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Author: Łęczycki, Mikołaj, 1574-1652.
Title: The glory of the B. Father S. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Iesus.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The glory of the B. Father S. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Iesus.
Łęczycki, Mikołaj, 1574-1652.

At Rouen: by John Cousturier, Printed MDC. XXXII. [1632 i.e. 1633]
Subject terms:
Ignatius, -- of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556 -- Early works to 1800.

engraved title page
APPROBATIO Cracouiensis.
THE GLORY OF St. IGNATIVS OF LOYOLA. Founder of the Society of IESVS.
Of the Birth of S. Ignatius and of his Conuersion to a good life.
The memorable things done by S. Ignatius, from the tyme of his conuersion till his death.
The gift of Prophecy in S. Ignatius most perfect.
The manifold and often visions of S. Ignatius.
The Books vvhich S, Ignatius composed, by diuine inspiration.
The guifts of a glorisied Bo∣dy miraculously bestovved vppon S. Ignatius, in his life tyme.
Of the wrtues, and supernatu∣rall guifts of S. Ignatius, in generall.
The rare Chastity of S. Igna∣tius & purity of Conscience.
The guift of Prayer, in S. Igna∣tius most excellent.
S. Ignatius his more then or∣dinary austerity in the morti∣fication of his body.
The lone of his neighbour admi∣rable in S. Ignatius.
The loue of God in S. Ignatius most perfect.
The admirable commaeund in S Ignatius, of all his passions.
The rare patience and humility of S. Ignatius.
The life and reputation of S. Ignatius, miraculously con∣serued often tymes, and defended by Al∣mighty God.
The famous Miracles wrought by S Ignatius, in his life tyme.
Diuers miracles wrought by S. Ignatius, after his decease.
Of the rare Sanctity of S. Fra∣cis Xauerius, associate & spirituall child of S. Igna∣tius; redounding to the, glory of S. Ignatius.
The B. Virgin S. Teresia added much to the glory of S. Ignatius.
In the 5. Chapter and 47. page of the said life, S. Teresia writeth thus.
In the 23. Chapter and 236. page of the same life, S. Teresia writeht thus.
And againe in the same Cha∣pter page 239. the speaketh thus.
And in the 244. page.
And againe page 246. in the end of the Chapter, S. Teresia writeth.
In the 24. Chapter and 249. page, she writeth thus of the Society.
In the 33. Chapter and 364. page, writing of a certaine iourney she made, with licence of her Prouinciall:
In the 38. Chapter and 421. page she writheth thus of the Society:
And in the same Chapter, in the page 430. of her life, S. Teresia writeth thus:
In the 39. Chapter, and 447 page, towards the end.
In the. 40. Chapter, and 455. page of her life, she spe∣keth thus of the said Society of Iesus, witnesse Ribera in her life writen by him, in his 4. Booke, and 5. Chapiter.
Of the glory deriued, to S. Ig∣natius, from S. Philip Nerius.
Of the glry, accrewing to S. Ignatius by S. Char∣les Borromeus.
Certaine Spirituall admoni∣tions of S. Ignatius.