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Impartial eye-witness. / [1689] A true representation to the King and people of England how matters were carried on all along in Ireland by the late King James in favor of the Irish papists there from his accession to the crown, to the tenth of April, 1689 / by an impartial eye-witness.
Impartial hand. / [1679] An Antidote against the present fears and jealousies of the nation by an impartial hand.
Impartial hand. / [1680] An answer to a false and scandalous pamphlet, entituled, The case of the Burrough of New-Windsor, with relation to the election of their burgesses: by an impartial hand, altogether unconcerned in the election; yet present, and a due observer of all the proceedings thereat.
Impartial hand and a hearty well-wisher to the Church of England. / [1694] The case of pluralities & non-residence rightly stated in a letter to the author of a book called, A defence of pluralities, &c. shewing the false reasonings and evil doctrines therein contained / by an impartial hand, and a hearty well-wisher to the Church of England.
Impartial pen of an eye-witness both of the designes at home and the trade abroad. / [1671] Some considerations touching the present debate between owners, &c. and fisherman relating to the New-found-land trade, wherein the present project of obstructing passengers, by-boats, etc, is proved to be an unjust, sinister, envious, and unreasonable designe / humbly presented to supream consideration by the impartial pen of an eye-witness both of the designes of home and the trade abroad.
Impartiall hand. / [1657] The grand differences between France, Spain, and the Empire with their severall titles, claimes, and pretences to each others dominions, discussed and stated / by an impartiall hand ; very necessary for the cleare understanding of the present commotions, and the great affaires of Europe.
Impartiall well-willer to the peace and well-beeing of all. / [1648] An experimentall essay touching the reformation of the lavves of England anno 1648.: By an impartiall well-willer to the peace and well-beeing of all.