori Arminiano: = a plea for Christ, and obstrvction to the first passage, whereat the errors of Arminus steal into the hearts of men:: shewing Christs satisfaction in his humiliation, to be the sole price of our redemption; and evidencing faith in that satisfaction, no instrumental cause of our justification in the fight of God, nor condition given us for life. Delivered in three sermons: by Richard Lewthwat Master of Arts, in Caius Colledge in Cambridge, at his Parish of Wigston in Norfolk.
Lewthwat, Richard. / [1679] A justification of set forms of prayer and in special of the liturgy of the Church of England; in answer to, and confutation of Vavasor Powel's Fourteen considerations, against all composed and imposed forms of prayer. By Richard Lewthwat, M.A. and rector of Wethersdale in Suffolk.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1646 i.e. 1645] The nevv quere, and determination upon it, by Mr. Saltmarsh lately published, to retard the establishment of the Presbyteriall government, examined,: and shewed to be unseasonable, unsound, and opposite to the principles of true religion, and state. Whereunto is annexed a censure of what he hath produced to the same purpose, in his other, and later booke, which he calleth The opening of Master Prinnes Vindication. And an apologeticall narrative of the late petition of the Common Councell and ministers of London to the Honourable Houses of Parliament, with a justification of them from the calumny of the weekly pamphleters. / By John Ley, one of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1641] Sunday a Sabbath, or, A preparative discourse for discussion of sabbatary doubts by John Ley ...
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1643] A moniter of mortalitie in two sermons, by a consideration of the manifold and uncertaine surprizalls of death, guiding the pace and passages of a temporall life, towards the obtainement of life eternall, occasioned by the death of that hopefull young gentleman John Archer Esquire, sonne and heir to Sir Simon Archer, Knight of Warwickshiere and by the death of Mistris Harpur, a grave and godly matron, (wife to Mr. Henry Harpur of the city of Chester,) and of the death of their religious daughter Phabe Harper, a child of about 12 years of age / by Iohn Ley.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [M.DC.XLIII. 1643] A monitor of mortality, the second sermon. Occasioned by the death of Mrs. Harpur, a grave and godly matron (wife to Mr. Henry Harpur of the city of Chester) and of the death of their religious daughter Phœbe Harpur, a child of about 12. yeares of age. By Iohn Ley minister of Great Budworth in Cheshiere.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1646] Light for smoke: or, A cleare and distinct reply: by Iohn Ley, one of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, to a darke and confused answer in a booke made, and intituled The smoke in the temple, by Iohn Saltmarsh, late preacher at Brasteed in Kent, now revolted both from his pastorall calling and charge. Whereto is added, Novello-mastix, or a scourge for a scurrilous news-monger.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1641] A letter (against the erection of an altar) written Iune 29, 1635 to the Reverend Father Iohn L. Bishop of Chester / by Iohn Ley ...
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1655] General reasons, grounded on piety, charity, justice and equitie, against the defaulcation of a fift part of the ministers maintenance who beareth the whole burthen of the ministerial function to any parish or people whereto are added particular reasons upon the like grounds against the payment of a fifth part to Dr. E.H. out of the rectory of Br. in Berks. : together with an answer to a letter of the said Dr. E.H. occasioned by the late insurrection at Salisbury / written by John Ley ...
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [Ann. Dom. 1653] Exceptions many and just against two injurious petitions exhibited to the Parliament·: The one Iuly 16. The other Aug. 4. 1653. Both of them not only against tithes, but against all forced or constrained maintenance of ministers, examined and found many waies faulty against piety and justice, and as such now discovered, by Theophilus Philadelphus.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [M DC LVIII. 1658] A discourse of disputations chiefly concerning matters of religion,: with animadversions on two printed books, (mentioned in the contents following next after the epistles:) the latter whereof, at the request of Dr. John Bryan, (for censure and advice) being seriously perused; the author of it, John Onley, is thereupon convinced of error, slander, and of arrogant, uncivill, and unchristian miscarriage, not onely towards him, but all the reformed churches of the world, out of the way of his most affected singularity. By John Ley, rector of the church of Solyhull in Warwicksh. Whereto is added a consolatory letter to Dr. Bryan, &c. upon the death of his worthily well-beloved and much bewailed son Mr. Nathaniel Bryan: which immediately followeth after the discourse of disputations.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1641] A case of conscience, concerning the sacrament of the Lords Supper when either the bread or wine is wanting, or when there is a desire, yet with an antipathy to them, or debilitie to receive them / proposed to John Ley ...
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1641] Defensive doubts, hopes, and reasons, for refusall of the oath, imposed by the sixth canon of the late synod with important considerations, both for the penning and publishing of them at this time / by John Ley ... ; hereunto is added by the same author, a letter against the erection of an altar, written above five yeares agoe, and a case of conscience, touching the receiving of the sacrament, resolved.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [Printed in the year, M. DC. LIV. 1654] An acquittance or discharge from Dr E.H. his demand of a fifth part of the rectory of Barks. Pleaded as in a court of equity and conscience.: By John Ley preacher of the Word of God there. And now published. As l. Part of an apologie for him against the doctors defamations of him at Oxford, and elsewhere. 2. As a preparative to further contestation with him about other differences betwixt them. The contents whereof follow next after the epistle dedicatory.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1643] The a fury of vvarre, and b folly of sinne,: (as an incentive to it) declared and applyed. For caution and remedy against the mischiefe and misery of both. In a sermon preached at St. Margarets Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemne and publike fast, Aprill 26. 1643. By Iohn Ley Minister of Great Budworth in Cheshiere.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1646] An after-reckoning with Mr Saltmarsh: or, An appeal to the impartiall and consciencious reader, and lover of truth and sincerity, against his last paper, called An end of one controversy, or an answer or letter to M. Leys large last book.: Written by L.M. a student in divinity.
Ley, Roger, b. 1593 or 4. / [1619] Two sermons one preached at Paules Crosse December 20. By Roger Lea Master of Arts, of Iesus-Colledge in Cambridge: and preacher at S. Leonards Shorditch, in Middlesex, by London. Another preached in Paules-Church, Decemb. 26, being S. Steuens day, by Iohn Squire, Master of Arts, of the same Colledge: and preacher of the same parish.
Ley, Roger, b. 1593 or 4. / [1622] The bruising of the serpents head. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse September 9. 1621. By Roger Ley Maister of Arts, and minister of Gods word in Shoreditch.
Ley, William, b. 1620 or 21. / [1656] Yperaspistes or a buckler for the Church of England against certaine queries propounded by Mr Pendarvis (late lecturer of Wanting) called Arrowes against Babylon.: By way of reply to the most remarkable passages contained in them, and an addition of severall anti-queries in the close. / By William Ley Minister of the Gospell at Wanting in Bark-shire.
Ley, William, b. 1620 or 21. / [1648] A brief plat-form of that government which is called Presbyterial.: By William Ley minister of the Word at Charlwood in Surrey.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1700? / [1678] A president for purchasers, sellers and mortgagers, or, Anatocisme (commonly called compound interest) made easie, without arithmetical calculation by a table ready computed, by which may be known the real worth of any annuity, rent or pension, either in present possession or in reversion (to be paid annually) at six pounds in the hundred (interest upon interest), from one year to an hundred years, and from 20 s. a year, to 100, 500, 1000 l. a year and upward, onely by common addition / computed by W. Leybourn.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1700? / [1667] The line of proportion or numbers, commonly called Gunters line, made easie by the which may be measured all manner of superficies and solids, as board, glass, pavement, timber, stone, &c. : also, how to perform the same by a line of equal parts ... : whereunto is added, the use of the line of proportion improved ... / by William Leybourn.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1700? / [169-?] Four tables of accompts ready cast up the first shewing from one pound to an 100 pound by the year what it amounts unto by the day, week, month, quarter, and half-year : the second sheweth from one farthing to twenty shillings by the day, what it amounts unto by the week, month, quarter and year : the third shews the simple interest of any sum of money from 20 shillings to a 1000 l. for either 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 months or a year at 6 l. per cent : the fourth shews what any free-land or leases of houses for any number of years is worth in ready money / by William Leybourne, Philom.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1700? / [1667] The art of numbring by speaking-rods, vulgarly termed Nepeirs bones by which the most difficult parts of arithmetick, as multiplication, division, and extracting of roots both square and cube, are performed with incredible celerity and exactness (without any charge to the memory) by addition and subtraction only / published by W.L.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [1693] Proposals for the printing of a book of William Leybourn's, author of the late Cursus mathematicus, and of divers other mathematical tractates, who hath now by him a miscellaneous manuscript ready for the press, which he intends to entitle Pleasure with profit ...
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [1680?] The use of the semicircle in taking of heights, depths, and distances, and in surveying of land ...
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [anno Dom. 1669] Nine geometricall exercises, for young sea-men and others that are studious in mathematicall practices: containing IX particular treatises, whose contents follow in the next pages. All which exercises are geometrically performed, by a line of chords and equal parts, by waies not usually known or practised. Unto which the analogies or proportions are added, whereby they may be applied to the chiliads of logarithms, and canons of artificiall sines and tangents. By William Leybourn, philomath.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [1675] An introduction to astronomy and geography being a plain and easie treatise of the globes : in VII parts ... / by William Leybourn.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [1653] The compleat surveyor containing the whole art of surveying of land by the plain table, theodolite, circumferentor, and peractor ... : together with the taking of all manner of heights and distances, either by William Leybourn.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [1669] The art of dialling performed geometrically, by scale and compasses, arithmetically, by the canons of sines and tangents, instrumentally, by a trigonal instrument, accommodated with lines for that purpose by William Leybourn ...
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [1660] Arithmetick: vulgar, decimal, instrumental, algebraical.: In four parts: conteining I Vulgar arithmetick, both in whole numbers and fractions, in a most plain and easie method. II Decimal arithmetick, with the ground and reason thereof, illustrated by divers examples. III Instrumental arithmetick, exactly performing all questions of what nature soever in a decimal way, by scales, with much more ease and facility then can be effected, either by vulgar or decimal arithmetick, the work of reduction being wholly avoided. Nothing in this kind having been hitherto published by any. IV Algebraical arithmetick, conteining an abridgement of the precepts of that art, and the use thereof, illustrated by examples and questions of divers kinds. Whereunto is added the construction and use of several tables of interest and annuities, weights and measures, both of our own and other countries. / By William Leybourn.
Leyburn, George, 1593-1677. / [1662] Holy characters containing a miscelany of theolocicall [sic] discovrses that is theology, positiue, scholasticall, polemicall, and morall built upon the foundation of scriptures, traditions, councils, fathers, divided into two books / written by George Leybvrn ...
Leyburn, George, 1593-1677. / [1657] A letter written by G. L. to M.r And. Kingh. and M.r Tho. Med.
Leyburn, George, 1593-1677. / [1657] The summe of Doctor Leyburnes answere to a letter printed against him by M.r Blacloe.
Leyburn, George, 1593-1677. / [1657] An epistle declaratorie, or manifest written by G. L. to his brethren residing in England.
Leycester, Peter, Sir, 1614-1678. / [M.DC.LXXIII 1673] Historical antiquities, in two books the first treating in general of Great-Brettain and Ireland : the second containing particular remarks concerning Cheshire / faithfully collected out of authentick histories, old deeds, records, and evidences, by Sir Peter Leycester, Baronet ; whereunto is annexed a transcript of Doomsday-book, so far as it concerneth Cheshire, taken out of the original record.
Leycester, Peter, Sir, 1614-1678. / [printed in the year, 1676] A reply to Sr. Thomas Manwaring's answer to my two books. Written by Sr. Peter Leycester, Baronet, anno Domini, 1675. The second reply. Together with the case of Amicia truly stated.
Leycester, Peter, Sir, 1614-1678. / [1673] An ansvver to the book of Sir Thomas Manwaringe of Pever in Cheshire baronet, entituled A defence of Amicia, daughter of Hvgh Cyveliok, Earl of Chester wherein is vindicated and proved that the grounds declard in my former book, concerning the illegitimacy of Amicia, are not envinced by any solid answer or reason to the contrary / by Sir Peter Leycester ...
Leycester, Peter, Sir, 1614-1678. / [Printed in the year, 1677] An ansvver to Sir Thomas Manwaring's book, intituled, - An admonition to the reader of Sir Peter Leicester's books. Written by the same Sir Peter Leicester.