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Author: Prujean, Thomas, 1622 or 3-1662.
Title: Aurorata·: By Thomas Prujean, student of Gonvile and Caius Colledge in Cambridge.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Aurorata·: By Thomas Prujean, student of Gonvile and Caius Colledge in Cambridge.
Prujean, Thomas, 1622 or 3-1662.

London: Printed for Hugh Perry neere Ivy Bridge in the Strand, 1644.

title page
To the true Patterne of Beauty and Ver∣tue, the quintessences of all Perfection, my most honoured Cousins Of Hatley St. George, Health and Peace.
To the memorie of Sir Philip Sidney.
To the Right Honourable, the Coun∣tesse of Dorset, Governesse to our most Illustrious Kings Children, on the opening of the New-yeare.
To Coelia a Rapture.
To my Booke going to Coelia.
On the spring to Caelia.
To Doctor Gill on calling mee his friend
A Pastorall Poem.
To Coelia on tendring her trosses.
To my worthy Master Mr. Webbe Master in Musicke and the Kings servant, &c.
On my doubting Coelia had bin dead.
On the death of that beauteous virgin Mistris Eliz: Farmerie, daughter to the right Worshipfull my most honoured friend John Farmerie Dr. in Law, Chancellour of Lincolne, &c.
On the death of my most honoured vncle William Prujean Doctor in Phisicke, &c.
On my hearing that Coelia was dead.
On my stealing a kisse from Coelia asleepe.
On my Coelia being sicke.
To Coelia in saying she would not love.
Coelia Lucens, or beauty's glory.
A Riddleon Coelia.
An Acrosticke on my most respected Consin, Mistris MARGARET St. GEORGE.
A Rapture on Coelia.
To Her.
An Acrosticke on my honoured cousin Mistris MARY St. GEORGE.
Another on my Cousin KATHERINE.
To my most honoured Cousin Mistris Katherine St. George.
To a proud ugly girle.
On my most honoured cousin Mrs. Katherine St George.
To Coelia.
The Meditation
The worlds Pilgrimage to himselfe.
The Penitent.
The Cambridge Mouse.
A Sonnet against women by an unknowne Author.
An Answer to it.
To Coelia a Sonnet.
A Sonnet.
An Application of a French Sonnet.
To my selfe on Coelia a Sonnet.
A Sonnet on Coelia.
A Sonnet.
To my selfe on her Sonnet.
A Sonnet in the praise of Musicke.
To the Examples of all beauty, my honoured Cousins, Mistris St. George.
title page
Iuliet to Romeo.
Calista to Lisander.
To my Selfe an Allegory.