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Author: Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670.
Title: Iobus triumphans:
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Iobus triumphans:
Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670.

[London: .s.n.], M.DC.LI [1651]
Subject terms:
Job -- (Biblical figure)
Oxinden, Henry, -- 1609-1670.

title page
In nobilissimi ducis et Amici inti∣mi Henrici Oxindeni Armig. JOBƲM TRIƲMPHANTEM Alexandri Rossaei Exastichon.
Ad Henricum Oxinden Armig. JOBI TRIƲMPHƲM decantantem.
Ad verè Nobilem ducem Henricum Oxindenum pluribus nominibus meum de JOBO suo Triumphanti.
Ad Henricum Oxenden Armig de JOBO suo Triumphanti.
In gratiam Authoris Ingeniosissi∣mi, et vere Generosi, .
Ad Henricum Oxenden Armigerū, Virum verè Philomusū de Tempestivâ JOBI TRIƲMPHANTIS sui editione.
Ad Authorem hujus libelli cui titulus est JOB TRIƲMPHANS.
Ad Henricum Oxindenum Armigerum ne JOBUS suus TRIUMPHANS supprimatur diutius, supplex EPISTOLA.
PATRI suo dilecto HEN OXINDEN armigero, de JOBO suo TRIUMPHANTI.
Errata sic Lector corrigat.