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Axe, Thomas. / [1697] A catalogue of English, Greek and Latin books, both ancient and modern especially of the writings of the most eminent divines of our own nation, together with variety of other books ... which will be sold by auction ... at Frank's Coffee-house ... on Wednesday the 13th of this instant October 1697 ... / by Thomas Axe.
Axford, John. / [1697] Hidden things brought to light for the increase of knowledge in reading the Bible being an explanation of the coins, money-weights, measures, mentioned in the Bible ... : also in what chapters and verse or verses they are to be found : likewise the weights and measures how much they are of English : and also hard words of office and sects explained ...
Axford, John. / [1700] An epitomy, shewing when the Protestant religion began, why so call'd, the parts thereof the three creeds, and wherefore people stand when one is said : how and when infant baptism came to be used ... : also the Presbyterians, and what they hold and what Scriptures they produce, and the Independants, and the Baptists, what Scriptures they produce, the Quakers, somewhat of their principles and what Scriptures they produce / by John Axford.