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Egan, Anthony, B.D. / [1674] The Romanists designs detected, and the Jesuits subtill practices discovered and laid open collected from their own authors and other approved testimonies / by Anthony Egan, B.D.
Egerton, Stephen, 1555?-1621? / [1589] An ordinary lecture. Preached at the Blacke-Friers, by M. Egerton. And taken as it was vttered by characterie. Macte: officium, officii, fructus
Egerton, Stephen, 1555?-1621? / [1613] Indecorum: or A briefe treatise vpon one of Salomons Prouerbs. Chap 11.22 Wherein is shewed, how ill-beseeming all common gifts and worldly blessings are to all such, as are not furnished with some answerable measure, of spirituall and sauing grace.
Egerton, Stephen, 1555?-1621? / [1610] A briefe methode of catechizing Wherein are handled these foure points. 1 How miserable all men are by nature. 2 What remedie God hath appointed for their deliuerance. 3 How they must liue that are deliuered. 4 What helps they must vse to that end. The same points are also contracted, and a forme of examining communicants added.
Eglesfield, Francis. / [1660] The life and reigne of our sovereign lord, King Charles the II in a compendious chronicle relating both to His Majesties person and affairs : with the chief transactions of state in the three kingdomes from his birth to this present / by a lover of his prince and countrey.
Eglesfield, James, b. 1601 or 2. / [1646] The saints sacred laver. By Iames Eglesfield, master of arts, minister of Gods word at Knightsbridge. Preached at Padington, September the first, 1645
Eglesfield, James, b. 1601 or 2. / [1640] A heavenly hymne to the king of heaven. Presented in a sermon, by Iames Eglesfield, Mr. of Arts in Queenes Colledge ...
Eglises réformées de France. / [1623] The requests presented vnto the French King, by the generall deputies of the Reformed Churches of France. Together with his Maiesties answers therevnto.
Eglises réformées de France. / [1699] Forms of prayer used in the reformed churches in France before their persecution and destruction. With an account of their manner of batizing, celebrating the Holy Supper, marrying and burying; with some additional remarks. Translated into English, for the use of such of the French nation as do desire to learn English; and may be serviceable to those English who are willing to improve themselues in the French language; and for the information of all of the reformed religion, and others. Unto which is also annexed the names of several learned French ministers, to evidence the truth of this translation.
Eglises réformées de France. Assemblée générale (1620-1621 : La Rochelle) / [the 12. of Iuly. 1621] A letter vvritten by those of the assembly in Rochell: to Monsieur le Duc de Les Diguieres. Containing an admonition vnto him, to leaue the enemie, and to ayde them. As also an exhortation and a warning vnto those that forsake the trueth, and cleaue vnto the enemies thereof, to shun that vengeance which God will send downe vpon them for the same.
Eglises réformées de France. Synode national. / [1617] The oration made vnto the French king by the deputies of the Nationall Synode of the Reformed Churches of France, vpon the death of the Marquesse d'Ancre, with the Kings answere therunto, 27. Maij. 1617. Also a discourse of the beginning, progression, actions and behauiour of Cochino, Marquesse d'Ancre, and his wife Galligaia, with his proiects and practises life and death. Compendiously, but more fully expressed then heretofore. Faithfully translated out of the French copie.
Eglises réformées de France. / [1681] The humble petition of the Protestants of France lately presented to His Most Christian Majesty by the Mareschal Schomberg and the Marquis of Ruvigny
Eglises réformées de France. / [1681] The humble address of the distressed Protestants in France as it was delivered to the French king : and now published both in French and English for the satisfaction of all true Protestants.
Eglises réformées de France. / [1621] A declaration set forth by the Protestants in France shewing the lamentable distresse and calamities that they of Bearn in France are fallen into, by meanes of the oppression and wrong done vnto them, in regard of their profession of the reformed religion. With all the troubles which happened vnto them since the beginning of the edicts sent out against them by the French king vntill this time. Together with the rest of their proceedings, vntill this present moneth of Iuly. 1621.
Eglises réformées de France. Synode national (1623 : Charenton-le-Pont) / [1623] Articles agreed on in the nationall synode of the Reformed Churches of France, held at Charenton neere Paris, in the moneth of September, 1623 Which the same ordaineth to be inuiolably kept in all the churches and vniversities of that realme.
Eglises réformées de France. Synode national (1644-1645 : Charenton-le-Pont) / [1646] The generall and particular acts and articles of the late national synod of the reformed Churches of France, assembled by the permission of the King at Charenton neare Paris, beginning the 26th of December, 1644. Where by the present estate of those churches, as also their doctrine and discipline may be knowne. With divers other remarkable passages, and letters from the King and Q. Regent of France, to the said synod, and of the synod to their Majesties, and other great personages. Never before printed either in French or English, and now faithfully translated out of a written French copy. Whereunto is added a formulary of baptisme for those who from paganisme, Judaisme, and Mahumetisme, are converted to the Christian faith; as also of those Anabaptists who have not bin baptised before, composed in the nationall synod set forth at Charenton in the yeare 1645. and now faithfully Englished.
Eglises réformées de France. Synode national. (1631) / [1631] A copie of the letter, of the Nationall Synod of the Reformed Churches of France. Represented to the Kings Majesty. Together, with the complaint made to his Majestie, concerning divers aggrievances, at Campeigne the 16. of September, 1631. by the two deputies of the said synod, Mr. Amirault minister, and Mr. De Vizars gentleman. With the answer and the letter of his Majesty returned to the synod
Eglisham, George, fl. 1612-1642. / [1642] The fore-runner of revenge: being two petitions, the one to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, the other to the most Honourables [sic] Houses of Parliament : wherein is expressed divers actions of the late Earle of Buckingham, especially concerning the death of King James and the Marquesse Hamelton, supposed by poyson : also may be observed the inconveniences befalling a state where the noble disposition of the prince is mis-led by a favourite / by George Eglisham ...