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Aelian, Claudius. / [Anno a Messia nato 1576] A registre of hystories conteining martiall exploites of worthy warriours, politique practises of ciuil magistrates, wise sentences of famous philosophers, and other matters manifolde and memorable. Written in Greeke, by Ælianus a Romane: and deliuered in Englishe (as well, according to the truth of the Greeke text, as of the Latine) by Abraham Fleming. Seene and allowed.
Aepinus, Johann, 1499-1553. / [1548?] A very fruitful & godly exposition vpo[n] the. xv. Psalme of Dauid called Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle. Made by M. Ihon Epinus, preacher to the churche of Hamborough: and translated oute of Latin into English by N.L.