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An assured well-wisher of Mr. Clark. / [1691] Master Clark defended: or, a vindication of two particular passages in the historical relation of the late Presbyterian General Assembly:
Anderdon, Christopher. / [1692] A catechism for the use of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales
Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. / [1660] A visitation in love to those of the people called Baptists, with whom the Lords Spirit yet ceaseth not to strive, that have not slain the witness by making war, and contending against the light ... by one who travels in the Spirit for their souls good ... J.A.
Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. / [1659] To those that sit in counsel for ordering the affairs of the nation, &c. a visitation, / by one of the Lords servants called a Quaker.
Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. / [1660?] Against Babylon and her merchants in England ... written by one that travels in spirit for Sions deliverance, John Anderdon.
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [1581] The shield of our safetie: set foorth by the faythfull preacher of Gods holye worde A. Anderson, vpon Symeons sight, in hys Nunc dimittis. Seene and allowed
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [1586] A sermon profitably preached in the church within her Maiesties honourable Tower, neere the citie of London ...
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [Anno. 1581] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the 23. of Aprill, being the Lords day, called Sonday. 1581. By Anthonie Andreson
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [Anno 1581] A sermon of sure comfort preached at the funerall of Master Robert Keylwey Esquire, at Exton in Rutland, the 18. of Marche 1580. By Anthonie Anderson preacher, and Parson of Medburne in Leicestershiere.
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [Anno Dom. 1576] A godlie sermon, preached on Newe yeeres day last before Sir William Fitzwilliam knight, late lord deputie of Irelande, Sir Iames Harrington knight, their ladyes and children, vvith many others, at Burghley in Rutlande. By the minister of God Anthony Anderson. Hereto is added a very profitable forme of prayer, good for all such as passe the seas: by the same author framed, and vsed in his aduentured iourney.
Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. / [1574] An exposition of the hymne commonly called Benedictus with an ample & comfortable application of the same, to our age and people. By A. Anderson preacher.
Anderson, Gilbert. / [1680] All praise and glory be given to God alone. These are to certifie all whom it may concern, that the ever famous physician Gilbert Anderson, hath travelled through most part of the known world, in search of the most rare secrets of physick and chirurgery....
Anderson, Henry. / [1684] Religion and loyalty maintained against all modern opposers in a treatise on the 29th of May 1681, being Trinity-Sunday and anniversary day of His Majesties happy birth and King and kingdoms restauration / by Henry Anderson.
Anderson, Henry, b. 1581 or 2. / [Printed in the year, 1648] The wonder, or, Propositions for a safe and well-grounded peace. Proposed by a Parliament man, full of honour, honesty, and satisfaction, and most worthy to be pursued, and embraced by all patriots and true-hearted Englishmen.
Anderson, Henry, b. 1581 or 2. / [Printed in the yeare, 1648] A meanes to reconcile the present distempers of these times, as things now are. Set out by a member of the present Parliament.:
Anderson, James, d. 1603. / [1614?] [Ane godly treatis, callit the first and second cumming of Christ] [with the tone of the winters-nicht shewing brieflie our native blindness / by James Anderson].
Anderson, John. / [1659] Gods proclamation to the inhabitants and people of England published by one of the Lords servants ... known by the name of John Anderson.
Anderson, Patrick, 1575-1624. / [anno M.DC.XXIII. 1623] The ground of the Catholike and Roman religion in the word of God With the antiquity and continuance therof, throughout all kingdomes and ages. Collected out of diuers conferences, discourses and disputes, which M. Patricke Anderson of the Society of Iesus, had at seuerall tymes, with sundry bishops and ministers of Scotland, at his last imprisonment in Edenburgh, for the Catholike faith, in the yeares of our Lord 1620. and 1621. Sent vnto an honorable personage, by the complyer, and prisoner himselfe. The first part, or introduction.
Anderson, Patrick, fl. 1618-1635. / [Printed in the year, 1681] Grana angelica: or, The rare and singular vertues and uses of those angelical pils, discovered and left to posterity, by Doctor Patrick Anderson, late physician of Edinburgh.
Anderson, Thomas, fl. 1696. / [1696] I, Thomas Andersone of [illegible], obilge [sic] me, my heirs, and executors to pay to the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, or to whom they shall appoint the sum of [fifty] [illegible]...
Anderton, Lawrence. / [M.DC.XXXIIII. 1634] The triple cord or a treatise proving the truth of the Roman religion, by sacred scriptures taken in the literall sense expounded by ancient fathers. interpreted by Protestant writers. With a discouery of sundry subtile sleights vsed by Protestants, for euading the force of strongest arguments, taken from cleerest texts of the foresaid scriptures.
Anderton, Lawrence. / [M.DC.XXXIII. 1633] The progenie of Catholicks and Protestants Whereby on the one side is proued the lineal descent of Catholicks, for the Roman faith and religion, from the holie fathers of the primitiue Church ... and on the other, the neuer-being of Protestants or their nouel sect during al the foresayd time, otherwise then in confessed and condemned hereticks. ...
Anderton, Lawrence. / [M. DC. XXV. 1625] One God, one fayth. Or A discourse against those lukewarm-Christians who extend saluation to all kinds of fayth and religion; so, that the professours do belieue in the Trinity, the Incarnation, the passion &c. howsoeuer they differ in other inferiour articles. VVritten by VV. B. Priest.
Anderton, Lawrence. / [1633] The non-entity of Protestancy. Or a discourse, wherein is demonstrated, that Protestancy is not any reall thing, but in it selfe a platonicall idea; a wast of all positiue fayth; and a meere nothing. VVritten by a Catholike priest of the Society of Iesus
Anderton, Lawrence. / [anno 1624. With permission of superiors] Luthers life collected from the writinges of him selfe, and other learned Protestants, together with a further shorte discourse, touchinge Andreas Melanchton, Bucer, Ochine, Carolostadius, Suinglius, Caluine and Beza, the late pretended reformers of religion. Taken from the onely reporte of learned Protestants themselues. By Iohn Brerely priest and author of the Protestants apologie.
Anderton, Lawrence. / [anno Domini 1604] The apologie of the Romane Church deuided into three seuerall tractes whereof 1. The first, concerneth the antiquitie and continuance of the Catholike Romane religion ever since the Apostles time. 2. The second that the Protestantes religion was not so much as in being, at or before Luthers first appearing. 3. The thirde that Catholickes are no lesse loyall and dutifull to their soveraigne, then Protestantes. All which are vndertaken and proued by testimonies of the learned Protestantes themselues.
Anderton, Thomas. / [An. 1672] A soveraign remedy against atheism and heresy. Fitted for the vvit and vvant of the British nations / by M. Thomas Anderton.
Andrewe, George, 1575 or 6-1648. / [Anno 1625] A quaternion of sermons preached in Ireland in the summer season: 1624. By George Andrevve Master of Arts, and deane of Limmericke. The severall titles, texts, time and place are set downe in the next page
Andrewes, Bartimaeus. / [1586] A very short and pithie catechisme verie profitable for all that will come prepared to the Supper of the Lord: VVith a forme of confessyon, prayer and thanks giuing, very necessary and comfortable for all christian families. Made by Bartimeus Andrewes, preacher of the word of God at great Yarmouth: published at the request of the vvorshipfull and godlie magistrates there.
Andrewes, Bartimaeus. / [1583] Certaine verie worthie, godly and profitable sermons, vpon the fifth chapiter of the Songs of Solomon: preached by Bartimeus Andreas, minister of the word of God; published at the earnest and long request of sundrie well minded Christians
Andrewes, John, fl. 1615. / [1631] Andrewes repentance, sounding alarum to returne from his sins vnto Almightie God. Perfectly guiding all those that hope to bee saued, in the direct way of repentance, whereby they may attain eternall life: : newly made in the autumne or declining of his age ...
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [Anno 1610] Tvvo sermons preached before the Kings Maiestie at Whitehall. Of the birth of Christ The one on Christmas day anno 1609. The other on Christmas last anno 1610. By the Bishop of Elie his Maiesties almoner.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1606] A sermon preached before the Kings Maiestie, at Hampton Court, concerning the right and power of calling assemblies On Sunday the 28. of September, anno 1606. By the Bishop of Chichester.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1610?] A sermon preached before the Kings Maiestie at Hampton Court, concerning the right and power of calling assemblies. On Sunday the 28. of September. Anno 1606. By the Bishop of Chichester.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1614] A sermon preached before His Maiestie, at Whitehall, on Easter day last, 1614. By the Bishop of Elie, His Maiesties almoner.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [M.DC.XVIII. 1618] A sermon preached before His Maiestie at Whitehall, on Easter day last. 1618. By the Bishop of Elie, His Maiesties almoner.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1610?] A sermon preached before His Maiestie at White-Hall, on Tuesday the 25. of December, being Christmas day, by the Bishop of Elie His Maiesties almoner. Anno 1610:
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1642] The morall law expounded ... that is, the long-expected, and much-desired worke of Bishop Andrewes upon the Ten commandments : being his lectures many yeares since in Pembroch-Hall Chappell, in Cambridge ... : whereunto is annexed nineteene sermons of his, upon prayer in generall, and upon the Lords prayer in particular : also seven sermons upon our Saviors tentations [sic] in the wildernesse. ...
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1648] A manual of the private devotions and meditations of The Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews, late Lord Bishop of Winchester translated out of a fair Greek MS. of his amanuensis by R.D., B.D.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1630] Institutiones piæ or directions to pray also a short exposition of the Lords Prayer the Creed the 10 Com[m]andements Seauen Penitentiall Psalmes and Seauen Psalmes of thanksgiuing. by HI.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1659] The form of consecration of a church or chappel.: And of the place of Christian buriall. / Exemplified by the R.R.F. in God, Lancelot late lord-bishop of Winchester, in the consecration of the Chappel of Jesus in the foresaid diocess.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1620] The copie of the sermon preached on Good-Friday before the Kings Maiestie. By D. Andrewes Deane of Wesminster. VI. April 1604
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. / [1657] Apospasmatia sacra, or, A collection of posthumous and orphan lectures delivered at St. Pauls and St. Giles his church / by the Right Honourable and Reverend Father in God, Lancelot Andrews ...
Andrewes, William, minister of the word of God. / [1638] The true Israelite, or, The sincere Christian distinguished from the hypocrite. By Master William Andrewes, late minister of the word of God.
Andrews, Edward, fl. 1642. / [1642] Most welcome nevves from York being a true and perfect relation of what hath happened in York, since his Majesties last declaration. The Parliaments resolution, concerning the Kings most excellent Majesty, and the Lords and Commons which have absented themselves from the said Houses, and are now at York attending on his Majesty. Likewise the grounds and reasons why they are enforced to take arms, with the severall reasons to prove that every man is bound to uphold the Parliament against all opposers whatsoever. Ordered by the Lords and Commons that this be printed and published Iohn Brown Cler. parl. H. Elsing Cler. parl.
Andrews, Edward, M.D. / [1690] Panoplia Medica, or A medicinal armour for the whole body. Proof against the invasion of sickness, and assault of destroying disease: being composed of the greatest arcana, and select medicines in the whole practical part of physick, whose vertues are not to be exceeded by any, of safe use, and easy purchase: always ready to give relief to persons of all conditions, in the greatest emergencies, and even extreams of sickness. Carefully and faithfully prepared, by Ed. Andrews, M.D.
Andrews, Edward, M.D. / [1690?] Gemelli Pulmonales. The two greatest remedies extant, for the restauration and preservation of the lungs, breast and organs of respiration, (viz.) ...
Andrews, Eusebius, d. 1650. / [1660] The several arguments at lavv of Col. Eusebius Andrewe at his tryal, before John Bradshaw, president of the pretended high court of justice shewing the illegality of their proceedings, and passing sentence of death against him. Published by Francis Buckley, Gent. who was assistant to Mr. Andrewe in the time of his imprisonment, and an eye witness to all the said most bloody and execrable proceedings.
Andrews, William, ca. 1635-1713. / [1672] The yearly intelligencer, or, A perfect chronology of all the battailes, sieges, conflicts, actions, exploits, and all other signal and remarkable passages which have happ'ned in the world from September the 29th, 1671 to September the 29th, 1672 collected by William Andrevvs.
Androzzi, Fulvio, 1523-1575. / [1606] Meditations vppon the passion of our Lord Iesus Christ made by the reuerend father Fulvius Androtius ... ; newlie translated out of Italian into English.
Androzzi, Fulvio, 1523-1575. / [1606] Certaine deuout considerations of frequenting the blessed sacrament: written by the reuerent Father Fuluius Androtius of the Societie of Iesus. With sundrie other preceptes and rules of direction, composed for the benefit of such as seeke to attaine to the perfection of vertue. Firste written in Italian: after turned into Latine: and now translated into English
Aneau, Barthélemy, d. 1561. / [1590] Alektor = The cock. Containing the first part, of the most excellent, and mytheologicall historie, of the valorous Squire Alector; sonne to the renowned Prince Macrobius Franc-Gal; and to the peerelesse Princesse Priscaraxe, Queene of high Tartary.
Angel, John, d. 1655. / [1659] The right government of thoughts, or, A discovery of all vain, unprofitable, idle, and wicked thoughts with directions for the getting, keeping, and governing of good thoughts, digested into chapters for the ease of the reader : whereunto are added four sermons / by ... John Angel ...
Angel, John, fl. 1555. / [1555?] The agrement of the holye fathers, and doctors of the churche, vpon the cheifest articles of Christian religion as appeareth on the nexte syde folowinge, very necessary for all curates. Gathered together by Iohn Aungell preist, one of the Quenes maiesties chapleyns.
Angelus à Sancto Francisco, 1601-1678. / [Printed in the year, 1675] The liturgical-discourse of the holy sacrifice of the masse by omission of controversial questions; abridged and accommodated to the pious use of devout Christians in hearing masse, by A.F. the authour of the same at the instance of some devout friends.
Angelus, Christophorus, d. 1638. / [1618.] Christopher Angell, a Grecian, who tasted of many stripes and torments inflicted by the Turkes for the faith which he had in Iesus Christ.
Angelus, Johannes, 1463-1512. / [1655] Esoptron Astrologikon. Astrological opticks. Wherein are represented the faces of every signe, with the images of each degree in the zodiack: thereby describing, 1. The nature and quality of every person, according to the degree ascending in the east at his nativity. 2. The virtue and signification of every planet through the 12. signes. 3. A most excellent description of the more hidden and abstruse influence of [symbol for Mercury] in his [symbol for conjunction] with all other the planets. 4. A clear explanation of the signification of the horoscope in any signe of the zodiack. / Compiled at Venice, by those famous mathematicians, Johann. Regiomontanus and Johannes Angelus.
Anger, Jane, fl. 1589. / [1589] Iane Anger her Protection for vvomen To defend them against the scandalous reportes of a late surfeiting louer, and all otherlike Venerians that complaine so to bee ouercloyed with womens kindnesse. Written by Ia: A. Gent.
Angier, John, 1605-1677. / [1643] Lancashires valley of Achor, is Englands doore of hope: set wide open, in a brief history, of the wise, good, and powerfull hand of divine providence, ordering and managing the militia of Lancashire; not onely to the preservation, but exaltation of a poor, and praying people, in two hundreds; against, and above a considerable armie, of popish, and ill-affected persons in foure hundreds: Wherein the strift [sic] of piety and providence, with impiety and humane strength, in the weaknesse of means, unto graduall, and compleate victory, is laid out; to advance gods praise, and advantage Englands faith. By a well-wisher to the peace of the land, and piety of the church.
Angier, John, 1605-1677. / [1647] An helpe to better hearts for better times indeavoured in severall sermons, wherein the zeal and fervency required in Gods services is declared, severall hinderances discovered, and suitable helps provided : all out of Gods treasury ... / by John Angier.
Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. / [1676] Reflections on that discourse, which a Master of Arts (once) of the University of Cambridg, calls rational presented in print to a person of honour, 1676, concerning transubstantiation / by one of no arts but down-right honesty, at the instance of an honourable person.
Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. / [1683] A letter of remarks upon Jovian by a person of quality.
Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. / [MDCLXXXII. 1682] A letter from the right honourable Arthur Earl of Anglesey Lord Privy-Seal. In answer to His Grace the Duke of Ormond's letter of November the 12th. 1681. About His Lordships observations and reflections upon the Earl of Castle-Haven's memoires concerning the rebellion of Ireland.
Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. / [1681] A letter from a person of honour in the countrey written to the Earl of Castlehaven : being observations and reflections upon His Lordships memoires concerning the wars of Ireland.
Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. / [1688] The king's right of indulgence in spiritual matters, with the equity thereof, asserted by a person of honour, and eminent minister of state lately deceased.
Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. / [1694] The Earl of Anglesey's state of the government & kingdom prepared and intended for His Majesty, King Charles II in the year 1682, but the storm inpending growing so high prevented it then : with a short vindication of His Lordship from several aspersions cast upon him, in a pretended letter that carries the title of his memoirs / by Sir John Thompson, Baronet.
Anglicus. / [1680?] An answer to the Popes letter written to the king of France wherein he insinuates that barbarous doctrine, that temporal dominion is founded upon religion : with a refutation also of the popes supremacy.
Anjou, François, duc d', 1554-1584. / [1575] The protestation of the most high and mightie Prince Frauncis, bothe sonne and brother of King, Duke of Allenson and of Eureux, Earle of Droux, & of Perche &c. Liuetenant General for the King in all his countries and dominions, protector of the libertie of the crowne of Fraunce, oppressed by the straungers. Translated out of frenche into English, and newely imprinted.
Annand, William, 1633-1689. / [1672] Doxologia; or Glory to the Father the Churches hymne, reduced to glorifying of the Trinity, in life, the Christians dutie, at Edinburth, by Will. Annand, M.A. one of the ministers of that city, late of Univers. Coll. Oxon.
Annesley, Samuel, 1620?-1696. / [1673] A sermon preached at the funeral of reverend Mr. Will. Whitaker, late minister of Magdalen Bermondsey, Southwark by Samuel Annesley.
Annesley, Samuel, 1620?-1696. / [1692] The life and funeral sermon of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Brand Dr. Samuel Annesley.
Annesley, Samuel, 1620?-1696. / [1655] The first dish at the Wil-shire feast, Novemb. 9, 1654, or, A sermon preached at Laurence Jury to those that there offered their peace-offerings, and went thence to dine at Merchant-Taylors-Hall by Samuel Annesley ...
Annesley, Samuel, 1620?-1696. / [1655] Communion vvith God. in two sermons preach'd at Paul's: the first, Sept. 3, 1654, the second, March 25, 1655. / By Samuel Annesley L.L.D. minister of the gospel at John Evangel London.
Anonymus, fl. 1596. / [an. Do. 1596] Remedies against discontentme[n]t drawen into seuerall discourses, from the writinges of auncient philosophers. By Anonymus.
Anthony, Charles, 1600-1685. / [1646] Gods presence mans comfort: or, Gods invisibilitie manifested unto mans capacitie. The heads of which tractate were delivered in a sermon at the Abbey of Westminster, and since enlarged for the benefit of the Church of God. / By the Lords unprofitable servant, Ch. Anthony. Imprimatur: Ja. Cranford.
Anthony, Francis, 1550-1623. / [1616] The apologie, or defence of a verity heretofore published concerning a medicine called aurum potabile that is, the pure substance of gold, prepared, and made potable and medicinable without corrosiues, helpfully giuen for the health of man in most diseases, but especially auaileable for the strenghning [sic] and comforting of the heart and vitall spirits the perfomers of health: as an vniversall medicine. Together with the plaine, and true reasons ... confirming the vniversalitie thereof. And lastly, the manner and order of administration or vse of this medicine in sundrie infirmities. By Francis Anthonie of London, doctor in physicke.
Anthony, John, 1585-1655. / [1654] The comfort of the soul laid down by way of meditation upon some heads of Christian religion, very profitable for every true Christian. Composed and written by Iohn Anthony of London Doctor of Physick.
Anti-Papist. / [1674- 9?] Fair warning to take heed of popery, or, A short and true history of the Jesuits fiery practices and powder-plots, to destroy kings, ruin kingdoms, and lay cities waste by an Anti-Papist.
Antient member of that long agoe gathered congregation. / [Printed in the yeare 1644] To Sions virgins:: or, A short forme of catechisme of the doctrine of baptisme, in use in these times that are so full of questions. By an antient member, of that long agoe gathered congregation, whereof Mr. Henry Jacob was an instrument of gathering it, and the pastour worthy of double honour, Mr. John Lathroppe succeeding him, now pastor in New England; and the beloved congregation, through Gods mercies sees her teachers, waiting when God shall give more liberty and pastours according to his own heart, praying the Lord of the harvest to thrust forth labourers into his harvest.
António, Prior of Crato, 1531-1595. / [1659] Royall psalmes: or, soliloquies of D. Anthony, King of Portingall. Wherein the sinner confesseth his sinnes, and imploreth the grace of God. / Translated into French by P. Durier ; into English by Baldwin St George, Gent.
António, Prior of Crato, 1531-1595. / [Anno Domini. 1596] Psalmes of confession found in the cabinet of the most excellent King of Portingal, Don Antonio, first of that name, written with his owne hand. Wherein the sinner calleth vpon the mercie of God for his sinne. Translated out of the Latine copie, printed at Paris by Federike Morell.
Antrim, Randal MacDonnell, Earl of, 1609-1683. / [1642] A copie of a letter from the Lord Intrim in Ireland to the Right Honourable the Earle of Rutland, bearing date the 25. day of Febr. Anno Dom. 1642.: Wherein is contained the description of two battells fought between the English and the Irish rebels. : As also the number of those that were slaine on either side.
Anwick, I. / [1587] Anwick his meditations vpon Gods monarchie and the deuill his kingdome And of the knowledge that man in this life may obtaine of the almightie, eternal, and most glorious godhed: with other thinges not only worth the reading but also the marking and the retayning.
Anyan, Thomas, 1580 or 81-1632. / [1612] A sermon preached at S. Maries Church in Oxford, the 12. of Iuly. 1612 Being the Act Sunday. By Thomas Anyan, Fellow of Corpus Christi Colledge.