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Author: Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.
Title: His Majesties approbation of the actes vnderwritten: at Holy-rude-House the 3. day of November, 1629.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: His Majesties approbation of the actes vnderwritten: at Holy-rude-House the 3. day of November, 1629.
Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649., Smith, Richard, 1590-1675, former owner. NLS

Edinburgh: Printed by the Heirs of Thomas Finlasone His M. printer., 1629..
Subject terms:
Catholic Church in Scotland -- Early works to 1800.
Law -- Scotland -- Early works to 1800.
Scotland -- Church history -- 17th century -- Early works to 1800.

HIS MAJESTIES AP∣probation of the Actes vnderwritten: At Holy-rude-House the 3. day of Nouember, 1629.
Act of Privy Council
Commission against Jesuites, Seminarie and messe-Preasts, and others.
COMMISSION AGAINST Resetters of Iesuites, Seminarie and messe Priestes.
A PROHIBITJON TO PERSONS vnder proces for popery to repaīr to Court.
A VVarrand to Judges of the circuit Courts to proceed against sayers and hearers of messe.
An act anent the rents, liuing and goods of ex∣communicat and rebellious Papists.
An act ordaining the Husband to bee answereable for the VVife, if shee reset any Jesuites, Seminarie or messe Priestes.
An act against excommunicat persons warded for Poperie.
An act anent the education of Children.
A Charge against the Earle of Nithisdaill for exhibition of his Sonne.
A Charge against the Earle of Sutherland for remouing of Sir Alexander Gordoun from the Shireffe Deputrie of Sutherland.
Charges against the Earle of Cathnes, and Sir Alexander Gordoun.
An Act ordaining the names of the excommunicat Papists to bee affixed vpon the Tolbuith of Edinburgh.
An Act against the Merchants of Edinburgh possest with the Earle of Catihnes Liuing.
A direction to the Lord Gordoun concerning his Sonne.
A direction to Bishops and Presbyteries anent persons suspect of Poperie.
Anent citations and charges to bee vsed against excommunicat Papists.
Anent charges to bee direct against Ministers at the instance of excommunicat Papistes.
An Act ordaining all Bishops to reside in their Dyocies.