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Knaggs, Thomas, 1660 or 1-1724. / [MDCXCIX 1699] An exhortation to a personal and national repentance a sermon / preached at St. James Church, Westminster, Feb. 5, 1688/9 by Tho. Knaggs ...
Knaggs, Thomas, 1660 or 1-1724. / [1695] A sermon preach'd at All-Hallows in New Castle upon Tyne, on the 22d. of September, 1695. Being the day of Thanksgiving to almighty God for the taking the town and castle of Namur, and for protecting his Majesty's sacred person. By Tho. Knaggs, M. A. and chaplain to the right honourable Ford, Earl of Tankerville:
Knaggs, Thomas, 1660 or 1-1724. / [MDCXCVII 1697] An assize-sermon preach'd at St. Edmunds-Bury in Suffolk March the 23rd, 1696/7 before the Right Honourable Sir John Holt, Knight, lord chief justice of the King's Bench, and John Packe, Esq., high sheriff for the county / by Thomas Knaggs ...
Knap, J. (John) / [1671] An encomium upon that most accomplished gentleman, Stephen Mosdel ... as also a short narrative or anatomie of the Fleet-prison, Newgate, and both the compters / by John Knap ...
Knapp, William, d. 1688. / [1658] Abraham's image in one of his sonnes: or, The picture of a good old man,: represented in a sermon upon the third of November, anno Dom. 1657. in West-Newton, at the funeral of John Dethick Esquire, father to the late lord mayor that was of London in the year 1655. By William Knapp Master of Arts, of Katherine-Hall in Cambridge, now rector of VVest-Newton in Norfolk.
Knatchbull, Norton, Sir, 1602-1685. / [1693] Annotations upon some difficult texts in all the books of the New Testament by Sr. Norton Knatchbull ...
Knell, Paul, 1615?-1664. / [Printed in the year, 1648] A looking-glasse for Levellers:: held out in a sermon, preached at St. Peters Pauls-Wharfe, upon Sunday in the after-noone, Sept. 24. 1648. / By Paul Knell, Master in Arts, of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. Sometime chaplain to a regiment of curasiers in His Majesties Army.
Knell, Paul, 1615?-1664. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] The life-guard of a loyall Christian,: described in a sermon, preached at St Peters Corn-hill, upon Sunday in the afternoone, May 7. 1648. / By Paul Knell, Master in Arts of Clare-Hall in Cambridge: sometimes chaplaine to a regiment of curiasiers in his Majesties Army.
Knell, Paul, 1615?-1664. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] Israel and England paralelled,: in a sermon preached before the honorable society of Grayes-Inne, upon Sunday in the afternoon, Aprill 16. 1648. / By Paul Knell, Master in Arts of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. Sometimes chaplaine to a regiment of curiasiers in his Majesties Army.
Knell, Paul, 1615?-1664. / [Printed in the year, 1660] Five seasonable sermons.: As they were preached before eminent auditories, upon several arguments. / By Paul Knell Master in Arts, of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. Sometimes chaplain to a regiment of curiasiers in His late Majesties Army.
Knell, Thomas. / [1570] A piththy [sic] note to Papists all and some that ioy in Feltons martirdome: Desiring them to read this and to iudge not in spite at simple trust to grudge. Set foorth by one that knew his life, and was with him at the houre of his death, which was the viii. of August. Anno. 1570. at the west end of Paules Churche ouer against the Bishops gate, where he set vp the Bul.
Knewstubs, John, 1544-1624. / [1579] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the Fryday before Easter, commonly called good Friday, in the yeere of our Lorde. 1579. By Iohn Knewstub.
Knewstubs, John, 1544-1624. / [Anno. 1577] Lectures of John Knewstub, vpon the twentith chapter of Exodus, and certeine other places of Scripture. Seene and allowed according to the Queenes maiesties iniunctions.
Knewstubs, John, 1544-1624. / [1579] A confutation of monstrous and horrible heresies, taught by H.N. and embraced of a number, who call themselues the Familie of Loue. by I. Knewstub. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.
Knewstubs, John, 1544-1624. / [1579] An aunsweare vnto certayne assertions, tending to maintaine the Church of Rome, to be the true and Catholique Church. By Iohn Knewstub
Knight, Arthur, d. 1653. / [1653] The speeches and confession of Arthur Knight, and Thomas Laret, at the places of execution in Russel Street neer Covent-Garden, and at Islington, on Wednesday last, being the second of this instant March, 1653.: Being condemned (by order of law) to be hang'd on a gibbet, neer unto the place where they committed the fact: the one, for killing of Major Furnifal; the other, for murthering of his own wife. With the great oath and protestation taken by the said Thomas Laret, immediatly before his death, in the presence of Mr. Cook, the minister: and his exhortation to all men in generall, both in city and countrey, never to strike or beat their wives any more. Published according to order.
Knight, Arthur, d. 1653. / [1653] The speech of Mr Arthur Knight of Grays-Inne, gentleman;: who was executed in the Covent-Garden the second day of March, 1652.
Knight, John, 1651-1712. / [1700] A sermon preach'd at the funeral of The Right Honourable the Lady Guilford, Nov. 18, 1699 by John Knight ...
Knight, John, 1651-1712. / [1682] The samaritan rebels perjured, by a covenant of association discovered in a sermon preach'd at the assizes holden at Northampton, March 30th, 1682 / by John Knight.
Knight, John, Sir, d. 1718. / [1694?] The following speech being spoke off hand upon the debates in the House of Commons ...
Knight, Nicholas, fl. 1675-1677. / [1675] A comparison between the trve and false ministers in their calling, lives and doctrine that all who desire after the Lord may have a right discerning between the true and false, that they may truly know whom to hear and what Church to be gathered into, and wherein to have true communion with Christ, the head of his church : and also a faithful warning to the teachers and people of England / by Nicholas Knight.
Knight, R., Lieutenant Colonel. / [Printed in the year, 1647. July 22. 1647] A letter from Lieutenant Colonel Knight in the province of Munster in Ireland,: setting forth the extraordinary wants of the soldiery; and the carriage of the army since the Lord Lisle's coming thence.
Knight, Val. (Valentine). / [1666] Proposals of a new modell for re-building the city of London with houses, streets, wharfes, to be forthwith set out by His Majesties and the city surveyors with the advantages that will accrue by building the same accordingly.
Knight, Val. (Valentine). / [1666] Proposals of a new modell for re-building the City of London with houses, streets, and vvharfes, to be forthwith set out by His Majesties and the city surveyors : with the advantages that will accrew by building the same accordingly ...
Knight, Val. (Valentine). / [1666] Proposals of a new model for rebuilding the city of London with houses, streets, and wharfs to be forthwith set out by His Majesty's and the city surveyors : with the advantages that will accrue by the building the same accordingly.
Knight, William, fl. 1680-1699. / [1681] Vox stellarum: or, the voyce of the stars being a brief and easie introduction to the knowledge of the number, names and characters of the planets and signs, aspects and anticions: the division of heaven, and how to erect a figure thereof, either by a table of houses or by a table of right and oblique ascentions: an exact and true description of the planets and signs, with the countries, cities or towns under them. Likewise, how to judge of the affairs of the world, by revolutions, eclipses, great conjunctions and blazing stars. Also, something touching the Popish Plot, and other remarkable affairs of the year, 1678. By William Knight, student in astrology and physick.
Knight, William, fl. 1680-1699. / [MDCXCIX. 1699] Mr. Knights strange and amazeing prophecy, for three years to come: being, a genuine prepiction [sic] of the most considerable actions and accidents likely to happen in the year, 1699, 1700, and 1701: Fairly deduced from 5 visible eclipses of the luminaries: three great and formidable ones, and two more less more particularly of that great and wonderful eclipse of the sun, which will happen on the 13th day of the next approaching month September, w[h]en 11 digits of the sun's face will be quite darkned, and its effects, or significations more terrible, than that of Black Monday, in the year, 1652. Modestly hinting to all Europe, and every kingdom and state therein, the probable contingencies signified to them, by the signs of heaven. By William Knight, student in astrology, physick, and chirurgery.
Knight, William, fl. 1680-1699. / [Printed in the yeare 1648 i.e. 1649] A declaration of the treacherous procedings [sic] of the Lord of Inchequin against the Parliament of England, and some officers in their employment in the Province of Munster in Ireland. / By Collonel William Knight.
Knight, William, minister of Whitby. / [printed in the year. 1653] The case and vindication of William Knight, late minister of Whitbey in the county of York Wherein are discovered the design, means, and instruments of his sequestration, which happened on the 28 of December 1652. at the Committee for Plundred Ministers, Mr. Gilbert Millington being in the chair.
Knightley, Alexander, d. 1696. / [MDCXCVI. 1696] The arraignment, confession, and condemnation of Alexander Knightley: for the horrid and execrable conspiracy to assassinate His sacred Majesty, K. William, in order to a French invasion of this kingdom: at the Kings Bench Bar, Westminster, on the 30th of April, and the 20th and 25th of May.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1663] Rhetoricae adumbratio opera & studio / H. Knollys.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [an. 1681] The vvorld that now is; and the vvorld that is to come: or The first and second coming of Jesus Christ. Wherein several prophecies not yet fulfilled are expounded. By Han. Knollys, a servant of Jesus Christ. Rev. I. 19.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1646] The shining of a flaming-fire in Zion. Or, A clear answer unto 13. exceptions, against the grounds of new baptism; (so called) in Mr. Saltmarsh his book; intituled, The smoke in the temple, p. 15, &c. Which exceptions, were tendered by him to all believers, to shew them, how little they have attained; and that there is a more glorious fulnesse to be revealed. Also, a postscript; wherein (to the like end) some queries are propounded unto believers. / By Hanserd Knollys, a minister, and a witnesse of Jesus Christ.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1674] The parable of the Kingdom of heaven expounded, or, An exposition of the first thirteen verses of the twenty fifth chapter of Matthew by Han. Knollis.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1679] Mystical Babylon availed wherein is proved, I. That Rome-papal is mystical-Babylon, II. That the Pope of Rome is the beast, III. That the Church of Rome is the great whore, IV. That the Roman-priests are the false prophet : also A call to the people of God to come out of Babylon / by Hanserd Knollys ...
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1645] A moderate answer vnto Dr. Bastvvicks book; called Independency not Gods ordinance.: Wherein is declared the manner how some churches in this city were gathered, and upon what tearmes their members were admitted; that so both the Dr. and the reader may judge, how near some beleevers who walk together in the fellowship of the gospell, do come in their practice to these apostolicall rules which are propounded by the Dr. as Gods method in gethering churches and admitting members. / By Hanserd Knollys. Printed and published according to order. Imprimatur, Ja: Cranford.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1692] The life and death of that old disciple of Jesus Christ and eminent minister of the Gospel Mr. Hanserd Knollys who dyed in the ninety third year of his age written with his own hand to the year 1672 ; and continued in general in an epistle by Mr. William Kiffin.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1689] The gospel minister's maintenance vindicated. Wherein, a regular ministry in the churches, is first asserted, and the objections against a Gospel maintenance for ministers, answered. Also, the dignity, necessity, difficulty, use and excellency of the ministry of Christ is opened. Likewise, the nature and vveghtiness of that sacred vvork and office clearly evinc'd. Recommended to the baptized congregations, by several elders in and about the City of London.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1689] An exposition of the whole book of the Revelation wherein the visions and prophecies of Christ are opened and expounded : shewing the great conquests of our lord Jesus Christ for his church over all his and her adversaries pagan, arian, and papal ... / by H.K.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1656] An exposition of the first chapter of the Song of Solomon. Wherein the text is analysed, the allegories are explained, and the hidden mysteries are unveiled, according to the proportion of faith. : With spiritual meditations upon every verse. / By Hanserd Knollys.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1679] An exposition of the 11th Chapter of Revelation wherein all those things therein revealed, which must shortly come to pass, are explained / by Hanserd Knollys ...
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [Printed in the year, 1645] Christ exalted:: in a sermon begun to be preached at Debenham in Suffolk, upon the 14. day of Febr. last, upon Coloss. 3. 11. / By Hanserd Knollys. Who was stoned out of the pulpit (as he was preaching) by a company of rude fellowes, and poor women of that town; who were sent for, called together, and set on by a malignant high-constable, who lives in the same town. Also, another sermon, preached at Stradbrooke in Suffolk, the 13. day of Febr. last, concerning sanctification; upon Ephes. 1. 4.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1675] The Baptists answer to Mr. Obed. Wills, his appeal against Mr. H. Danvers
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [Printed 1667] Apocalyptical mysteries, touching the two witnesses, the seven vials, and the two kingdoms, to wit, of Christ, and of Antichrist, expounded. Wherein is contained some things necessary for the saints in this present generation to know ... By H.K. a servant of Jesus Christ.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1691] An answer to a brief discourse concerning singing in the publick worship of God in the Gospel-church, by I. M. 1690:
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [1652] Infidelity vnmasked, or, The confutation of a booke published by Mr. William Chillingworth vnder this title, The religion of Protestants, a safe way to saluation [i.e. salvation]
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [1654] Protestancy condemned by the expresse verdict and sentence of Protestants
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [Permissu superiorum. 1638] Motives maintained. Or a reply vnto M. Chillingvvorthes ansvvere to his ovvne motiues of his conuersion to Catholike religion
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [Anno. M.DC.XXX 1630] A modest briefe discussion of some points taught by M. Doctour Kellison in his treatise of the ecclesiasticall hierarchy. By Nicholas Smyth.
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [M.DC.XXXIIII. 1634] Mercy & truth. Or Charity maintayned by Catholiques. By way of reply vpon an answere lately framed by D. Potter to a treatise which had formerly proued, that charity was mistaken by Protestants: with the want whereof Catholiques are vniustly charged for affirming, that Protestancy vnrepented destroyes saluation. Deuided into tvvo parts.
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [1638] Christianity maintained. Or a discouery of sundry doctrines tending to the ouerthrovve of Christian religion: contayned in the answere to a booke entituled, mercy and truth, or, charity maintayned by Catholiques.
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [1636] A direction to be observed by N.N. if hee meane to proceede in answering the booke intituled Mercy and truth, or charity maintained by Catholiks &c.
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. / [Printed with licence, Anno 1630] Charity mistaken, with the want whereof, Catholickes are vniustly charged for affirming, as they do with grief, that Protestancy vnrepented destroies salvation.
Knowles, John, fl. 1646-1668. / [Printed in the year 1648] A modest plea for private mens preaching. Or An answer to a booke intituled, Private men no pulpit men; composed by Master Giles Workman.: Wherein the thing in controversie is briefly debated; the examination of private mens preaching examined; also certain accusations wip'd away and removed. / By John Knowles a preacher of the gospel, formerly in and neer Glocester, now belonging to the life-guard of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax.
Knowles, William. / [1662] Truth reignes conquerour, or, The light of hidden secrets revealed. Shewing how all men erre from the waies of God, and what false prophets are, and how they are come into the world if it were possible, to deceive the elect. Being a vindication of the truth against popery, heresie, or schisme. Whereunto is annexed both exhortations and instructions to all those who desire to stand in the doctrine of the truth. By William Knowles B. of P.
Knowles, William. / [1684] A serious call to obstinate sinners, or A sounding trumpet to the unconverted. Laying forth the danger of living in sin, and delay od repentance. Which may be a warning-blow for wicked men to forsake sin, and to turn to God unfeignedly. By William Knowles.
Knowles, William. / [1662] Great Brittains warning piece, or Englands terror being an exhortation to all people to avoid the threatnings of Gods judgements, likely to come on us for our sins, by a speedy repentance, and turning to God. By. William Knowles B. of P. 1662.
Knowles, William. / [1662] The great assizes or Generall day of judgement being the laying forth the state of man in righteousnesse, and the cursed condition of the wicked. And the accounts that every man must give at the generall resurrection. By William Knowles the unworthiest of God's people, yet servant to Christ, and B. of P.
Knox, John, / [1563] Heir followeth the coppie of the ressoning which was betuix the abbote of Crosraguell and John Knox, in Mayboill concern ing [sic] the masse, in the yeare of God, a thousand fiue hundreth thre scoir and two yeares.
Knox, John, 1505-1572. / [In the moneth of Iuly, in the yeare of our Lord. 1554] A godly letter sent too the fayethfull in London, Newcastell, Barwyke, and to all other within the realme off Englande, that loue the co[m]minge of oure Lorde Iesus by Ihon Knox.
Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572. / [anno. 1569] The ordovre of excommvnicatiovn and of pvblict repentance vsed in the Church of Scotland, and commanded to be prented by the generall Assemblie of the same, in the moneth of Iunij. 1569.
Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572. / [1583] A notable and comfortable exposition of M. Iohn Knoxes, vpon the fourth of Mathew, concerning the tentations of Christ: first had in the publique church, and then afterwards written for the comfort of certaine priuate friends, but now published in print for the benefite of all that feare God.
Knox, W., Sir. / [Printed in the Year 1689] Thursday noon, being Feb. (26) 84/85: My dearest soul, Thou only preserver of my life ...
Knutton, Immanuel, d. 1655. / [Anno Dom. 1645] Seven questions about the controversie betweene the Church of England, and the Separatists and Anabaptists,: breifely [sic] discussed. 1. Whether is the Church of England as it now stands a true church? 2. Whether the Church of England be a right nationall church? 3. Whether are the ministers in the Church of England sent of God, and so are true ministers or not? 4. Whether is the baptisme of infants a true and lawfull baptisme or no? 5. Whether it be lawfull to be rebaptized or not? 6. Whether it is lawfull to separate from all the publike ordinances and Christian assemblies in our English church, because there are some defects in discipline, and in other things amongst us? 7. Whether is it necessarie to demolish our churches (steeple-houses as the Separatists call them,) and to build them in other places, because they were built by idolators for idolatrous worship, were abused with images, and dedicated to saints? By Immanuel Knutton, preacher of Gods word at Beeston in Nottingham shire [sic].
Knutton, Immanuel, d. 1655. / [1655] Four sermons publickly delivered at several times in Ecclesfeild Church in Yorke-shire. By Immanuel Knutton preacher of Gods word there.