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Evance, Daniel. / [1646] The noble order, or The honour which God conferr's on them that honour His. Humbly presented to the Lords of Parliament, in a sermon preached before their Honours at the Abby Church at Westminster, January 28. 1645. The solemne day of their publick humiliation. / By Daniel Evance Master of Arts Sid. Suff. Coll. Camb. lesse than the least of them all that serve in the gospell. Clement Danes London.
Evance, Daniel. / [1646] Justa honoraria: or, Funeral rites in honor to the great memorial of my deceased master, the Right Honorable, Robert Earl of Essex and Ewe, Viscount Hereford, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourchier and Lovain, &c. Humbly presented to all them that are real mourners at his funeral, by Daniel Evance Master of Arts: Sed. Suff. Coll. Cam. and servant-chaplin to his honor.
Evance, Daniel. / [1655] A baptismal catechisme shewing unto what persons, whether of riper years or as yet infants, the sacrament of baptisme ought to be administred according to the Scripture by that Reverend Minister Mr. Daniel Evance ...
Evanke, George. / [1663] A farewell sermon preached at Great Ayton in the county of Yorkshire by George Evanke ...
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1652?] A winding-sheet for the Presbyterian, or, A mite touching the ordination of ministers by Arise Evans.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1655] The voice of the iron rod, to his Highness the Lord Protector:: being a seasonable admonition presented to him, and to all judicious men: by Arise Evans.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1660] To the most high and mighty prince, Charles the II. By the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. An epistle written and humbly presented for His Majesties use, and enlightning of the nation. / By Arise Evans.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [Printed 1653. or as the vulgar think it, 1654] The voice of Michael the archangel, to his Highness the Lord Protector: for the salvation of himself and the three nations. / Presented by Arise Evans.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [Printed in the yeer, 1655] Mr. Evans and Mr. Penningtons prophesie: concerning seven yeers of plenty, and seven yeers of famine and pestilence. Fore-shewing, what strange events and effects will fall in this present yeer, 1655, now the seven years of plenty are past, and the seven yeers of famine and pestilence are now at hand. Declared in vision of visions out of the prophet David. Together with the coming of the Fifth monarchy. Also, a great conflict with that great and terrible dragon Satan. With divers other notable visions and revelations necessary to be published.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [Printed in the year, 1654] King Charls his starre: or, Astrologie defined, and defended by Scripture, &c. With the signification of the comet seen Decemb. 1652. As it hath relation to His Majesty, Charles King of Scotland. / By [Theta]4[1000]IS A'[10]2.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1654] The great & bloody visions, interpreted by Arise Evans fore-telling the strange and wonderful things that will befall the Common wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, the establishing of a glorious government under His Highness the Lord Protector, and the setling of peace and happiness in all these dominions : likewise, the restoring of the churches from defiling and robbing, and the preserving of all sacred rites and ordinances belonging to those glorious sanctuaries and Christian temples : together with the signification of the coming in of the white doves : the appearing of Charles's Wain, the dissolution of tyranny, the restoring all men to their just rights, and pristine liberties, and the vanishing away of all oppressors, traytors and tyrants.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [in the year 1653. But according to the mis-apprehension of the vulgar, 1654] The Euroclydon vvinde commanded to cease: or, A quenching of the fiery darts by Scripture-arguments, declarations, and visions. Being a moderate vindication of his Highness the Lord Protector, from the popular aspersions first accasioned [sic] against him by the malice of the Presbyterians, and now blown up by all parties. Also, something in behalfe of the desolate Church, and King Charles, which declares hopes of union between him and his Highness the Lord Protector, with an apology of the author concerning the year 1653. and many other things discovered. / By Arise Evans.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1654] The declaration of Arise Evans, from his study in the Black-Fryars, concerning His Highness the Lord Protector and the government of the three nations of England, Scotland, and Ireland with his prophetick proposals, touching Mr. Feak and Mr. Simpson, and the rest of the discontented and independent party : fore-telling the great change that will happen in this present year, 1654 and the wonderful things that will befal the Anabaptists : likewise, the bloody prophecie, concerning the lilly, the lyon, the son of Charles, the land of the moon, and the eastern eagle : with his interpretation upon each particular : directed to the people of England.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1652] An eccho to the voice from heaven, or, A narration of the life, and manner of the special calling, and visions of Arise Evans by him published, in discharge of his duty to God, and for the satisfaction of all those that doubt.
Evans, John, 17th cent. / [1682] Moderation stated in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the City of London, at Guild-hall chappel, Octob. 22, 1682 by John Evans ...
Evans, John, minister of Gods word. / [1634] The vniversall medicine: or The vertues of the antimoniall cup. Collected out of the experiments, and observations of the most famous, learned, and best approved philosophers, and physicians, that have written of that subject. By Iohn Evans minister, and preacher of Gods Word.
Evans, John, quack. / [after 1679] John Evans, his hummums is in Brownlow-Street in Drury-Lane, where persons may sweat to what degree they please, there being degrees of heat, and several appartments, fit and commodious for private sweating, bathing, and fine cupping ...
Evans, Katharine, d. 1692. / [1663] A true account of the great tryals and cruel sufferings undergone by those two faithful servants of God, Katherine Evans and Sarah Cheevers in the time of their above three years and a halfs confinement in the island Malta. Also, how God at last by his almighty power effected their deliverance, and brought them back into the land of their nativity. To which is added, a short relation from George Robinson, of the sufferings that befel him in his journey to Jerusalem; and how God saved him from the hands of cruelty when the sentence of death was passed against him.
Evans, Lewis, fl. 1574. / [Anno. M.D. LXIX. 1569] A shorte treatyse of the mysterie of the Euchariste: set furth, by Lewys Euans
Evans, Thomas, d. 1633. / [1615] Oedipus three cantoes. VVherein is contained: 1 His vnfortunate infancy. 2 His execrable actions. 3 His lamentable end. By T.E. Bach: Art. Cantab.
Evans, William, b. 1598 or 9. / [1633] A translation of the booke of nature, into the vse of grace Performed and principally intended for the benefit of those who plead ignorance, or they are not book-learned, or that they want teachers and so thinke to excuse themselues in their sinnes. By William Evans, Mr of Arts of St Mary Hall in Oxford.
Evelyn, John, 1620-1706. / [1652] The state of France, as it stood in the IXth yeer of this present monarch, Lewis XIIII. Written to a friend by J.E.
Evelyn, John, 1620-1706. / [Anno Dom. MDCLIX. 1659] An apology for the royal party:: written in a letter to a person of the late Councel of State. / By a lover of peace and of his country. With a touch at the pretended plea for the army.
Evelyn, John, 1620-1706. / [1699] Acetaria a discourse of sallets / by J. E. ...
Everett, George, Shipwright. / [1700] A word in season. Most humbly offered to the consideration of the honorable House of Commons. Being a prospect of publick grievances, with some particulars relating to the imbezling of prizes and prize goods; together with the proceedings of the Commissioners for Prizes.
Everett, George, Shipwright. / [1682] A letter to Mr. Miles Prance, in relation to the murther of Sir Edmond-bury Godfrey,
Everinden, Humphrey. / [1696] The reward of the wicked, preached in a sermon at Linfield in Sussex, and published at the request of some well disposed Christians. / By Humphrey Everenden.
Everinden, Humphrey. / [1625] The reward of the wicked preached in a sermon at Linfield in Sussex, and publi[she]d at the request of some welld[is]sed [sic] Christians / by Humphrey Everenden.
Everinden, Humphrey. / [1626] The recompence of the righteous Being a iewell fit to be placed in euery Christians heart. Preached in a sermon at Linfield in Sussex, and published at the request of some well disposed Christians. By Humphrey Euerenden.
Everinden, Humphrey. / [1623] A brothers gift containing an hundred precepts, instructing all sorts of people to a godly, honest, and morall life.
Evertson, Cornelius. / [Printed in the year 1690] A relation of the sea fight between the united fleets of the English and Dutch, against the French, as it was sent to the States General, by Admiral Evertsen, and published by their authority at the Hague in the monthly accounts of July last.
Eves, George, 1613 or 14-1667. / [1661] The churches patience and faith in afflictions. Delivered in a sermon at the funerall of the right worshipfull, and vertuous Cecilia Lady Peyton, October, 30. In the parish church of Southfleet in Kent. By George Eves, rector of Hartley, neare adjoyning thereunto.