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Black, Doctor. / [1692] An answer by Doctor Black to a letter written to a friend in the countrey, concerning Dr. Broun's Vindicatory schedule, &c. by Philander
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [1700] The sufficiency of a standing revelation in general, and of the Scripture revelation in particular both as to the matter of it and as to the proof of it : and that new revelations cannot reasonably be desired and would probably be unsuccessful in eight sermons preach'd in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, London, at the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq., in the year MDCC / by Ofspring Blackall ...
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [ca. 1700] St. Paul and St. James reconcil'd.: A sermon preach'd before the Vniversity of Cambridge, at St. Mary's Church, on Commencement-Sunday in the afternoon, June 30. 1700. / By Offspring Blackall, D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to Her Majesty..
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [1700?] St. Paul and St. James reconcil'd.: A sermon preach'd before the Vniversity of Cambridge, at St. Mary's Church, on Commencement-Sunday in the afternoon, June 30. 1700. ... / By Offspring Blackall, D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to Her Majesty..
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [1699] A sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Westminster, January 30th,1698/9 by Ofspring Blackall ...
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [1694] A sermon preach'd at the Chappel of Brentwood in Essex, October the 7th, 1693, at the visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of London ... by Ofsp. Blackall ...
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [1700] No reason to desire new revelations a sermon preach'd at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, October 7th, 1700, being the seventh for the year 1700, of the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by Ofspring Blackall ...
Blackborow, Peter. / [1684] Navigation rectified: or, the common chart proved to be the only true chart. By Peter Blackborow
Blackborow, Peter. / [1678] The longitude not found, or, An answer to a treatise written by Henry Bond, Senior, shewing a way to find the longitude by the magnetical inclinatory needle wherein is proved that the longitude is not, nor cannot be found by the magnetical inclinatory needle / by Peter Blackborrow, Gent.
Blackburne, Lancelot, 1658-1743. / [1697] The love of God manifested in giving our Saviour for the redemption of mankind a sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen on Nov. the 29th, 1696, being the first Sunday in Advent / by L. Blackburne ...
Blackerby, Samuel. / [1674] Sermons preached on several occasions shewing 1. the saints relief in time of exigency, 2. The admirableness of divine providence, 3. A prisoner at liberty, and his judge in bonds, 4. The most remarkable man upon earth, or, the true portraicture of a saint / by Samuel Blackerby ....
Blackhall, G. / [1699] Rules for assizing of bread viz. by troy-weight, or sterling, and by avoirdupoids weights : together with the rule of coequality of both weights, and the assize by a standard-weight for white, wheaten, and household loaves, assized by a certain price, rising and lowering, as the price of wheat rises and falls in the market : all three calculated exactly according to the statute Assiza panis 51.H.3. now in force in Ireland.
Blacklach, John. / [1656] Conviction for the Jewes and confirmation and comfort for the Christians, or, That Jesus Christ is the true Messiah and is alreadie come prooved [sic] from and by the Sacred Scriptures the unerring rule of truth, and by other undeniable arguments : together with the principall and most weightie objections of the Jewes answered : all being a loving exhortation to the Jewes answered : all being a loving exhortation to the Jewes by him that earnestly desireth the salvation of all wearie and thirstie soules, both Jewes and Gentiles / written by John Blacklach.
Blackleach, John. / [1650] Endevors aiming at the glory of God, that peace & truth may meet together: wherein is contained the excellency, benefit, and necessity of good government and governors: a loving reply to Mr William Prynnes speech made to the House of Commons, and afterwards published. Some matters are propounded to the consideration of the ministry; and also to particular (and to all) opinions. The first, purest, best and most blessed form and manner of government, prescribed by God, (and recorded in Gods sacred word;) together with the way of entrance, or Gods calling of persons to places of chief government, the great consequence thereof. Wherein is shewed, that government by succession, from the father to the son, was none of Gods institution, in the first and purest times. And also the government by Judges is plainly proved to be the best form of government, being Gods immediate direction, most blessed and approved for Gods glory, and for a peoples greatest good, comfort, and safety. / By John Blackleach.
Blackwel, James. / [1660] The nativity of Mr. Will. Lilly astrologically performed shewing how he hath lived, and what death he may probably die. For the satisfaction of astrologers and others. Published to the world by James Blackwel, student in astrology and physick.
Blackwell, John, Captain. / [1645] A more exact relation of the great defeat given to Gorings army in the west; by the victorious Sr. Thomas Fairfax. Sent in a letter from Captain Blackwell, to his father in London. Published according to order.
Blackwell, John, fl. 1665. / [1665?] The case of Capt. John Blackvvell, concerning several matters objected against him
Blackwell, Jonathan. / [1644] A heavenly diurnall, glory be to God on high, peace on earth, good will towards men, it was good news, is, and ever will be, or, The long expected returne of the many publike and private humiliations of the people of God all which will by his blessing ere long, be turned into dayes of great praise and thanksgiving, and prove a fatall scourge to such traiterous, blasphemous tongues as Aulicus, &c / by I. B.
Blackwood, Christopher. / [1653] A treatise concerning repentance wherein also the doctrine of restitution is handled at large : with a solution of many cases of conscience concerning the same / written by Christopher Blackwood ...
Blackwood, Christopher. / [1648] A treatise concerning deniall of Christ: a subject of most high concernment for all those who intend to follow Christ. / Written by Christopher Blackwood, an unprofitable servant of Jesus Christ.
Blackwood, Christopher. / [Printed Anno 1644. Being one of those years, wherein Antichrist threatned the storming of the churches] The storming of Antichrist, in his two last and strongest garrisons; of compulsion of conscience, and infants babptisme [sic]. Wherein is set down a way and manner for cburch [sic] constitution; together with markes to know right constituted churches, from all other societies in the world. Also the cruelty inequality and injustice of compulsion for conscience, by 29. arguments is opened; with an answer to 26. objections brought for the same. Also 12. arguments against the baptizing of infants; with an answer to 26. objections brought for the same. Wherein is displayed to the view of all, from the testimonies of Scriptures, Fathers, councels; the mischiefs, uncertainties, novelties, and absudities [sic] that do attend the same. Wherein is answered the most valid arguments brought by St. Martiall, in his sermon preached in the Abbey Church at Westminister, for the defence hereof. With an answer to Mr. Blake his arguments, in his book cald Birth-priviledge; and to the arguments of divers others. As also a catechisme, wherein is cleerely opened the doctrine of baptisme, together with a resolution of divers questions and cases of conscience, about baptisme. Written by Ch. Blackwood, out of his earnest desire he hath to a thorow reformation, having formerly seen the mischiefs of half reformations.
Blackwood, Christopher. / [1653] A soul-searching catechism wherein is opened and explained not onely the six fundamental points set down Heb. 6. I. but also many other questions of highest concernment in Christian religion : wherein is strong meat for them that are grown and milk for babes, in a very short catechism at the end, exceeding needful for all families in these ignorant and unsetled times / written by Christopher Blackwood.
Blackwood, Christopher. / [1654] Some pious treatises being 1. A bridle for the tongue: or, a treatise directing a Christian how to order his his [sic] words in a holy maner. 2. The present sweetness, and future bitterness of a delicious sin. 3. A Christians groans under the body of sin. 4. Proving the resurrection of the same body committed to the dust: also, the not dying of the soul within the body. 5. Tractatus de clavibus ecclesiæ. Written by Christoph. Blackwood, a servant of Jesus Christ.
Blackwood, Christopher. / [1659] Expositions and sermons upon the ten first chapters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Matthew. Written by Christopher Blackwood, preacher to a Church of Christ in the city of Dublin in Ireland.
Blackwood, Christopher. / [Printed in the year, 1645. i.e. 1646] Apostolicall baptisme: or, A sober rejoinder, to a treatise written by Mr. Thomas Blake; intituled, Infants baptisme freed from Antichristianisme. In answer to a book written by Ch. Blackwood; called, The storming of Antichrist. / Written by Ch. Blackwood.
Bladen, W. (William) / [1642] A true divrnall: or A continued relation of Irish occurences, from the 12. of Febr. to the 8. of March. Printed after a copy that was sent from Mr. William Bladen of Dublin, to his sonne resident here in London: shewing what overthrowes was given to the rebells, and what good successe the Protestant party had; with a relation of the late reliefe of Trohedagh.
Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638. / [1654] A tutor to astronomy and geography, or, An easie and speedy way to understand the use of both the globes, celestial and terrestrial laid down in so plain a manner that a mean capacity may at the first reading understand it and with a little practise, grow expert in those divine sciences / translated from the first part of Guliulmus Blaeu, Institutio Astronomica ; published by J. Moxom.
Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638. / [Anno 1612] The light of navigation Wherein are declared and lively pourtrayed, all the coasts and havens, of the VVest, North and East seas. Collected partly out of the books of the principall authors which have written of navigation, (as Lucas Iohnson VVaghenaer and divers others) partly also out of manie other expert seafaring mens writings and verball declarations: corrected from manie faults, and inlarged with manie newe descriptions and cardes. Divided into tvvo bookes. Heerunto are added (beside an institution in the art of navigation) nevve tables of the declination of the sonne, according to Tycho Brahes observations, applied to the meridian of Amsterdam. Together with newe tables and instructions to teach men the right use of the North-starre, and other firme starres, profitable for all seafaring men. By William Iohnson.
Blagrave, Charles. / [1680?] Directions for the golden purging spirit of scurvey-grass. Being only prepared by me Charles Blagrave physician.
Blagrave, Charles. / [1680] Blagrave's advertisement for his spirits of scurvey-grass.
Blagrave, John, d. 1611. / [1585] The mathematical ievvel shewing the making, and most excellent vse of a singuler instrument so called: in that it performeth with wonderfull dexteritie, whatsoeuer is to be done, either by quadrant, ship, circle, cylinder, ring, dyall, horoscope, astrolabe, sphere, globe, or any such like heretofore deuised: ... The vse of which iewel, is so aboundant and ample, that it leadeth any man practising thereon, the direct pathway ... through the whole artes of astronomy, cosmography, ... and briefely of whatsoeuer concerneth the globe or sphere: ... The most part newly founde out by the author, compiled and published ... by Iohn Blagraue of Reading gentleman and well willer to the mathematickes, who hath cut all the prints or pictures of the whole worke with his owne hands. 1585.
Blagrave, John, d. 1611. / [1596] Astrolabium vranicum generale A necessary and pleasaunt solace and recreation for nauigators in their long iorneying, containing the vse of an instrument or generall astrolabe: newly for them deuised by the author, to bring them skilfully acquainted with all the planets starres, and constellacions of the heauens ... In which, agreeable to the hipothesis of Nicolaus Copernicus, the starry firmament is appointed perpetually fixed and the earth and his horizons continually mouing from west towards the east once about euery 24 houres. Fraught also by new deuise with all such necessary supplements for iudiciall astrology, as Alkabitius & Claudius Dariottus haue deliuered by their tables. Wherevnto for their further delight he hath anexed another inuention, expressing in one face the whole globe terrestriall; with the two great english voyages lately performed round about the world. Compyled by Iohn Blagraue of Reading Gentleman, the same wellwiller to the mathematicks. Anno. 1596.
Blagrave, Jonathan, 1652-1698. / [1691] A sermon preach'd before the Queen at White-hall, August 23, 1691 by Jonathan Blagrave ...
Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682. / [1674] Blagrave's supplement or enlargement to Mr. Nich. Culpeppers English physitian containing a description of the form, names, place, time, coelestial government, and virtues, all such medicinal plants as grow in England, and are omitted in his book, called, The English-physitian, and supplying the additional virtues of such plants wherein he is defective : also the description, kinds, names, place, time, nature, planetary regiment, temperature, and physical virtues of all such trees, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, excrescencies of plants, gums, ceres, and condensate juices, as are found in any part of the world, and brought to be sold in our druggist and apothecaries shops, with their dangers and corrections / by Joseph Blagrave ... ; to which is annexed, a new tract for the cure of wounds made by gun-shot or otherways, and remedies for the help of seamen troubled with the scurvy and other distempers ...
Blague, Thomas, of Market Harborough. / [1647] A great fight at Market-Harborough at Leicestershire, betwixt the Presbyterians and Independents, some declaring for his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax; others for the late elected Generals, Massie and Poynts. With, the number that were slain and wounded, and the manner how the Presbyterians were put to flight.
Blaithwaite, Mary. / [1654] The complaint of Mary Blaithwaite widdovv; setting forth her sad condition, occasioned by the late dissolution of the Parliament, and neglect of justice ever since. Die Venris 10 Martii 1647. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament assembled, that the petition of Mary Blaithwaite, and the articles anexed, are heereby referred to Sir Edward Leche, to examine the businesse, and state the same, and make report thereof to this house with all convenient speed. Jo. Browne Cleric. Parl.
Blake, David, fl. 1600. / [1600] An exposition vppon the thirtie two psalme describing the true manner of humbling and raising vppe of Gods children. Set foorth by Maister David Blak.
Blake, Martin, 1594 or 5-1673. / [1645] The great question so much now insisted on by some touching scandalous Christians as yet not legally convicted: whether, or no, they may be lawfully admitted by the minister, or communicated with by the people, at the Lords table? The affirmative maintained by way of answer to a discourse of Mr. B. Coxe. / By Martin Blake B.D. and V. of B. in Devon. in the behalfe of himselfe, and his parishioners, whom Mr. B. Coxe hath secretly laboured with, to draw them to the contrary opinion.
Blake, Nicholas, Preacher of the Gospel. / [1681] Bravch's work finished a sermon preached at the funeral of that painful labourer in the Lords vineyard, Mr. James Sharp, and now published at the earnest request of his friends / by Nicholas Blake ...
Blake, Richard, Sir, d. 1663. / [Printed Anno Domini, 1641] Sir Richard Blake his speech in the House of Commons at a grand committee for the bill against paper petitions.: Master Brereton sitting in the chaire Iune XXVIII. 1641.
Blake, Thomas. / [printed Anno Dom. 1665] Living truths in dying times: Some meditations (upon Luk. 21.30. [sic]) occasioned by the present judgement of the plague. / By Thomas Blake.
Blake, Thomas. / [1666] Eben-ezer, or, Profitable truths after pestilential times being some meditations upon Isaiah 4, 2, shewing the mercy and the duty of those that have escap'd the slaughtering pestilence : as also, that all slaughter shall end in the exhaltation of Christ and the setting up of his kingdom : together with an epistolary preface to the citizens of London & Westminster / by Thomas Blake.
Blake, Thomas, 1597?-1657. / [MDCLVI. 1656] Mr Humphrey's Second vindication of a disciplinary anti-Erastian, orthodox, free-admission to the Lords-Supper,: taken into consideration, in a letter occasionally written / by Mr Blake pastor of Tamworth, and by a friend of truth made publick.
Blake, Thomas, 1597?-1657. / [1645 i.e. 1644] A moderate ansvver to these two questions 1. Whether ther [sic] be sufficient ground in Scripture to warrant the conscience of a Christian to present his infants to the sacrament of baptism. 2. Whether it be not sinfull for a Christian to receiv [sic] the sacrament in a mixt assembly. Prepared for the resolution of a friend, and now presented to the publick view of all, for the satisfaction of them who desire to walk in the ancient and long-approved way of truth and holiness. By T.B. B.D.
Blake, Thomas, 1597?-1657. / [1655] The covenant sealed. Or, A treatise of the sacraments of both covenants, polemicall and practicall. Especially of the sacraments of the covenant of grace. In which, the nature of them is laid open, the adæquate subject is largely inquired into, respective to right and proper interest. to fitnesse for admission to actual participation. Their necessity is made known. Their whole use and efficacy is set forth. Their number in Old and New Testament-times is determined. With several necessary and useful corollaries. Together with a brief answer to Reverend Mr. Baxter's apology, in defence of the treatise of the covenant. / By Thomas Blake, M.A. pastor of Tamworth, in the counties of Stafford and Warwick.
Blake, Thomas, 1597?-1657. / [1644] The birth-priviledge, or, Covenant-holinesse of beleevers and their issue in the time of the Gospel together with the right of infants to baptisme / by Thomas Blake ...
Blakie, N. / [1671] Lazarus redivivus, or, A discovery of the trials and triumphs that accompany the vvork of God in and about his people with an essay, tending to clear up those mistakes men have about it : laid open in several sermons.
Bland, George. / [1628?] [To] the honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament The humble remonstrance of the benefits of drayning fenne lands in the severall counties of Yorke, Lincolne, Cambridge, Norfolke and Huntington.
Bland, Peter, of Gray's Inne. / [1642] Resolved upon the question· Or A question resolved concerning the right which the King hath to Hull, or any other fort or place of strength for the defence of the kingdome. Wherein is likewise proved, that neither the setling of the militia as tis done by the Parliament, nor the keeping of Hull by Sir Iohn Hotham, nor any other act that the Parliament have yet done is illegall, but necessary, just, and according to that power which the law hath given them. By Peter Bland of Grays-Inne Gent.
Bland, Peter, of Gray's Inne. / [1643] An answer to the late scandalous and libellous pamphlet, entituled, A complaint to the House of Commons; and resolution taken up by the free Protestant subjects of the cities of London and Westminster, and the counties adjacent.: Wherein 'tis proved, that the Lord Major of London doth not usurp his office; but is a legall major, and obedience ought to be given him. / By Peter Bland of Grays-Inne, Gent.
Blandford, Susannah. / [printed in the year, 1700] A small treatise writ by one of the true Christian faith who believes in God and in his son Jesus Christ. By S.B.
Blandford, Susannah. / [Printed in the year 1698] A small account given forth by one that hath been a traveller for these 40 years in the good old way And as an incouragement to the weary to go forward; I by experience have found there is a rest remains for all they that truly trusts in the Lord. S.B.
Blankaart, Steven, 1650-1702. / [M.DC.LXXXIV 1684] A physical dictionary: in which all the terms relating either to anatomy, chirurgery, pharmacy, or chymistry are very accurately explain'd / by Stephen Blancard ...
Blaxland, Stephen. / [Anno 1657] Speculum Culmerianum wherein all persecuting, and malitious priests may behold the blindnesse of their zeale, the shame of their hypocricy, and the just reward of their unsatisfied malice. Being an answer to a scandalous book called A parish looking-glasse for persecutors of ministers, pretended to be writ by Richard Culmer the younger, in defence of his father Richard Culmer, Minister of Minster in the County of Kent ... / By Stephen Blaxland.
Blechynden, Richard, 1647 or 8-1697. / [1685] Two useful cases resolved I. Whether a certainty of being in a state of salvation be attainable? II. What is the rule by which this certainty is to be attained?
Blégny, Monsieur de (Nicolas), 1652-1722. / [1682] The English remedy, or, Talbor's wonderful secret for cureing of agues and feavers sold by the author Sir Robert Talbor to the Most Christian King, and since his death ordered by His Majesty to be published in French for the benefit of his subjects ; and now translated into English for publick good.
Bleming, Jone. / [1693] The new prayers for K. William & Q. Mary and prosperity to their arms both by sea and land, against the French King. Used by the people called Quakers.
Blenerhasset, Thomas. / [1582] A reuelation of the true Minerua The effect of this booke. Who on earth be gods: and by what meanes mortall men may bee made immortall.
Blenkow, John, b. 1609. / [1640] Michaels combat with the diuel: or, Moses his funerall Delivered in a sermon preached in St. Pauls Church, on Sunday morning, being the Feast of St. Michael, 1639. By Iohn Blenkovv, LL.B. sometime Fellow of S. Iohn Bap. Coll. in Oxford.
Blinman, Richard. / [1675] [A] rejoynder to Mr. Henry Danvers his brief friendly reply to my ansvver about infant-baptism / by Richard Blinman ...
Blithe, Nathaniel. / [1674] A plain and brief explanation upon the church catechisme different from what hitherto hath been extant : wherein the first elements and grounds of religion are reduced to such plain and familiar questions and answers ... : to which is added, a plain and useful tract of confirmation / by Nathaniel Blithe ...
Blois, Louis de, 1506-1566. / [1686] Seven exercises or meditations by which a man may be, in a short time, established in the fear of God, and a good and holy life / by Lewis Blosius ...
Blois, Louis de, 1506-1566. / [1676] A mirrour for monkes written by Lewis Blosius.
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. / [1659] Questions propounded to George Whitehead and George Fox &c. Who disputed by turnes against one Universitie man in Cambridge. Aug. 29. 1659. By R.B.
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. / [1693?] Proposals for the printing an entire course or body of philosophy, according to the principles of the famous Renate Des Cartes, wrote in Latin by the learned Anthony Le Grand: which will now be carefully translated into English by good hands, with large additions and alterations by the said author, and printed in folio, with an illustration of about an hundred ornamental scultptures / by Richard Blome, dwelling near Clare-market in New Weld-street, at the house with green pallisado-pails; where proposals are delivered and subscriptions taken for the same, and where they may inspect the said work.
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. / [1695?] Proposals for the printing a description of the cities of London and Westminster, with the liberties and parts adjacent, according to their present state.: And for as much as our American plantations are of such great concern in way of trade, &c. to this city and kingdom, there shall be printed a description thereof and that according to these particulars, / by Richard Blome, his Majesty's cosmographical printer, dwelling in New Weldstreet, at the Green Pallisado Pails, near Clare-market ; where proposals are delivered, and subscriptions taken for the same, and where the work may be inspected every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoons.
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. / [1687] The present state of His Majesties isles and territories in America ... with new maps of every place : together with astronomical tables, which will serve as a constant diary or calendar, for the use of the English inhabitants in those islands, from the year 1686 to 1700 : also a table by which ... you may know what hour it is in any of those parts, and how to make sun-dials fitting for all those places.
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. / [1660] The fanatick history: or an exact relation and account of the old Anabaptists, and new Quakers. Being the summe of all that hath been yet discovered about their most blasphemous opinions, dangerous pactises [sic], and malitious endevours to subvert all civil government both in church and state. Together with their mad mimick pranks, and their ridiculous actions and gestures, enough to amaze any sober christian. Which may prove the death & burial of the fanatick doctrine. Published with the approbation of divers orthodox divines.
Blome, Richard, d. 1705. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] The art of heraldry in two parts : the first concisely comprehending all necessary rules in the said art, with many useful examples of bearing, to facilitate the way of blazening any coat of armor : the second part giving a full account of the priviledges [sic], dignities &c. of the nobility and gentry of England : together with the achievements of each degree &c. according to the excellent method of Guillim's Heraldry, the whole illustrated with fifty two proper sculptures, for the better explanation thereof.
Blondeau, Peter. / [1653] A most humble mem[o]randum from Peter Blondeau, concerning the offers made to him by this Commonwealth, for the coyning of the monie, by a new invention, not yet practised in any state of the world, the which will prevent counterfeiting, casting, washing, and clipping of the same : which coyn shall be marked on both the flat sides, and about the thickness or the edge ; of a like bigness and largness, as the ordinarie coyn is : and will cost no more than the ordinarie unequal coyn, which is used now.
Blount, Charles, 1654-1693. / [1684] Janua scientiarum, or, A compendious introduction to geography, chronology, government, history, phylosophy, and all genteel sorts of literature by Charles Blount ...
Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679. / [1680-1681] Boscobel, or, The compleat history of His Sacred Majesties most miraculous preservation after the Battle of Worcester, 3 Sept., 1651 introduced by an exact relation of that battle and illustrated with a map of the city.
Blount, Walter Kirkham, Sir, d. 1717. / [1686] The spirit of Christianity
Bloys, William, 17th cent. / [Anno 1632] Meditations upon the XLII. Psalme. By William Bloys esquire
Bloys, William, 17th cent. / [1638] Adam in his innocencie. By William Bloys, esquire
Blum, Hans, fl. 1567. / [1668] A description of the five orders of columnes and tearms of architecture according to the ancient use and best rules of the most eminent Italian architects, viz. : the tuscan, dorick, ionick, corinthian and composite / drawn and described (with great care and diligence) after the right symmetry and measure of free masons by Hans Bloome.
Blum, Hans, fl. 1567. / [1635] The booke of fiue collumnes of architecture called Tusca, Dorica, Ionica, Corinthia & Composita: drawne and counterfeited after the right symmetry and cunning measurs of free-masons. Gathered with great diligence by Hans Bloome, out of antiquities, for the benefit of free-masons, carpenters, goldsmithes, painters, carvers, in-layers, anticke-cutters, and all other that delight to practise with the compass and squire. Translated out of Latine into English by I. T.
Blundell, George, Sir. / [1683] Remarks upon a tract, intituled A treatise of humane reason, and upon Mr. Warren's late defence of it. / By Sir George Blundell.