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By a friend to truth, and an enemy to lyes. / [Printed in the yeare, 1658] A vindication of Mr. VVeld wherein, the case between him and his opposers, is truely stated, and the church-way of Christ soberly asserted. In answer to the aspersions most unworthily cast upon him by Mr. James Cole, Tho: Potts, Tho: Arrowsmith, George Johnson, and Ralph Clavering, (an ill recompence of all his faithfull endeavours for their eternall good) and themselves manifested to the world what spirits they are of. By a friend to truth, and an enemy to lyes.
Byam, Henry, 1580-1669. / [1675] XIII sermons most of them preached before His Majesty, King Charles the II in his exile / by the late Reverend Henry Byam ... ; together with the testimony given of him at his funeral, by Hamnet Ward ...
Byfield, Adoniram, d. 1660. / [1624] The principle of all principles concerning religion. Or The summe of certaine sermons prooving the scriptures to be the very VVord of God.
Byfield, Adoniram, d. 1660. / [1645] A brief view of Mr. Coleman his new-modell of church government, delivered by him in a late sermon, upon Job 11.20.
Byfield, Nicholas, 1579-1622. / [1619] The spiritval tovchstone: or, The signes of a godly man drawne in so plaine and profitable a maner, as all sorts of Christians may trie themselues thereby. Together with directions, how the weake Christian, by the vse of these signes may establish his assurance. By. N. Bifield preacher of Gods word at Isteworth in Middlesex.
Byfield, Nicholas, 1579-1622. / [1619] The signes of the wicked man Together with directions that shew how the seuerall gifts and graces of Gods spirit may be attained. Needfull for such as want those graces, and for such as desire to increase in them. By N. Bifield, preacher of Gods Word at Isleworth in Middlesex.
Byfield, Nicholas, 1579-1622. / [1617] An exposition vpon the Epistle to the Colossians Wherein, not onely the text is methodically analysed, and the sence of the words, by the help of writers, both ancient and moderne is explayned: but also, by doctrine and vse, the intent of the holy Ghost is in euery place more fully vnfolded and vrged. ... Being, the substance of neare seuen yeeres weeke-dayes sermons, of N. Byfield, late one of the preachers for the citie of Chester.
Byfield, Nicholas, 1579-1622. / [1619] The beginning of the doctrine of Christ. Or A catalogue of sinnes shewing how a Christian may finde out the euils, hee must take notice of in his repentance. With rules, that shew a course, how any Christian may be deliuered from the guilt and power of all his sinnes. By N. Bifield preacher of Gods Word, at Isleworth in Middlesex.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1645] Temple-defilers defiled, vvherein a true visible Church of Christ is described. The evils and pernicious errours, especially appertaining to schisme, anabaptisme, and libertinisme, that infest our Church, are discovered. And directions to preserve from the sin and punishment of temple-defiling, delivered in two sermons preached at the lecture in Kingston upon Thames, Feb. 20. & 27. 1644. out of I Cor. 3.17. / By Richard Byfield pastor in Long-Ditton, Surrey.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1653] A short treatise describing the true church of Christ, and the evills of schisme, anabaptism and libertinism ... delivered in two sermons by Mr. Richard Byfield.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1630] The light of faith: and, way of holinesse Shewing what to belieue, and for what to striue together, earnestly contend, and suffer for in this contending age. And how to liue in all estates, conditions, and degrees of relation, according to this faith. In both, deliuering (as neere as might be, in the life of Scripture phrase:) only things necessary, as we meane to be saued, and auoiding vtterly things arbitrary, that distract, rather then direct a Christian. Collected out of holy Scripture by an vnworthy labourer in Gods vineyard, Richard Bifield pastor in Long-Ditton, in Surrey.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1659] The gospels glory, without prejudice to the law, shining forth in the glory of God [brace] the Father, the Sonne, the Holy Ghost, for the salvation of sinners, who through grace do believe according to the draught of the apostle Paul in Rom. 8.ver. 3.4. Held out to publick view. / By the ministerial labours of Richard Byfield, M.A. Pastor in Long-Ditton; and teaching on Thursedayes weekly in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1631] The doctrine of the Sabbath vindicated in a confutation of a treatise of the Sabbath, written by M. Edward Breerwood against M. Nic. Byfield, wherein these five things are maintained: first, that the fourth Commandement is given to the servant and not to the master onely. Seecondly, that the fourth Commandement is morall. Thirdly, that our owne light workes as well as gainefull and toilesome are forbidden on the Sabbath. Fourthly, that the Lords day is of divine institution. Fifthly, that the Sabbath was instituted from the beginning. By the industrie of an unworthy labourer in Gods vineyard, Richard Byfield, pastor in Long Ditton in Surrey.
Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. / [1627] A candle lighted at the lampe of sacred scriptures. Or, A catechisme conteining all truths fundamentall, and none but fundamentalls. By Richard Bifield, minister of Gods word, and pastor in Long Dutton..
Byfield, T. (Timothy) / [1699] A short description and vindication of the true sal volatile oleosum.Of the ancients wherein 'tis prov'd the great medicine of the spirits; and consequently, an universal remedy. By T. Byfield, M.D.
Byfield, T. (Timothy) / [MDCLXXXV. 1685] A discourse of consumptions: with their cure by a new method, By T. Byfield, M.D.
Byfleet, John Edward, b. 1607. / [1652] A brief explication of the Office of The Blessed Virgin Marie Mother Of God together with a small treatise concerning the institution thereof &c. / composed by the R.F.E.VV. Priest and Monke of the Order of S. Benedict.
Byne, Magnus. / [1656] The scornfull Quakers answered and their railing reply refuted by the meanest of the Lord's servants Magnus Byne.
Bynns, Richard, d. 1713. / [1693] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, January 30, 1692 by Richard Bynns ...
Byrch, John. / [c. 1540] John Byrch clerke to the ryghte excellent Doctor in Phisike Andrewe Borde:
Byrchensha, Raph. / [1602] A discourse occasioned vpon the late defeat, giuen to the arch-rebels, Tyrone and Odonnell, by the right Honourable the Lord Mountioy, Lord Deputie of Ireland, the 24. of December, 1601. being Christmas Eaue and the yeelding vp of Kinsale shortly after by Don Iohn to his Lordshippe: by Raph Byrchensha Esquire, Controller Generall of the musters in Ireland. Seene and allowed.
Byrd, William, 1542 or 3-1623. / [1589. Cum priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis] Songs of sundrie natures some of grauitie, and others of myrth, fit for all companies and voyces. Lately made and composed into musicke of 3.4.5. and 6. parts: and published for the delight of all such as take pleasure in the exercise of that art. By VVilliam Byrd, one of the Gentlemen of the Queenes Maiesties honorable chappell.
Byrd, William, 1542 or 3-1623. / [1599?] Psalmes, sonets, & songs of sadnes and pietie made into musicke of fiue parts: whereof, some of them going abroad among diuers, in vntrue coppies, are heere truely corrected, and th'other being songs very rare and newly composed, are heere published, for the recreation of all such as delight in musicke: by William Byrd one of the Gent: of the Queenes Maiesties royall chappell.
Byrd, William, 1542 or 3-1623. / [1589] A gratification vnto Master Iohn Case, for his learned booke, lately made in the praise of musicke. William Byrd
Byrdall, Thomas, 1607 or 8-1662? / [1666] The profit of godliness set forth in five sermons on I Tim. 4, 8 : The unprofitableness of worldly gain : set forth in four sermons on Mark 8. 36, 37 : The parable of the barren fig-tree : opened and applied, in seven sermons, on Luk. 13. 6, 7, 8, 9 : Victorious violence, or, two sermons on Matth. 11, 12 / by that eminent and learned divine Mr. Thomas Byrdall ...
Byrdall, Thomas, 1607 or 8-1662? / [1665] A glimpse of God, or, A treatise proving that there is a God discovering the grounds of atheism, with arguments of divers sorts against atheists : shewing also, the unity of the Godhead, and the trinity of the persons ... / by ... Mr. Thomas Byrdall ...