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Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655? / [1655] Devotions: viz. 1 A good womans 2 The humble mans prayer. Præceptis ducimur, exemplis trahimur. Precepts in Gods most holy law do us direct; examples draw. By R.A. D.L.
Aylmer, John, 1521-1594. / [The. 26. of Aprill 1559] An harborovve for faithfull and trevve subiectes agaynst the late blowne blaste, concerninge the gouernme[n]t of vvemen. wherin be confuted all such reasons as a straunger of late made in that behalfe, with a breife exhortation to obedience. Anno. M.D.lix.
Ayloffe, John, d. 1685. / [Anno Dom, 1685] A true account of the proceedings against John Ayloff, and Richard Nelthorp Esquires at the King's-[B]ench-Bar,:
Aynsloe, John, d. 1693. / [1672] A short description of the true ministers and the false how they differ in their call, ministry, doctrine, and fruits that any that are desirous may know the one from the other : also, something concerning the apostacy ... which was in the Apostles dayes ... : something furthur concerning the true ministers of Jesus / testified by one that hath been a true witness of all that he has here written, J. Aynsloe.
Aynsloe, John, d. 1693. / [1683?] Several things given forth by the Spirit of the Lord through a vessel prepared to do the fathers will known by the name of John Ansloe.
Aynsloe, John, d. 1693. / [1664] An epistle written in the movings of Gods holy spirit unto the elect people of God every where.: