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Author: Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663.
Title: Celestial amities: or, A soul sighing for the love of her saviour.: By Edward Reynell, Esq;
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Celestial amities: or, A soul sighing for the love of her saviour.: By Edward Reynell, Esq;
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663.

London: Printed by J.M. for Abel Roper, and are to be sold at his shop at the sign of the Sun over against S. Dunstans Church in Fleet-street, 1660.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Biblical teaching

title page
To the LADIES of our Times.
The Epistle to the Reader.
Of LOVE in General.
That Love in its self, is not a Vice, but the Soul of all Vertues, when it is tyed to its proper Object [which is the Soveraign Good.]
Of the Nature and Qualities of Divine Love, and wherein it exceeds all other Love.
That our love to God ought to precede and exceed all other Loves.
That the Soul can take pleasure in nothing, until it meet with satisfaction from its Maker.
That many may have their eyes Love-proof, and their hearts shut up against all the assaults of Fond-Love.
How we may avoid the Snares of Love.
That Outward Ornaments should not invite our Love.
That when all Loves fail, the Love of God remains.
Temporal Goods cannot content the Soul, and there∣fore deserve not our Love.
The Souls solitude and content in her Separation from the great enticements of the world.
The Soul complaineth of her Condition and Misery, by reason of the darkness and ignorance of sin.
The Soul admires the infinite Riches of her Saviours Love, in taking Humane Nature upon him.
The Soul checks her selfe for her backwardness, and too much neglect of her Saviours invitations.
The Soul repents the time that ever she was Cloistered up in the walls of Clay, and thrown into the Dungeon of that corrupt mass of Flesh.
The Soul breaks into Sighes, and dissolves into desires for the presence of God.
The Soul filled with Heavenly Love, sends forth the pure flames of her Affection.
The Soul contemplates, and sets forth her Folly in ha∣zarding Eternal Joyes, by preferring Earthly Va∣nities.
The Soul (being ready to sink under the weight and apprehension of her Sins) bemoanes the weakness of her Faith, and desires help from her Saviour.
The Sin-sick Soul can take no rest until she be further reconciled to her Saviour.
The Soul is ravished upon the Return of her Saviours Presence.
The Soul being re-advanced on the wings of Faith, sends up her choicest Affections towards Heaven.
The Soul [in a Phrensey] breaks out into admiration of Gods love, in being freed from the misery of everla∣sting flames.
The Soul [being sensible of its former Mercies] sits weeping under the Cross of her Saviour, and re∣solves to partake with him in his Sufferings.
In Imitation of our Saviours great Patience under his Passion; the Soul resolves for ever to yield an hum∣ble submission to his Will.