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Aucher, John, 1619-1701. / [1650] Arguments and reasons to prove the inconvenience & unlawfulness of taking the new engagement: modestly propounded to all persons concerned.
Audiguier, Vital d', 1569-1624. / [Anno Domini 1635] A tragi-comicall history of our times, under the borrowed names of Lisander and Calista.
Auditor General for Scotland. / [1657] By the Auditor-General of the revenues of Scotland whereas upon application made unto the right honourable his highness council in Scotland, for the government thereof, by the magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, concerning some abuse, disproportion and difference lately discovered to have been from the 24 of February to the 28 day of April last ...
Audland, Anne, 1626 or 7-1705. / [1655] A true declaration of the suffering of the innocent, who is hated and persecuted without a cause. Wherein is discovered the zeale of the magistrates and people of Banbury, persecuting and imprisoning them that are sent of the Lord in love to their souls to warn them of the evill of their wayes. Declared in a letter sent to William Allen, called justice of peace, with an answer to the false accusations charged upon the innocent. Also their proceedings laid open, and proved to be contrary to the Scriptures. / By Anne Audland, whom the world scornfully calls Quaker.
Audland, John, 1630-1664. / [1662] The suffering condition of the servants of the Lord at this day vindicated and some reasons given why the people called Quakers do own the doctrine of Christ, to continue in it, and to meet together in the name and fear of the Lord, to wait upon him, and worship him in spirit and truth, not withstanding they meet with sufferings in this present time for so doing : Bristol, the 6th month, 1662 / John Audland.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [The yere of our lorde god.M.CCCCC.xxv. the xxviij. daye of Nouember 1525] The rule of saynt Augustyne, bothe in latyn and englysshe, with two exposicyons. And also the same rule agayn onely in englysshe without latyn or exposicyon The tra[n]slatour doth aduyse [and] cou[n]seyll all the disciples of this rule to bere alway one of these bokes upo[n] them syth they ben so portatyue, [and] may be had for so small a pryce.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1660] The life of S. Augustine. The first part: Written by himself in the first ten books of his Confessions faithfully translated.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1593] [The glasse of vaine-glorie] [translated out of S. Augustine by W.P. ...].
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1483?] Excitacio fidelis ad elemosinam faciendam A b[ea]to Augustino conscripta.
Augustus, Emperor of Rome, 63 B.C.-14 A.D. / [1675] The Emperor Augustus his two speeches, in the Senate-House at Rome; the first addressed to the married Romans, the other to the unmarried. / Translated out of Dion Cassius, an ancient Greek historian.
Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705. / [1693] The present court of Spain, or, The modern gallantry of the Spanish nobility unfolded in several histories and seventy five letters from the enamour'd Teresa, to her beloved the Marquis of Mansera / by the ingenious Lady ---, author of The memoirs and travels into Spain ; done into English by J.P.
Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705. / [1697] Memoires of the court of France relating to the amours of the Duke of Maine and the marriages of the other illegitimate children of the French king with the princes and princesses of the blood / written in French by Madam Daunois ; and done into English by Mr. A.B.
Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705. / [1697] The ingenious and diverting letters of the Lady -- travels into Spain. Describing the devotions, nunneries, humours, customs, laws, militia, trade, diet, and recreations of that people. : intermixt with great variety of modern adventures, and surprising accidents: being the truest and best remarks extant on that court and countrey.
Aungier, Francis, Earl of Longford, d. 1700. / [1673] The state of His Majesties revenue in Ireland as the same was given in to the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesties treasury in England, by Francis Lord Angier vice-treasurer of Ireland. And also, the humble proposals of the Right Honourable Richard Lord Viscount Ranelagh upon the said state. Together with His Majesties contract thereupon, concerning His whole revenue in Ireland, by letters patents bearing date the 4th of August, 1672.
Austen, Ralph, d. 1676. / [1653] A treatise of fruit-trees shewing the manner of grafting, setting, pruning, and ordering of them in all respects: according to divers new and easy rules of experience; gathered in ye space of twenty yeares. Whereby the value of lands may be much improued, in a shorttime [sic], by small cost, and little labour. Also discovering some dangerous errors, both in ye theory and practise of ye art of planting fruit-trees. With the alimentall and physicall vse of fruits. Togeather with the spirituall vse of an orchard: held-forth [sic] in divers similitudes betweene naturall & spirituall fruit-trees: according to Scripture & experie[n]ce. By Ra: Austen. Practiser in ye art of planting
Austen, Ralph, d. 1676. / [1676] The strong man armed not cast out, but removed to a stronger hold viz, from profaneness to hypocrisie, or, An answer to a book entituled, The strong man armed cast out and his goods spoyled ... written by James Jackson ... written for the vindication to the truths of the Gospel ... by Ra. Austen.
Austen, Ralph, d. 1676. / [M.DC.LVII. 1657] The spirituall use of an orchard, or garden of fruit-trees. Set forth in divers similitudes betweene naturall and spirituall fruit-trees, in their natures, and ordering, according to Scripture and experience. The second impression; with the addition of many similitudes. By Ra: Austen, author of the first part. By Ra: Austen, author of the first part.
Austen, Ralph, d. 1676. / [1676] A dialogue (or familiar discourse) and conference betweene the husbandman and fruit-trees in his nurseries, orchards, and gardens wherein are discovered many usefull and profitable observations and experriments [sic] in nature, in the ordering fruit-trees for temporall profitt ... / by Ra. Austen ...
Austin, Benjamin. / [1650] Scripture manifestation of the equalitty of the Father, Sonne, and Holy-Ghost. VVherein is above an hundred particulars by parralell places of Scripture, this truth is clearely confirmed; namely that the Scriptures manifest the Sonne, and Holy Ghost to be God equall with the Father, by ascribing to them such names, attributes, works, and worship, as are proper to God alone. / By Beniamin Austin, pastor of the Church of God at Castle-Ashbey in Northamptonshire.
Austin, Robert, b. 1592 or 3. / [1647] The Parliaments rules and directions concerning sacramentall knowledge contained in an ordinance of the Lords and Commons of the 20th of October 1645. Drawn into questions and answers: (which answers in the bigger character are the ordinance it self in the words of it.) With an addition of Scripture-proofs: and some brief directions for self-examination. By Robert Austin, D.D. For the use of the place where he himself is pastour; and the benefit of such other people, as stand in need of the like help.
Austin, Samuel, Minister of St. Michael's Queenhithe. / [1647] A practicall catechisme of purpose framed for the help of such as desire to enjoy more sweet and intimate soul-communion with Jesus Christ in that sacred ordinance of his own Supper. Begun at Newport-Pagnel in Buckinghamshire, revived at Luton in Bedfordshore, and now perfected at Queen Hithe in London. By Samuel Austin, an unworthy minister of the Gospell of Jesus Christ.
Author anonymous. / [1662] The merit and honour of the old English clergy asserted by laws and customs patriarchal, mosaical, evangelical, English, ecclesiastick, ethnick, and the demerit of the new clergy discovered / by an author anonymous.
Author of A letter to a member. / [1660] An humble addresse to the right honourable Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament in vindication of kingly power and government against the damnable positions of Jesuits and phanatiques desiring they would be pleased to call in the king without dishonourable conditions according to his just right / written by the author of a letter to a member.
Author of Ferguson's remonstrance. / [1684] Loyalty triumphant, or, Phanaticism display'd a song.
Author of Regula placitandi. / [1694] Arbitrium redivivum, or, The law of arbitration collected from the law-books both ancient and modern and deduced to these times, wherein the whole learning of awards or arbitrements is methodically treated : with several forms of submissions by way of covenants and bond : as also several forms of arbitrements or awards / by the author of Regula placitandi.
Author of the Carmen natalitium. / [Printed in the year 1700] Thrænodium Britannicum a funeral poem to the memory of William Duke of Glocester / by the author of The carmen natalitium.
Author of The duty of man. / [1680] A discourse, proving from Scripture and reason that the life of man is not limited by any absolute decree of God by the author of The duty of man, &c.
Author of the former Letter for liberty of conscience. / [1668] A second letter to a member of this present Parliament against comprehension by the author of the former Letter for liberty of conscience.
Author of The sufferings of the Church of Scotland. / [1690] The prelatical church-man against the phanatical Kirk-man, or, A vindication of the author of The sufferings of the Church of Scotland