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Author: Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665.
Title: Mikrokosmographa. A description of the little-world, or, body of man, exactly delineating all the parts according to the best anatomists. With the severall diseases thereof. Also their particular and most approved cures. / by R.T. doctor of physick.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Mikrokosmographa. A description of the little-world, or, body of man, exactly delineating all the parts according to the best anatomists. With the severall diseases thereof. Also their particular and most approved cures. / by R.T. doctor of physick.
Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665.

London,: Printed for Edward Archer ..., 1654.
Subject terms:
Human anatomy -- Early works to 1800.
Body, Human -- Early works to 1800.
Diseases -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE NOBLE, VERTUOUS, AND RELIGIOUS LADY, THE LADY THOROWGOOD, VVife to the Right VVorshipfull, Sir John Thorowgood of Kensington, Knight.
To the Christian Reader.
Authours used in this Booke.
Characters for brevity used heerein.
ΜΙΚΡΟΚΟΣΜΟΣ, A Description of the little World.
CHAP. I. Shewing the Definition of Chyrurgery, the qua∣lifications of a Chyrurgion, and Anatomy of the simple Members.
CHAP. II. Of the compound members: 1. Of the head.
CHAP. III. Of the face.
CHAP. IV. Of the Neck.
CHAP. V. Of the Armes and Shoulders.
CHAP. VI. Of the Breast, Heart, and Back.
CHAP. VII. Of the Lungs, Bowels, and Belly.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Buttocks, Haunches, and Secret-Members.
CHAP. IX. Of the Thighes, Legs, and Feet.
Choyce and select Receipts and Secrets for all manner of Diseases, Gun-shot, and preser∣vatives against the Plague.
What Wounds are.
Of the Syncope passion, or swounding through the cause of wounds.
Of Luxation, or Dislocation, and their differences.
How the luxated joynt is to be reduced to his naturall and proper place.
How the member brought to his naturall place, may be conserved in the same.
Of the Cure of broken and fractured bones.
To keep the bones that they fall not out againe.
To Conglutinate and Joyne together the fractured bones.
To remove the accidents which may happen to fractured bones.
A secret powder to stay the flux of bloud in a wound.
Of Wounds made with Gunshot.
Of healing wounds made with Gunshot.
A plaister good to extract such things as are fixed in wounds.
To cure a simple wound in the head made with gunshot.
Of wounds compound in the head through shot.
Of wounds in the breast with gunshot.
Of wounds with gunshot in the belly.
Of wounds in the legs and armes made with gunshot.
Of burnings with gunpowder.
Receipts for severall Diseases.
An excellent preservative against the Plague.
Remedies against the Plague.
A Drinke for the Plague.
A Cordiall Water.
For burning or scalding.
For stinging of Adders and Snakes.
For the Scurvy.
For pain in the head, and to cause sleep.
For a Canker, or any other heat in the mouth.
For the pin and web, or any other Rheume in the eyes.
For a woman that hath not her termes.
A Powder for the green sicknesse.
A Purge.
For the Ptisick, or shortness of breath.
An excellent Drinke for the Ptisick and Consumption.
For the Dropsie.
A Plague Water.
For heat in the Ʋrine.
Another for the same.
For a strain causing one to spit bloud.
A Bag for purging Ale.
For to stay vomiting.
A secret Powder for wounds.
Of the Sciatica.
Against a stinking mouth.
For a stinking breath.
To make an aking tooth fall out of himselfe, without any instrument or pain.
An excellent purging Ale called the Ale of health and strength.
A Medicine for the Gout to be taken in order.
1. The Pultis.
2. The bath for the Gout.
3. The Plaister for the Gout.
For a straine.
For a Flux.
For a Pin and Web, or any other Rheume in the Eyes.
Another for Rheume in the eyes.
For blear'd and watry eyes.
For heat in the Eyes.
A water for sore Eyes.
An Electuary for a Consumption.
A Julip for a Consumption, or any weak body.
For a Cough, or shortness of breathing.
A Sirrup for a Consumption and Cough.
For the Chine Cough.
Another for the same.
For the Spleene.
For a Flux.
Another for the same, being also good for a weak back.
For a weake back, or the whites.
A Plaister for the swelling of the stones.
Another for the swelling of the stones.
Another for the same in the beginning of the griefe.
A Pultis for a sore breast.
Another for the same.
For an Ague in the breast, as also to dry up the Milke.
For a swell'd face.
For any ordinary sorenesse.
For a Fistula.
For a Felon or Boyle.
For a Burn or Scald.
Another for the same.
For the Mother.
For the same.
To cure Cornes in the feet, and the cause of them.
An excellent Oyntment for the Stone and Chollick.
For winde or chollick in the belly.
For inflamations in Wounds.
Against the swelling of the Leggs.
An excellent Preservative against the Plague.
An excellent Plaister to dissolve Tumors, which King Henry the Eight used for the swelling in his Legs.
A marvelous remedy to cure the Pestilence, Carbuncles, and such like.
How a man may preserve himselfe in time of Pestilence against infectious Ayres.
To breake the Stone.
A very approved good exciccative Plaister for all kinds of Ʋlcerations, as well of the legs, as other parts of the body.
The virtues of this Plaister.
A good Cerate called Hydrelaeon Galeni.
Another for Rhumatick Passions and greene Wounds, it doth exciccate and dry.
A precious Oyntment good for all kind of Scia∣ticaes, dry itches, straines of sinews or vains, for any burning with gun∣powder, shingles, blisters, venoms.
For Aches, Bruises, Gouts, Stitches, Pal∣sies, Cramps, &c.
For the falling sicknesse.
To draw out the Ague from any sore or in the legs.
For an old sore running with thinne matter.
For swelling in the knees or any other place that commeth of winde.
To dissolve any knob or hard swelling.
For the Gout, and all manner of Aches and Bruises, an Oyntment.
For a Ringworm in the neck.
For the Sciatica.
For a Sore festred with bloud.
A green Salve to heale any Sore.
A Salve for a new wound.
A Medicine for the Ague to apply to the Wrists.
For the green sicknesse approved.
A purging dyet Ale for the Dropsie, Scurvy, and to open the Liver and Spleen.
A Drinke for the Rickets.
For the Plague.
For old Wounds, Ʋlcers, Cankers, Scabs, Itch, or Fistulaes.
For the Megrim.
To procure easie delivery in Women.
An Oyntment for Rheumatick Eyes.
For a Quinzie.
Against the trembling of the Heart, and Convulsion fits.
To boyle Turpentine, for the running of the Reynes.
To prevent miscarrying, and stop the Reds.
To stay vomiting bloud by reason of an in∣ward bruise.
To breake a Boyle or Felon.
For a Child broken in the belly.
For the falling sicknesse.
For the Collick.
For bleeding at Nose.
A Water to take away Wheales, Pushes, Ker∣nels, Swellings, Bunches, and Warts.
A Water for the head ach, and to cause rest in weakness, or childbed women.
An Oyntment to swage a swelled sore Breast, or any other swelling.
For bleeding Gums.
For the dead Palsie.
For the Gout stitches, and to open obstructions, most excellent.
For a Plurisie of winde.
For the Wind, Mother, or Convulsions.
A soveraigne Water for old Ʋlcers.
Ʋse this defensive Plaister.
For heat in the Back.
For the head ach.
To dry up a Sore that issues with water.
For the Mother.
For the Piles.
For the Rickets.
An oyntment for the Rickets.
Sirrup for the Rickets.
Pils to stay vomitting and cleanse the stomacke.
The Palsie oyle to make to anoynt twice a day for any ach or benummedness.
For the Stone in the Kidneyes, and them that make bloudy water.
For a Burn or Scald.
Jay powder for the falling sickness.
Flos Unguentorum, or the flower of Oyntments.
The Virtues of it.
The manner how to cut the Plaisters of this Medicine to cure these Diseases under written, viz.
For shortnesse of breath or Ptisike.
For scabs in Childrens heads.
For a swellyng or bruise.
For the Lungs, and Gonorrhea.
For a perrillus Cough.
Stinging of an adder or snake.
To procure easie delivery.
To heale a scald or burne.
Flux of Bloud to stay.
For noyse in the eares, or tongue swelled.
To purge the head with Ceny.
For itch, scabs, and the like.
A Balsome for wounds, swellings, venom, bi∣tings, and Apostumations, oldsores, fretting ulcers. &c.
To heale watring Eyes.
To expell Rheume in the face.
For the Chollick, or griping in the belly.
For the Passion of the Heart.
To purge choller.
A Purge for the Kings Evill.
For the Dropsie.
An excellent Medicine for the Dropsie.
The Oyntment for the Dropsie.
For a sore breast in great anguish.
For a Bruise.
To stay bleeding at the Nose.
For the same.
For a cold Stomack, and hot Liver.
For the Falling-sickness.
An excellent Oyntment for the Spleene, or Spraine, or for Winde, or Stitch in the side, & good for any inward bruise, to annoynt outwardly.
For paine in the Head.
For the same.
For the Megrim.
Against Drunkennesse.
For a Worme in the Somack.
For scalding, burning, itch, scabs, scald head, or any heat.
For the Piles approved.
For a Chin-cough.
The most excellent Plaister, called Leaden Plaister.
The vertues of this Plaister.
For a bruise on the Stones.
For the Dropsie.
To coole the Liver.
For displacing the Mother, or Whites with a Serringe.
A Receipt of pills.
The virtue of these pills.
For asore throat.
An oyntment for a joynt Ague.
To skin nipples.
For the same.
Unguentum Album, to make.
A gargle for the throat for flegme.
For the Morphew.
To help fainting fits in lying in.
For the Palsey, and to stay Rhume.
For the Yellow Jaundies most excellent in great extremity.
For one that pisses bloud.
A Clyster for the bloudy Flux.
An approved Searecloth for aches.
To comfort the hart.
For a Consumption.
For a scald head.
For the black Jaundies.
For St. Anthonies fire.
Of the twelve Signes. The division, nature, and expositions of the twelve signes of the Zodiack, according to the twelve months in the yeare.
Of the seven Planets.
Of Ʋrine.
Of Bathes
The Table.