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Fuce, Joseph. / [1659] A visitation by way of declaration unto the manifestation of the spirit in you rulers and heads of these nations both Parliaments, officers, and souldiers, that are in arms and authority to do service for the Common-Wealth outwardly. Amongst whom I formerly have had my conversation about thirteen or fourteen years, and with many of them I have often engaged against the enemies of the peace and liberties of the honest people of these nations, and that some of the old officers and souldiers may very well remember. From a true lover of your souls, that loves to do justice, and all that join with them, known unto the children of men by this name, Joseph Fuce.
Fuce, Joseph. / [1663] A special warrant given forth from the spirit of God (who is Lord over all lords and King over all kings) against the spirit of envy and persecution ... also some descriptions set down how this insufferable enemy (the spirit of persecution) may be known ... / written by Joseph Fuce.
Fuce, Joseph. / [1656 i.e. 1659] The fall of a great visible idol by the coming of the invisible povver, and substance In this day and time of the lambs war which is come. Wherein Christ the true light is exalted at the right hand of God, who dwells and walkes in his people which are his temple. Which doth bring down the boasting baptists that hath highly exalted themselves upon the high and dark mountains of their own imaginations, as may be known by their own principles which are herein answered with something to the simple hearted that are among them, concerning water baptism and breaking of outward bread, which these baptists hath so much idolized in the night. From a true friend unto all that loves truth in the inward parts, in true love and pitty unto the lost sheep, that they may be of the house of Israel. Joseph Fuce.
Fuchs, Leonhart, 1501-1566. / [1563] A worthy practise of the moste learned phisition Maister Leonerd Fuchsius, Doctor in phisicke, moste necessary in this needfull tyme of our visitation, for the comforte of all good and faythfull people, both olde and yonge, bothe for the sicke and for them that woulde auoyde the daunger of the contagion
Fulbeck, William, 1560-1603? / [1602] The second part of the Parallele, or conference of the ciuill law, the canon law, and the common law of this realme of England Wherein the agreement and disagreement of these three lawes touching diuers matters not before conferred, is at large debated and discussed. Whereunto is annexed a table ... Handled in seauen dialogues, by William Fulbecke.
Fulbeck, William, 1560-1603? / [1602] The pandectes of the law of nations contayning seuerall discourses of the questions, points, and matters of law, wherein the nations of the world doe consent and accord. Giuing great light to the vnderstanding and opening of the principall obiects, questions, rules, and cases of the ciuill law, and common lawe of this realme of England. Compiled by William Fulbecke.
Fulbeck, William, 1560-1603? / [Anno Domini. 1601] A parallele or conference of the ciuill law, the canon law, and the common law of this realme of England VVherein the agreement and disagreement of these three lawes, and the causes and reasons of the said agreement and disagreement, are opened and discussed. Digested in sundry dialogues by William Fulbecke. At the end of these dialogues is annexed a table of the sections ...
Fulbecke, William, 1560-1603? / [1608] An abridgement, or rather, A bridge of Roman histories to passe the neerest way from Titvs Livivs to Cornelivs Tacitvs. Vnder which (in three bookes) as it were throvgh three arches, for the space of sixe score yeeres, the fame and fortune of the Romans ebbs and flowes.
Fulke, William, 1538-1589. / [1577] An ansvver of a true Christian to the proude challenge of a counterset Catholike. By VVilliam Fulke Doctor in diuinitie
Fuller, Abraham, d. 1694. / [Printed in the year, 1687] The testimony of Abraham Fuller, concerning the death of his son Joseph. Shewing his blessed condition in the time of his sickness, and when he was near his departure: how wonderfully the Lord did appear by his spirit and power, revealing himself in him (after death has seised upon him) in a greater measure then ever before.
Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. / [1685] VVords to give to the young-man knowledg and discretion, or, The law of kindness in the tongue of a father to his son by Francis Fuller ...
Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. / [1685] A treatise of faith and repentance by Francis Fuller ...
Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. / [1688] A treatise of grace and duty. By Francis Fuller. M.A.
Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. / [1688] Some rules how to use the world so as not to abuse either that, or our selves by Francis Fuller.
Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. / [1700] Of the shortness of time by Francis Fuller ...
Fuller, Ignatius, 1624 or 5-1711. / [1672] A sermon to the clergie at Stony-Stratford in the county of Bucks, Octob. 27, 1670 by Ignatius Fuller.
Fuller, Ignatius, 1624 or 5-1711. / [1672] Peace and holiness in three sermons upon several occasions / by Ignatius Fuller.
Fuller, John, b. 1640 or 41. / [1681] Gamaliel Palipsuchos, or, Seasonable advice in trying times delivered in a sermon preached at Little-Wakering in Essex, Wednesday the 22th of December, being the fast appointed for the farther discovery of the popish-plot, by John Fuller.
Fuller, Nicholas, 1543-1620. / [1641] The argument of Nicholas Fuller of Grayes Inne esquire, in the case of Tho. Lad, and Rich. Mansell his clients. Wherein it is plainly proved, that the ecclesiasticall commissioners have no power by their commission, to imprison, or to fine any of his Majesties subjects, or to put them to the oath ex officio.
Fuller, Samuel, 1635-1700. / [1682] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, June the 25th, 1682 by Samuel Fuller ...
Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. / [1655] Life out of death a sermon preached at Chelsey, on the recovery of an honourable person. By Thomas Fuller. B.D.
Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. / [1649] The just mans funeral. Lately delivered in a sermon at Chelsey, before several persons of honour and worship. By Thomas Fuller.
Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. / [1655] Antheologia or The speech of flowers.:
Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. / [1646] Feare of losing the old light. Or, A sermon preached in Exeter. By Thomas Fuller, B.D.
Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. / [1655] The history of Waltham-Abby in Essex, founded by King Harold by Thomas Fuller.
Fuller, William, 1579 or 80-1659. / [1625] A sermon preached before his Maiestie at Dover Castle, on Tuesday the seauenth of Iune 1625. By VVilliam Fuller, B.D. His Maiesties chaplaine, then attending in ordinary. Published by commaund
Fuller, William, 1670-1717? / [1696?] To the hon[ora]ble, the Commons of England, in Parliament assembled: the humble petition of William Fuller.
Fuller, William, 1670-1717? / [1700] Mr. Fuller's letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor being an answer to a late scandalous pamphlet, intituled, Fuller's Plain proof of the true mother of the pretended Pr. of Wales, made out to be no proof, &c. : with that part of His Majesty's declaration, relating to that imposture, publish'd in December, 1688.
Fuller, William, 1670-1717? / [1700] Mr. Fuller's answer to the Jacobites
Fullerton, John, of Kinnebar, fl. 1671. / [Printed anno 1671] A short testimony concerning Catherine Allardes, late wife to Iohn Fullertoune of Kinnebar who departed this life, the last day of the last moneth called February, anno 1670.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1656] A true relation of a dispute between Francis Fullwood minister of West-Alrington in the county of Devon, and one Thomas Salt-House, as 'tis said, of the county of Westmerland: before the congregation of them, called, Quakers; with some others that accidentally heard thereof: in the house of Henry Pollexsen, Esq; in the said parish of West-Alrington. On Tuesday the 24th day of October 1656. / Published by some that were present at the dispute; out of a single and sincere desire, that error may be shames, and the truth cleared. Together with an answer to James Godfries queries, by the said F.F.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1651] Vindiciæ mediorum & mediatoris. or, the present reigning errour arraigned, at the barr of Scripture and reason. Wherein is discovered the falshood and danger of that late borne opinion, that pretends to an immediate enjoyment and call of the Spirit of God, both above and against its owne fffects, [sic] cause, word, ministry, and witness, in all respects. Occasioned by a pamphlet, intituled, The saints travell to the land of Canaan, or a discovery of seventeen false rests, &c. By one R. Wilkinson, a preacher of this errour about Totnes in the West. In the treatise following, the reader shall finde, most of the maine fundamentall doctrinall truths that this age doth controvert, faithfully vindicated, cleared, confirmed. By F. Fullwood, minister of the Gospell at Staple Fitzpane in the county of Somerset.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1661] Some necessary & seasonable cases of conscience about things indifferent in matters of religion, briefly, yet faithfully stated [a]nd resolved wherein the the [sic] just bounds of imposing on one hand, and of obeying on the other, are truly fixed, / by an indifferent hand.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1693] The Socinian controversie touching the Son of God reduced, in a brief essay, to prove the Son one in essence with the Father, upon Socinian principles, concessions and reason : concluded with an humble and serious caution to the friends of the Church of England, against the approaches of Socinianism / by F.F. ...
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1679] Roma ruit the pillars of Rome broken : wherein all the several pleas for the Pope's authority in England, with all the material defences of them, as they have been urged by Romanists from the beginning of our reformation to this day are revised and answered ; to which is subjoyned A seasonable alarm to all sorts of Englishmen against popery, both from their oaths and their interests / by Fr. Fullwood ...
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1663] A review of the grand case of the present ministry whether they may lawfully declare and subscribe as by the late act of uniformity is required? : in reply to a book entitled A short surveigh of the grand case, &c. : wherein all their objections against both the declarations are considered and answered / by the same hand.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1693] A parallel wherein it appears that the Socinian agrees with the papist, if not exceeds him in idolatry, antiscripturism and fanaticism / by Francis Fullwood ...
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1672] The necessity of keeping our parish-churches argued from the sin and danger of the schisms in the Church of Corinth and of the present separations : in a sermon before the honourable judges, at the last assizes, held at Exeter / by Francis Fullwood.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1681] Leges Angliæ, The lawfulness of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the Church of England asserted and vindicated in answer to Mr. Hickeringill's late pamphlet stiled, Naked truth, the 2d part by Fran. Fullwood ...
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1673] Humble advice to the conforming and non-conforming ministers and people how to behave themselves under the present liberty / by the author of Toleration not to be abused.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1662] The grand case of the present ministry whether they may lawfully declare and subscribe, as by the late Act of vniformity is required and the several cases, thence arising (more especially about the Covenant) are clearly stated and faithfully resolved / by the same indifferent hand ; with an addition to his former Cases of conscience, hereunto subjoyned.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1667] The general assembly, or, The necessity of receiving the communion in our publick congregations evinced from the nature of the church, the Word of God, and presbyterian principles, in a sermon / lately preached in the Cathedral Church of Exeter by Francis Fullwood.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [MDCLXXXI 1681] The establish'd church, or, A subversion of all the Romanist's pleas for the Pope's supremacy in England together with a vindication of the present government of the Church of England, as allow'd by the laws of the land, against all fanatical exceptions, particularly of Mr. Hickeringill, in his scandalous pamphlet, stiled Naked truth, the 2d. part : in two books / by Fran. Fullwood ...
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1672] The doctrine of schism fully opened and applied to gathered churches. Occasioned by a book entituled, Sacrilegious dissertion of the holy ministery rebuked; and tolerated preaching of the Gospel vindicated. / By The author of Toleration not to be abused by the Presbyterians.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1658] A discourse of the visible church. In a large debate of this famous question, viz. whether the visible church may be considered to be truely a church of Christ without respect to saving grace? Affirm. Whereunto is added a brief discussion of these three questions. viz. 1. What doth constitute visible church-membership. 2. What doth distinguish it, or render it visible. 3. What doth destroy it, or render it null? Together with a large application of the whole, by way of inference to our churches, sacraments, and censures. Also an appendix touching confirmation, occasioned by the Reverend Mr. Hanmore his pious and learned exercitation of confirmation. By Francis Fulwood minister of the gospel at West-Alvington in Devon.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1683] The case of the times discuss'd being a serious exercitation of two cases grounded upon Romans 13, vers. 1,2,3,4,5 : First, how far we are bound to obey, when we are not satisfied that the laws are for our good, 2nd, whether subjection more than not to resist powers : to which is added some remarks upon a late book entituled The Protestant reconciler / by Fr. Fullwood ...
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1681] A dialogue betwixt Philautus and Timotheus in defence of Dr. Fullwood's Legas Angliæ against the vindicator of Naked truth, stiling himself Phil. Hickeringill.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1652] The churches and ministery of England, true churches and true ministery. Cleared, and proved, in a sermon / preach'd the 4th of May at Wiviliscombe; before a numerous congregation assembled together to hear the opposition, which had been long threatned to be made that day, by Mr Collier and others of his party, who, with the greatest strength the West would afford them, were present at the sermon. Wherein were these five things undeniably proved: 1. That a mixture of prophane and scandalous persons with reall saints, is not inconsistent with the Church of God or a true church. ... 5. And then, they also must needs be guilty, who forsake true churches and a lawfull ministry, to follow and hear unsent preachers. By Francis Fullwood minister of the Gospel at Staple Fitzpane in the county of Somerset. Before it there is an epistle and preface, shewing the manner, and a narrative subjoyned shewing the substance of the dispute after the sermon, (both which lasted nine hours.) Set forth by the ministers that were at the dispute, and attested under their hands.
Fullwood, P. (Peter) / [1673] Concio ad magistratum a nations honour, and a nations dishonour, or, A kingdoms prospective-glass : discovering who are the most faithful friends, and who the most dangerous enemies to the peace and prosperity of a kingdom / written by P. Fullwood.
Fulman, William, 1632-1688. / [1673] A short appendix to the life of Edmund Stanton, D.D. wherein some passages are further cleared, which were not so fully held forth by the former authors.
Furetière, Antoine, 1619-1688. / [1671] Scarron's city romance made English.
Furly, John, 1618-1686. / [1670] A testimony to the true light which is the vvay of life and righteousness, to all that obey it, and are subject to its requirings : being a serious admonition to all people to turn to the Lord, but more especially intended for the inhabitants of the town of Colchester and parts adjacent / by John Furly ; also, a true relation how the Lord made manifest strength in weakness, and raised up a living testimony to his eternal truth, in a child of his, (named, Elizabeth, who deceased the 16th of the twelf moneth, called February 1669) to the admiration of all that were about her.