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Gwalther, Rudolf, 1519-1586. / [Anno 1573] Certaine godlie homelies or sermons vpon the prophets Abdias and Ionas conteyning a most fruitefull exposition of the same. Made by the excellent lerned man, Rodolph Gualter of Tigure. And translated into Englishe, by Robert Norton. Minister of the worde in Suffolke.
Gwalther, Rudolf, 1519-1586. / [1580] The sermons of master Ralfe Gualter vpon the prophet Zephaniah written in Latine. Translated into English by Moses Wilton. Seene and allowed
Gwalther, Rudolf, 1519-1586. / [1582] The homilies or familiar sermons of M. Rodolph Gualther Tigurine vpon the prophet Ioel. Translated from Latine into Englishe, by Iohn Ludham vicar of Withersfielde.
Gwalther, Rudolf, 1519-1586. / [1556] Antichrist, that is to saye: A true reporte, that Antichriste is come wher he was borne, of his persone, miracles, what tooles he worketh withall, and what shalbe his ende: translated out of Latine into Englishe. by I.O.
Gwin, Thomas, 1656?-1720. / [1690] To the children of Friends, and other young people belonging to Falmouth, and elsewhere:
Gwynneth, John. / [1554] A declaracion of the state, wherin all heretikes dooe leade their liues and also of their continuall indeuer, and propre fruictes, which beginneth in the. 38. chapiter, and so to thende of the woorke. By Iohn Gwynnethe clerke.
Gwynneth, John. / [M.CCCCC.XXXVI. 1536] The co[n]futacyon of the fyrst parte of Frythes boke. with a dysputacyon before whether it be possyble for any heretike to know that hym selfe is one or not. And also an other, whether it be wors to denye directely more or lesse of the fayth, put forth by Iohn Gwynneth clerke.