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Dyer, James, Sir, 1512-1582. / [1648] Three learned readings made upon three very usefull statutes:: the first, by that great and eminent sage of the law, Sir Iames Dyer, of the Middle Temple, upon the statute of 32.H.8.Chap.I. of Wills, and 34. & 35. Hen.8.Chap.5. for the explanation of that statute. The second, by Sir Iohn Brograve, of Grayes Inne, sometime his Majesties attourney of the dutchy of Lancaster, upon the statute of 27.H.8.Chap.10. concerning jointures. The third, by Thomas Risden esquire, of the Inner Temple, upon the statute of 8.Hen.6. Chap.9. of forcible entry.
Dyer, William, d. 1696. / [1697] Heaven upon earth, or, Good news for repenting sinners being an account of the remarkable experiences and evidences for eternal life of many eminent Christians in several declarations made by them upon solemn occasions, displaying the exceeding riches of the free grace and love of God ... / by William Dyer ...
Dyer, William, d. 1696. / [1663] A cabinet of jewels, or, A glimps [sic] of Sions glory written by William Dyer ...
Dykes, Oswald, 1670?-1728. / [MDCC. 1700] Good manners for schools, or, A paraphrase upon qui mihi, &c. Done into English verse by O. Dykes, for the use of the grammar-school at the Academy in Chancery-Lane.