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A Friend to the Church of England, and a Lover of Truth and Peace. / [1646] A defence and vindication of the right of tithes,: against sundry late scandalous pamphlets: shewing, the lawfullnesse of them, and the just remedy in law for them, as well in London as elsewhere. / Penned by a friend to the Church of England, and a lover of truth and peace.
A late chaplain to the army. / [M DC XC. 1690] The soldier's religious exercise in the time of war. Being some proper texts, portions of holy scripture, and prayers, useful for those officers and soldiers, who are engaged abroad in Their Majesties service. Publish'd by a late chaplain to the army.
A lover of commerce. / [1697] Some thoughts of the interest of England. Shewing first, how the nation may be eas'd of all manner of taxes at the small charge of two pence per pound, on the annual incom. Secondly, how to reduce all exchequer tallies (if there be ten millions of them) to a par with money, paying only two and a half per cent discount. Thirdly, save the nation all the interest the king now pays (which is about one million per annum) by a lover of commerce.
A lover of his King and country. / [printed in the year. 1684] True and unshaken loyalty asserted that the right of election of all persons to places of trust, in all His Majesties hospitals in the City of London, is inherent in the King, demonstrated; and self-interest plainly detected. Humbly presented to the serious consideration of all the present governnours of His Majesties said hospitals. By a lover of his King and country.
A Well Known Moderne Author. / [Printed anno Domini, 1647] The gossips feast or, Morrall tales: taking a view of things past, discoursing of things present, and conjecturing of things to come. By a well known moderne author.