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Author: Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641.
Title: Most excellent and approved medicines & remedies for most diseases and maladies incident to man's body, lately compiled and extracted out of the originals of the most famous and best experienced physicians both in England and other countries, by A. R. Doctor in Physick decesased. And since revised by an able practitioner in the same science, and now published for the universall good and benefi [sic] of this Common-wealth.:
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: Most excellent and approved medicines & remedies for most diseases and maladies incident to man's body, lately compiled and extracted out of the originals of the most famous and best experienced physicians both in England and other countries, by A. R. Doctor in Physick decesased. And since revised by an able practitioner in the same science, and now published for the universall good and benefi [sic] of this Common-wealth.:
Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641.

London: Printed by J.C. for George Latham Junior, and are to be sold at the signe of the Bishops head in St. Pauls Church-yeard, 1652 [i.e. 1651]
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THE EPISTLE To the Reader.
An Alphabeticall TABLE Directing to the Principall Matters contained in this Book.
Most Excellent and approved MEDICINES AND REMEDIES For divers Diseases and Maladies.
Of Medicines that purge Choler.
Of Medicines that purge Fleam.
Of Medicines purging Melancholy.
An Infusion Purging Fleam.
An Infusion purging Choler.
An Infusion Purging Melancholy.
An Infusion Purging both Choler and Fleam.
An Infusion Purging all Humors.
An Opening and Cooling Julip, for Choler and burnt Humors.
A Cooling Opening Julip.
For the Lungs stopt with Soyl.
Another for the same purpose.
A Mead for the same.
A Powder to kill and purge forth Worms.
A very good Powder to be taken Evening and Morning and at Bed-time against the Epilepsies.
A Powder or grossely prepared Dredge to be taken in the Morning, and after meales, to help Concoction, to comfort the Brain, to break Wind, and to make a sweet Breath.
A Confection for the same.
A Powder for Bruises and against Congealed blood.
A good Conserve in hot Pestilent Fevers restoring the spirits consumed with heat.
A Physicall Bag to dry up and stay Rhumes.
A Physicall Bag or Quilt for a cold Stomach.
For a Pain in the Side.
An Excellent Syrrop for a weak Stomach.
A comfortable Syrrop to be taken against Melancholy.
For the Green-Sickness.
Another for the Green-sicknesse.
A Cooling Julip.
To make the Pills of Rosetta for Quitting the Stomach of soil, and for helping Concoction.
Against Winde in the Stomach:
A Water for Sore Eyes.
A Physicall Course for Sore Eyes.
Another approved Water for the Eyes.
A Receipt for the Mother.
A Physical Course for provoking the Courses.
Receipts for Vomits.
A Receipt of a Pessary for the Mother.
A Fomentation to provoke the Courses.
An heating Fomentation for a cold Stomach.
A Cooling Fomentation for an hot Liver.
An Epithem for the forehead to drive away head-aches.
An Epithem to Cool and open Obstructions of the Liver.
An Epithem to cause Sleep.
An Incesse for the Piles, swelling hard and painfull.
A Bath to clense the skin of Scabbs, Scurse, and such like.
A Receipt to bring out the Small Pox.
To hinder Dinting.
A Bath for cold Diseases or Palsies.
A Lotion for the Feet to induce Sleep.
A good Restorative for weak Convalescent persons after a long and tedious sicknesse.
To make a Caudle for restoring good Blood.
A Powder against the winde in the Womb.
Another for the same.
A Pultes to binde the Belly in Fluxes, pro∣ceeding from a cold Cause to be ap∣plyed to the Belly.
A Pultes to soften the hard swelling of the Liver and Splene.
A Pultes to ripen and supporate Biles and Tumors.
A Pultes for Bruises.
A Pultes to allay heat and Inflamma∣tion in any part.
A Gargle for inflammation in the Throat, &c.
For foul and Eating Sores.
A Gargle to draw Fleam.
A Gargle for Sore Throats, called in the shops Mouth-water made but once for all the year, in the spring.
A Gargle for an unsavory breath.
A Moderate suppository to loosen the Body.
A stronger Suppository.
A Suppository for Winde.
A Suppository to cease Pain.
Nourishing Glisters to be given to weak per∣sons, or when they cannot swallow by reason of some impediment; or when they vomit up all they eat to the hazard of their starving. They must be given after another Glister hath wash∣ed away the excrements, and towards bedtime. They are as followeth.
An Heating and warming Glister for cold diseases of the Head or Guts.
A Cooling Glister in hot diseases.
An Emollient Glister.
An Emollient purging Glister:
A Carminative or Collick-Glister.
Another Glister for the aforesaid purpose.
A Glister for the Stone in the Kidneys and Bladder.
A Glister to break the Stone.
A Deterging or washing Glister.
A Consolidating or healing Glister in Dysenteries.
A Glister to kill Wormes.
A Glister for Worms in the Stomach.
An Astringent Glister in a Lientary Diarrhea or Scowring.
A Glister to purge Choler.
A Glister to purge Fleam.
A Glister to purge Melancholy.
To stay bleeding at Nose.
A Powder outwardly applyed to bind & astringe in Bleeding.
To take away red Spots, Freckles, and Pimples in the Face.
Of Nasalls deterging, these are used to purge the Head by the Nose, and are of excellent use in Apoplexical Diseases, Lethar∣gies, or dead sleep.
Liquid Nasalls for Fleam.
A Nasall to draw down Choler.
A Nasall to draw down Melancholy.
A Nasall against an ill smell proceeding from the Nose
Directions how to Govern a Woman in her first conception, before, in, and after the great work of labour, that she may know how to foster it, and hold it fast, till time of Maturity; then how with ease, and good speed to bring it into the world; and after how to reduce her selfe to her wonted state of health.
A Restorative-broth for weak persons.
A Cordial against Melancholy vapors, &c.
A temperate cordiall Julip.
A distilled purging water to be used in Dropsies.
A Vomiting Water.
For provoking the Courses, and curing Vapours histericall
Cordials to be taken after Physick.
A Purging Ale or Bear to clear Melancholy, Fleam, Choler, and all muddy and terrestriall humors, to purifie the Blood, and quit the Scurvy, and the like.
Another Purging Ale.
A Dyet-drink to clear, and temper the blood.
A Cerote for the Splene.
A Decoction to be taken against the Inflamma∣tions and obstructions of the Liver.
A Syrop to cleanse and temper the Blood.
A gratefull Potion to purge and cleanse the Spleen.
A good Decoction against the Cough, and short-breathing.
A very good Syrrop to be taken against cold dis∣eases of the Brain and Sinews, as the Pal∣sey, Falling-sicknes, the Cramp, and water distilling out of the head lying.
To binde in Fluxes of the Belly, and to comfort withall the Stomack.
Against Winde in the Body.
Against Pain in the Back.
For the Stone in the Kidneys.
For cleansing the Blood.
A Julip for a Tertian Fever.
A Purge for the same.
A Dyet Drink to open and temper the Liver.
A Receipt to make purging Prunes, Rasins, and Currents.
A Restorative Broth for weak and consuming Bodies.
Remedies for the Hemorrhoids.
A speciall Receipt for the making of Aquavitae.
A Receit for making of Cynamon-water.
A Receit for making the Pills called de tri∣bus Fernelii.
A Receit for curing the Bloody Flux, and for healing the Ulcers in the Guts, caused thereby.
An approved Remedy by many for an Ague.
An Almond-Milk to cool and induce sleep.
To make a Barly Cream.
An excellent approved Water for Sore Eyes, to preserve the Eye-sight, and to recover it be∣ing hindred by any cause or means whatsoever.
Another approved Medicine to clear the Eye-sight.
Another excellent Remedie for the Eyes.
An excellent Medicine to preserve the sight, and to clear the Eyes.
For a Web or Pearl in the Eye.
For the Rheum in the Eyes, and to cure the Redness of them.
A marvellous good Remedie for the Tooth Ach.
A marvellous good Medicine to drive away the Itch.
A present Remedie for the Itch.
To take out a Burning.
Another excellent Remedie for a Burning.
For the Bloody Flux.
An excellent Medicine for the Stone or Gravel.
An excellent Meath, to cleanse the Stomack, preserve the Liver, and very good against the Stone.
A soveraign Remedie for the Mother, and Winde about the Heart.
An excellent Medicine for the Wind-Collick.
Another approved Receit to expell Winde, and to comfort the Stomack.
A marvellous good Remedie for the Palsie.
An approved Remedy for heat in the Mouth or Throat.
For the Heat of the Back.
An excellent Receit for the heat in the Face.
An excellent Receit to cause sleep.
An approved Remedy for the Cough.
A soverain Medicine for the Cramp.
An excellent Receit for an Ague.
To make an Issue.
An approved Receipt for a Scal'd Head.
For the Hickup.
An excellent Medicine for the Gowt.
For the Morphew.
A Posset-drink to cool the Liver.
To open the Obstructions of the Liver, and to pre∣serve from the Dropsie.
To stay a Loosenesse.
A speciall Receipt for the Spleen.
How to make the Salsaperilla-drink, which is very good for those that are troubled with the Foul Disease, otherwise called Mor∣bus Gallicus, or the French Pox.
An excellent Drink or Potion for sundry Diseases.
An excellent Remedie for a Green-wound.
A Diet-Drink for any desperate Disease that is curable.
For a Quartane Ague.
A most soveraign Balsam for 22 severall Dis∣eases, with the Vertues.
The Vertues.
A speciall good Receipt for the Falling-Sicknes.
A marvelous good Medicine for the Deafnesse in the Ear.
An approved Remedie for the Plague, and to prevent infection.
An excellent and approved Medicine for the Piles.
A speciall Receipt to stanch the bleeding of the Piles.
Another for the same.
To Loosen the Body of one that is hard Bound.
Another for the same purpose.
A speciall Remedy for those that spit Blood.
An approved Receipt to stanch the Bleeding of any Wound.
Another excellent Remedy to stanch Bleeding.
A speciall Remedy to cure one that is bitten of a Mad Dog.
Another excellent Medicine for the biting of a Mad Dog, Adder, or Snake, or any other Venimous Beast.
To avoid the stinging or biting either by Wasps or Bees.
A speciall Receipt to destroy Lice.
Another for the same purpose.
A singular approved Medicine for one that is burst in the Belly or Cods.
A marvelous good Medicine for those that can∣not void Water.
Another for the same purpose.
A singular good Medicine to cure the Strangury.
An approved Remedy for a Bruise.
A singular good Receipt for all manner of Bruises, and sprainings of the Sinews.
A very good Medicine for young Children that are bound in the Belly and troubled with Wormes.
A singular good Receipt to cure a Canker upon a mans Yard.
A marvellous good Remedy to cure the Sciatica.
A wonderfull good Medicine to cleanse the Mouth, and fasten the Teeth.
A marvelous good Remedy for the Gowt, which never faileth.
An approved Receipt for the Swelling of the Yard or Cods.
Another excellent Remedy or Medicine to heal the hot Swelling in the Yard.
A speciall Receipt to incarnate the skin of the Yard within.
A soveraign Remedy for one that Bleedeth in∣wardly.
To stanch Bleeding at the Nose.
Another approved Receipt to stanch the bleed∣ing of the Nose.
An excellent Receipt to cure the Heart-burning.
A very good Medicine to cure the Hemorhoids.
A speciall good Salve or Ointment to cure any Wound, or Sore whether new or old.
A speciall and approved Medicine for the Pal∣pitations or Beatings of the Heart.
To take away Warts out of the hands or any part of the Body.
Another excellent Remedy to take away Warts.
A speciall Receit to heal a Whitflaw, or Fellon.
A very good Remedy for the Swelling of the Legs occasion'd by cold, or otherwise.
A very good Receipt to heal the Itch.
An approved Remedy for the Morphew.
Another for the same purpose.
A wonderous good Receipt for Legs that do ranckle or fester.
A soverain Medicine for a Burning ro Scalding.
Another for the same purpose.
A singular good Remedy for the Tooth-Ach.
Another excellent Remedie for the Tooth-Ach.
To heal a sore Mouth, or Throat.
An excellent Medicine for the Falling-Sicknesse.
A special Remedy for the Gowt.
An exceeding good Receipt for the Yellow Jaundice.
An Approved Medicine for the Small Pox.
Another excellent Receipt for the same purpose.
A singular good Remedie for the SCIATICA.
An approved Medicine for a Stitch in the Side.
Another approved Remedie for the Stitch in the left Side.
A singular good Receipt for the Collick and Stone.
Another excellent Receit for the same purpose.
For the Cough of rhe Lungs.
A special Medicine to open the LVNGS.
A soverain Medicine for Fatness about the Heart.
A marvelous good Remedie for the French Pox▪
A speciall Receipt for a Consumption.
A precious and wonderful good Drink to be used by one that is troubled with a Consumption.
A speciall Remedy for the Plague, and how to make any kind of Swelling or Plague-sore to break.
Directions how to make the hard Salve, which is a soverain Medicine to cure all man∣ner of Sores or Wounds.
How to make the White Ointment called in the shops Vnguentum Nutritum.
A special Receipt to put away Venome from the Heart.
A Soverain Remedie for the Gnawing about the Heart.
To make a very cooling and pleasant Water to drink in Summer.
A wonderfull good Remedie for young Chil∣dren, that are exceeding weak in their Limbs, and can neither go nor stand.
An approved Remedie for those that cannot hold their Water.
A soverain and approved Receipt for those that cannot void Water.
An excellent Remedy for a Woman that hath great Brests.
A singular good Medicine for a Womans sore Brest, occasioned by cold or otherwise.
How to increase Milk in a Womans Brest.
An excellent Remedy to take away Freckles in the Face.
A most precious and approved Medicine to make the Face both fair and clear, even as white as Milk.
An excellent Gargle for a furred Mouth or Throat.
A solid form of Nasals.
An approved Receipt to heal a Fellon.
A speciall Receit to preserve one from the Plague.
Another excellent Remedie to preserve one from being infected with the Plague.
A speciall good Medicine to heal, and cure the Canker in a Womans Brest.
A speciall Remedy to destroy a Canker in any part of the body.
A wonderfull good Medicine for a Canker in the Mouth.
Another approved Receipt for a Canker in the Mouth.
For the Kings-Evill.
For an Impostume in the Head.
Another excellent Receipt to destroy any Impostume.
A very good Medicine to cure the Deafness of the Ear.
Another approved Receipt to cure the Deafness of the Ear.
An excellent Remedy to take away a Weft from the Eye that is grown over it, and darkneth the Sight.
A speciall Receit for the Corns on the Feet or Toes.
Another approved Remedie for Corns.
A soveraign Receit to cure the Foul Disease, or French Pox.
A marvellous good Remedie for the Pleurisie.
A marvellous good Remedie for a Con∣sumption.
Another excellent Remedy for a Consumption, or for any decay in the inward parts.
An exceeding good Receipt for a Con∣sumption.
Another excellent Medicine for a Consumption.
An experienced Medicine for the Tisick.
Another approved Medicine for the Tisick, and stopping in the Brest.
A Physical Course to be observed in Plague-time, by those that are visited with the Sicknesse.