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Frampton, John, fl. 1577-1596. / [1580] A discouerie of the countries of Tartaria, Scithia, & Cataya, by the northeast: with the maners, fashions, and orders which are vsed in those countries. / Set foorth by Iohn Frampton merchaunt.
France. / [1659] The treaty of Pyrennes:, or, Articles of peace, between the crowns of France and Spain; concluded and signed the seventh of November, 1659. With reference to the peace in hand.
France. Parlement (Paris) / [1681] The decrees of the Parlement of Paris upon a copy of the Pope's brief of the first of January, 1681 and upon the orders sent by the general of the Jesuites to the provincials of Tholouse and Paris : pass'd on the 18th and 20th of June, 1681, in reference to the present contest between the Pope and the King of France about the regale.
France. Parlement (Paris) / [1615] A decree of the Court of Parliament at Paris, the second day of Ianuarie, 1615 Touching the Soueraigntie of the King in temporall matters, and against the pernicions [sic] doctrine of attempting against the sacred persons of Kings. Translated out of the French coppie, printed at Paris by F. Morell, and P. Mettayer, printers to the King.
France. Parlement (Paris) / [1652] An arrest of the court of Parliament, the princes and all the chambers being assembled, August 22. 1652.: To give thanks to the King for the removall of the Cardinal Mazarin, and to beseech his Majesty to return to his good city of Paris and to give peace to his people. With the declaration of the princes.
France. Parlement (Paris) / [Anno M. DC. LIII. 1652] Arrest de la cour de Parlement. Les Princes, et toutes les chambres assemblees, le 22 Aoust 1652.: Pour remercier le Roy de Lèsloignement de Cardinal Marzarin, & supplier sa Majesté retourner dans sa bonne ville de Paris; & de rendre le calme à son estat. Avec la declaration de Messieurs les Princes.
France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III) / [1589] Directions from the king, to the gouernors of the prouinces, concerning the death of the Duke of Guyse. Togither with the kings letter to the Lord of Taian. Translated out of French into English by E.A.
France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) / [1590] The letters pattents of the Kings declaration for the referring of the generall assemblie of the princes, cardinals, dukes and peeres as well ecclesiasticall as temporall, the officers of the crowne, the lords, gentlemen, officers and others, vnto the 15. day of March next comming. Also to reclaime his subiects and rebellious townes to his obedience. Published in the Parliament of Caen the 22. of of [sic] December. 1589. Faithfullie translated out of the French copie printed at Caen.
France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) / [1599] The Kings edict and declaration vpon the former edicts of pacification Published in Paris at the parliament held the xxv. of Februarie. 1599. At Paris, by the printers and stationers ordinary to the King. 1599. Cum priuilegio dictæ Maiestatis.
France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) / [1604] The French Kings proclamation, containing the agreement with the King of Spaine: for the taking away of the new inposition of thirtie in the hundreth. Published in Nouember last. Translated out of French.
France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) / [1609] An edict or statute lately set foorth by the French King, concerning the prohibition and punishment of single and priuate combats. Published there in the Parlament, Iune 27. 1609. And first printed at Poictiers by Iohn of Marness the Kings printer, 1609. with his Maiesties priuilege or licence. Newly translated out of French.
France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) / [1612] Articles made and published by the king of France, touching the re-establishment and re-appeale of the Iesuits to their liberties in France with a sentence or decree made and published against them, by the court of Parliament in Paris, the 23. day of December last past, 1611.
France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) / [1593] Articles accorded for the truce generall in France. Faythfully translated out of the French coppy; printed by Fredericke Morel: ordinarye printer to the King
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [MDCXXI. 1621] Letters patents made by the French King, declaring his intent touching those of the reformed religion. Published in Roane in the Court of Parliament the seuenth day of Iune, an. 1621. With two letters of the Assembly at Rochell vnto the Duke de Lesdiguieres.
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [1626] The French Kings edict vpon the peace which it pleased his Majestie to grant vnto all those of the reformed religion within his seuerall dominions, including likewise those of Rochell. Published, and registred in the Parliament the of Aprill. 1626.
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [1617] The French kings declaration made in favour of the princes, dukes, peeres, officers of the crown, lords, gentlemen, and others, who had withdrawne themselues from his Majesty. Publisahed in Parliament the twelfth of May, 1617. Translated out of the French copie.
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [1613] The French kinges declaration and confirmation of the Proclamation of Nantes by His M[ajes]tie granted to those of the pretended reformed religion / faythfully translated out of the coppie printed at Paris by Francis du Carroy and Thomas Menard 1613, by J.B.
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [1620] A declaration, made and published by the King of France, vvhereby the princes, dukes, and barons therein named, are all proclaymed traytors, if within one moneth after the publication thereof, they doe not ceasse from armes, and personally present themselues vnto his Maiestie. Published the 6. of August 1620. Stylo nouo. Faithfully translated according to the French copie.
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [1619] Articles concluded and agreed vpon by the Lords, the Cardinalls, de la Roche-Foucaud, and de Bethune, in the name of the King of France, to the Queene Mother. Together with certaine letters interchangeably sent betweene the said king and the Queene-Mother. Translated out of the French copie.
France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII) / [1622] The 4. of November. The peace of France. Or The edict, with the articles of peace, granted by the French king vnto his subiects of the reformed religion. For the establishing of a firme and generall peace throughout the whole kingdome of France. Given at his campe before Mompellier the nineteenth day of October. 1622. Faithfully translated out of the French copie.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1696] Preliminary articles (or propositions for a general peace) between His Most Christian Majesty and the several allies
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1673] An ordonnance of the Most Christian King, forbidding his subjects to have any commerce with the Spaniards and commanding them to commit hostilities upon them. Of the nineteenth of October, 1673. Done out of French, according to the copy printed at Paris.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1652] A letter sent from the court of his Royal Maiesty the King of France in the behalf and defence of the King of Scots: with his declaration and protestation thereupon, in the presence of God, angels, and men. Also, the articles of peace and unity agreed upon between the Kings most excellent Majesty, and their Royal Highnesses, the Duke of Orleans, and the Prince of Conde. / Subscribed, Lovis Rex. With the new rising of the Scots, their declaring against the Parliament, and the burning of 100 houses in Glascow.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1681] The King of France his nevv order to his subjects professing the Protestant religion at Charenton forbidding them to use several exprressions, contained in their publick prayers, and confession of faith : and commanding them to redress divers other pretended grievances.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1689] The French Kings declaration of war against the Spaniard.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1699] The French King's new declaration published at Paris, the 26th of this instant September, 1699.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1696] The French King's new declaration (being his publick manifesto in vindication of himself and the late King James from being any ways aiding, assisting or privy to the late intended assassination of King William.) / Translated from the original at Paris.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1682] The French king's edict upon the declaration made by the clergy of France, of their opinion concerning the ecclesiastical power: wherein is set forth, that the King is independent in things temporal, that general councils are above the Pope, that the Popes power is to be limited by the antient canons, that the Popes decisions are not infallible without the consent of the Church. Together with the said declaration of the clergy as they were registered in the Parliament of Paris, the 23 of March 1682.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [MDCXCVIII. 1698] The French King's declaration, enjoining the execution of his edict in Octob. 1685. for the revocation of the Edict of Nants, &c.: Given at Versailles the 13th of Dec. 1698. and registred in Parliament. Faithfully translated from the original printed at Paris, 1698.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1689] The French King's declaration to prevent the assemblies of the nevv converts, in the provinces of his kingdom.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [1688] The French King's declaration of war against the Hollanders.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) / [printed in the year, 1649] A declaration of the most Christian King, Louis the XIIIth. [sic] King of France and Navarre. Declaring the reasons wherefore His Majesty hath prohibited all trade with England: Also that he hath given commission to raise an army for the assistance of the King of England.
France. Sovereign (1643-1715: Louis XIV) / [1693] French kings manifesto, or proposals of peace with the Emperor and allies. Propounded on the behalf of France. Translated from the Dutch original, published at the Hague, by the authority of the states of Holland and West-Friesland. Licensed according to order.
Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622. / [1630] A treatise of the loue of God. Written in french by B. Francis de Sales Bishope and Prince of Geneua, translated into English by Miles Car priest of the English Colledge of Doway
Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622. / [1642] A looking-glasse for princes, or, King Francis his admonition to his sonne Henry the Second king of the House of Valois in France also the bloudy end of King Henry and all his posterity for neglecting his fathers will, in not doing justice upon all those that had their hand in massacreing the Protestants in Merindol.
Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622. / [1613] An introduction to a deuoute life composed in Frenche by the R. Father in God Francis Sales, Bishop of Geneua. And translated into Englisg [sic], by I.Y.
Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622. / [1632] Delicious entertainments of the soule written by the holy and most reuerend Lord Francis de Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneua. Translated by a Dame of our Ladies of comfort of the order of S. Bennet in Cambray
Francis, Philip, of Plymouth, merchant. / [1644 i.e. 1645] The misdemeanors of a traytor, and treasurer, discovered in the answer of Philip Francis, merchant:: late major of the borough of Plimouth, in the county of Devon; to the false and scandalous aspersion, and accusation of Charles Vaughan, Gentleman.
Francis, William. / [1686] A discourse concerning the holy fast of Lent: together with the sentiment of Dr. John Cosens, late Bishop of Durrham, concerning the same holy fast.
Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. / [1660] The result of a dialogue concerning the middle-state of souls. Wherein is asserted, the ancient doctrine of their relief, obtainable by prayers, alms, &c. before the day of judgment. / By F.D. professor of divinity.
Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. / [1660] A further reflexion touching St. Austin's mind for the releasement of souls in purgatory
Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. / [1673] An explanation of the Roman Catholikes belief concerning these foure points, their church, worship, justification and civill government : as it was presented to some persons of quality, for their particular satisfaction.
Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. / [Anno Dom. 1656] An explanation of the Roman Catholicks belief: concerning their church, vvorship, iustification, and civil government and their other tenets: as it was presented to some persons of quality, for their particular satisfaction.
Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. / [1670] An explanation of the Roman Catholick's belief concerning the principal points controverted, charitably offered to all moderate persons.
Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. / [1660] An answer to some queries in Mr. Whites notes
Francke, Christian, b. 1549. / [1630] The doctrines and practises of the Societie of Iesuites In two bookes. The first, containing their grounds and intentions, discovered by two of their owne societie, the Reverend Paulus Florenius, Doctor and professor of Divinitie, and Christianus Francken, professor of philosophy, both in the Imperiall Schoole of Iesuites at Vienna. The second, containing a detection of the secret designes and bloody proiects of that societie of later yeares; especially, since their first designes for disturbing the sate [sic] of Germanie. And may serue as a warning for vs of this iland, and these times whereinto wee are fallen. By W.F. an vnworthy minister of the Gospell of Iesus Christ.
Franke, Walter, 17th cent. / [1655] The epitome of divinity, poetically compos'd by way of dialogue, for the more easie, and pleasant learning and retaining of it in memory, or, A summary abstract of divine knowledge ... by Walter Franke ...
Frankland, Richard, 1630-1698. / [1697] Reflections on a letter writ by a nameless author to the reverend clergy of both universities and on his bold reflections on the trinity &c. / by Richard Frankland.
Freake, William. / [1639] The priuiledges of the vpright in heart Expressed in brief meditations upon the 84 Psalme: and more particularly vpon the 11 verse thereof. Studied for the vse of the right worshipfull Company of Drapers London By W.F.
Freake, William / [1637] Love and obedience or, Christs precept and promise. Being a sermon preached on Whitsunday last, 28 of May, 1637. in Guild-hall chappell, before the right honorable the Lord Major of this city of London.
Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, 1584-1647. / [1629] Articles agreed upon and granted by his Excelencie, and the deputies of the high and mighty Lords, the States Generall of the Vnited Prouinces: vnto the clergie, magistrates, burgers, and inhabitants of the towne of Boisleduke, or the Busse.
Frederick III, King of Denmark and Norway, 1609-1670. / [1659] A declaration of the King of Denmark, to the Emperour, the King and state of Poland, and his Highness the Elector of Brandenburgh: in relation to the treaty agreed and concluded at the Haghe [sic] in Holland, the 21 of May, 1659. Shewing the trecherousness of the Hollander in that treaty.
Fredericke, abbot of Marolles. / [1580] Newes from Antvverp, the .10. day of August. 1580 Contayning, a speciall view of the present affayres of the lowe countreyes: revuealed and brought to lyght, by sundrie late intercepted letters, of certaine vizarded and counterfeyt countrey men of the same countreyes. Translated into English, partly out of French, and partly out of Lattin: according to the originall copie, printed at Antwerp, by William Riuiere, a sworne printer, and bookseller.
Freeman, Francis. / [1646] VIII. problems propounded to the Cavaliers: for conviction of their consciences; with a discovery of certain plots and conspiracies. Declared by Captain Francis Freeman. With an answer thereunto returned by Colonell Francis Windham. And a reply to the said answer. These are printed by the originall papers, and published according to order of Parliament.
Freeman, Francis. / [Printed in the year 1650] Light vanquishing darknesse. Or a vindication of some truths formerly declared, from those aspersions which have been (by reason of some misapprehensions) cast upon them; now published for the satisfaction and benefit of others. With a preambular epistle to all sorts of men. As also a parcell of good counsell, if you can take it. / By Captain Francis Freeman, a late member of the army.
Freeman, Ireneus. / [1661] Logikē latreia the reasonablenesse of divine service : or non-conformity to common-prayer, proved not conformable to common reason : in answer to the contrary pretensions of H. D. in a late discourse concerning the interest of words in prayer and liturgies / by Ireneus Freeman ...
Freeman, John, fl. 1611. / [1606] The comforter: or A comfortable treatise wherein are contained many reaso[n]s taken out of the word, to assure the forgiunes of sinnes to the conscience that is troubled with the feeling thereof. Together with the temptations of Sathan to the contrarie, taken from experience: written by Iohn Freeman sometime minister of the word, in Lewes in Sussex.
Freher, Philip. / [1646] A treatise touching the peace of the church, or An apostolical rule how to judge aright in differences which concern religion. : Published by authority.
Freize, James. / [Printed, anno 1646] Every mans right: or, Englands perspective-glasse.: Wherein may be seen, every mans case, face, birthright, and just liberty. Whereunto is added; the copie of a letter written by a prisoner in the Fleet, unto a worthy member of the House of Commons; expressing the necessitie of justice, and the illegality of imprisonment of men for debt. Composed (primarily) for the meridian of London and VVestminster, and may prove very profitable, to inlighten the eyes of all the commons of England, in this year of our long-expected reformation, and suppressions of injustice, tyranny, and oppression, anno 1646.
Freize, James. / [1645] A declaration and appeale to all the freeborne people of this kingdome in generall: and to all the truly noble, pyous and well affected patriots and people of God, within the cities of London and Westminster in particular, humbly craving their assistance and furtherance of this just request unto the high court of Parliament. Made from all the brethren the poore afflicted and oppressed prisoners (imprisoned for debt) within the severall Gaoles. (Being the soule destroying houses, and dens of cruelty, injustice, tyrannie and oppression) within this kingdome of England.
Freke, William, 1662-1744. / [1693] A full enquiry into the power of faith, the nature of prophecy, the translation of Enoch and Elias, and the resurrection of Christ
Freke, William, 1662-1744. / [1693] A dialogue by way of question and answer concerning the deity all the responses being taken verbatim out of the Scriptures.
French Catholick. / [1681] The monsieur: or, A letter from a French Catholick at London to his friend at Paris, concerning the present state of the English nation.
French, Nicholas, 1604-1678. / [1676] The vnkinde desertor of loyall men and true frinds [sic]
French, Nicholas, 1604-1678. / [1674] The dolefull fall of Andrew Sall, a Jesuit of the fourth vow, from the Roman Catholick apostolick faith lamented by his constant frind, with an open rebuking of his imbracing the confession, contained in the XXXIX Articles of the Church of England.
Frewen, Henry. / [1654] An admirable speech made by the Maior of Reading, upon the occasion of the late choice of a burgess for that town, June 28. 1654. With a true and impartial narrative of the whole proceedings thereupon. Wherein is discovered the designe of the said Maior, with the aldermen and priests of the said town, to deprive the inhabitants of their vote of chusing. Published by a well-wisher to the present government in the making good of former ingagements to defend the free born people of England in their laws and liberties.
Frewen, John, 1558-1628. / [1587] Certaine fruitfull instructions and necessary doctrines meete to edify in the feare of God faithfully gathered together by Iohn Frewen ... ; whereunto is added a table, wherein the reader may easily find out the principall matters conteined in this booke.
Frémont d'Ablancourt, Nicolas, 1625?-1693. / [1685] The doctors physician, or, Dialogues concerning health translated out of the original French.
Friedrich Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg, 1620-1688. / [1659] A letter written by the Prince Elector of Brandenbourgh unto the King of France, declaring the reasons inducing his Electoral Highnes to take up arms against the King of Sweden. Translated out of the Latine coppies.
Friend and lover of all men. / [1693] A new years-gift, or A token of love: to all persons of what perswasion soever. By a Friend, and lover of all men.
Friend and servant to both. / [1642] A short discourse, tending to the pacification of all unhappy differences, between His Majesty and His Parliament shewing the meanes whereby the same may speedily be done, and that it rests in His Maiesties sole power to effect it : presented to the consideration of all those that love the truth and peace / by a Friend and servant to both.
Friend and wel-wisher to this common-wealth. / [1659] A model of a democraticall government, humbly tendered to consideration,: by a friend and wel-wisher to this Common-wealth.
Friend at Oxford. / [Printed, 1643] A letter to a noble lord at London from a friend at Oxford: vpon occasion of the late covenant taken by both houses.
Friend in the Army. / [Sept. 14, 1643] A true relation of the severall passages which have happened to our army since it advanced towards Glocester with the manner of the reliefe of the same related in a letter / from a Friend in the Army to an honourable person here in the city ; likewise an abstract of severall remarkable passages which happened at Glocester between the towne and the enemy in the time of the siege collected by an eye witnesse.
Friend to both true churches and preachers. / [1649] Church-Levellers, or, Vanity of vanities and certainty of delusion:: discovered in the pamphlet, called The vanity of the present churches, and uncertainty of their preaching. / By a friend to both true churches and preachers.
Friend to the Commonwealth of England. / [1650] The English banner of truth displayed: or, The state of this present engagement against Scotland.: Wherein is soberly discuss'd the lawfulness and necessity of the engagement. The high aggravations of it, as to the Scots. The groundlesness of those of the Presbyteries coniunction with the Scots and malignants, either from religion, their former state-principles, or the demeanour of those those [sic] in authority towards them. Also, a brief series of transactions, whereby it appears that those of the Presbytery have continually endeavoured the disturbing of the peace of the nation, ... and are the ground of this third war now with the Scots and malignants. Together with some occasional assertions; that the laying aside of some members of Parliament, the proceedings against the late King, the changings of the government, is sutable unto the end of all our engagements ... / By a friend to the Commonwealth of England.
Friend to the publique. / [MDCLII. 1652 i.e. 1651] A cry for a right improvement of all our mercies, and all those vvorks of wonder that God hath wrought among us: VVith some cautions touching the election of the (expected) new representative.: Humbly presented by a friend to the publique.
Friend to the truth and ministry. / [in the yeere 1649] The account audited, or the date of the resurrection of the witnesses, pretended to be demonstrated by M. Cary a minister.: Examined by a Friend to the Truth and Ministry.
Friend, John, Sir, d. 1696. / [1696] The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Sir John Friend, knight for high treason in endeavouring to procure forces from France to invade this kingdom, and conspiring to levy war in this realm for assisting and abetting the said invasion, in order to the deposing of His Sacred Majesty King William, and restoring the late king : at the sessions-house in the Old-Bayly, on Monday March 23, 1695/6 ...
Frith, John, 1503-1533. / [1529] A pistle to the Christen reader The revelation of Antichrist. Antithesis, wherin are compared to geder Christes actes and oure holye father the Popes.
Frontinus, Sextus Julius. / [1686] The stratagems of war, or, A collection of the most celebrated practices and wise sayings of the great generals in former ages written by Sextus Julius Frontinus, one of the Roman consuls ; now English'd, and enlarged with a new collection of the most noted strategems and brave exploits of famous and modern generals ... by M.D.A.
Frost, John, 1626?-1656. / [MDCLVII 1657] Select sermons preached upon Sundry occasions by John Frost ... ; now newly published together with two positions for explication and confirmation of these questions, I. Tota Christi justitia credentibus imputatur, 2, Fides justificat sub ratione instrumenti.
Frotté, Pierre. / [MDCXCI. 1691] Some particular motives of the conversion of Peter Frotte, heretofore canon-regular of the Royal Abby of St. Genevieve at Paris. Prior of the priory and parish of Souilly in the Diocess of Meaux. In a letter directed to Mr. James Benign Bousset, bishop of Meaux; formerly tutor of Monseigneur Le Dauphin. Englished by the author. And dedicated to the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Stampe, Lord Mayor of the City of London. And the Honourable Court of Aldermen.
Froud, John. / [1700] Daphnis: or, a pastoral elegy upon the unfortunate and much-lamented death of Mr. Thomas Creech.
Froysell, Thomas, d. ca. 1672. / [1658] Yadidyah or, The beloved disciple A sermon preached at the funerall of the Honourable Sir Robert Harley, Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath; at Brampton-Brian in Hereford-shire. December 10. 1656. By Thomas Froysell, minister of the Gospell at Clun in Shropshire.
Froysell, Thomas, d. ca. 1672. / [1678] Sermons concerning grace and temptations by ... Thomas Froysel.
Froysell, Thomas, d. ca. 1672. / [1652] The gale of opportunity. Or, A sermon preached (at Lidbury-North) at the funerall of the worshipfull Humphrey Walcot, of Walcot, Esq. June 8, 1650 and now published, by Thomas Froysell, Minister of the Gospell at Clunne in Shropshire.
Fry, John, 1609-1657. / [Febr. 1648] The accuser sham'd: or, A pair of bellows to blow off that dust cast upon John Fry, a Member of Parliament, by Col: John Downs, likewise a Member of Parliament, who by the confederacy and instigation of some, charged the said John Fry of blasphemy & error to the Honorable House of Commons. Whereunto is annexed, a word to the priests, lawyers, Royalists, self-seekers, and rigid-Presbyterians. Also a brief ventilation of that chaffie and absurd opinion, of three persons or subsistences in the Godhead. / By the accused John Fry.