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Author: Smith, Francis, fl. 1657-1689.
Title: Symptomes of growth & decay to godlinesse: in LX. signs of a living and dying Christian. With the causes of decay, and remedies for recovery. / By Francis Smith.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: Symptomes of growth & decay to godlinesse: in LX. signs of a living and dying Christian. With the causes of decay, and remedies for recovery. / By Francis Smith.
Smith, Francis, fl. 1657-1689.

London: Printed by G. Dawson, for F.S. at the Elephant and Castle, near Temple-Bar, 1660.
Subject terms:
Christian life

title page
TO Every Judicious and Considerate READER.
To all that are called to be Saints, especially my dear Rela∣tions in Yorkshire West-Riding; Toge∣ther with my Brethren and Compani∣ons in the Faith, in and about the Ci∣ty of London, Grace and Peace be mul∣tiplied.
SIGNS OF A Living and Growing CHRISTIAN.
SIGNS OF A Dying Christian.
CHAP. I. Containing in it a Sign of Dying to Christ; with three causes of its coming, which be∣ing avoyded, may serve as remedies against its ruin; with profitable Objections answer∣ed.
SIGN I. When you are so indifferent to assemble, that you can come, or cannot come.
CHAP. II. Containing three Causes of weariness to spiri∣tual Worship, and the principal Reasons thereof.
SIGN II. VVHen in your purest Worship, you are quickly weary.
CHAP. III. Briefly showing the cause of wearyness to hear any Truth often.
SIGN III. VVHen you care not to hear one mat∣ter often, though a suitable truth.
CHAP. IV. Briefly shewing, how want of Charity in hearers, causeth them dislike what is preach∣ed.
SIGN IV. VVHen few Sermons will please you, either you like not mat∣ter, or manner, or man.
CHAP. V. Containing five Causes of deceit fully thinking we know enough; with four marks to know when we are under that deceit.
SIGN V. VVHen you think you know enough.
CHAP. VI. Containing in it Christians aptness, through weakness, to neglect coming to Christs Ta∣ble; with a short discription of offences, that seemingly may hinder; and three Causes of this Decay.
SIGN VI. VVHen a small offence will keep you from Christs Table.
CHAP. VII. Shewing the great decay to Christianity, when mindless to Prayer; with a plain discove∣ry of the Necessity, Excellency, Lets, and Helps to Prayer, in sixteen particulars.
SIGN VII. VVHen you have no great mind to Prayer.
CHAP. VIII. Shewing the great Decay to Christianity, when mindless to Reading and Meditation in the holy Scriptures; with six Calamities ve∣ry observable, which Scripture Ignorance brings.
SIGN VIII. VVHen Reading and Meditation in the holy Scriptures, is not delightful but burthensome unto you.
CHAP. IX. Shewing that an itching ear in Christians af∣ter Novelties, bespeak them decaying to godliness: with four Remedies against it.
SIGN IX. VVHen you are mighty inquisitive af∣ter Novelties, or new things, ra∣ther than wholsome Doctrine.
CHAP. X. Proving us dying to Christ, when others sin∣ings are not our sorrowings; with two Re∣medies against this Decay.
SIGN X. VVHen you can hear of foul miscarri∣ages in others, with little or no heart remorse.
CHAP. XI. Shewing that unsavoury talking among Chri∣stians when they meet, proves them earthly minded: with three Causes of this Decay.
SIGN XI. VVHen in your comings together, your talk is not savoury and heavenly.
CHAP. XII. Proving Ʋnpreparedness to hear the Word of God, a Sign of Dying to Christ; with three sorts of Hindrances, which must be laid a∣side; and what must be our work; before Hearing, in Hearing, and after Hearing.
SIGN. XII. VVHen you are so little prepared for the solemn Assemblies, that they come before you think of them, or long for them.
CHAP. XIII. Proving the state of such to be sad, who assem∣ble together more for fear of mans eye than Gods: with four Discriptions, how such may be known, (or know themselves) with two Causes of this decay.
SIGN. XIII. VVHen you come to the Assembly, more for fear of brethrens eye, than Christs eye.
CHAP. XIV. Shewing our state dying, when we are more troubled at the decayes in our House, than in Christs House; with four marks to know when we are so dying.
SIGN XIV. VVHen the decay in Christs House, less troubles you than the decay in your own House.
CHAP. XV. Shewing that want of weeping in some, when others of Christs Children with grief are stooping, declares such to him a dying: shew∣ing also in four respects how we are to pitty; with four Remedies against this Decay.
SIGN XV. WHen you can see Christs Children stoop with trouble, and you not, or little Sympathize with them.
CHAP. XVI. Shewing that when the name of Christ, and credit to his Gospel; is not so dear to us as personal sufferings, we are then surely on the dying hand: and that in estate, body and life, we ought to submit if called to suffering: with four Causes of Decay here.
SIGN XVI. VVHen you will rather betray the Name of Christ Jesus, and the credit of his Gospel by your silence; then appear for it, to your own suffering and disparagement.
CHAP. XVII. Shewing, that sinning through impatience, under Offences; is a certain mark of deep decay; with Objections, and Answers, pro∣ving the degrees of anger; and three Causes why Christians are impatient unto sin.
SIGN XVII. VVHen at a small offence, you are so impatient that you commit great sin.
CHAP. XVIII. Proving those Christians to be almost dead, that make it more their business, to get the Form than the Power of Religion; with its Causes and Remedies.
SIGN XVIII. VVHen you are more careful to get the words of Christs People, than the spirit of Christs People; the Form than the Power.
CHAP. XIX. Containing in it a description of a decaying Christian, by his light trouble at Miscar∣riages, though known to Gods eye, while kept from mans eye; with two special Causes of this Decay.
SIGN XIX. VVHen you are not much troubled at your own Miscarriages, while they are kept from publick view.
CHAP. XX. Shewing the heart very bad, when under faults it cannot bear plain dealing; with three Causes of this badness.
SIGN XX. VVHen you love least those Brethren, that deal most faithfully with you, in the opening your soars, and tendering your Remedies.
CHAP. XXI. Proving the condition of the rich as well as the poor, to be a condition of trouble; and that whether it be common or more than ordinary, to be answerable in prayer; with a discripti∣on of the different kinds of trouble; with pro∣fitable Objections answered.
SIGN XXI. VVHen under more than ordnary trou∣ble, afflictions, or straits, you are not more than ordnary in Prayer.
CHAP. XXII. Containing in it an Assertion of the Causes of Affliction; and that without great provoca∣tion God is not wont to afflict his people; and though provoked, very unwilling to extremi∣ty: With four Objections that seem to com∣plain against this Doctrine, Answered.
SIGN. XXII. VVHen you are mighty careless to In∣quire after the spiritual cause of Affliction, and mighty careful to Inquire after the natural cure.
CHAP. XXIII. Proving those Christians under great Decay, that pray more in Affliction to have it remo∣ved, than sanctified; with three Causes of this Decay.
SIGN XXIII. VVHen you pray more for Afflictions being removed, than sanctified.
CHAP. XXIV. Containing in it six Seasons, in which Chri∣stians ought to humble themselves by fasting; proving those under great decay, that in times of calamity can find no necessity for fasting.
SIGN XIV. WHen under Gods Calamity, you can neither find necessity, nor excellency, to humble your selves by fast∣ing.
CHAP. XXV. Containing in it the evil of Ignorance, in not knowing wherefore Gods Rod is come, nor what good it hath done: with three Directi∣ons how to know when persons are under this Decay; and three Remedies against it.
SIGN XXV. VVHen Gods Rod worketh so little up∣on you, that you can neither tell wherefore it is come, nor what good it hath done.
CHAP. XXVI. Shewing where sin takes its beginning, and how by degrees if hearkned to, it works ruin; with six special Marks, how persons (though pardoned) may know when God will suffer them to fall into sin anew.
SIGN XXVI. VVHen the thoughts of thy dear∣est Lust, or any other sin, is pleasing to thee.
CHAP. XXVII. Shewing Satans way, by which he Gets in our day most advantage upon Churches; and a plain discovery of the first rise of the Qua∣kers; shewing also the great Law of Edifica∣tion, to be preferred in all Doctrine; with Cautions to such as live out of all Church way.
SIGN XXVII. VVHen you are mighty curious about the lesser matters of Gods Law, and mighty careless about the weightier.
CHAP. XXVIII. Shewing the necessity of humble waiting, and confident depending upon the holy Spirit, to help in the great work of mortification; the necessity whereof is shewed in seven particu∣lars, with six directions how to get and keep this holy Spirit.
SIGN XXVIII. VVHen the holy Spirits help to the great work of mortification, seems not of absolute need to you.
CHAP. XXIX. Treating of Spiritual Ignorance of our ever∣lasting condition; and five Scriptures tend∣ing to reducement from carnal security; and three special Causes of such a damning De∣cay.
SIGN. XXIX. VVHen your are so Ignorant of your Spiritual standing, that you know not whether you grow or decay.
CHAP. XXX. Shewing the miserable estate, of such as after longer acquaintance with Christ, are less in love to him; with six Causes of this Decay.
SIGN XXX. WHen increase of time in Christs acquaintance, worketh decrease of Affection to Christs Company.