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Agar, Ben, 17th cent. / [1642] The lost sheepe is found: under a nevv disguisement of a yong-raw-scull'd vvit, &c. A bold adventure, a new way declared in a further imitation of more domestique boarders and schollers of the feminine gender, in vindication of a pious intention, and christian reliefe of a disconsolate husband, and three innocent young children, for the losse of an imperious revolted wife, and an ungratefull man-servant, lately departed together, or asunder, into the streights of Magellanica, or the West Indies, or some where else unknowne, to trade by their owne selfe wits or wills, in chaundry wares, or cotton-wooll, in flat opposition and dislike of so laudable and generous a designe, &c.
Agar, Ben, 17th cent. / [printed anno Dom. 1641] Clericus mercati, &c.: An humble remonstrance of the severall heads and ground-worke conceived, for the draught of a bill of information, to be exhibited into the High Court of Parliament. Concerning the generall clarke of the market, and the legall proceedings thereof.