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Dobson, Edward, 17th cent. / [1643] XIV articles of treason and other misdemeanors, exhibited to Isaac Penington, by Master Chamfield, alias Captain Cloak-bag, against Edward Dobson, the malignant stationer without Newgate.
Dobson, Jeremiah. / [MDCLXV 1665] The preachers precept of consideration, or, Englands chief lesson and duty in this sad time of visitation wherein is contained, 1. A catalogue and collection of all the particular capital sins mentioned in Scriptures ... 2. The author's opinion and judgment, for which and why it is, that this unparallel'd visitation is now laid upon us / delivered in the parish church of St. Katherine Coleman, London, upon the monthly fast-days set apart for humiliation, by His Majesties special command.
Dobson, John, 1633-1681. / [1663] Queries upon queries: or Enquiries into Certain queries upon Dr. Pierce's sermon at Whitehall, Feb. 1:
Dockwra, William, d. 1716. / [1682] The practical method of conveyance of letters, returns of answers, replies, &c. the same day within the weekly Bills of Mortality; commonly called, the penny-post: Published for plain direction to all persons, for the better maintaince of mutual correspondence, being the life of trade and business.
Doctor Merry-man. / [1649] The pennilesse parliament of threed-bare poets: or, The merry fortune-teller, wherein all persons of the four severall complexions may finde their fortunes. Composed by Doctor Merry-man: not onely to purge melancholy: but also to procure tittering and laughing. Full of witty mirth, and delightfull recreation, for the content of the reader.
Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. / [1687] Spiritual community vindicated amongst people of different perswasions in some things
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1693?] Ymadroddion hen Mr. Dod.:
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1688?] Ymadroddion hen Mr. Dod
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1608] Two sermons on the third of the Lamentations of Ieremie preached at Hanwell in the first yeare of his Maiesties raigne, 1602. / The one by I.D. the other by R.C.
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1610] Ten sermons tending chiefely to the fitting of men for the worthy receiuing of the Lords Supper VVherein amongst many other holy instructions: the doctrines of sound repentance and humiliation, and of Gods speciall fauours vnto penitent sinners, and worthy communicants are largely and effectually handled. The six first, by I. Dod. The foure last, by R. Cleauer. Whereunto is annexed, a plaine and learned metaphrase on the epistle to the Collossians, written by a godly and iudicious preacher. There is also set before the sermons, a short dialogue of preparation: containing the chiefe points that concerne the worthy receiuing of the Lords Supper, taken for the most part, out of the sermons following: and collected into a method for the benefit and ease of those that desire direction in this matter.
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1614] Seuen godlie and fruitfull sermons. The six first preached by Master Iohn Dod: the last by Master Robert Cleauer. Whereunto is annexed, a briefe discourse, touching, 1. Extinguishing of the spirit, 2. Murmuring in affliction
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [in the year, Anno Dom. 1680] Old Mr. Dods sayings
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. / [M.DC.LII. 1652] Honors pedigree, or, The [se]veral fountaines of gentry [be]ing a treatise of the distinct degrees of the nobilitie of this kingdome, with their rights and priviledges, according to the lawes and customes of England / [by] that juditious lawyer, Sir John Dodoredge ...
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. / [M DC XXXI. 1631] The English lavvyer Describing a method for the managing of the lawes of this land. And expressing the best qualities requisite in the student practizer iudges and fathers of the same. Written by the reverend and learned Sir Iohn Doderidge Knight, one of the iustices of the Kings Bench, lately deceased.
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. / [1679] The antiquity and power of parliaments in England written by Mr. Justice Doddridge and several other learned antiquaries.
Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585. / [1606] Rams little Dodeon [sic] A briefe epitome of the new herbal, or histoy of plants. Wherein is contayned the disposition and true declaration of the phisike helpes of all sortes of herbes and plants, vnder their names and operations, not onely of those which are here in this our Countrey of England growing but of all others also of other realmes, countreyes and nations vsed in phisike: Collected out of the most exquisite newe herball, or history of plants, first set forth in the Dutch or Almayne tongue, by ... D. Reinbert Dodeon, ... and lately translated into English by Henry Lyte, ... and now collected and abridged by William Ram, Gent. Pandit oliua suos Ramos.
Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585. / [1578] A nievve herball, or historie of plantes wherin is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes: their diuers [and] sundry kindes: their straunge figures, fashions, and shapes: their names, natures, operations, and vertues: and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande, but of all others also of forrayne realmes, commonly vsed in physicke. First set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue, by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens, physition to the Emperour: and nowe first translated out of French into English, by Henry Lyte Esquyer.
Doe, Charles. / [1694] The reason why not infant sprinkling but believers baptism ought to be approved is because the Lord Jesus Christ, his forerunner, and apostles preach't it, and practic'd it as hereby will further appear by Scripture authority in about fourty texts, with notes on every text : to which is added, how infant sprinkling came in fashion, the evil tendencies of infant sprinkling, answers to objections, differences betw. believ. baptism and inf. sprink. with several other things / by a believer baptiz'd.
Dole, Dorcas. / [1685] A salutation of my endeared love to the faithful in all places that bear their testimony for the Lord and keep in the lowliness of truth as it is in Jesus.
Dole, Dorcas. / [1700] A salutation and seasonable exhortation to children.: By Dorcas Dole.
Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. / [1700] The undoubted art of thriving wherein is shewed : 1. That a million L. sterling money, or more if need be, may be raised for propogating the trade of the nation, &c. without any kind of prejudice to the leiges, but on the contrair to their great vtility and advantage, 2. How the Indian and African Company may propogat [sic] their trade, and that trade and manufacturers of all sorts may by encouraged to the honour, strength and wealth of the nation, 3. How every one according to his quality, may live comfortably and happily : concluding with several thoughts tuching [sic] the management of publick concerns.
Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. / [1698] Postscript to husbandry anatomiz'd or, an addition to the enquiry in to the present manner of ordering, dressing, and manuring the ground in Scotland for most part; whereby it is further explained and applyed, and several good effects that may follow thereupon hinted at. By the author of the first.
Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. / [1700] Overture regulating the breadth and length of linnen. To His Grace James Duke of Queensberry Marquis of Dumfries-Shire, Earl of Drumlanrick, and Sancher, &c. His Majesty's High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland, and most honourable Estates of Parliament.
Donatus, Aelius. / [1508-1509] Incipit Donatus minor c[um] Remigio ad vsum pusillo[rum] anglicana[rum] scholariu[m].:
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1661] XXVI sermons. The third volume preached by that learned and reverend divine John Donne ...
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [MDCXXXIIII. 1634] Two sermons preached before King Charles, upon the xxvi verse of the first chapter of Genesis. By Dr. Donne Dean of Pauls.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1624] A sermon vpon the eighth verse of the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles: Preached to the Honourable Company of the Virginian Plantation, 13. Nouemb. 1622. By Iohn Donne Deane of Saint Pauls, London.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [M DC XL. 1640] LXXX sermons preached by that learned and reverend divine, Iohn Donne, Dr in Divinity, late Deane of the cathedrall church of S. Pauls London.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1625] Foure sermons vpon speciall occasions. (Viz.) 1. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse. 2. To the Honorable, the Virginia Company. 3. At the consecration of Lincolnes Inne Chappell. 4. The first sermon preached to K. Charles at St. Iames, 1625. By Iohn: Donne. Deane of Saint Pauls, London.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1626] Fiue sermons vpon speciall occasions. (Viz.) 1. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse. 2. To the Honorable the Virginia Company 3. At the consecration of Lincolnes Inne Chappell. 4. The first sermon preached to K. Charles at St. Iames, 1625. 5. A sermon preached to his Maiestie at White-hall, 24. Febr. 1625. By Iohn Donne Deane of Saint Pauls, London.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1625] The first sermon preached to King Charles, at Saint Iames: 3⁰. April. 1625. By Iohn Donne, Deane of Saint Pauls, London.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1651] Essayes in divinity; by the late Dr Donne, Dean of St Paul's. Being several disquisitions, interwoven with meditations and prayers: before he entred into holy orders. Now made publick by his son J. D. Dr of the civil law.:
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1623] Encænia the Feast of Dedication, celebrated at Lincolnes Inne, in a sermon there vpon Ascension day, 1623 : at the dedication of a new chappell there, consecrated by the Right Reuerend Father in God, the Bishop of London / preached by Iohn Donne ...
Doolittle, Samuel. / [1693] The righteous man's hope at death consider'd and improv'd for the comfort of dying Christians, and the support of surviving relations : to which is added Death-bed reflections, &c. proper for a righteous man in his last sickness / by Samuel Doolittle ; this was the first sermon the author preacht after the death of his mother Mrs. Mary Doolittle, who deceased Decemb. 16. 1692. and is since enlarged.
Dopping, Anthony, 1643-1697. / [1694] A sermon preached in Christ's-Church, Dublin, November 18, 1693 at the funeral of His Grace Francis Lord Archbishop of Dublin / by the Reverend Father in God Anthony, Lord Bishop of Meath.
Dopping, Anthony, 1643-1697. / [1695] The case of the dissenters of Ireland consider'd, in reference to the sacramental test.
Dorchester, Henry Pierrepont, Marquis of, 1606-1680. / [Printed 1641] Two speeches spoken in the house of the Lords, by the Lord Viscount Newarke. The first concerning the right of bishops to sit in Parliament, May 21, 1641. The second about the lawfulnes and conveniency of their intermedling in temporall affaires, May the 24th. following.
Dorchester, Henry Pierrepont, Marquis of, 1606-1680. / [1660] The reasons why the Lrd. Marquiss of Dorchester printed his letter the 25th. of February, 1659. Dated the 13th. of the same moneth: Together with my answer to a printed paper, called, A true and perfect copy of the Lord Roos his ansvver to the Marquiss of Dorchesters letter, written the 25th. of February, 1659.
Dore, Christopher. / [1649] A just vindication of the reputation of Mr. VVhite alderman of the city of Exon, in answer to a scurrillous pamphlet cald the Visihle [sic] vengeance, &c. Wherin is discovered the many falsities and untruths in that relation attested under the hand of his own servant that was with him in his journey till the day of his death: as also a true relation of the sad accident that befell him, with the circumstances thereof.
Dorman, Thomas, d. 1577? / [1565] A disproufe of M. Novvelles reproufe. By Thomas Dorman Bachiler of Diuinitie
Dorney, Henry, 1613-1683? / [1684] Divine contemplations, and spiritual breathings of Mr. Henry Dorney
Dornford, Robert. / [1652] Gospel-mysterie or, the great union that is betwixt Christ and the saints. From Cant. 2. 16. With a true way to discern a godly man from a carnal or ungodly man: and the way how the saints return after back-sliding. Also, the worth of a good conscience. By Robert Dornford.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1687] Reform'd devotions, in meditations, hymns, and petitions, for every day in the week, and every holiday in the year divided into parts.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1699] Observations concerning the present state of religion in the Romish Church, with some reflections upon them made in a journey through some provinces of Germany, in the year 1698 : as also an account of what seemed most remarkable in those countries / by Theophilus Dorrington ...
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1696] The honour due to the civil magistrate stated and urg'd in a sermon compos'd for the day of thanksgiving for the happy discovery of the late horrid and execrable conspiracy against His Majesties sacred person and government / by Theophilus Dorrington.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1693] Family devotions for Sunday evenings, throughout the year being practical discourses, with suitable prayers / by Theophilus Dorrington.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1695] A familiar guide to the right and profitable receiving of the Lord's Supper wherein also the way and method of our salvation is briefly and plainly declar'd / by Theophilus Dorrington.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1649] Strange and vvonderfull prophesies by the Lady Eleanor Audeley; who is yet alive, and lodgeth in White-Hall.: Which shee prophesied sixteen yeeres agoe, and had them printed in Holland, and there presented the said prophesies to the Prince Elector; for which she was imprisoned seven yeers here in England, by the late King and his Majesties Councell: first, she was put into the Gate-house then into Bedlam, and afterwards into the Tower of London. With notes upon the said prophesies, how farre the are fulfilled, and what part remains yet unfulfilled, concerning the late King; and Kingly government, and the armies and people of England. And particularly White-Hall, and other wonderfull predictions. Imprimatur Theodore Jennings August 27. 1649.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [printed in the year 1644. Reprinted with some words of addition for the year present, 1649] A sign given them being entred into the day of judgment to set their house in order. For the high court of Parliament assembled. From the Lady Eleanor:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [printed in the year 1642] Samsons fall, presented to the house 1642:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1648] Reader, the heavy hour at hand, that it should not as a thief surprize us in the night, Babylons scattering whirlwind our final or utter blow ...:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the year, 1644 i.e. 1649?] A prayer or petition for peace: November 22, 1644.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1650?] The Lady Eleanor Douglas, dowger, [sic] her jubiles plea or appeal, A⁰ &c.:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the yeere 1645] For VVhitsontyds last feast: the present, 1645:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the yeare, 1646] For the blessed feast of Easter. Writs. by the La. Eleanor:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the yeare, 1646] The day of iudgments modell.: By the Lady Eleanor Douglas.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the year, 1650] Before the Lords second coming, of the last days to be visited, signed with the tyrant Pharaohs overthrow.:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the year, 1650] The arraignment. By the Lady Eleanor:
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the year, 1650] The appearance or presence of the son of man:
Downame, John, d. 1652. / [1604] The Christian warfare wherein is first generally shewed the malice, power and politike stratagems of the spirituall ennemies of our saluation, Sathan and his assistants the world and the flesh, with the meanes also whereby the Christian may vvithstand and defeate them : and afterwards more speciallie their particvlar temptatiions, against the seuerall causes and meanes of our saluation, whereby on the one side they allure vs to security and presumption, and on the other side, draw vs to doubting and desperation, are expressed and answered : written especially for their sakes who are exercised in the spirituall conflict of temptations, and are afflicted in conscience in the sight and sense of their sinnes / by I. Dovvname ...
Downe, John, 1570?-1631. / [1635] A treatise of the true nature and definition of justifying faith together with a defence of the same, against the answere of N. Baxter. By Iohn Downe B. in Divinity, and sometime fellow of Emanuel C. in Cambridge.
Downing, Calybute, 1606-1644. / [Anno Dom. 1644] The cleere antithesis, or, diametrall [sic] opposition betweene presbytery and prelacy: wherein is apparently demonstrated, whither government be most consonant and agreeable to the word of God.
Downing, George, Sir, 1623?-1684. / [1662] The reply of Sir George Downing, envoy extraordinary of his Majesty of Great Brittain [sic], &c. Delivered the 13. of Iuly 1662. Upon the ansvver of the Estates General of the United Provinces, to his memorial of the 20. of April last.
Dowriche, Hugh, b. 1552 or 3. / [1596] The iaylors conuersion Wherein is liuely represented, the true image of a soule rightlye touched, and conuerted by the spirit of God. The waightie circumstances of which supernaturall worke, for the sweete amplifications, and fit applications to the present time, are now set downe for the comfort of the strong, and confirmation of the weake. By Hugh Dowriche Batch. of Diuinitie.