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Author: Molinos, Miguel de, 1628-1696.
Title: The spiritual guide which disintangles the soul, and brings it by the inward way, to the getting of perfect contemplation, and the rich treasure of internal peace. / Written by Dr. Michael de Molinos, priest : with a short treatise concerning daily communion, by the same author. Translated from the Italian copy, printed at Venice, 1685.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: The spiritual guide which disintangles the soul, and brings it by the inward way, to the getting of perfect contemplation, and the rich treasure of internal peace. / Written by Dr. Michael de Molinos, priest : with a short treatise concerning daily communion, by the same author. Translated from the Italian copy, printed at Venice, 1685.
Molinos, Miguel de, 1628-1696., Molinos, Miguel de, 1628-1696. Brief treatise concerning daily communion.

London: Printed for Tho. Fabian ..., 1688.
Subject terms:
Quietism -- Early works to 1800.
Lord's Supper -- Early works to 1800.

title page
AN ACCOUNT Of the following BOOK To all sorts of Readers.
THE Spiritual Guide, Which disentangles the Soul, and by the inward way, leads it to the fruition of Perfect Con∣templation, and of the rich treasure of Internal Peace.
First Advertisement. By two ways one may go to God; the first by Me∣ditation and Discourse or Reasoning; the se∣cond by pure Faith and Contemplation.
Second Advertisement. Declaring what Meditation and Contemplation are, and the difference that is betwixt them.
Third Advertisement. What is the Difference, betwixt the Acquired and Active Contemplation, and the Infused and Pas∣sive: With the Signs whereby it is known, when God will have the Soul to pass from Meditation, to Contemplation.
Fourth Advertisement. The Burden of this Book consisting in rooting out the Rebellion of our own Will, that we may attain to Internal Peace.
THE Spiritual Guide, Which leads the Soul to the frui∣tion of Inward Peace.
CHAP. I. To the end God may rest in the Soul, the Heart is always to be kept peaceable in whatsoever Disquiet, Temptation, and Tribulation.
CHAP. II. Though the Soul perceive it self deprived of Discourse, or Ratiocination, yet it ought to persevere in Prayer, and not be afflict∣ed, because that is its greater Felicity.
CHAP. III. A Sequel of the same Matter.
CHAP. IV. The Soul is not to afflict it self, nor inter∣mit Prayer, because it sees it self encom∣passed with dryness.
CHAP. V. Treating of the same thing, declaring how many ways of Devotion there are, and how the sensible Devotion is to be disposed; and that the Soul is not idle, though it rea∣son not.
CHAP. VI. The Soul is not to be disquieted, that it sees it self encompassed with darkness, because that is an instrument of its greater fe∣licity.
CHAP. VII. To the end the Soul may attain to the su∣preme internal peace, it is necessary, that God purge it after his way, because the ex∣ercises and mortifications that of it self it sets about, are not sufficient.
CHAP. VIII. A Sequel of the same.
CHAP. IX. The Soul ought not to be disquieted, nor draw back in the spiritual way, because it finds it self assaulted by temptations.
CHAP. X. Wherein the same Point is handled.
CHAP. XI. Declaring the Nature of internal Recollecti∣on, and instructing the Soul how it ought to behave it self therein, and in the Spi∣ritual Warfare, whereby the Devil en∣deavours to disturb it at that time.
CHAP. XII. A Sequel of the same Matter.
CHAP. XIII. What the Soul ought to do in Internal Recollection.
CHAP. XIV. Declaring, how the Soul putting it self in the Presence of God, with perfect Resignation, by the pure Act of Faith, walks always in virtual and acquired Contemplation.
CHAP. XV. A Sequel of the same matter.
CHAP. XVI. A Way by which one may enter into internal Recollection, through the most Holy Huma∣nity of our Lord Christ.
CHAP. XVII. Of Internal and Mystical Silence.
THE Spiritual Guide, Which leads the Soul to the frui∣tion of Internal Peace.
CHAP. I. The best way to baffle the Craft of the Ene∣my, is to be Subjected to a Ghostly Fa∣ther.
CHAP. II. A Sequel of the same Matter.
CHAP. III. The indiscreet Zeal of Souls, and the disordi∣nate Love of our Neighbour, disturb in∣ternal Peace.
CHAP. IV. A Sequel of the same.
CHAP. V. Light, Experience, and a divine Call, are necessary for guiding Souls in the inward Way.
CHAP. VI. Instructions and Counsels to Confessors, and Spiritual Directors.
CHAP. VII. Wherein the same thing is Treated of; Dis∣coursing the Interests which some Confessors and Spiritual Directors use to have; in which are declared the Qualities which they ought to have for the Exercise of Confession, and also for the Guiding of Souls through the Mystical Way.
CHAP. VIII. Pursues the same Matter.
CHAP. IX. Shewing how a simple and ready Obedience, is the onely means for walking safely in this inward Way, and of procuring inter∣nal Peace.
CHAP. X. Pursues the same.
CHAP. XI. When, and in what things this Obedience doth most concern the interior Soul.
CHAP. XII. Treats of the same.
CHAP. XIII. Frequent Communion is an effectual means of getting all Vertues, and in particular, Inter∣nal Peace.
CHAP. XIV. Pursues the same Matter.
CHAP. XV. Declaring when Spiritual and Corporal Pe∣nances ought to be used, and how hurtful they are, when they are done indiscreet∣ly according to ones own judgment and opinion.
CHAP. XVI. The great difference between External and Internal Penances.
CHAP. XVII. How the Soul is to carry it self in the Faults it doth commit, that it may not be dis∣quieted thereby, but reap good out of it.
CHAP. XVIII. Treateth of the same Point.
THE Spiritual Guide, Which brings the Soul to the getting of Inward Peace.
CHAP. I. The Difference between the Outward and In∣ward Man.
CHAP. II. Pursues the same.
CHAP. III. The means of obtaining Peace Internal, is not the Delight of Sense nor Spiritual Consola∣tion, but the denying of Self-love.
CHAP. IV. Of two Spiritual Martyrdoms, wherewith God cleanseth the Soul that he Unites with Himself.
CHAP. V. How important and necessary it is, to the interiour Soul, to suffer blindfold this first and spiritual Martyrdom.
CHAP. VII. Inward Mortification and Perfect Resigna∣tion are necessary for obtaining Internal Peace.
CHAP. VIII. Pursues the same Matter.
CHAP. IX. For the obtaining of Internal Peace, 'tis ne∣cessary for the Soul to know its mi∣sery.
CHAP. X. In which is shewed and discovered what is the false humility, and what the true; with the effects of 'em.
CHAP. XI. Maxims to know a simple, humble, and true Heart.
CHAP. XII. Inward Solitude is that which chiefly brings a Man to the purchase of Internal Peace.
CHAP. XIII. In which is shewed what infused and passive Contemplation is, and its wonderful Ef∣fects.
CHAP. XIV. Pursues the same Matter.
CHAP. XV. Of the two Means, whereby the Soul ascends up to Infused Contemplation, with the Ex∣plication of what and how many the steps of it are.
CHAP. XVI. Signs to know the Inner Man, and the Mind that's purged.
CHAP. XVII. Of Divine Wisdom.
CHAP. XVIII. Treating of the same.
CHAP. XIX. Of true and perfect Annihilation.
CHAP. XX. In which is shewed how this Nothing is the ready way to obtain purity of Soul, perfect Contemplation, and the rich Treasure of Peace Internal.
CHAP. XXI. Of the high Felicity of internal Peace, and the wonderful Effects of it.
CHAP. XXII. A mournful Exclamation and lamentable Moan to God for the small Company of Souls that arrive at Perfection, the Lo∣ving Union and the Divine Transfor∣mation.
title page
THE AUTHOR'S Advertisement.
A Short TREATISE Concerning Daily Communion.
CHAP. I. No Minister ought to keep a faithful Person from the Communion, that does desire and ask it, whilst he doth not know his Con∣science defiled with mortal Sin.
CHAP. II. Answering the Reasons which those Ministers give, which hinder the Faithful from Com∣municating, and the Priest from Celebra∣ting, having their Consciences free from Mortal Sin.
CHAP. III. Wherein are shewn some of the great benefits, of which a faithful man is deprieved, by being prohibited the Communion, when he is sufflciently disposed for it.