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Drage, William, 1637?-1669. / [1664] A physical nosonomy, or, A new and true description of the law of God (called nature) in the body of man confuting by many and undeniable experiences of many men, the rules and methods concerning sicknesses or changes in mans body, delivered by the ancient physicians and moderns that followed them ... : also, in the second part of this book is a practice of physick drawn from the best of the moderns and completely treating of those diseases specified in the table formerly, writ by the author, though added to these new scrutinies as if they were a latter work / by William Drage ...
Draghi, Giovanni Battista, ca. 1640-1708. / [1684] An ode to the king: on his return from New-Market / set by Mr. Baptist, master of the Queen's Musick.
Drake, Nathan, 1659 or 60-1729. / [1697] A sermon against false weights & balances preach'd at Sheffield, January the 10th, 1696/7. By Nath. Drake, M.A. and vicar there.
Drake, Nathan, 1659 or 60-1729. / [1695] A sermon against bribery preach'd July 8, 1695 in the Cathedral-Church of St. Peter in York before the Right Honourable Mr. Justice Nevill and Baron Turton / by Nath. Drake ...
Drake, Samuel, 1622-1679. / [1670] Totum hominis, or, The decalogue in three words, viz. justice, mercy and humility being a sermon upon Micah 6th vers. 8th, preached in the Cathedral of St. Peters, York, upon Monday the 15th day of March, 1668/9 before the Right Honourable Baron Turner and Baron Rainsford, the Right Worshipful Sr. Jo. Armitage, Bart. ... / by Sam. Drake, D.D. ...
Drake, Samuel, 1622-1679. / [1670] Theou diakonos, or, The civil deacon's sacred power in a sermon upon Rom. 13, 6 : preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, York, at the summer assize, 1669, before the Right Honorable Baron Turner and Serjeant Waller : the Right Worshipful Sir John Armitage being then high-sheriff of Yorkshire / by Sam. Drake ...
Drake, William, Sir. / [1660] Another word to purpose against The long Parliament revived. By C. C. of Grays-Inne, Esq;
Drant, Thomas, b. 1601 or 2. / [1572] A fruitfull and necessary sermon, specially concernyng almes geuing, preached the Twisday [sic] in Easter weeke The yere of our Lord. 1572. at S. Maries Spittle. By Thomas Drant, bachelor in diuinitie.
Draper, Robert, fl. 1659. / [Printed, MDC.LIX. 1659] An hearty acknowledgement, and humble advertizement for the vindicating of the law of nature, reason, and iustice Presented by the defrauded and distressed creditors, and the poore and oppressed prisoners, to the supreme authority of the Common-wealth, the Parliament of England. Also an essay: whereby to manifest the concealed estates of able debtors, and fraudulent settlements; by which evill practices many widowes, orphans, and other honest people of this nation, have been, and are daily deprived of their whole livelihoods, a-
Drapes, Edward. / [1646] A plain and faithfull discovery of a beame in Master Edwards his eye. Or A moderate ansvver to the substance of the first and second part of Gangrena.: Especially to his prophesie; wherein some of his stories are refuted; the manner of his comming by them questioned. His double dealing detected. Capt. Paul Hobson with some others, vindicated. Mr. Josiah Rycraft examined. Mr. Edwards unparalleld partiality, is impartially declared, and his prophesie truly reflected. / By Edward Drapes.
Drapes, Edward. / [1649 i.e.1648] Gospel-Glory proclaimed before the sonnes of men, in the visible and invisible worship of God. Wherein the mystery of God in Christ, and his royall, spirituall government over the soules and bodies of his saints, is clearly discovered, plainly asserted, and faithfully vindicated, against the deceiver and his servants, who endeavour the cessation thereof, upon what pretence soever. / By Edward Drapes, an unworthy servant in the gospell of Christ.
Draxe, Thomas, d. 1618. / [1616] Bibliotheca scholastica instructissima. Or, A treasury of ancient adagies, and sententious prouerbes selected out of the English, Greeke, Latine, French, Italian and Spanish. Ranked in alphabeticall order, and suited to one and the same sense. Published by Thomas Draxe Batch. in Diuinitie.
Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. / [1603] To the Maiestie of King Iames. A gratulatorie poem by Michaell Drayton.
Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. / [1604] Moyses in a map of his miracles. By Michael Drayton Esquire
Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. England's heroical epistles, written in imitation of the stile and manner of Ovid's Epistles with annotations of the chronicle history / by Michael Drayton, Esq.
Drayton, Thomas, d. 1658? / [1657] The proviso or condition of the promises, the strait, but the straight-way that leadeth unto happiness being the substance of two sermons preached at Wilton, March the first, 1656, upon 2 Cor. 7. 1. : now published at the request of some of the parishioners and auditors then present / by Tho. Drayton ...
Drelincourt, Charles, 1595-1669. / [Anno M. DC. XXX. 1630] The roote of Romish rites and ceremonies shevving that the Church of Rome hath borrowed most part of her ceremonies of the Iewes & ancient pagans, and that from this spring proceeded the Iubile. First written in French by M. Charles Drelincourt, Minister of Gods word in the Reformed Church of Paris; and now translated into English by M.T.
Drelincourt, Charles, 1595-1669. / [1680] Directions with prayers and meditations for the worthy receiving the blessed sacrament By the famous Mr. Charles Drelincourt. Minister of the reformed church at Charanton. Out of French.
Drelincourt, Charles, 1595-1669. / [1675] The Christians defense against the fears of death with seasonable directions how to prepare our selves to dye well / written originally in French by Char. Drelincourt ; and translated into English by M. D'Assigny.
Drelincourt, Charles, 1595-1669. / [1698] A catechism, or, Familiar instructions on the principal points of the Christian religion written for the use of his own family by Mr. Drelincourt.
Drew, John, fl. 1649-1651. / [MDCLI 1651] The northern subscribers plea, vindicated from the exceptions laid against it by the non-subscribing ministers of Lancashire and Cheshire, and re-inforced by J. Drew. Published according to order.
Drew, John, fl. 1649-1651. / [1649] A serious addresse to Samuel Oates, for a resolve in some few quære's touching his new-baptisme & ministry. Also a short and faithfull word of Christian advice to those of his church in Lincolnshire, concerning their way, and that spirit by which they are led. Together with a brief and plain evidence of the ground for baptizing a believers infant-seed. / By John Drew, a servant of Jesus Christ.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1676] A spiritual repository containing Godly meditations demonstrated by 12 signs of our adoption to eternal glory / by H. Drexelius ; and now translated into English by R.W. of Trinity College Cambridge.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [M.DC.XL. 1640] The school of patience. Written in Latin by H. Drexelius. And faithfully translated into English, by R.S. Gent.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [Printed, 1668] A pleasant and profitable treatise of Hell. Written by Hieremy Drexelius. S.J.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1655] A right intention the rule of all mens actions. Converted out of Drexelius to our proper use. / By John Dawson ...
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1633] Nicetas or the triumph ouer incontinencie written in Latin by. F. Hier. Drexelius of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by. R.S. 1633.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1642] The forerunner of eternity, or, Messenger of death sent to healthy, sick and dying men / by H. Drexelius.
Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1647] The Christians zodiake, or, Twelve signes of predestination unto life everlasting written in Lattin by Ieremie Drexelius.
Drummond, George, Keeper of the tolbooth of Edinburgh. / [1700?] To His Grace, the Duke of Queensberry, Her Majesty's High Commissioner, and the Right Honourable the Estates of Parliament. The petition of George Drummond keeper of the tolbooth of Edinburgh.
Drummond, William, 1585-1649. / [1619] A midnights trance wherin is discoursed of death, the nature of the soules, and estate of immortalitie. As it was written at the desire of a nobleman, by W.D.
Drummond, William, 1585-1649. / [1614] Teares on the death of Moeliades:
Drummond, William, 1585-1649. / [1696] The history of Scotland from the year 1423 until the year 1542 containing the lives and reigns of James the I, the II, the III, the IV, the V : with several memorials of state during the reigns of James VI and Charles I : illustrated with their effigies in copper plates. / by William Drummond of Hauthornden ; with a prefatory introduction taken out of the records of that nation by Mr. Hall of Grays-Inn.
Dryden, John, 1631-1700. / [1683] The vindication, or, The parallel of the French Holy-League and the English League and Covenant turn'd into a seditious libell against the King and His Royal Highness by Thomas Hunt and the authors of the Reflections upon the pretended parallel in the play called The Duke of Guise / written by Mr. Dryden.
Dryden, John, 1631-1700. / [1682] Mac Flecknoe, or, A satyr upon the true-blew-Protestant poet, T. S. by the author of Absalom & Achitophel.
Dryden, John, 1631-1700. / [1691] King Arthur, or, The British worthy a dramatick opera : perform'd at the Queens Theatre by Their Majesties servants / written by Mr. Dryden.
Dryden, John, 1631-1700. / [1680] The kind keeper, or, Mr. Limberham a comedy ... / written by John Dryden ...