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Apollonius, Willem, 1602 or 3-1657. / [1645] A consideration of certaine controversies at this time agitated in the kingdome of England, concerning the government of the church of God. / Written at the command and appointment of the Walachrian classis, by Guilielmus Apollonii, minister of the Word of God at Middleburgh. And sent from the Walachrian churches, to declare the sense and consent of their churches, to the Synod at London. Octob. 16. 1644. Stilo novo. Translated out of Latine accorning to the printed copy.
Appelius, Joannes. / [1612] A true relation of the right Christianly departure, or death, of the most Noble Earle Philippus Lodouicus Earle of Hanaw and Rieneck, Lord of Mutzenbergk, &c. Vncle to the Count Palatine. Who blessedly deceased, in the Lord, on Sunday the ninth of August 1612. betwixt eight and nine of the clocke in the morning, being returned from his great ambassage for England. Faithfully penned by Ioannes Appelius preacher at Alten-Hasell. Translanted out of the Germane tongue by S.R.
Appleton, Henry, fl. 1650-1654. / [1653] A remonstrance of the fight in Legorn-Road between the English and the Dutch, vvith all the passages of the treaty held by the great Duke of Florence before the same. Also many other particulars, as they were presented to his Excellency the Lord General Cromwel, and the Right Honorable the Councel of State.
Apprentice of London. / [1681] Loyalty vindicated from the calumnies cast upon it by Richard Janeway in his Impartial Mercury in a letter from an apprentice of London to a Wortby citizen.