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Ahivah. / [1660] A strange prophecie presented to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, by a woman-Quaker (all in white) called Ahivah. With her petition and proposals for the saints liberties, to our gracious Lord and Sovereign King Charles; and a declaration of the Quakers, touching His Royal Majesties reign within those his realms and dominions
Ahmed, I, Sultan of the Turks, 1590-1617. / [1621] True copies of the insolent, cruell, barbarous, and blasphemous letter lately written by the Great Turke, for denouncing of warre against the King of Poland: and of the magnanimous, and most christian answere made by the said king thereunto. With a short preface, declaring the vniust cause on which this Turkish tyrant, and faithlesse enemy of Christendome, now layeth hold to inuade it. Published in print by authoritie, the 11. of Iune. 1621.
Ahmed, I, Sultan of Turkey, 1590-1617. / [1613] The great Turkes defiance: Or his letter denuntiatorie to Sigismond the Third, now King of Polonia as it hath beene truly aduertised out of Germany, this present yeere, 1613. With the King of Poland his replie, Englished according to the French copie, by M.S.