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Ambrose, Isaac, 1604-1664. / [1674] Redeeming the time a sermon preached at Preston in Lancashire, January 4th, 1657 at the funeral of the honourable lady, the Lady Margaret Houghton / by Isaac Ambrose.
Ames, Richard, d. 1693. / [MDCXCI. 1691] An elegy upon the death of that learned, pious, and laborious minister of Jesus Christ Mr. Richard Baxter, who departed this mortal life on the 8th day of December, 1691.
Ames, Richard, d. 1693. / [MDXCCII i.e. 1692] An elegy on the death of that brave sea-commander, Reer-Admiral Carter, who was unfortunately kill'd in the famous ingagement with the French fleet, on the 20th of May, 1692.
Ameyden, Dirk, 1586-1656. / [1687] Pietas Romana et Parisiensis, or, A faithful relation of the several sorts of charitable and pious works eminent in the cities of Rome and Paris the one taken out of the book written by Theodorus Amydenus ; the other out of that by Mr. Carr.