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Guarna, Andrea, fl. ca. 1470-1517. / [1569] Bellum grammaticale a discourse of great war and dissention betwene two worthy princes, the noune and the uerbe, contending for the chefe place or dignitie in oration : very pleasant & profitable / turned into English by W.H.
Guerdon, Aaron. / [Printed in the yeere 1649] A most learned, conscientious, and devout-exercise;: held forth the last Lords-day, at Sir Peter Temples, in Lincolnes-Inne-Fields; / by Lieut.-General Crumwell. As it was faithfully taken in characters by Aaron Guerdon.
Guerdon, Aaron. / [Printed in the year of freedom 43 i.e. 1692?] A most learned, conscientious, and devout exercise, or, Sermon of self-denyal, (preached or) held forth the last Lord's-day of April, in the year of freedom the 1st. 1649, At Sir P.T.'s house in Lincolns-Inn-Fields / by Lieutenant-General O. Cromwell ; as it was faithfully taken in characters by Aaron Guerdo. And now published for the benefit of the New Polonian Association, and late famed ignoramus juries of this city.
Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545? / [1594] The mysteries of Mount Calvary Made by the reverend father in God, lord Anthonie de Gueuara, bishop of Mondonnedo, preacher and chronicler, vnto Charles the fift, Emperour. In this booke the authour handleth all the mysteries, of the Mount of Caluarie, from the time that Christ was condemned by Pilat, vntill he was put into the sepulchre, by Ioseph and Nichodemus.
Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545? / [1597] Mount Caluarie, the second part: compyled by the reuerend father Don Anthonio de Gueuara ... In this booke the author treateth of the seuen words which Christ our redeemer spake hanging vpon the Crosse. Translated out of Spanish into English
Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545? / [1575] A looking glasse for the court. Composed in the Castilian tongue by the Lorde Anthony of Gueuarra Bishop of Mondouent, and chronicler to the Emperour Charles. And out of Castilian drawne into Frenche by Anthony Alaygre. And out of the French tongue into Englishe by Sir Fraunces Briant Knight one of the priuy Chamber, in the raygne of K. Henry the eyght.
Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545? / [Anno Domini. 1568] The dial of princes, compiled by the reuerend father in God, Don Antony of Gueuara, Byshop of Guadix, preacher, and chronicler to Charles the fifte, late of that name Emperour. Englished out of the Frenche by T. North, sonne of Sir Edvvard North knight, L. North of Kyrtheling.
Guédron, Pierre, ca. 1565-ca. 1621. / [1629. Cum priuilegio] French court-aires, vvith their ditties Englished, of foure and fiue parts Together with that of the lute. Collected, translated, published by Ed: Filmer, Gent: dedicated to the Queene.
Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540. / [1595] Two discourses of Master Frances Guicciardin vvhich are wanting in the thirde and fourth bookes of his Historie, in all the Italian, Latin, and French coppies heretofore imprinted; which for the worthinesse of the matter they containe, were published in those three languages at Basile 1561. And are now for the same cause doone into English.
Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540. / [1591] [A briefe collection or epitomie of all the notable and material things contained in the hystorie of Guicchiardine being verie necessarie for Parliament, councell, treatises, and negotiations.]
Guicciardini, Lodovico, 1521-1589. / [Anno. 1573] The garden of pleasure contayninge most pleasante tales, worthy deeds and witty sayings of noble princes [et] learned philosophers, moralized. No lesse delectable, than profitable. Done out of Italian into English, by Iames Sanforde, Gent. Wherein are also set forth diuers verses and sentences in Italian, with the Englishe to the same, for the benefit of students in both tongs.
Guicciardini, Lodovico, 1521-1589. / [1593] The description of the Low countreys and of the prouinces thereof, gathered into an epitome out of the historie of Lodouico Guicchardini
Guide, Philippe, d. 1718. / [1699] An essay concerning nutrition in animals proving it analogical to that of plants, and discovering the like structure and use of the organs to be alike in both, with many observations towards the practise of physick : together by Philip Guide ...
Guidott, Thomas, fl. 1698. / [1694] The register of Bath, or, Two hundred observations containing an account of cures performed, and benefit received, by the vse of the famous hot waters of Bath, in the county of Somerset, as they, for the most part, came under the observation and knowledge of Thomas Guidott, physician there : being great part of this experience of the effects of the baths of Bath, for XXVII years last past.
Guidott, Thomas, fl. 1698. / [1673] A quære concerning drinking Bath-water, at Bathe, resolved by Evgenivs Philander.
Guidott, Thomas, fl. 1698. / [1686?] Propositions touching printing a book entituled, De thermis Britannicis
Guidott, Thomas, fl. 1698. / [1676] A discourse of Bathe, and the hot waters there also some enquiries into the nature of the water of St. Vincent's rock, near Bristol, and that of Castle-Cary : to which is added a century of observations, more fully declaring the nature, property, and distinction of the Baths : with an account of the lives, and character, of the physicians of Bathe / by Tho. Gvidott ...
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1637.] A short treatise, agaynst the prophanation of the Lord's day, especiallie by salmond-fishing thereon, in tyme of divine service. / By William Guild, D.D. minister in Aberdene, and chaplane to his Majestie..
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1656] The sealed book opened. Or, A cleer explication of the prophecies of the Revelation. Together with the lessons that are to be observed from every chapter thereof, being cleerly explained. Intended chiefly for the discovery to all of that Roman antichrist, and that Rome her final destruction is surely at hand, by that blessed work of reformation happily begun in the several churches and kingdoms of Europe. / By William Guild D.D. and preacher of Gods word.
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [Anno 1617.] Levi his complaint: or, The moane of the poore ministerie. by William Guild, Minister at King-Edward..
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1622.] Issachars asse, braying under a double burden. Or, The Vniting of churches. By William Guild, minister of Gods word at King-Edward..
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1627] A compend of the controversies of religion wherin the trueth is confirmed, and errour convinced, by authoritie of Scripture, witnessing of antiquitie, and confession of partie. Most necessary for all, in this backe-slyding age. By W.G. minister of God's word.
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1656] An antidote agaynst poperie: most necessarie for all in this back-slyding age. Wherein 1. The trueth is confirmed, by authoritie of scriptures, witnessing of antiquitie, and confession of the popish partie. 2. Popish scripturall arguments are answered, by the exposition both of father and of their own doctours / by William Guild.
Guild, William, 1586-1657, / [Anno 1630.] Limbo's batterie, or, an answere, to a popish pamphlet, of Christs descense [sic] to hell: where-in what can be alleadged, for the locall descending of his soule thither, after his suffering, to liberate the patriarches, out of anie limbus, is clearlie refuted: extorted at last, to a more publicke view, / by William Guild..
Guildhall (London, England) / [1680] The proceedings at the Guild-Hall in London, on Thursday July the 29th, 1680
Guilford, Francis North, Baron, 1637-1685. / [1682] The Lord Keeper's speech to Mr. Serjeant Savnders, at the time he was sworn Lord Chief Justice of His Majestie's Court of Kings-Bench, Tuesday the 23d, January, 1682
Guilford, Francis North, Baron, 1637-1685. / [1689] The late Lord Chief Justice North's argument in the case between Sir William Soames, sheriff of Svffolk and Sir Sam. Barnardiston, Bar. adjudged in the court of exchequer-chambers upon a writ of error containing the reasons of that judgement.
Guillim, John, 1565-1621. / [1660] A display of heraldrie:: manifesting a more easie access to the knowledge thereof then hath hitherto been published by any, through the benefit of method; / wherein it is now reduced by the study and industry of John Guillim ... Interlaced with much variety of history suitable to the severall occasions or subjects.
Guilpin, Edward. / [1601] The vvhipper of the satyre his pennance in a white sheete: or, The beadles confutation
Guilpin, Edward. / [1598] Skialetheia. Or, A shadowe of truth, in certaine epigrams and satyres
Guise, Charles de Lorraine, duc de, 1571-1640. / [1561?] The oration of the most noble and reverende father in God the Lorde Cardinalles Grace of Lorrain made and pronounced in thassemblie [sic] at Poyssi, the kyng beyng present, the sixtene daye of Septembre, in the yeare of our Lorde 1561 / translated out of Frenche into Englishe by T.S.
Gumble, Thomas, d. 1676. / [1671] The life of General Monck, Duke of Albemarle, &c. with remarks upon his actions / by Tho. Gumble ...
Gumbleden, John, 1598 or 9-1657. / [1657] Tvvo sermons first, an angel, in a vision, appeareth to a souldier. Acts. 10. 3, 4. He saw in a vision, evidently, &c. Second, a saviour, in mercy, appeareth to a sinner. Matth. 11. 28. Come unto me, all, &c. Preached before the University, at Oxford, some years since: by John Gumbleden B.D.
Gumbleden, John, 1598 or 9-1657. / [1657] Christ tempted: the divel conquered. Or, A short and plain exposition on a part of the fourth chapter St. Matthew's Gospel.: Together with two sermons preached before the University at Oxford, some years since. By John Gumbleden, B.D. and chaplain to the Right Honourable the Earl of Leicester.
Gunning, Peter, 1614-1684. / [1681] Reasons why all good Christians should observe the holy fast of Lent extracted out of my Lord of Ely's Paschal fast.
Gunter, Edmund, 1581-1626. / [1623] De sectore & radio. The description and vse of the sector in three bookes. The description and vse of the cross-staffe in other three bookes. For such as are studious of mathematicall practise.
Gunter, Edmund, 1581-1626. / [MDCXXIV. 1624] The description and vse of his Maiesties dials in VVhite-Hall Garden
Gunter, Peter, preacher of the Word of God. / [1615] A sermon preached in the countie of Suffolke before the clergie and laytie, for the discouerie and confutation of certaine strange, pernicious, and hereticall positions, publikely deliuered, held, and maintayned, touching iustification, by a certaine factious preacher of Wickam Market, in the said countie, by which, diuers, especially of the vulgar, farre and neare, were greatly seduced. With a plaine and manifest resolution of the said point, as also an answere vnto the obiections vsed and produced, to maintayne the said dangerous position. And lastly, a three-fold reflection of the text, according to the present occasion. By P. Gunter, preacher of the Word of God, in the countie of Suffolke. Seene and allowed.
Gunton, Simon, 1609-1676. / [1657] Gods house, with the nature, and use thereof, as it ought to be understood and respected by Christians under the Gospel. / By Simon Gunton M. of Art.
Gurnay, Edmund, d. 1648. / [1639] Toward the vindication of the Second Commandment: by Edm. Gurnay, Bachelour in Divinity, and minister of Gods word at Harpley in Norfolk
Guthrie, James, 1612?-1661. / [in the yeer, 1652] The nullity of the pretended-assembly at Saint Andrews & Dundee:: wherein are contained, the representation for adjournment, the protestation & reasons therof. Together with a review and examination of the Vindication of the said p. assembly. Hereunto is subjoyned the solemn acknowledgment of sins, and engagement to duties, made and taken by the nobility, gentry, burroughs, ministry, and commonalty, in the year 1648. when the Covenant was renewed. With sundry other papers, related unto in the foresaid review.
Guthrie, James, 1612?-1661. / [1661] Two speeches of Mr. James Guthry before the Parliament one after the reading of his indictment, Feb. 21, 1661, the other immediately after the reading of the processe, April 10, 1661.
Guthrie, John, 1632-1669. / [1669] Urim and Thummim. Light and truth. / Being the two last sermons preached by Mr. John Guthry, July 17. 1669, in reference to indulgence.
Guthrie, John, 1632-1669. / [1681] To the suffering Protestants, owning protestation, by Mr John Guthrie, minister of the gospel. 1669.
Guthrie, William, 1620-1665. / [1664?] A sermon of Mr William Guthrey. Hosea XIII. Ver. IX.
Guthrie, William, 1620-1665. / [1681] Crumbs of comfort: or, Grace in its various degrees, and yet oneness in kind, Mat. 14. 27. By Mr. William Guthrie.
Gutierrez de la Vega, Luis, b. ca. 1509. / [1582] A compendious treatise entituled, De re militari containing principall orders to be obserued in martiall affaires. VVritten in the Spanish tongue, by that worthie and famous captaine, Luis Gutierres de la Vega, citizen of Medina del Campo. And newlie translated into English, by Nicholas Lichefild.
Guy, John, gent. / [MDCXCIX 1699] On the happy accession of Their Majesties King William and Queen Mary to the throne of England &c. a pindarique ode : with a preface shewing the occasion of the publication at this time / by John Guy, gent.
Guy, Richard, writer of ballads. / [1650?] The longing shepherdesse or Laddy lye neere me. [T]o the tune of, Laddy lye neere me: or The green garter.
Guy, William, 17th cent. / [1641] Good newes for England, or, Comfortable tydings from Ireland to all true hearted Protestants being a real relation of how Sir Simon Harcourt, Sergeant Major Berry, and Captian Paramore, with the joint assistance of divers other Protestants, obtained a famous victory over the rebels at Kildare : as also how the Lord Dulon was grievously wounded, and a kinsman of his taken prisoner, with the number of those that were slain on each side / sent ... by Alderman Guy , his son, of Bristol, to Sir Richard Grenvile, Mar. 10.