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Kea, James. / [1680?] A sermon preached at Glascow in Scotland, by Mr. James Kea, to the rebels in arms the text, Sion is wounded.
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. / [M DC LXXXII. 1682] Troposchēmalogia: Tropes and figures; or, A treatise of the metaphors, allegories, and express similitudes, &c. contained in the Bible of the Old and New Testament To which is prefixed, divers arguments to prove the divine authority of the Holy Scriptures wherein also 'tis largely evinced, that by the great whore, mystery Babylon is meant the Papal hierarchy, or present state and church of Rome. Philologia sacra, the second part. Wherein the schemes, or figures in Scripture, are reduced under their proper heads, with a brief explication of each. Together with a treatise of types, parables, &c. with an improvement of them parallel-wise. By B. K
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. / [1675] Darkness vanquished: or, Truth in it's primitive purity being an answer to a late book of Mr. Henry Danvers, intituled A treatise of laying on of hands. Wherein his mistakes and cloudy apprehensions about it, are in a faithful and friendly manner rectified, his grand obiections answered, and imposition of hands upon baptised believers, as such with prayer for the spirit of promise is proved, to be a holy and divine institution of Jesus Christ, and accordingly practiced by the apostles and primitive saints. Together with the testimony of many famous writers, both antient, and of later times concerning it. BY B. K.
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. / [1699] A call to weeping: or A warning touching approaching miseries In a sermon preached on the 20th of March, 1699. At the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Westen, late wife of Mr. John Westen, who departed this life on the 17th of the said month, in the 38th year of her age. By Benjamin Keach.
Keach, Elias. / [1694] A plain and familiar discourse on justification being the substance of four sermons, preach'd at the morning-lecture, at Pinners-Hall, in Broad street, the third, tenth, seventeenth, and twenty fourth days of September, 1693 / by Elias Keach.
Keach, Elias. / [1696] A banquetting-house full of spiritual delights: or, Hymns and spiritual songs on several occasions. Century. I. By Elias Keach, minister of the Gospel.
Keble, Joseph, 1632-1710. / [1681] An explanation of the laws against recusants, &c. abridged by Joseph Keble ...
Keble, Joseph, 1632-1710. / [MDCLXXXIII 1683] An assistance to justices of the peace, for the easier performance of their duty.: By Jos. Keble, of Grays Inn, Esq.
Keckermann, Bartholomèaus, ca. 1571-1608 or 9. / [1625] Heavenly knowledg directing a Christian to ye assurance of his salvation in this life / written in Latin by Barthol. Keckerm. ; done into English by T.V.
Keeling, Josias. / [1642] The Queenes proceedings in Holland.: Being the copie of a letter sent from the staple at Middleborough to Mr. Vanrode a Dutch marchant in London. Wherein is contained these sixe particulars following: First, the King of Denmarke his ambassadour comming to the Queenes Court at the Hague with a Message to the states of Holland, accompanied with the Prince of Orange. 2. Colonell Goring his raising of forces in Ortoys by commission from the K. of France, with a challenge from Colonell Gage unto Goring for his so doing. 3. What summes of money have been raised by priests, and jesuites, &c. throughout the cloisters in those provinces, with their severall names, &c. 4. What summes already have bin raised towards the maintenance of the Rebellion in Ireland, as also an Irish ambassador at Bruzels for a second supply. 5. The Bishop of Cullen his death. 6. The Prince of Orange his court at Breda.
Keene, John, fl. 1612-1617. / [1617] Keene 1617 an almanacke and prognostication for the yeare of our Lord God, 1617 : being the first yeare after the bissextile or leape yeare, the 35 from the reformed computation, and from the beginning of the world 5579 : composed properly for the latitude and meridian of London, and may well serue for the south part of Great Brittaine / by Iohn Keene ...
Keill, James, 1673-1719. / [1698] The anatomy of the humane body abridged, or, A short and full view of all the parts of the body together with their several uses drawn from their compositions and structures.
Keill, John, 1671-1721. / [1699] An examination of the Reflections on the theory of the earth together with a defence of the remarks on Mr. Whiston's New theory / by J. Keill...
Keith, George, 1639?-1716. / [1700] The Quakers proved apostats and heathens And a specimen of the Quakers great malice and ognorance in their late printed epigram they have made or procured to be made against me both in Latin and English, and which their printer Tacy Sowl doth publickly sell, with some observations of mine upon it. By George Keith.
Keith, George, 1639?-1716. / [1690] The pretended antidoe [sic] proved poyson: or, The true principles of the Christian & Protestant religion defended, and the four counterfit defenders thereof detected and discovered the names of which are James Allen, Joshua Moodey, Samuell Willard and Cotton Mather, who call themselves ministers of the Gospel in Boston, in their pretended answer to my book, called, The Presbyterian & independent visible churches in New-England, and else-where, brought to the test, &c. And G.K. cleared not to be guilty of any calumnies against these called teachers of New-England, &c. By George Keith. With an appendix by John Delavall, by way of animadversion on some passages in a discourse of Cotton Mathers before the General Court of Massachusetts, the 28th of the third moneth, 1690.
Keith, George, 1639?-1716. / [1700] Mr. Keith's sermon, preach'd on May the 12th, 1700. At Dr. Bedford's church, being Saint George Butolphs-Lane, by Billings-Gate. On Luke the 1st and verse 6th.
Keith, George, 1639?-1716. / [1692] False judgments reprehended: and a just reproof to Tho. Everndon, and his associates and fellow-travellers, for the false and rash judgment T.E. gave against G.K. and his faithful Friends and brethren, at the publick meeting at Philadelphia, the 27. of 10. mon. 1692. And also for their bringing with them their paquet of letters (Saul-like to Damascus) containing the false judgment of a faction of men, calling themselves the Yearly-Meeting at Tredaven in Maryland the 4 of 8. mon 92. And another false judgment contained in another letter from William Richardson, all which will return upon their own heads.
Keith, George, 1639?-1716. / [in the year 1692] The Christian faith of the people of God, called in scorn, Quakers in Rhode-Island (who are in unity with all faithfull brethren of the same profession in all parts of the world) vindicated from the calumnies of Christian Lodowick, that formerly was of that profession, but is lately fallen there-from.: As also from the base forgeries, and wicked slanders of Cotton Mather, called a minister, at Boston, who hath greatly commended the said Christian Lodowick, and approved his false charges against us, and hath added thereunto many gross, impudent and vile calumnies against us and our brethren, in his late address, so called, to some in New-England, the which in due time may receive a more full answer, to discover his ignorance, prejudice and perversion against our friends in general, and G.K. in particular, whom he hath most unworthily abused. : To which is added, some testimonies of our antient friends to the true Christ of God; collected out of their printed books, for the further convincing of our opposers, that it is (and hath been) our constant and firm belief to expect salvation by the man Christ Jesus that was outwardly crucified without the gates of Jerusalem.
Keith, Robert, fl. 1687. / [anno Dom. 1687] Theses philosophicæ quas A.P.D.O.M. ingenui aliquot adolescentes laureæ magisterialis candidati, in celeberrimo Collegio Marischaliano Universitatis Carolinæ Abredenensis ad diem 23 Junii, publice propugnabunt horis & loco solitis. Præside Roberto Ketho.
Kele, Richard, d. 1552. / [1545?] Christmas carolles newely inprynted
Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641. / [1641] Tricoenivm Christi in nocte proditionis suæ The threefold svpper of Christ in the night that he vvas betrayed / explained by Edvvard Kellett.
Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641. / [1628] A returne from Argier. A sermon preached at Minhead in the county of Somerset the 16. of March, 1627. at the re-admission of a relapsed Christian into our Church. By Edward Kellet Doctor of Diuinity.
Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641. / [1635] Miscellanies of divinitie divided into three books, wherein is explained at large the estate of the soul in her origination, separation, particular judgement, and conduct to eternall blisse or torment. By Edvvard Kellet Doctour in Divinitie, and one of the canons of the Cathedrall Church of Exon.
Kellie, Alexander. / [1656] Truths plea for infants, or, Infants right vindicated in a reply to Jeremiah Ives, chees-munger concerning the baptisme of infants. By Alexander Kellie.
Kellie, Thomas, Sir. / [1627] Pallas armata, or Militarie instructions for the learned: and all generous spirits, who affect the profession of armes. The first part¨ Containing the exercise of infanterie, as well antient, as moderne: wherein are clearelie set downe all the postures and motions, belonging to battallions of foote
Kellison, Matthew. / [1629] A treatise of the hierarchie and diuers orders of the Church against the anarchie of Caluin. Composed by Matthevv Kellison, Doctour of Diuinitie, &c.
Kellison, Matthew. / [1603] A suruey of the new religion detecting manie grosse absurdities which it implieth. Set forth by Matthevv Kellison doctor and Professour of Diuinitie. Diuided into eight bookes.
Kellison, Matthew. / [Anno Dom. 1621] The right and iurisdiction of the prelate, and the prince. Or, A treatise of ecclesiasticall, and regall authoritie. Compyled by I.E. student in diuinitie for the ful instruction and appeaceme[n]t of the consciences of English Catholikes, co[n]cerning the late oath of pretended allegeance. Togeather with a cleare & ample declaratio[n], of euery clause thereof, newlie reuewed and augmented by the authoure.
Kellison, Matthew. / [Anno M.DC.XXXV. 1635] Paraphrasticall and devout discourses vpon the Psalme Miserere, composed by Ch. M.
Kellison, Matthew. / [anno 1639] A myrrhine posie of the bitter dolovrs of Christ his passion, and of the seaven vvords he spake on the crosse, composed by Ch. M.
Kello, John, d. 1570. The confessioun [o]f maister Iohn Kello minister of Spot, togidder with his ernist repentance maid vpon the scaffald befoir his suffering, the fourt day of October. 1570.
Kello, Samuel. / [Anno Dom. 1617] Carmen gratulatorium, ad serenissimum, potentissimum, et invictissimum monarcham, Iacobum id nominis sextum, Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ regem, fidei defensorem, &c. Authore Samuele Kello, Scoto, Academiæ Edinburgensis Alumno.
Kelsall, John. / [1682?] A testimony against gaming, musick, dancing, singing, swearing and peoples calling upon God to damn them. Commended to the consciences of all people in the sight of God, but more especially to those who keep publick houses.
Kelsall, John. / [1682] A testimony against gaming, musick, dancing, singing, swearing and people calling upon God to damn them: commended to the consciences of all people in the sight of God, but more especially to those who keep publick-houses.
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 1710. / [1674] A sermon preached at the consecration of a chappel in the house of John Collins, Esq., of Chute in Wiltshire, performed by the Right Reverend Father in in [sic] God Seth, Lord Bishop of Sarum, on the 25th of September, 1673 by Joseph Kelsey ...
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 1710. / [1691] Christ crucified a sermon preached at Salisbury, August 23, 1691 / by Joseph Kelsey ...
Kelso, William. / [Printed in the year 1679] News from Ireland. Being the examination and confession of VVilliam Kelso, a Scotch rebel, taken in Ireland, whether he fled, after the defeat of the rebels in Scotland; before George Rawdon, Esquire; one of His Majesties justices of the peace there. Also a letter from C. George Mac Cartney, giving an account of several barks full of Scotch rebels, seen coming from Scotland to Ireland. Together with a proclamation set out by the Duke of Ormond, for their apprehension.
Keltridge, John. / [1581] Two godlie and learned sermons appointed, and preached, before the Jesuites, seminaries, and other aduersaries to the gospell of Christ in the Tower of London. In which, were confuted to their faces, the moste principall and cheefe poincts of their Romish and vvhoarish religion: and all such articles as they defend, contrarie to the woord of Cod [sic], vvere layed open and ripped vp vnto them. In Maye. 7 and 21. Anno. 1581. By Iohn Keltridge, preacher of the vvorde of God, in London.
Keltridge, John. / [1578] The exposition, and readynges of Iohn Keltridge: Mayster of the Artes: student of late in Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge, minister, preacher, and pastor of the Church of Dedham, that is in Essex: vpon the wordes of our Sauiour Christe, that bée written in the. xi. of Luke.
Kem, Samuel, 1604-1670. / [1646] A sermon preached before the Commissioners of both kingdomes,: the same day they delivered the propositions to the Kings Maiesty, for a safe and well-grounded peace. / By Samuel Kem, Batchelour in Divinity.
Kem, Samuel, 1604-1670. / [1647 i.e. 1646] Orders given out; the word, stand fast.: As it was lately delivered in a farewell sermon / by Major Samuel Kem, to the officers and souldiers of his regiment in Bristoll. Novemb. 8. 1646.
Kem, Samuel, 1604-1670. / [1647] An olive branch found after a storme in the northern seas.: And presented to his Majesty in a sermon at the court in New-Castle. / By Samuel Kem, a little before his Majesties going to Holmbey. Published according to order.
Kem, Samuel, 1604-1670. / [1644] The messengers preparation for an addresse to the King for a well-grounded peace.: As it was delivered in a sermon, at Oxford, on Sunday, Novemb. 24. 1644. Before the commissioners of both kingdomes, the morning before their presenting the propositions to His Majestie. / By Samuel Kem, Batchelour in Divinity.
Kem, Samuel, 1604-1670. / [1660] King Solomons's infallible expedient for three kingdoms settlement: or, Better men make better times.: Delivered in a sermon preached in the renowned and famous city of Gloucester, the Lord's day before their election of burgesses for Parliament. By Samuel Keme S.S.T.B. rector of Allbery, near Oxon.
Kem, Samuel, 1604-1670. / [May 4. 1646] The king of kings his privie marks for the kingdoms choyce of new members: or A project for the kingdoms or cities speedy prosperity; and the benefit and blessing attending a nevv model. / Delivered in a sermon by Samuel Kem B.D. upon the choyce of the new burgesses of Bristol in that city, Feb. 28. 1645.
Kemp, Edward, d. 1671. / [1668] A sermon preached at St Maries in Cambridge, to the Universitie September the 6, 1668 the Sunday before the Sturbridge fair / by Edvvard Kemp ...
Kemp, Edward, d. 1671. / [1668] Reasons for the sole use of the churches prayers in publick in vindication of the Church of England, from the slanders of popish recusants / by Ed. Kemp ...
Kemp, William, fl. 1600. / [1600] Kemps nine daies vvonder Performed in a daunce from London to Norwich. Containing the pleasure, paines and kinde entertainment of William Kemp betweene London and that citty in his late morrice. Wherein is somewhat set downe worth note; to reprooue the slaunders spred of him: many things merry, nothing hurtfull. Written by himselfe to satisfie his friends.
Kemys, Lawrence, d. 1618. / [1596] A relation of the second voyage to Guiana. Perfourmed and written in the yeare 1596. By Lawrence Kemys, Gent
Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711. / [1700] Three hymns, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Author of the Manual of Prayers for the use of the schollars of Winchester Colledge.
Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711. / [M.DC.LXXXV. 1685] A Manual of prayers and litainies [sic], distributed according to the dayes of the week; with other excellent devotions, fitted for all persons and occasions.
Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711. / [yn y flwyddyn, 1688. ] Esponiad ar gatechism yr eglwys, neu, Ymarfer o gariad dwyfol, a gymmonwyd er llefhad Esgobaeth Baddon. Ac a gyfieithiwyd o'r saefonaeg (yn ôl ei gyntaf ofodiad allan) / gan William Foulkes ...
Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711. / [1686] Directions for prayer, for the Diocess of Bath and Wells. To the poor inhabitants within the Diocess of Bath and Wells, Thomas their unworthy bishop wisheth the knowledge and the love of God.
Kendall, George, 1610-1663. / [1664?] An appendix to The unlearned alchimist wherein is contained the true receipt of that excellent diaphoretick and diuretick pill, purging by sweat and urine, commonly known by the name of Matthew's pill : with the exact manner of preparing and making of it, and the particular nature and virtue of the several ingredients, as also of the pill / by G. Kendall ...
Kendall, George, clerk of the survey at Deptford. / [in the year 1656] The clerk of the surveigh surveighed, and his rigging cast. Or, A brief view taken of the book intituled, The sizes and lengths of rigging for all the states ships and frigats, lately put forth by Mr Hayward clerk of the surveigh at Chatham; the irregularities whereof are here in part discovered. By George Kendall M.A. clerk of the surveigh at Debtford and Woolwich.
Kennedy, David, Captain. / [1698] The late history of Europe being a narration of all remarkable actions and other various affairs, both civil and military, that have happened in the several kingdoms and republicks : from the Treaty at Nimiguen in anno 1676 to the conclusion of the late peace at Res-Wick in September 1697 : which makes up a history of one and twenty years : accuratly and succinctly abridg'd / by Captain David Kennendy.
Kennedy, Herbert, fl. 1686-1690. / [anno Dom. MCDLXXXVI 1686] Nobilissimis amplissimis & consultissimis viris D. Thomæ Kennedy A Kirkhil, equiti aurato, inclytæ civitatis Edinburgi consuli magnifico; ... D:D:G:Q: Herbertus Kennedy præses & candidati. ...
Kennedy, Herbert, fl. 1686-1690. / [anno Dom. 1690] Amplissimis, dignissimis, & consultissimis viris. D. Ioanni Hall de Dunglass, equiti aurato baronetto, inclytæ civitatis Edinburgi consuli magnifico: ... D.D.C.Q. Herbertus Kennedy præses, & candidati. ...
Kennedy, Quintin, 1520-1564. / [In the zeir of God, ane thousand fyue houndreth fifty aucht zeris 1558] Ane compendius tractiue conforme to the scripturis of almychtie God, ressoun, and authoritie: declaring the nerrest, and onlie way, to establische the conscience of ane christiane man, in all materis (quhilks ar in debate) concernyng faith and religioun. Set fvrth be Maister Qvintine Kennedy, commendatar of the abbay off Crosraguell, and dedicat to his derrest, and best beluiffit nepuo, Gilbert maister of Cassillis.
Kennett, Basil, 1674-1715. / [1696] Romæ antiquæ notitia, or, The antiquities of Rome in two parts ... : an account of the religion, civil government, and art of war, with the remarkable customs and ceremonies, publick and private : with copper cuts of the principal buildings, &c. : to which are prefix'd two essays : concerning the Roman learning, and the Roman education / by Basil Kennett ...
Kennett, Basil, 1674-1715. / [1697] The lives and characters of the ancient Grecian poets dedicated to His Highness the Duke of Glocester / by Basil Kennet ...
Kenrick, Daniel, fl. 1685. / [1688] A sermon preached in the cathedral-church of Worcester at the Lent assize, April 7th, 1688 by Daniel Kenrick, Master of Arts and vicar of Kemsey in Worcestershire.
Kenrick, Samuel, b. 1602 or 3. / [1627] The tell-troth's reqvitall, or, Truth's recompence: as it was preached the 12th day of November, 1626, at Eckington: wherein are contained these three propositions, (vindicating Paul from the aspersion of enmity, and laying it on the Galatians,) viz. 1 No grace of God in man can secure him from the enmity of the unregenerate. 2 Sometimes a ministers owne hearers are set in variance against him. 3 The publication of the truth is the cause of this variance. By Samuel Kenrick student in divinity, and preacher of Gods word in the same place.
Kent (England). / [ca. 1620] Know all men by these presents, that wee Thomas Walsingham, William Wythines, and Henrie Snelgar, knights, William Style, Lambert Cooke, and Iohn Vaighan, esquires, iustices of the peace of our soueraigne lord the King, withing the countie of Kent, haue admitted, licensed and allowed [blank] of [blank] within the said countie [blank] to keepe a common-ale-house ...
Kent (England) / [1642] A petition and protestation of the county of Kent presented the 30th of August, 1642 to the honourable Houses of Parliament by Sir John Sidley, Knight, with many thousands of hands thereunto : wherein they disclaim that late bold and unexampled petition sent to His Majestie, contrived by a few malevolent, ambitious and loose persons, and their reall affections to King and Parliament ; together with Sir John Sidleys speech upon the presenting of the said petition ; also the answer of the House of Commons to the said petition delivered by their speaker.
Kent (England) The humble petition of the Commons of Kent agreed upon at their generall assizes : presented to His Majestie, August the first, 1642 : with certain instructions from the county of Kent to Mr. Augustine Skinner : whereby the desires of the said county may be presented by him to the Honourable House of Commons : with His Majesties answer to the aforesaid petition : at the Court of York, August 4, 1642.
Kent, Dircy. / [1694] To the honourable, the House of Commons assembled in Parliament. Proposals humbly offered for a provision for the poor, and setting them to work.
Kent, Tho. (Thomas) / [1661] The fall of man declared and the way declared in plainnesse and according unto truth ... : and a warning from the Lord God of life ...
Kentish, Richard, Rev. / [1648] A sure stay for a sinking state,: presented in a sermon preached at Margarets Westminster before the Honourable House of Commons at their solemne fast, Nov. 24. 1647. / By Richard Kentish, preacher of the Gospel at Katharines, near the Tower London.
Kentish, Richard, Rev. / [1649] Kath' hyperbolen hodos. Or, The way of love, set forth in a sermon preached at Pauls Septemb: 10. 1648. Before the Right Honourable, John Warner Esq; then Lord Mayor of the City of London. By Richard Kentish, Preacher of the gospel at Katharines, neere the Tower of London.
Kentish, Thomas, d. 1695. / [printed in the moneth of December, 1661] Philanthropophagia, delineated in A mirthless mirrour of the matchless misery of a money-less minister, born in the south [of England.] Mischievously managed by the merciless misdemeanour of a money-minded minster-man, living in the north of England. Or, a true narrative of the inexcusable inhumanity of one Mr. Timothie Tullie, late preacher at Carlisle, now one of the prebendaries of the cathedrall church of York. Acted against one Thomas Kentish, rector of Middleton in Teasdale within the county of Durham. Written by the aforesaid Thomas Kentish minister of the gospel
Kèonigsmarck, Carl Johan von, 1659-1686. / [1682] Count Conningsmark's letter to the Lady Ogle, from Flanders faithfully translated out of the original French.
Kepple, Joseph. / [MDCLXXII. 1672] The maiden-head lost by moon-light, or, The adventure of the meadow written by Joseph Kepple.
Ker, A. / [Printed in the Year 1653] Observations upon the chief acts of the two late p. assemblies at St. Andrews and Dundee, the year of God 1651, and 1652: together with the reasons why the ministers, elders, and professors, who protested against the said pretended assemblies, and the pretended assembly at Edinburgh, cannot agree to the overtures made to them at the conference upon the 28. and 29. dayes of July 1652 ...
Ker, A. / [Printed anno 1650] A short reply unto a declaration intituled, The declaration of the Army of England upon their march into Scotland, by the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland
Ker, Gilbert, Colonel. / [1649] A letter sent from Collonel Gilbert Ker, Lieutenant Col. Hacket, and Lieutenant Col. Strachan, to the Committe of Estates of the Kingdome of Scotland, May 9. 1649.
Ker, Harry, d. 1643. / [1641] King Charles his resolution concerning the governement of the Church of England, being contrary to that of Scotland.: VVith a speech spoken by the Lord Car, in the Parliament in Scotland, being a little before his examination concerning the plot which was found out in Scotland.
Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691. / [1685] The mournful mite, or, The true subject's sigh on the death of the illustrious and serene Charles II, King of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, &c. by Peter Ker.
Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691. / [1684] Flosculum poeticum poems divine and humane : panegyrical, satyrical, ironical / by P. K.
Ker, Walter. / [1681] A blasphemous & treasonable paper emitted by the phanatical under-subscribers, on May 1. 1681. According to the original lying in the hands of the clerks of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Council.
Ker, William. / [1689] The sober conformists answer to a rigid conformists reasons why in this juncture no alteration should be made in the government of the Church of Scotland.
Kéroualle, Louise-Renée de, Duchess of Portsmouth and Aubigny, 1649-1734. / [1682] A letter from a matron of rank quality in Windsor to one of the same in Druery-lane
Kerswell, John. / [1665] Speculum gratitudinis; or, David's thankfulness unto God for all His benefits. Expressed in a sermon on the 29th of May, 1664. being Whitsunday, and the day of the happy birth and return of our Gracious King, Charles the Second. By John Kerswel, B.D. and rector of Goddington in Oxford-shire.
Ketch, Jack, d. 1686. / [1679] The man of destiny's hard fortune; or, Squire Ketch's declaration Concerning his late confinement in the Kings-Bench and Marshalsea vvhereby his hopeful harvest was like to have been blasted. Together vvith his happy deliverance and promising prospect of encreasing trade, to the great joy of himself and his magnificent family. And several choice observations political and moral, relating to the present juncture of his eminences arduous affairs. With allowance.
Ketch, Jack, d. 1686. / [1683] The apologie of John Ketch, Esq., the executioner of London, in vindication of himself as to the execution of the late Lord Russel, on July 21, 1683
Kett, Francis, d. 1589. / [1585] The glorious and beautifull garland of mans glorification. Containing the godlye misterie of heauenly Ierusalem, the helmet of our saluation. The comming of Christ in the fleshe for our glorie, and his glorious com[m]ing in the end of the world to crowne men with crownes of eternall glorie. Beeing an heauenly adamant to drawe thee to Christ and a spirituall rod to mortifie thy life. Made and set foorth by Frauncis Kett, Doctor of Phisick.
Kett, Francis, d. 1589. / [1585] An epistle [s]ent to divers [pa]pistes in England prouing [th]e Pope to bee the beast in the [1]3 of the Reuelations, and to be the man exalted in the temple of God, as God, Thess. 2.2 ... / by F.K.
Kettilby, Walter, d. 1717. / [1688?] Books printed for Walter Kettilby, at the Bishop's-Head in St. Paul's church-yard.
Key, Leonard. / [1685] Here is a further discovery of the formal preachers in Reading and some of their words made publick: or, an answer to part of a book put forth by William Lambel and John Bye, called, A stop to the false characterer's hue and cry. Wherein they endeavour to cover the author that sent the paquets also seven queries which they mention in their epistle made publick for them to answer. Written the 3d. month, 1685, by a lover of the truth, but an enemy to deceit and hypocrisy, let it appear where it will
Keymor, John, fl. 1610-1620. / [1664] John Keymors observation made upon the Dutch fishing about the year 1601 demonstrating that there is more wealth raised out of herrings and other fish in His Majesties seas by the neighbouring nations in one year, then the King of Spain hath from the Indies
Keynes, John, 1625?-1697. / [Printed in the year 1674] A rational, compendious way to convince, without any dispute, all persons whatsoever, dissenting from the true religion. By J.K.