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Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1641] Cheap-side crosse censured and condemned: by a letter sent from the vicechancellour and other learned men of the famous Universitie of Oxford, in answer to a question propounded by the citizens of London, concerning the said crosse, in the yeere 1600, in which yeer it was beautified, as also some divine arguments taken out of a sermon against the crosse, a little after it was last repaired, by a learned and godly minister, M. Iohn Archer, sometimes preacher at Alhallows Lombardstreet about sixteen yeers past.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1599] A briefe description of the whole worlde wherein are particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdomes of the same, with their seuerall titles and situations thereunto adioyning.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1636] A briefe description of the whole world. Wherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires and kingdomes of the same, with their academies. As also their severall titles and situations thereunto adioyning. Written by the most Reverend Father in God, George, late Arch-bishop of Canterbury.
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1608] A vvedding sermon preached at Bentley in Darby-shire vpon Michaelmasse day last past anno Domini. 1607. Wherein is set forth the bond and preseruation. ... By R. Abbot ...
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1611] The true ancient Roman Catholike Being an apology or counterproofe against Doctor Bishops Reproofe of the defence of the Reformed Catholike. The first part. Wherein the name of Catholikes is vindicated from popish abuse, and thence is shewed that the faith of the Church of Rome as now it is, is not the Catholike faith ... By Robert Abbot ...
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1609] The third part of the Defence of the Reformed Catholike against Doct. Bishops Second part of the Reformation of a Catholike, as the same was first guilefully published vnder that name, conteining only a large and most malicious preface to the reader, and an answer to M. Perkins his aduertisement to Romane Catholicks, &c. Whereunto is added an aduertisement for the time concerning the said Doct. Bishops reproofe, lately published against a little piece of the answer to his epistle to the King, with an answer to some few exceptions taken against the same, by M. T. Higgons latley become a proselyte of the Church of Rome. By R. Abbot Doctor of Diuinitie.
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1607] The second part of the Defence of the Reformed Catholicke VVherein the religion established in our Church of England (for the points here handled) is apparently iustified by authoritie of Scripture, and testimonie of the auncient Church, against the vaine cauillations collected by Doctor Bishop seminary priest, as out of other popish writers, so especially out of Bellarmine, and published vnder the name of The marrow and pith of many large volumes, for the oppugning thereof. By Robert Abbot Doctor of Diuinitie.
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1610] The old vvaye A sermon preached at Oxford, the eight day of Iuly, being the Act Sunday. 1610. By Robert Abbott ...
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1594] A mirrour of Popish subtilties discouering sundry wretched and miserable euasions and shifts which a secret cauilling Papist in the behalfe of one Paul Spence priest, yet liuing and lately prisoner in the castle of Worcester, hath gathered out of Sanders, Bellarmine, and others, for the auoyding and discrediting of sundrie allegations of scriptures and fathers, against the doctrine of the Church of Rome, concerning sacraments, the sacrifice of the masse, transubstantiation, iustification, &c. Written by Rob. Abbot, minister of the word of God in the citie of Worcester. The contents see in the next page after the preface to the reader. Perused and allowed.
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1646] Milk for babes; or, A mothers catechism for her children Wherein chief saving principles of Christian religion, through the body of it, fit first to inform children in; are 1. propounded. 2. expounded. 3. applied. The sum of which is set down in the following pages; together with the questions and answers which are the grounds of the catechism. Whereunto also annexed, three sermons; preached at Andrews Holborn at a publike fast, and at Covent-Garden, upon severall occasions. By Robert Abbot preacher of Gods word at Southwick in Hantshire.
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1638] The holinesse of Chrisian [sic] churches, or A sermon preached at the consecration of the chappell of Sr. Iohn Baker of Sussing-herst in Cranbrooke in Kent, Baronet: upon I Cor. II. 22. By Robert Abbot, vicar of the same parish.
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1623] A hand of fellovvship, to helpe keepe out sinne and Antichrist In certaine sermons preached vpon seuerall occasions: by Robert Abbot ...
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1639] Foure sermons whereof two, preached at two assizes, this present yeare, 1638. at Maidestone in Kent, the other two, in his own charge. By Robert Abbot ...
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1625] The danger of popery: or, A sermon preached at a visitation at Ashford in Kent vpon 2. Thess. 2.12. Wherein the marks of antichristianisme and signes of truth are opened and applied, and the question of the sauing and damning of thos. that follow Antichrist is explanted by the Scriptures. By Robert Abbott, preacher of the Word of God at Cranebrooke in Kent.
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1653] A Christian family builded by God, directing all governours of families how to act. 1. Gods timber and framing. 2. Gods foundation and upper building. 3. Gods finishing. 4. Gods furnishing. The sum whereof is shewed after the epistle. By Robert Abbott, Pastour of the Church of God at Austines, near Pauls gate in Watling-street in London.
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1626] Bee thankfull London and her sisters; or, A sermon of thankfulnesse setting downe the kindnesse of God to vs ... by Robert Abbott ...
Abbot, Robert, Bp. of Salisbury, 1560-1617. / [1601] The exaltation of the kingdome and priesthood of Christ. In certaine sermons vpon the 110. Psalme: preached in the Cathedrall Church and city of Worcester, in the time of Christmasse: anno Domini: 1596. By Rob. Abbot, doctor of Diuinitie, sometime felow of Baliol Colledge in Oxford.
Abbott, Margaret. / [1659?] A testimony against the false teachers of this generation by one who is come from under them, unto the true teacher and shepherd of the soul
Abbut, Henry. / [Printed in the year 1684] A free gift, freely given of God to Henry Abbut and by him freely given to the reader, without money or price.
Abell, Thomas, d. 1540. / [the yere of ower Lorde God. M. D. XXXII. in Maye.1532] Inuicta veritas. An answere, that by no maner of lawe, it maye be lawfull for the moste noble kinge of englande, kinge Henry the ayght to be diuorsed fro[m] the quenes grate, his lawful and very wyfe
Abercorn, Charles Hamilton, Earl of, d. 1701. / [1695?] The case of the Earl and Countess of Abercorn.
Abercromby, Christopher. / [M DC XCI i.e. 1691] A short instruction for the better understanding and performing of mental prayer
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1684] The present state of the German and Turkish empires, and remarks thereupon as also some peculiar reflections on the interest of the Christian princes : together with memoirs of the siege of Vienna, by an eminent officer in that city ... / by D.A., M.D.
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1683] Ars artium, or, The art of divine converse a New-years-gift / by D. Abercromby ...
Aberdeen (Scotland). Committee of War. / [1646] At Aberdeen, the xiij of June, 1646
Abernethy, John, d. 1639. / [1620] The dignity and duty of a Christian Published and set forth to comfort and encourage all those which be truly Christs, to continue in him, and to be faithfull to the death. By Mr. Iohn Abernethie, Bishop of Cathnes in Scotland.
Abused Quaker. / [1692] The Holy Scripture owned, and the Athenians injustice detected, by The abused Quaker.