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Bibliander, Theodorus, ca. 1504-1564. / [the yere of ower Lorde. M.D.XlII. 1542 men. of Auguste] A godly consultation vnto the brethren and companyons of the Christen religyon By what meanes the cruell power of the Turkes, bothe may, and ought for to be repelled of the Christen people, Theodore Bibliander beinge the author. Thow shalt also fynde here (most gentle reader) of the reasons wherwyth a firme and sure concorde and peace in the Churche, and the Christen publyke weale may be constytuted, and of the fyrst begynnynge and increacementes of the Turkes domynyon, and also of the superstytyous and damnable lawe of the Mahumetanes, and of other certen thynges moste worthy truly to be red and consydered.
Bidbanck, William. / [1685] A present for children. Being a brief, but faithful account of many remarkable and excellent things utter'd by three young children, to the wonder of all that heard them. To which is added a seasonable exhortaion to parents, for the education of their children. / By a person of quality. Published by William Bidbanck, M.A.
Biddle, Ester. / [166-?] VVo to thee town of Cambridge, thy wickedness surmounteth the wickedness of Sodom ...:
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [1654] A twofold catechism: the one simply called A Scripture-catechism; the other, A brief Scripture-catechism for children. Wherein the chiefest points of the Christian religion, being question-wise proposed, resolve themselves by pertinent answers taken word for word out of the Scripture, without either consequences or comments. Composed for their sakes that would fain be meer Christians, and not of this or that sect, inasmuch as all the sects of Christians, by what names soever distinguished, have either more or less departed from the simplicity and truth of the Scripture. By John Biddle, Master of Arts of the University of Oxford.
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [Printed in the yeer. 1655] Two letters of Mr. Iohn Biddle, late prisoner in Nevvgate, but now hurried away to some remote island. One to the Lord Protector. The other to the Lord President Laurence. Wherein you have an account of his judgement concerning those opinions whereof he is accused.
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [Printed in the yeare 1647] Twelve arguments drawn out of the Scripture,: wherein the commonly received opinion touching the deity of the Holy Spirit, is clearly and fully refuted. To which is prefixed a letter tending to the same purpose, written to a Member of the Honourable House of Commons. And to which is subjoyned an exposition of five principall passages of the Scripture, alleadged by the adversaries to prove the deity of the Holy Spirit; together with an answer to their grand objection touching the supposed omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. / By Iohn Bidle, Master of Arts.
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [1653] The testimonies of Irenæus, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Novatianus, Theophilus, Origen, (who lived in the two first centuries after Christ was born, or thereabouts;) as also, of Arnobius, Lactantius, Eusebius, Hilary, and Brightman; concerning that one God, and the persons of the Holy Trinity. Together with observations on the same.
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [1648] A confession of faith touching the Holy Trinity, according to the Scripture
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [1691] The apostolical and true opinion concerning the Holy Trinity, revived and asserted: partly by twelve arguments levied against the traditional and false opinion about the Godhead of the Holy Spirit. Partly by a confession of faith touching the Three Persons. Both which having been formerly set forth, were much altered and augmented, with explications of Scripture, and with reasons: and finally, with testimonies of the Fathers, and of others. All reprinted, anno 1653. By John Bidle, M.A. And now again with the life of the author prefixed, anno Dom. 1691.
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [Printed anno Dom. 1653] The apostolical and true opinion concerning the Holy Trinity, revived and asserted; partly by twelve arguments levyed against the traditional and false opinion about the Godhead of the Holy Spirit: partly by a confession of faith touching the three Persons. Both which, having been formerly set forth in those yeers which the respective titles bear, are now so altered, so augmented, what with explications of the Scripture, what with reasons, what finally with testimonies of the fathers, and of others, together with observations thereupon, that they may justly seem new.
Bidwell, Robert. / [1657] The copy of the covenant of grace With a true discovery of several false pretenders to that eternal inheritance, and of the right heir thereunto. Together with such safe instructions as will inable him to clear his title, and to make it unquestionable. Exactly evidenced by many perspicuous and unconstrained testimonies of scripture. Penned, and published upon mature deliberation, and good advise. / By Robert Bidwel, a servant, and minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Bigod, Francis, Sir, 1508-1537. / [1535?] A treatise co[n]cernynge impropriations of benefices. Cum priuilegio regali
Bilain, Antoine, d. 1672. / [1667] A Dialogue concerning the rights of Her Most Christian Majesty
Bill, Edward. / [1651] Certain propositions sent by the States of Holland, to the lords embassadors of the common-wealth of England: wherein, they desire, that the ancient amity may be continued between both states; and that they may be aiding and assisting to each other, against all persons whatsoever, that shall be disturbant to them. Also, a discovery of several plots of divers English and Scotch Cavaliers; and their intentions to murther the Lord St John, Mr Fairfax, and young Dorislaus. With, the States of Hollands message to the Queen of Bohemia; concerning the uncivil behaviour of her son, Prince Edward, towards the lords embassadours and their followers: and the States Order he should be tried by a court of justice. Together with an exact diurnal of each days progress and preceedings, from the last of March, to the sixth of April. 1651. Published according to order.
Billing, Edward, 1623-1686. / [1661] Words in the word to be read by Friends in the simplicity, felt in the povver, and received in the love.
Billing, Edward, 1623-1686. / [1659] A word of reproof and advice to my late fellow-souldiers and officers of the English, Irish, and Scotish army with some inrhoad made upon the hireling and his mass-house, university, orders, degrees, vestments, poperies, heathenism, &c. : with a short catalogue of some of the fighting priests and ... have given them a blow in one of their eyes (pickt out of the whores head) which they call a fountain of religion but is a sink of iniquity ... / by E.B.
Billing, Edward, 1623-1686. / [1664] A faithful testimony for God & my country, or, A retro-spective glass for the legislators and the rest of the sons of the Church of England (so called), who are found persecuting the innocent
Billing, R. / [1689] A letter from on board Major General Kirke giving a full account of the posture of affairs of London-Derry and their resolution to hold out that garrison for the service of King William and Queen Mary : with a list of the Irish forces, the officers slain, and the prisoners taken.
Billinghurst, George. / [1676] The judges resolutions upon the several statutes concerning bankrupts with the like resolutions on the statutes of 13 Eliz. and 27 Eliz. touching fraudulent conveyances / by George Billinghurst ...
Billinghurst, George. / [1674] Arcana clericalia, or, The mysteries of clarkship being a sure way of setling estates by [brace] deeds, fines, and recoveries : with the forms of all manner of charter-parties in maritime cities, towns and corporations : with a table of all the principle matters therein contained / by George Billinghurst ...
Billingsley, John, 1657-1722. / [1700] A sermon preach'd to the Society for the reformation of manners in Kingston upon Hull on Wednesday, January the 10th, 1699/700.
Billingsley, John, 1657-1722. / [1690] The believer's daily exercise, or, The Scripture precept of being in the fear of the Lord all the day long explained and urged in four sermons / by John Billingsley ...
Billingsley, Martin, b. 1591. / [1618?] The pen's exellencie, or, The secretaries delight ... together with an insertion of sondrie peeces, or examples of all y[e] vsuall hands of England : as also an addition of certaine methodicall observations for writing, making of the pen, holding the pen, &c. / written by Martin Billingsley ... ; the Greeke & Hebrewe with other peeces never yet extant are hereunto by the authour exactlie added.
Billingsley, Nicholas, 1633-1709. / [1667] A treasury of divine raptures consisting of serious observations, pious ejaculations, select epigrams, alphabetically rank'd and fil'd by a private chaplain to the illustrious and renowned lady, Urania, the divine and heavenly muse : the first part.
Billingsley, Nicholas, 1633-1709. / [1658] Kosmobrephia or the infancy of the world: with an appendix of Gods resting day, Eden garden; mans happiness before, misery after, his fall. Whereunto is added, the praise of nothing; divine ejaculations; the four ages of the world; the birth of Christ; also a century of historical applications; with a taste of poetical fictions. / Written some years since by N.B. then of Eaton school; and now published at the request of his friends.
Billy, Himbert de, ca. 1544-ca. 1630. / [1604] A vvonderful prognostication or prediction for these seuen yeeres insuing shewing the strange and wonderfull comets and meatuors, beginning this present yeere, 1604 / written in French by the Lord of Billy ...
Binckes, Joseph. / [1653] Light breaking forth according to the promise of God discovering it self to the destroying and rasing the fundamentals of antichristian gatherings together, under the notion of the churches of Christ: together with some propheticall hints touching the exaltation of the throne and kingdom of Christ in truth and righteousnesse. With a brief declaration to the inhabitants of these three nations, England, Scotland and Ireland: also a letter to Judge Cooke. ... Written in the year of the worlds wonder, and humbly presented to the saints and servants of the most high God, not in name onely, but in deed and in truth. By a lover of truth, and witnesse hereof, Io. Binckes.
Binet, Etienne, 1569-1639. / [1663] Purgatory surveyed, or, A particular accompt of the happy and yet thrice unhappy state of the souls there also of the singular charity and wayes we have to relieve them : and of the devotion of all ages for the souls departed : with twelve excellent means to prevent purgatory and the resolution of many curious and important points.
Binet, Etienne, 1569-1639. / [M.DCXXVI. 1626] An answer to the demands of a great prelate Touching the hierarchy of the Church. And the just defence of priviledges, and religious men.
Bingley, William, 1651-1715. / [1697] Tender counsel and advice to the flock of God everywhere by a lover of truth and righteousness, William Bingley.
Bingley, William, 1651-1715. / [1692] An epistle of tender love to friends in Ireland by your faithful friend and brother in the truth William Bingley.
Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653. / [Anno Dom. 1676] Heart-humiliation, or, Miscellany sermons preached upon some choice texts at several solemn occasions : never before printed. / By that eminent preacher of the Gospel, Mr. Hugh Binning, late minister at Gowan.
Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, Sir, 1572-1644. / [1655] Coralbo a new romance in three bookes / written in Italian by Cavalier Gio. Francesco Biondi ; and now faithfully render'd into English.
Biondi, Giuseppe, 1537-1598. / [M.DC.XX. 1620] A relation of the death of the most illustrious lord, Sigr. Troilo Sauelli, a Baron of Rome who was there beheaded, in the castle of Sant-Angelo, on the 18. of April, 1592. With a preface, conteyning diuers particulers, which are wholy necessary to be knowne, for the better vnderstanding of the relation it selfe.
Biondi, Giuseppe, 1537-1598. / [1663] The penitent bandito, or, The history of the conversion & death of the most illustrious lord, Signor Troilo Sauelli, a baron of Rome by Sir T.M.
Birch, Peter, 1652?-1710. / [1689] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, November 5, 1689 by P. Birch ...
Birch, Peter, 1652?-1710. / [1694] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at St. Margarets Westminster, January 30, 1694 by Peter Birch ...
Birch, Peter, 1652?-1710. / [1700] A funeral sermon preach'd on the decease of Grace Lady Gethin, wife of Sir Richard Gethin, Baronet, on the 28 day of March, 1700 at Westminster-Abby and for perpetuating her memory a sermon is to be preach'd in Westminster-Abby, yearly, on Ash-Wednesday for ever / by Dr. Birch ...
Birchall, John. / [1644] The non-pareil, or, The vertuous daughter surmounting all her sisters described in a funerall sermon upon the death of that vertuous lady, Elizabeth Hoyle, late wife of the worshipfull Thomas Hoyle, alderman of the city of Yorke / by that godly and reverend divine, Mr. Iohn Birchall ...
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [1700] Devotions in the ancient way of offices. With psalms, hymns, and prayers for every day of the week and every holiday in the year. / Reformed by A person of quality, ; and published by George Hickes, D.D.
Bird, Benjamin. / [1691] The Williamites catechism, or, Instructions to be learned of all those who are well wishers to the Protestant religion and the English liberties by Benjamin Bird.
Bird, Benjamin. / [1691] The Jacobites Catechism that is to say, an instruction to be learned of every person who either desires or expects to be confirmed by the late Bishop of Ely / by Benjamin Bird ...
Bird, Iosias, d. 1666. / [1613] Loues peereles paragon, or the attributes, and progresse of the Church A sermon preached in St. Maries in Oxford, and at Harfield in Middlesex. 1613. By Iosias Byrd.
Bird, Samuel, d. 1604. / [1598] The lectures of Samuel Bird of Ipswidge vpon the 8. and 9. chapters of the second Epistle to the Corinthians
Bird, Samuel, d. 1604. / [1580] A friendlie communcication or dialogue betweene Paule and Damas wherein is disputed how we are to vse the pleasures of this life. By Samuel Byrd, Master of Art, and fellow not long since of Benet Colledge.
Bird, William, 17th cent. / [1642] A treatise of the nobilitie of the realme collected out of the body of the common law, with mention of such statutes as are incident hereunto, upon a debate of the Barony of Aburgavenny : with a table of the heads contained in this treatise.
Bird, William, 17th cent. / [1658] Judge Dodaridge, his law of nobility and peerage wherein the antiquities, titles, degrees, and distinctions, concerning the peeres and nobility of this nation, are excellently set forth : with the knights, esquires, gentleman, and yeoman, and matters incident to them, according to the lawes and customes of England.
Birdwood, James. / [1690] Hearts-ease in heart-trouble. Or, A soveraign remedy against all trouble of heart that Christ's disciples are subject to under all kinds of afflictions in this life. Prescribed by the great physician, the Lord Jesus Christ, which hath never failed those that have used it, or ever will, to the end of the world. By J.B. Minister of the gospel.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1653] Two centvries of Pauls church-yard una cum indice expurgatorio in bibliothecam Parliamenti, sive librorum, qui prostant venales in vico vulgo vocato Little-Brittain / done into English for the benefit of the assembly of divines, and the two universities.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [Printed in the yeare 1646] The speech without doores defended without reason. Or, A vindication of the Parliaments honour:: in a rejoynder to three pamphlets published in defence of M. Chaloners speech.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1651-1652] Paul's Church-yard.: Libri theologici, politici, historici, nundinus Paulinis (unà cum templo) prostant venales. Juxta seriem alphabeti democratici. / Done into English for the Assembly of Divines.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1648] Nevves from Pembroke and Mongomery, or Oxford Manchesterd by Michael Oldsworth and his Lord, who swore he was chancellour of Oxford, and proved it in a speech made to the new visitours in their new convocation, April 11. 1648. As here it follows word for word and oath for oath.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [Anno Dom. 1649. i.e. 1650] Loyalties tears flowing after the bloud of the royall sufferer Charles I. &c. Englands glory and shame. By J.B.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1681] The assembly-man written in the year 1647.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1681/2] The assembly-man written by John Birkenhead, in the year 1647.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1646] An ansvver to a speech without doores: or, Animadversions upon an unsafe and dangerous answer to the Scotch-papers, printed under the name of Mr. Challener his speech, which while it offereth to reach a blow at the Scotch-papers, doth indeed strike at the honour of the Parliament, and interest of the kingdome of England.
Birkenhead, Michael. / [1602] The recoverie of paradise. A sermon, on the incarnation and birth of our Sauior Christ. By Michael Birkhed
Birket, John. / [1700] The god-father's advice to his son shewing the necessity of performing the baptismal vow and the danger of neglecting it : with general instructions to young persons to lead a religious life and prepare them for their confirmation and worthy receiving of the blessed sacrament : very necessary for parents, &c. to give their children or others committed to their care / by John Birket ...
Birkhead, Henry, 1617?-1696. / [1645] Poematica
Bisbie, Nathaniel, 1635-1695. / [MDCXCII 1692] Unity of priesthood necessary to the unity of communion in a church with some reflections on the Oxford manuscript and the preface annexed : also a collection of canons, part of the said manuscript, faithfully translated into English from the original, but concealed by Mr. Hody and his prefacer.
Bisbie, Nathaniel, 1635-1695. / [1682] Prosecution no persecution, or, The difference between suffering for disobedience and faction, and suffering for righteousness and Christ's sake truly discussed and stated in a sermon upon Phil. I. 29, preached at Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk on the 22th of March, 1681, being the time of the general assizes there held / by Nath. Bisbie ...
Bisbie, Nathaniel, 1635-1695. / [1683] The modern Pharisees, or, A sermon on the xxiij. of S. Matt., v. 15 shewing the principles of the present Jesuites and Puritans to be of the same evil influence with the ancient Pharisees and equally vexatious and destructive to government / by Nath. Bisbie ...
Bisbie, Nathaniel, 1635-1695. / [1686] The bishop visiting, or, A sermon on I. Cor. XI. xxxiv. preached at Bvry St. Edmunds before the Right Reverend Father in God, William Lord-Bishop of Norwich, at the first session of His Lordship's primary visitation held there, on May the 3d 1686 / by Nath. Bisbie ...
Bisco, John, d. 1679. / [1655] The grand triall of true conversion. Or, Sanctifying grace appearing and acting first and chiefly in the thoughts.: A treatise wherein these two mysteries are opened. 1. The mystery of iniquity working in mans thoughts by corrupt nature. II. The mystery of holiness working in the thoughts of sanctified persons. Together with precious preservatives against evill thoughts. / By John Bisco, minister of the gospel in Thomas Southwarke.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] Yet one warning more, or, The tender of the Lords love to the lawyers, judges, rulers of these nations by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1660] The warnings of the Lord to the men of this generation particularly, to those in power, who are lately past away, ere they so passed; and to them that remain, who are* ready to passe except they speedily repent. As they were given forth in sundry letters, and sent to Oliver Cromwel, Richard his son, late Protectors. The Parrliament [sic] succeeding. The council of officers of the Army. The Council of State. A Member of the Parliament and Council of State, and Committee of Safety. The general council of the officers of the Army a citizen of London, and one of the commissioners of the militia there. By his servant George Bishop. Who is moved of the Lord (now) to publish them, ... Whereunto is added, The burden of Dumah upon occasion of this query, sent in a letter by one related to the Army, viz. - Watchman! What of the night? Watchman! What of the night?
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1667] The warnings of the Lord to the King of England and his Parliament as they were wrote and sent by his servant, George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1665] A vindication of the principles and practices of the people called Quakers from the false aspersions of being monstrous in their opinions as to religion, denyers of the Old and New Testaments, inconsistent with and contrary to government, useless to the King and country, such as for whose protection the magistrate is no way obliged to take care, injurers of common justice between party and party, unfit for the societies of men and publique conversation in answer to a paper superscribed, To George Bishop of Bristol and to the rest of that party commonly called Quakers / by George Bishop.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1663] Two treatises the one, Of eternal judgment, or, The great day of God : the other, The man of sin, or, The son of perdition, or, that wicked revealed / George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1663] A treatise concerning election & reprobation and the things appertaining thereunto ... / written in the fear and at the movings of the Lord, by his servant Geo. Bishop.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1660] To thee Charls Stuart, King of England, am I moved of the Lord to write and to thee it is the visitation of his love, through him whose travel hath been for thee, that thy soul may be saved in the day of the Lord, therefore hear that thy soul may live, and thy dayes be prolonged in the house of thy pilgrimage.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [the 25th of the 9th month, 1664] To the King, and both houses of Parliament, thus saith the Lord; meddle not with my people because of their conscience to me; and banish them not out of the nation, because of their conscience: for, if you do, I will send my plagues upon you; and you shall know that I am the Lord. / Written in obedience to the Lord, by his servant, Geo. Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1657] The throne of truth exalted over the povvers of darkness. From whence is judged, the mouth of Ralph Farmer (an unclean and blood-thirsty priest of Bristol) opened in blasphemy against God, and his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven; in a late noysome pamphlet of his, intituled, Satan enthron'd in his chair of pestilence; or, Quakerism in its exaltation. And in the light and power of which is comprehended, swept away, and overthrown the filthy matter, and mischievous design of Satan in that heap of falshood; and his confusion, dishonesty, lyes, slanders, scoffs, blasphemies, and other polluted stuff with which it is fill'd, made manifest, and turned back into his own bosome, the lake from whence it came; and the truth fully vindicated, & made to apear clear, as to all that's endeavoured to be cast thereon by him, either as to I.N. and that companie's late coming to Bristol, their papers, &c. or upon occasion thereof in that his book. For the sake of the simple-hearted in this great hour of temptation, and power of darkness. By a witness of the truth, ... Geo. Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1660] A tender visitation of love, to both the Universities Oxford and Cambridge and to the Inns of Court and Chancery even to the seed of God in you all, for you to mind, and consider ere it be too late. From the movings of the Lord, in your friend George Bishop.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1662] The stumbling-stone and rock of offence, as it hath been in all ages both to Jew & Gentile, Christ Jesus, the power of God and the wisdom of God opened to the understanding of the simple in the answers to these questions, viz, what Christ Jesus is, what the stumbling-stone and rock of offence, how he hath been, and is, the rock of offence and stone of stumbling in all ages, wherefore it hath been and is so in all ages, or the reason of the thing, what's the end of the Lord in all, or his designe therein / by Geo. Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] A salutation of love to the seed of God in the people called Independents, and Baptists, Monarchy-men and Seekers ... / through George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1658] A rejoinder consisting of two parts, the first entituled, The ballance, or, A vindication of the proceedings and judgement of Parliament and their ministers, in the cases of William (called lord) Craven, Christopher Love. : From the scandalous allegations and ironical reflections of Ralph Farmer ... in a late infamous libel of his, named, The imposter dethron'd, etc. ... Wherein the Commonwealth's case as to the one is briefly stated, and the treasons of the other are rehearsed as a looking-glass for the priests, and an awakening to England. : The second, Evil scattered from the throne, and the wheel brought over the wicked: in an examination of that part of The imposter dethron'd as is in way of reply to The throne of truth exalted, etc.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1650?] A modest check to part of a scandalous libel intituled the case of Col. Kyrle, Capt. Pury Iunior and Captain Phillips concerning Wood &c. wherein the false and unworthy aspertions cast upon the gentlemen of Bristoll and some others, late commissioners for the enquiring into and preventing the wasts of the forrest of Deane are wiped off, their integrity vindicated and other things occasionally touched at / by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1659] Mene tekel, or, The council of officers of the Army, against the declarations, &c. of the Army. Wherein is flatly proved by the express words of the Armies declarations, that the sixth article of the * late address of the said council of officers to the Parliament, point-blank changeth the cause of liberty of conscience, from the good old one, to a bad new one; from that which at first, and all along the Army engaged in, and for, and declared to that which they engaged against. Moreover, that the imposition therein is agreeable neither to the Armies solemn declarations and engagements, nor to liberty of conscience, nor to the Scriptures of truth, but is contrary to them all ... Geo. Bishop.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1668] A looking-glass for the times being a tract concerning the original and rise of truth and the original and rise of Antichrist : showing by pregnant instances of Scripture, history, and other writings, that the principles and practices of the people called Quakers in this day and their sufferings are the same as were the principles and practices of Christ and His apostles ... / by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1663] A little treatise concerning things indifferent in relation unto worship directed to the King and his council and all others who are concerned (or do think themselves so to be) in matters of religion : for them to weigh well, mind, and consider (if they please) ere any determination be had in things of that nature / by one that loves the truth and peace, George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1664] A little treatise concerning sufferings for the satisfaction of all that will live godly in Christ Jesus who shall suffer persecution : unto which is annexed A little treatise concerning glory / written in the spirit of love and bowels of meeknesse by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1655] Jesus Christ, the same to day, as yesterday, in life and power, in afflictions and sufferings: and the seed of the serpent the same now, as ever, in darkness and emnity; in rage and persecution. Being for removal of the stumbling block out of the way of the simple, concerning the testimony now given against the priests, and their worships, (viz.) Cannot you let them alone, why do ye disturb them, and their assemblies? go unto their houses, or to some private place, and speak to them there; cannot you give the same liberty to others, which you would have yourselves? Wherein is manifested, that what estimation, and enterrainment [sic] the witness of Jesus receiveth at this day from the men of the world, is the same, as it hath alwayes been from the beginning. / Given forth for the sake of the honest-hearted, and in witness of the truth, as it is in Jesus, every where spoken against, scorned, and persecuted, under the reproachful name of quaking. George Bishop.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1662] An illumination to open the eyes of the papists (so called) and of all other sects; and to give them to see that whilst they would have liberty of conscience themselves, and yet deny the same liberty to others which themselves would have, they are not for but against liberty of conscience. In the pursuance of which, these questions are laid down and resolved, viz. What conscience is? What religion? What the exercise of religion in the conscience? What the liberty of conscience in the exercise of religion? Wherefore conscience cannot be compelled in the exercise of religion? Together with certain corollaries flowing from thence fit for the information of all such as are yet ignorant what conscience is, or the liberty thereof. / by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1660] A few words in season, or, A warning from the Lord to friends of truth that they take heed of security because of the present calme on the one hand, and of fearing, because of the fury of the oppressor that may arise on the other : with some other words of weight to Friends in this hour wherein the Lord is drawing nigh to judgement to save all the meek of the earth : as they were wrote upon the occasions aforesaid to a Friend in London at the movings of the Lord, in which they are now published / by Geo. Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1667] The dominion of the seed of God throughout all generations, or, The heighth and breadth and length and depth of the love of God which passeth knowledge in the sending of his Son Christ Jesus into the world, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have life everlasting / by Geo. Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] The burden of Babylon and the triumph of Sion by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] A book of warnings, or, The visitation of the Lord's love to the King and his Parliament, the nobility and gentry, the arch-bishops and bishops &c., the presbytery, the Independents and Baptists, the people of these nations thorough [sic] his servant George Bishope.
Bishop, George, gentleman in the Parliamentary army. / [1645] A more particular and exact relation of the victory obtained by the Parliaments forces under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax.: Wherein divers things very considerable are mentioned, which before are omitted in the severall relations formerly published. Being two letters, / the one written by G.B. a gentleman in the army, unto Lievtenant Colonell Roe, Scoutmaster Generall for the city of London. The other by Colonell Okey to a citizen of London. With the true coppy of a letter of the regaining of Leicester.
Bishop, John, d. 1613. / [1598] A courteous conference with the English Catholikes Romane about the six articles ministred vnto the seminarie priestes, wherein it is apparantly proued by their owne diuinitie, and the principles of their owne religion, that the Pope cannot depose her Maiestie, or release her subiectes of their alleageance vnto her. And finally, that the bull of Pius Quiutus [sic] pronounced against her Maiestie is of no force eyther in lawe or conscience, all Catholicke scruples to the contrarie beeing throughly and perfectly cleared and resolued, and many memoriall matters exactly discussed, which haue not beene handled by man heeretofore. Written by Iohn Bishop a recusant papist.
Bishop, John, d. 1613. / [Anno. 1577] Beautiful blossomes, gathered by Iohn Byshop, from the best trees of all kyndes, diuine, philosophicall, astronomicall, cosmographical, historical, & humane, that are growing in Greece, Latium, and Arabia, and some also in vulgar orchards, as wel fro[m] those that in auncient time were grafted, as also from them which haue with skilful head and hand beene of late yeares, yea, and in our dayes planted: to the vnspeakable, both pleasure and profite of all such wil vouchsafe to vse them. The first tome
Bishop, William, 1554?-1624. / [1607] The second part of the reformation of a Catholike deformed by Master W. Perkins
Bishop, William, 1554?-1624. / [Anno Domini, 1608] A reproofe of M. Doct. Abbots defence, of the Catholike deformed by M. W. Perkins Wherein his sundry abuses of Gods sacred word, and most manifold mangling, misaplying, and falsifying, the auncient Fathers sentences,be so plainely discouered, euen to the eye of euery indifferent reader, that whosoeuer hath any due care of his owne saluation, can neuer hereafter giue him more credit, in matter of faith and religion. The first part. Made by W.P.B. and Doct. in diuinty.
Bishop, William, 1554?-1624. / [1604] A reformation of a Catholike deformed: by M. W. Perkins Wherein the chiefe controuersies in religion, are methodically, and learnedly handled. Made by D. B. p. The former part.
Bishop, William, 1554?-1624. / [M.DC.XIV. 1614] A disproofe of D. Abbots counterproofe against D. Bishops reproofe of the defence of M. Perkins reformed Catholike. The first part. wherin the now Roman church is maintained to be true ancient catholike church, and is cleered from the vniust imputation of Donatisme. where is also briefly handled, whether euery Christian can be saued in his owne religion. By W. B.P. and D. in diuinity
Bix, Angel, d. 1695. / [1688] A sermon on the Passion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Preach'd before Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, in her chappel at Sommerset House, upon Good Fryday, April 13. 1688. By F. Angel Bix, of the Holy Order of St. Francis. Published by her Majesties special command.