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Emes, Thomas, d. 1707. / [1698] The atheist turn'd deist and the deist turn'd Christian, or, The reasonableness and union of natural and the true Christian religion by Tho. Emes.
Eminent cavalier. / [Sept. 10, 1642] A Private letter from an Eminent Cavalier to his highly honoured friend in London ; freely relating the present state of His Majesties forces.
Eminent commander in Sir Thomas Fairfax army. / [1645] The copy of a letter from an eminent commander in Sir Thomas Fairfax army, to severall worthy members of the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament. Dated at Marston, within a mile and a little more of Oxford, May 24. 1645. Wherein is fully related the return of Lieutenant Gen. Crumwell, and Major Gen. Brown, and their joyning with Sir Thomas Fairfax at Marston aforesaid. The Lord Gorings returne into Gloucestershire, the Kings forces advance into Darbyshire, Secretary Nicholas his letters intercepted, the taking of Philpot the Kings Harrold at Armes, and sundry other doctors. The taking of Wolvercote house, which the enemy set on fire, but was quenched by our forces, and therein the Deputy-governour, divers other prisoners, and all their armes and ammunition. Published by authority.
Eminent person in the northerne army. / [1648] A letter from an eminent person in the northerne army:: how Sunday night, March 5. 1647. a party of horse and foot came to the wals of Carlile, and having ladders, entred the castle, broke open the gaole, wounded the governour, let out the prisoners, and retreated into Scotland. With the proceedings of the Parliament in Scotland. Also a letter concerning the Lord Inchequin March 13. 1647. Imprimatur Gil. Mabbot.
Eminent person out of the Leaguer. / [Iune. 24. 1644] Nevves from the siege before Yorke.: Being a letter from an eminent person out of the Leaguer there; dated the 16. of June. 1644. Together with the articles for the rendring of it up, which were interchangably propounded and sent on both sides. Authorized according to order.
Emmerton, John. / [1680] The case of John Emmerton of the Middle-Temple, Gent.:
Emmot, George. / [1655] A northern blast, or the spiritual Quaker converted: being soul-saving advice to the giddy people of England, who are running headlong to destruction. Wherein is shewed the manner of their meetings, in the county of Yorkshire, and Durham, their quakings, skreekings [sic] and ridiculous actions; also their fond and false restings of the scriptures. With a full examination, conviction of their tenets. / By G. Emmot, of Durham gent. formerly a brother amongst them, but now (by the help of God) converted, and established in the truth.