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Flaminio, Marco Antonio, 1498-1550. / [1674] The scholars vade mecvm, or, The serious student's solid and silent tutor being a translation of Marcus Antonius Flaminius out of Latin into English : with som few alterations therein by vaie of essay, as also certain idiomatologic annotations on the said author / by John Norton.
Flamsteed, John, 1646-1719. / [1683] A correct tide table, shewing the true time of the high-waters at London-Bridg, to every day in the year, 1684 by J.F. M.R.
Flatman, Thomas, 1637-1688. / [1686] Poems and songs by Thomas Flatman.
Flatman, Thomas, 1637-1688. / [1680] On the death of the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Ossory.
Flavel, John, 1630?-1691. / [1681] Preparation for sufferings. Or The best work in the worst times Wherein the necessity, excellency, and means of our readiness for sufferings are evinced and prescribed; our call to suffering cleared, and the great unreadiness of many profesours bewailed. By John Flavel minister of Christ in Devon.
Fleetwood, Charles, d. 1692. / [Anno Dom. 1652] By the Commander in Chief of the Parliaments forces in Ireland Whereas, the Lord in mercie hath been pleased, to bless the endevours of his poor unworthy instruments in this army, in bringing the work of war in this nation to so hopeful a period.
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [1691] A sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at St. Margaret Westminster, on Thursday, the 5th of November, 1691 by William Fleetwood ...
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [1693] A sermon preached at Guild-Hall chapel, December the xi, 1692 before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen / by W. Fleetwood ...
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [1691] A sermon preached at Christ-Church, before the governors of that hospital, on St. Stephen's day by William Fleetwood ...
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [1700?] A sermon preach'd August the 4th 1700. On Psalm cxlvi. vers. 3, 4, 5 ... / by W. Fleetwood ...
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [1698-9] A sermon preach'd at St. Paul's Cathedral January 30, 1698-9 before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen by W. Fleetwood.
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [1688] The life and death of the B. Virgin giving an account of the miracles ascrib'd to her by Romish writers : with the grounds of worship paid to her / by a lay hand.
Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. / [M D CC. 1700] A funeral sermon on his late Royal Highness, William, Duke of Glocester preach'd Aug. the 4th. 1700. By W. Fleetwood, chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty.
Fleetwood, William, Colonel. / [1648] An unhappy vievv of the vvhole behaviour of my Lord Duke of Buckingham,: at the French island, called the isle of Rhee / discovered by Colonell William Fleetwood, an unfortunate commander in that untoward service.
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [1678] The truth and certainty of the Protestant faith with a short and plain account of the doctrine of the Romish Church in its visible opposition to Scripture and the very being of Christianity : to which is adjoined some serious considerations anent popery & the state of that controversy.
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [Printed in the year 1692] The true settlement of a Christians faith,bafter shaking assaults, by its own evidence; and by the internal sealing work of the spirit; pointed at, in some special inquiries thereon in a letter to a friend. With some serious reflections on the present times we are in, and those great vicissitudes of providence, wihch have been in the publick state of Britain in this last age, in a II. letter. By a minister of the Ghospel [sic].
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [1677] A survey of Quakerism, as it is stated in the professed doctrine and principles of that party with a serious reflection on the dreadful import thereof, to subvert the very being and reality of the Christian religion / by a lover of the truth.
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] The confirming worke of religion ..., or, The true and infallible way for attaining a confirmed state in religion ... with a short and confirming prospect of the work of the Lord about his church in these last times / by R. Fleming ...
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [1669] The fulfilling of the Scripture, or, An essay shewing the exact accomplishment of the Word of God in his works of providence, performed and to be performed for confirming the beleevers and convincing the atheists of the present time : containing in the end a few rare histories of the works and servants of God in the Church of Scotland.
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [1693] The confirming work of religion, or, its great things made plain, by their primary evidences and demonstrations whereby the meanest in the church may soon be made to render a solid and rational account of their faith / written by R. Fleming ... ; now published by Daniel Burgess.
Fletcher, John, 1579-1625. / [1648] The tragedy of Thierry, King of France, and his brother Theodoret as it was diverse times acted at the Blacke-Friers by the Kings Maiesties servants / written by John Fletcher, gent.
Fletcher, John, 1579-1625. / [1661] The night-walker, or, The little thief a comedy as it was presented by Her Majesties servants at the private house in Drury-Lane / written by John Fletcher, Gent.
Fletcher, John, 1579-1625. / [1639] Monsieur Thomas A comedy. Acted at the Private House in Blacke Fryers. The author, Iohn Fletcher, Gent.
Fletcher, John, 1579-1625. / [1700?] The loyal subject, or, The faithful general a play acted at the Theatre-Royal by Her Majesties servants / the authors, Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Fletcher ; with a preface.
Fletcher, R. (Richard), fl. 1676-1677. / [1674. ] Good tydings to the sick and lame: or, The sick-man's library. Teaching both high and low, rich and poor, next under God, how to prescribe to, or procure ease for the pained, strength for the weak, health for the sick, and cure for sores. Being a true and candid relation of the vertue and uses of four excellent medicines, viz. Arcanum vegetabilium, Pilulæ vegetantes, Balsamum vitæ, Unguentum refrigerans, whereunto is added, a few of the many testimonies and cures performed by the same ... published for the good of all who labour under pain and misery. / By Rich. Fletcher Nath. Merry Professors of chymical pysick in London.
Fletcher, R. (Richard), fl. 1676-1677. / [1680?] England's solar pill agains the scurvey. This noble solar pill, cures that inveterate disease the scurvey, with all its symptoms, which are pains in the head, inflamations of the brain, frensies, madness, megrim, convulsions, falling sickness, tremblings and weakness of the limbs, rheumatick and gouty swellings in the joynts, ...
Fleury, Claude, 1640-1723. / [1698] An historical account of the manners and behaviour of the Christians and the practices of Christianity throughout the several ages of the church written originally in French by Msr. Cl. Fleury ...
Fleury, Pierre, fl. 1697. / [1697] Discours ou il est traite' de dieu, considere' comme createur tout puissant, qui existe de toute eternite.́ Secondement du monde qu'il a cree.́ Troisieḿement de la circonstance du commencement auquel il est dit, que dieu a mis la main à l'ouvrage de la creation. Quatrîeḿement, des motifs par lesquels la consideration des cieux & de la terre que dieu a creés, doit porter les chrêtiens à s'acquiter des grands devoirs de la religion. Par raport à ces paroles de mois̈e, qui se trouvent au premier verset de son livre intitul'e la genese. Dieu crea au commencement les cieux & la terrre [sic], &c. Par Pierre Fleury, cy-devant ministre à Saint Aignan, dans la Province du Maine en France.
Florus, Lucius Annaeus. / [1680] The imperfection of most governments taken out of the Epitomy of the Roman history written by Lucius Annæus Florus : where it plainly appears that the liberty of the most flourishing common-wealth of the Romans destroyed all property, and its own government turned to levelling, discord, and confusion, till it brought in the government it most hated : with a reason or two added, why all great and free commonwealths will be subject to the same / written by Roger Trusty.
Flower, Christopher, 1621 or 2-1699. / [1675] The penitent prisoner his character, carriage upon his commitment, letany, proper prayers, serious meditations, sighs, occasional ejaculations, devotion going to execution, and at the place of execution. By a friend to the souls in prison.
Flower, John, b. 1623 or 4. / [1658] Severall queries concerning the church of Jesus Christ upon earth, briefly explained and resolved wherein is shewed and proved, 1. That there is a church of Jesus Christ upon earth. 2. What this church is? 3. How a people become a visible church? 4. That the churches in England were at first rightly constituted? 5. What manner of government Jesus Christ hath ordained in and for his church? 6. What manner of persons those ought to be, that may be continued in, or admitted into the church? 7. What is the duty of church members towards Jesus Christ their head, and one another. / By John Flowre M.A. preacher at Staunton in the county of Nottingham.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [anno M.DC.XXIII. 1623] A vvord of comfort. Or A discourse concerning the late lamentable accident of the fall of a roome, at a Catholike sermon, in the Black-friars at London, wherwith about fourscore persons were oppressed. Written for the comfort of Catholiks, and information of Protestants, by I.R. p
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [M. DC. XVII.1617] A suruey of the apostasy of Marcus Antonius de Dominis, sometyme Arch-bishop of Spalato. / Drawne out his owne booke, and written in Latin, by Fidelis Annosus, Verementanus Druinus, deuine: and translated into English by A. M.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [Anno M. DC. XXXIX 1639] A secure and prudent choice of beliefe. Written by a student in diuinity
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [Permissu superiorum, M. DC. XIII. 1613] Purgatories triumph ouer hell maugre the barking of Cerberus in Syr Edvvard Hobyes Counter-snarle. Described in a letter to the sayd knight, from I.R. authour of the answere vnto the Protestants pulpit babels.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [VVith permission. Anno 1624] A plea for the reall-presence. Wherein the preface of Syr Humfrey Linde, concerning the booke of Bertram, is examined and censured. Written by I.O. vnto a gentleman his friend.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [anno M.DC.XII. 1612] The ouerthrovv of the Protestants pulpit-Babels conuincing their preachers of lying & rayling, to make the Church of Rome seeme mysticall Babell. Particularly confuting VV. Crashawes Sermon at the Crosse, printed as the patterne to iustify the rest. VVith a preface to the gentlemen of the Innes of Court, shewing what vse may be made of this treatise. Togeather with a discouery of M. Crashawes spirit: and an answere to his Iesuites ghospell. By I.R. student in diuinity.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [1631] A paire of spectacles for Sir Humfrey Linde to see his way withall. Or An answeare to his booke called, Via tuta, a safe way wherein the booke is shewed to be a labyrinthe of error and the author a blind guide. By I.R.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [Anno M.DC.XXXIIII. 1634] A letter of Sr. Humfrey Linde, to a lady of great worth, much afflicted for Syr Humfreys sake, hearing him ill spoke of, for not answering the Whetstone, and the Spectacles, that were written against his Via tuta. And also for that he is greatly taxed for lying and corrupting of many authours. In which letter he doth cleare himselfe.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [1638] The Church conquerant ouer humane wit. Or The Churches authority demonstrated by M. VVilliam Chillingvvorth (the proctour for vvit against her) his perpetual contradictions, in his booke entituled, The religion of Protestants a safe vvay to saluation.
Floyer, John, Sir, 1649-1734. / [1687-1690] [Pharmako-basanos]: or, The touch-stone of medicines. Discovering the vertues of [brace] vegetables, minerals, & animals, by their tastes & smells. : In two volumes. / By Sir John Floyer ...