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Bucer, Martin, 1491-1551. / [1535?] A treatise declaryng [and] shewig dyuers causes take[n] out of the holy scriptur[es] of the sente[n]ces of holy faders [and] of the decrees of deuout emperours, that pyctures [and] other ymages which were wont to be worshypped, ar i[n] no wise to be suffred in the temples or churches of Christen men. By the whiche treatise the reder that is indifferent, shall se and perceyue, how good and godly a dede it was of the senatoures of Arge[n]tine, that of late daies they caused all the ymages with their auters to be cleane take[n] out of their churches. The authours of this litle treatise ar the ope[n] preachers of Argte[n]yne.
Buchius, Paulus, b. 1657 or 8. / [1693] The Divine Being and its attributes philosophically demonstrated from the Holy Scriptures, and original nature of things according to the principles of F.M.B. of Helmont / written in Low-Dutch by Paulus Buchius ... ; and translated into English by Philanglus.
Buckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720. / [1689] To Doctor Tillotson:
Buckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720 or 21. / [1679] The enjoyment:
Buckler, Edward, 1610-1706. / [MDCXLVII. 1647, i.e. 1646] Certain queries concerning the lawfullnes of imposing, and taking of the negative oath;: propounded by some ministers under restraint in the garrison of Weymouth. / And answered by [brace] E.B. and P.I. [brace] Ministers of [brace] Weymouth, and Melcomb-regis.
Buckminster, Thomas, ca. 1551-1599? / [1591] [A prognostication Buckminster 1591]
Budd, Thomas, d. 1698. / [1692] A true copy of three judgments given forth by a party of men, called Quakers at Philadelphia, against George Keith and his friends with two answers to the said judgments.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1700] William Penn, the pretended Quaker discovered to hold a correspondence with the Jesuite's at Rome. To which is added, A winding-sheet for Ann Dockwra: by Francis Bugg.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1695] A second summons to the city of Abel, 2 Sam. 20 to deliver up Sheba, the son of Bichri, that man of Belial : by way of metaphor, alluding to the Quakers and Geo. Whitehead and may serve for a reply to their answer to my printed sheet, stiled The Quakers Yearly Meeting impeached, &c.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1691] One blow more at new Rome being an appendix to Battering rams &c. : containing a farther discovery of the grand errours, deep hypocrisies, and romish practices of the leader and teachers of the people called Quakers, but more parricularly [sic] G. Whitehead, being an answer to some part of his book stiled Innocency against envy &c. / by Francis Bugg.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1699] Jezebel withstood, and her daughter Anne Docwra, publickly reprov'd for her lies and lightness in her book, stiled, An apostate conscience, &c. By Francis Bugg.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1684] Innocency vindicated and envy rebuked being a brief answer to George Whitehead and John Tysoe, touching John Anslo's proceedings in marriage, whereby their lyes, hypocrisy, and evil suggestion are discovered, and their evidences rejected, who being examined apart agree not in their tale, like their predecessours of old.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1682] De Christiana libertate, or, Liberty of conscience upon it's [sic] true and proper grounds asserted & vindicated and the mischief of impositions amongst the people called Quakers made manifest : in two parts : the first proving that no prince nor state ought by force to compel men to any part of the doctrine, worship, or discipline of the Gospel, by a nameless, yet an approved author [i.e. Sir Charles Wolseley], &c. : the second shewing the inconsistency betwixt the church-government erected by G. Fox, &c., and that in the primitive times ... : to which is added, A word of advice to the Pencilvanians / by Francis Bugg.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1700] A brief reply to George Whitehead's book stiled, A rambling pilgrim in answer to a book intituled The pilgrim's progress from Quakerism to Christianity : shewing the danger of the Quakers government within the government and opposite to it ... contrary to the laws of the land and particularly to the Act of Toleration / by Francis Bugg.
Bulkley, Edward, d. 1621? / [1608] An apologie for the religion established in the Church of England Being an answer to T.W. his 12. Articles of the last edition. In this impression recognized and much inlarged. Also answers to three other writings of three seuerall papists. By Ed: Bulkley Doctor of Diuinitie.
Bullard, John. / [1693] Bibliotheca Blewitiana: being an excellent collection of books in all faculties and most languages, viz. the Oriental, Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish and English : the library of the Reverend Mr. Math. Blewit, lately deceased. : Which will be sold by auction at Toms Coffee-house adjoyning to Ludgate, on Wednesday the 31st of January, 1693 and the following days ... / By John Bullord.
Buller, John, 17th cent. / [1642] July 19. 1642. An exact relation of two victorious battels fought by the English:: wherein they put to flight 2200, and kill'd 700 of the rebels at Cardoughen in the province of Munster; and 500 more at Youghall; at both which places they took a great quantity of ammunition, goods and victuals from the rebels. As it was sent to Mr. Buller, a member of the House of Commons, and another gentleman of quality. Wherein is likewise a true relation of the death of the Lord President.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [1582] The summe of the foure Euangelistes comprehending both the course of the historie, and also the seuerall points of doctrine set foorth in the same pointing foorth as it were with the hand, that Iesus is Christ, the only, perfect, and sufficient Sauiour of all the faithfull. Written in Latine by the reuerend, learned, and godly father, Master Henrie Bullinger minister of the Church of Zurich. Translated into English for the profite of the vnlearned by Iohn Tomkys.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [1580?] Of the end of the world and iudgement of our Lord Iesus Christe to come, and of the moste perillous dangers of this our moste corrupt age, and by what meanes the godly may auoid the harmes thereof, sermons preached in latin in the assembly of the clergie by Henry Bullinger, and now lately englished by Thomas Potter.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [Anno .Do .1551] A moste sure and strong defence of the baptisme of children, against [the] pestiferous secte of the Anabaptystes. set furthe by that famouse clerke, Henry Bullynger: & nowe translated out of Laten into Englysh by Ihon Veron Senonoys.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [ca. 1577] A most excellent sermon of the Lordes Supper wherein briefely (and yet plainly yenough [sic]) is liuely set foorth the matter of the Supper of the Lorde Iesus. By Henry Bullinger. Translated out of Frenche, into English by I.T.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [Anno. 1574] The hope of the faithfull. Declaring breefely and clearly the resurrection of our Lord Iesus Christ past, and of oure true essentiall bodies to come: and plainly confuting the cheefe errors, that hath sprong thereof, out the Scripture and doctors. VVith an euident probation, that there is an eternall life of the faithfull, and an euerlasting damnation of the vnfaithfull. Nevvly imprinted and corrected. 1574.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [1538] A commentary vpon the seconde epistle of S Paul to the Thessalonia[n]s. In the which besydes the summe of oure faythe, ther is syncerelye handled [and] set forth at large, not onely fyrst co[m]myng vp [and] rysyng with the full properyte [and] dominion, but also the fall and vtter confusion of the kyngdome of Antichriste: that is to say of Machomet [and] the byshop of Rome.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [1550] A brief and compendiouse table, in a maner of a concordaunce openyng the waye to the principall histories of the whole Bible, and the moste co[m]mon articles grounded and comprehended in the newe Testament and olde, in maner as amply as doeth the great concordau[n]ce of the Bible. Gathered and set furth by Henry Bollynger, Leo Iude, Conrade Pellicane, and by the other ministers of the church of Tygurie. And nowe first imprinted in Englyshe. D.M.L. [sic] The third boke of the Machabees a booke of the Bible also prynted vnto this boke which was neuer before translated or prynted in any Englyshe Bible. The contents of this booke are conteyned in the next leafe.
Bullock, Jeffery. / [1680?] A testimony against the 66 judges called Quakers who writ an epistle (as they call it) against John Story and John Wilkinson and those that joyned with them ...
Bullock, Jeffery. / [1686] Several testimonies given forth by Jeffery Bullock against that evil spirit by which he had been led to oppose the truth and people of God, both by word, writing, and printing books, for several years last past.
Bullock, Jeffery, of Sudbury. / [1678?] Antichrists transformations within, discovered by the light within.:
Bullord, John. / [1692] An incomparable collection of original paintings, and others by the best masters both ancient and modern, some whereof are part of the collection of a person of quality. The masters names are Sir P. Paul Ruben Sir Ant. Van Dyck Rembrandt Breughel ... will be sold at auction at VVills coffee-house at the west-end of the Court of Requests, over against the painted Chamber, near VVestminster-hall, on Monday the 22d. of this instant February, 1691. and the following days till all are sold; and then will conclude (this season) the sale of paintings at Westminster. The sale beginning at ten of the clock in the morning. By John Bullord.
Bullord, John. / [1690] A further continuation of the curious collection of paintings, containing five hundred pieces, by the best, ancient and modern masters particularly Titian. ... Polenburgh, &c. Will be sold by auction at Will's Coffee-House, at the west end of the Court of Requests, over against the Painted Chamber, near Westminster-Hall, on Friday, the 14th of this instant November, 1690. at nine of the clock in the morning exactly. By John Bullord. Catalogues are distributed gratis, at Mr. Manship's at the Black Bull in Cornhil: Mr. Richard Parker's at the Piazza under the Royal Exchange: at the Marine Coffee-House in Birchin-lane: at Mr. Bullord's at the Old Black Bear in St. Paul's Church-yard: at Mr. Roper's next to the Devil Tavern, at Temple-Bar: at Mr. Not's, in the Pall-Mall, booksellers; and at the place of sale.
Bullord, John. / [1690] A curious collection of paintings, most whereof are originals, by the best masters; and the rest very fine copies. Will be exposed to sale by way of auction, on Thursday, the 4th of this instant September, at the Marine Coffee-House, in Birching-lane, near the Royal-Exchange. By J. Bullord. Catalogues are distributed gratis, at Mr. Hensmans in Westminster-Hall: Mr. Notts in the Pall Mall: Mr. Ropers, near the Devil-Tavern in Fleetstreet; Mr. Hargraves, at the Kings-Head, in Holbourn: Mr. Bullords, in St. Paul's Church-yard: Mr. Richard Parkers, at the Unicorn on the Piazza, at the Royal-Exchange; and at the place of sale.
Bullord, John. / [1690] A collection of paintings, of the most eminent, ancient and modern masters viz. Albert Durer. ... Dixon. And others. Which curious collection of paintings, will be exposed to sale by auction, (or who bids most) at Kiftell's Coffee-House, adjoyning to the Court of Requests, near Westminster-Hall, on Monday, the 20th of this instant October 1690. At nine of the clock in the morning, and three in the afternoon exactly. By John Bullord. Catalogues are distributed gratis, at Mr. Manship's at the Black Bull in Cornhil: Mr. Richard Parker's at the Piazza under the Royal Exchange: at Mr. Bullord's at the Old Black Bear in St. Paul's Church yard: at Mr. Roper's next to the Devil Tavern, at Temple-Bar: at Mr. Not's in the Pall-Mall, booksellers; and at the place of sale.
Bullord, John. / [1691] A collection of curious paintings, most of which are originals by the best ancient and modern masters, viz. Bergham. ... Palingh, &c. will be sold by auction at Wills Coffee-house, at the west-end of the Court of Requests, over against the Painted Chamber, near Westminster-hall; on Tuesday the 27th of this instant October, 1691. The sale beginning at nine in the morning. By John Bullord.
Bulteel, John, fl. 1683. / [1656] Londons triumph: or, The solemn and magnificent reception of that honourable gentleman, Robert Tichborn, Lord Major:: after his return from taking his oath at Westminster, the morrow after Simon and Jude day, being October 29. 1656. With the speeches spoken at Fosterlane-end and Soperlane-end.
Bunny, Edmund, 1540-1619. / [1684] Llyfr y resolusion yr hwnsydd yn dysgv ini bawb : wneuther ein goreu a rhoi cwbl o'n Gristianogion hynny ydyw'ar ymadael a'n drwy fuchedd, a throi at ddaioni a duwioleb / wedi ei gyfiethu yn Gy mraeg gan y Dr. I.D. ...
Bünting, Heinrich, 1545-1606. / [1636] Itinerarium totius Sacræ Scripturæ. Or, the trauels of the holy patriarchs, prophets, iudges, kings, our sauiour Christ, and his Apostles, as they are related in the Old and New Testaments. With a description of the townes and places to which they trauelled, and how many English miles they stood from Ierusalem. Also a short treatise of the weights, monies, and measures mentioned in the Scriptures, reduced to our English valuations, quantitie, and weight. Collected out of the workes of Henry Bunting, and done into English by R.B.
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. / [MDCLXXXXIX 1699] Taith y pererin, neu, siwrneu dyn o'r byd hwn i'r byd addaw dan gyffelybiaeth breuddwyd yn yr hwn a dangosir, yn gyntaf, y modd o'i gychwãynfa ef, yn ail ei siwrneu ddyrãys, yn drydãydd, ei ddyfodiad or diwedd i'r wlad ddymunol, teãyrnas nãef / o wneuthuriad John Bunyan, yn saesnaeg ; y llyfr hwn a argraphwãyd yn sasnaeg bymtheg o weithiau, ac unwaith or blaen yn gymraeg o gyfieuthad cymmãyfg ddwãylo.
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. / [1688] Taith neu siwrnai y pererin,: tan rith neu Gyffelybiaeth Breuddwyd : yn yr hwn y dangofir, I. Y Modd y mae Pechadur yn Chychwyn ...
Buoni, Thommaso. / [1606] Problemes of beautie and all humane affections. VVritten in Italian by Tho: Buoni, cittizen of Lucca. With a discourse of beauty, by the same author. Translated into English, by S.L. Gent.
Burches, George, d. 1658. / [1649] The marrovv of divinity: Wherein the weakest Christian may be informed in the whole body of gospel-truths. By George Burches batchelor in divinity; rector of Woodchurch, within the county of Cheshire; and sometimes minister of St. Johns Church in Chester.
Burden, William. / [1654] Christs personal reign on earth one thousand yeers wih his saints the manner, beginning and continuation of his reign clearlie proved by many plain texts of Scripture and the chief objections against it fully answered : explaining the 20 of the Revelations and all other Scripture prophecies that treat of it, and of Satan being shut up for one thousand years that he shal not have power to deceive the nations during the thousand years.
Burgersdijck, Franco, 1590-1635. / [1697] Monitio logica, or, An abstract and translation of Burgersdicius his logick by a gentleman.
Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665. / [1648. i.e. 1649] A vindication of the ministers of the Gospel in, and about London, from the unjust aspersions cast upon their former actings for the Parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the King to capitall punishment: With a short exhortation to their people to keep close to their covenant-ingagement.
Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665. / [1641] To the honourable the knights, citizens and burgesses of the Commons-House of Parliament: the humble petition of sundry ministers intrusted to solicite the petition and remonstrance formerly exhibited to this Honourable House, and of many of their brethren, most humbly sheweth, ...
Burges, John, 1561?-1635. / [1631] The lavvfulnes of kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper VVherein (by the way) also, somewhat of the crosse in baptisme. First written for satisfaction of a friend, and now published for common benefit. By Dr. Iohn Burges, pastor of Sutton Coldfield.
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. / [1646] Vindiciæ legis: or, A vindication of the morall law and the covenants,: from the errours of papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially, Antinomians. In XXIX. lectures, preached at Laurence-Jury, London. / By Anthony Burgess, preacher of Gods Word.
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. / [1658] Paul's last farewel, or A sermon, preached at the funerall of that godly and learned minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Thomas Blake.: By Anthony Burgesse, pastor of the church at Sutton-Coldfield in Warwickshire. With a funeral oration made at Mr. Blakes death by Samuel Shaw, then schoolmaster of the Free-School at Tamworth.
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. / [1644] The magistrates commission from heaven. Declared in a sermon preached in Laurencejury, London, the 28. day of Sept. 1644. at the election of the Lord Major. / By Anthony Burgesse, sometimes fellow of Immanuel Colledge in Cambridge; now pastour of Sutton Coldfield in Warwick shire, and a member of the Assembly. Imprimatur Thomas Gataker.
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. / [1644] Iudgements removed, where judgement is executed. Or A sermon preached to the Court Marshall in Lawrence Iury, London, the 5th of Septemb. 1644.: Being the day of their solemn seeking of the Lord for his blessing upon their proceedings. By Anthony Burges, sometimes fellow of Emmanuell Colledge in Cambridge; now pastor of Sutton-Coldfeild in Warwickshire; a member of the Assembly.
Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. / [1697] Proofs of God's being and of the Scriptures divine original with twenty directions for the profitable reading of them : being the sum of several sermons desired by many hearers / by Daniel Burgess.
Burghill, Fran. (Francis) / [printed in the year, 1662] A proposal for the speedy enriching both of the King and people:
Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598. / [1597] Ordinances made by Sir William Cecill Knight of the Order of the Garter, Baron of Burghley, for the order and gouernement of xiij. poore men, whereof one to be the warden of the hospitall at Stanford Baron in the countie of Northampton, to remaine in a chest in a chamber in the sayd hospitall, locked vp in a chest with two seuerall locks, the keyes whereof to be in the custodie of the Vicar of S. Martins and the bailiffe of the manour. xx. Augusti Anno xxxix. Elizabethae Reginæ, & anno domini 1597.
Burne, Nicol. / [1581] Ane admonition to the antichristian ministers in the deformit Kirk of Scotland:
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [1689] A sermon preached in the chappel of St. James's, before His Highness the Prince of Orange, the 23d of December, 1688 by Gilbert Burnet.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] A sermon preached at the coronation of William III and Mary II, King and Queen of England, ---- France, and Ireland, defenders of the faith in the Abby-Church of Westminster, April 11, 1689 / by Gilbert Lord Bishop of Salisbury. Printed by their Majesties special command.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [1684] A sermon preached at the Chappel of the Rolls, on the fifth of November, 1684: Being Gun-Powder-Treason-Day. By Gilbert Burnet, D.D.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [ca. 1700] The life and death of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. late Lord Chief Justice of England.: Containing many pious and moral rules for humane conversation. : Also, many remarkable sayings and worthy actions of the said lord chief justice. : And many other things worth the readers perusal. / Written originally by Dr. Gilbert Burnet, now Bishop of Salisbury.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [1689] An enquiry into the present state of affairs and in particular, whether we owe allegiance to the King in these circumstances and whether we are bound to treat with him, and to call him back again, or not.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [Printed in the year, 1689] An enquiry into the measures of submission to the supream authority: And of the grounds upon which it may be lawful, or necessary for subjects, to defend their religion lives and liberties.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [M.DC.LXXXIX 1689] Dr. Burnet's sermon before His Highness the Prince of Orange, at the Cathedral of Exon, on reading his declaration:
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [1688?] An apology. for the Church of England, with relation to the spirit of persecution; for which she is accused:
Burnyeat, John, 1631-1690. / [printed in the year 1688] The innocency of the Christian Quakers manifested,: and the truth of their principles and doctrine cleared and defended from the loud (but false) clamours, base insinuations and wicked slanders of James Barry. / Published for the general satisfaction and benefit of all, who simply desire to know and embrace the truth.
Burrell, Andrewes. / [Printed in the year. 1648 i.e. 1649] A cordiall for the calenture and those other diseases which distempers the seamen. Or, A declaration discovering and advising how Englands sea honour may be regained, and maintained as in the happy raigne of Queene Elizabeth, of famous memory.: With the saving of two hundred and fifteen thousand one hundred twenty two pounds a year, one year with the other.
Burridge, Richard, b. 1670. / [MDCC. 1700] Hell in an uproar: occasioned by a scuffle that happened between the lawyers and the physicians, for superiority. A satyr.
Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. / [1659] To the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, the present authority of these nations assembled at Westminster. A presentation, by a faithful friend to the nations ... [i.e. Edward Burroughe].
Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. / [Printed in the year of the worlds accompt, 1654] Something in answer to a book called Choice experiences, given forth by one J. Turner.: Also the copy of a letter sent to the assembly of those that are called anabaptists in Newcastle. Wherein the simple minded ones may see the deceit of those people, who take up the practises of others, by imitation and tradition from the Scriptures, not having the same commands themselves, as the saints alwayes had, from the spirit of the Lord. And that Christ in the saints, which is their hope of glory, is the same Christ that was crucified by the Jews, who is the lambe slaine from the foundation of the world. Also the difference between the saints who waite on the Lord for the moving if his spirit to be acted, when, and as he please; and formalists of these dayes, who in their owne wills and time practice their imitations of duties and ordinances, which the Lord abhorres. By a servant of the Lord, named of the world Edward Burrough.
Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. / [1660] A declaration to all the world of our faith, and what we believe who are called Quakers. And this is written, that all people upon Earth may know by whom, and how we are saved, and hopes for eternal life; and what we believe concerning God, Christ and the spirit, and of the things that are eternal, appertaining to all man-kind to know and believe. Also what ministers and magistrates we own, and what, and whom we deny.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. / [MDCXLVI. 1646] A vindication of Mr Burroughes,: against Mr Edwards his foule aspersions, in his spreading Gangræna, and his angry Antiapologia. Concluding with a briefe declaration what the Independents would have. / By Jer: Burroughes.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. / [1666] The rare jewel of Christian contentment: Wherein is shewed; 1. What contentment is. 2. The holy art or mystery of it. 3. Several lessons that Christ teacheth, to work the heart to contentment. 4. The excellencies of it. 5. The evils of murmuring. 6. The aggravations of the sin of murmuring. By Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of the eleven volumes that are published by Thomas Goodwin, William Greenhil, Sydrach Sympson, Philip Nye, William Bridge, John Yates, William Adderly.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. / [MDCXLVIII. 1648] The rare jevvel of Christian contentment.: By Jeremiah Burroughs, preacher of the Gospel to two of the greatest congregations in England; viz. Stepney and Criplegate, London.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. / [1648] Gospel-worship, or, The right manner of sanctifying the name of God in general. And particularly in these three great ordinances, viz. [brace] 1. Hearing the Word, 2. receiving the Lords Supper, 3. prayer. / By Jeremiah Burroughs. At the end of the contents of this book is printed the titles of all the works of Mr. Ieremiah Burroughs, that are published by Thomas Goodwin ... [et al.]
Burthall, Raunce. / [1650] An old bridle for a vvilde asse-colt. Or, the new mystery of iniquity unfolded,: briefely discovering the physiognomy of a wanton youthfull king, carnall reason, who under the name of true reason bewitcheth, and deceiveth many unstable soules; for those whose sakes is here declared their cunning wiles, and flights; by which they do deceive, and draw disciples after them, to their own perpetuall disgrace, if not destruction. In a briefe commentary on the second of Peter, chap. 2. Where the apostle hath plainly prophesied of that sort of antichristians, or false prophets, now commonly known by the name of ranters, whose unreasonable practises being only named, and laid open to view, wil be sufficient ground to reasonable men, to desert their wicked wayes, and societies, which they continue so infectious and disorderd. / By Raunce Burthall.
Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700. / [1694] An essay upon reason, and the nature of spirits by Richard Burthogge ...
Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. / [1646] The peace-maker: or, Solid reasons, perswading to peace:: grounded upon the late Solemn covenant. / By H.B.
Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. / [1647] Meditations upon 1 Sam. 26. 19.: Humbly presented to the Common-Councel of London, for their serious rumination. / By their servant for their good, Henry Burton.
Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. / [in the yeer 1641. i.e. 1642] A divine tragedie lately acted,: or, A collection of sundrie memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers, and other like libertines, in their unlawfull sports, hapning within the realme of England, in the compasse onely of few yeers last past, since the book was published, worthy to be known and considered of all men, especially such, who are guilty of the sin or archpatrons thereof. / By that worthy divine Mr. Henry Burton.
Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. / [1660] A short catechism containing those fundamental points of religion, the knowledge of which is necessary to salvation / compiled for the examination of communicants, before they be admitted to the sacrament ... by E. Bury.
Bury, John, 17th cent. / [1679] A true narrative of the late design of the papists to charge their horrid plot upon the Protestants by endeavouring to corrupt Capt. Bury and Mr. Brooks of Dublin, and to take off the evidence of Mr. Oats and Mr. Bedlow &c. : as appears by the depositions taken before the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Williamson, Knight, one of His Majesties late principal secretaries of state, and the several examinations before Sir William Waller, Knight, one of His Majesties justice of the peace / published for general information.
Bushell, Thomas, 1594-1674. / [MDC. XXXVI. 1636] The seuerall speeches and songs, at the presentment of Mr Bushells rock to the Queenes most excellent Majesty. Aug. 23. 1636. Her Highnesse being gratiously pleased to honour the said rock, not only with her royall presence; but commanded the same to be called after her owne princely name Henrietta.
Bushell, Thomas, 1594-1674. / [1642] A just and true remonstrance of His Majesties mines-royall in the principality of Wales, presented by Thomas Bushell Esquire, farmer of the said mines-royall, to His Maiestie.
Busher, Leonard. / [1646] Religions peace: or, A plea for liberty of conscience.: Long since presented to King James, and the High Court of Parliament then sitting, / by Leonard Busher citizen of London, and printed in the year 1614. Wherein is contained certain reasons against persecution for religion, also a designe for a peaceable reconciling of those that differ in opinion.
Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680. / [Printed in the year, 1663] A proposall humbly offered, for the farming of liberty of conscience
Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680. / [1663] A proposal humbly offered for the farming of liberty of conscience